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    1. "Aibi", Ltd., Licensed Slaughterhouse, Office in Ērgļi

      Ergli, Cesu 16a, Erglu p., Erglu n., LV-4840


      .. Game purchase -boar, elk, deer, roe deer. Purchase of game meat, purchase . Live bovine animal purchase , Purchase of cattle in carcass weight, Purchase of cattle in live weight. Purchase of milk calves, purchase of calves, buying bovine animals in live weight, sheep buying in live weight, lambs purchase in liveweight, purchasing lambs in carcass
    2. "Senlejas", Ltd.

      "Senlejas", Keipenes p., Ogres n., LV-5062


      .. . Chilled meat wholesale. Deboned meat. Purchase of live animals. Meat. Meat products. Meat processing. Butching. Veal purchasing in live and slaughter weights. Lamb buying in live weight and carcass weight. Slaughterhouse. Beef buying in live and slaughter weights. Animals. Purchase of cattle in live weight and carcass weight. Slaughter of
    3. "HeinorS", Ltd.

      Tinuzi, "Mezvidi", Tinuzu p., Ikskiles n., LV-5052


      Cattle purchase Cattle purchase Beef transportation Cattle purchase , buying, buying in live weight. Young stock purchase , buying. Livestock purchase , transportation. Purchase , cattle, livestock, young cattle. Animals, cattle transportation, moving, transport. Cattle, beef resting on the way, during
    4. "Piena loģistika", Agricultural services dairy cooperative society

      Cempu 8, Valmiera, LV-4201


      Milk logistics Milk products, purchase of dairy products, milk sales, milk product wholesale, milk, egg wholesale, dairy cooperative, milk purchase , food liquid transportation in tanks, transport of food liquids, food cargo transportation in cisterns, road transport, logistics, logistic services, freight transport in the Baltic
    5. "Birzes", Farm

      "Birzes", Vadakstes p., Saldus n., LV-3895

      +371 29240671

      Agricultural products Crops Logging Crop farming and industrial crop Chipping services JCB tractor. Agricultural product manufacture, sale, trade. Agricultural products: crops, (winter, summer wheat, barley, oats, triticale, summer, winter rape, rape). Forage hay, bedding straw. Potato.. , chipping services. Branch chipping, tree
    6. Skan M Ltd., on-line merchandise and online store

      Elviras 19, Riga, LV-1083


      Hairdressing equipment Cast iron products Hairdressing equipment, professional hairdressing cosmetics, hairdresser chairs, sinks for hairdressing salons, pedicure chairs, pads, household goods, agricultural products, plumbing, cast iron products, cast iron stoves, cast iron, bench, chair, table legs, cast iron boilers, garden
    7. "Baltic Vianco Trading", Ltd.

      Vecsaule, "Stalli", Vecsaules p., Bauskas n., LV-3932


      Cattle purchase Cattle purchase Cattle purchase , purchase , purchase , young stock purchase , fattened young cattle, beef purchase , defective cows.
    8. "AnAgro", Ltd.

      Carnikava, Atputas 1, Carnikavas n., LV-2163


      Agricultural consultations Agriculture services Fertilizers Silage Fertilizers, microelements, corn seeds, lawn seeds, green manure. Silage.
    9. "Igma K", SIA, dairy product store in Valmiera

      Rigas 93, Valmiera, LV-4201


      Dairy products Valmiera Liepkalnu production Valmiera Milk products: milk, cheese, cream, curd, butter, yogurt. Food sale. "Valmieras piens", "RPK", "Smiltenes piens", "Veckūkuri", "Latgales piens", "Cesvaines piens", "Liepkalnu maize" production.
    10. "Smaidas", Farm

      Snepele, "Smaidas", Snepeles p., Kuldigas n., LV-3328


      Beef export, transport, sales, purchase , slaughtering, consultations. Slaughterhouse, meat processing, livestock breeding, freight transport, road transport, agricultural products, purchase , sales, slaughter services, transport services, agricultural consultations, farm.
    11. "Agerona", SIA

      Atmodas 19-204, Jelgava, LV-3007


      Agricultural produce, purchase and supply
    12. "Agrario", Lauksaimniecības pakalpojumu kooperatīvā sabiedrība

      Spodribas 6a, Dobele, Dobeles n., LV-3701


      Agricultural produce, purchase and supply
    13. "Agritrading Company", SIA

      Kirsu 4, Ogre, Ogres n., LV-5001


      Agricultural produce, purchase and supply
    14. "Agro Balticum", SIA

      Atmodas 19, Jelgava, LV-3007


      Agricultural produce, purchase and supply
    15. "Agrobaltic agency", SIA

      Upes 14-1, Riga, LV-1013


      Agricultural produce, purchase and supply
    16. "Agrotirdzniecības kompānija", SIA

      Satiksmes 35a-1, Jelgava, LV-3007


      Agricultural produce, purchase and supply
    17. "Agrotirdzniecības kompānija", SIA, Noliktava

      Augstkalne, "Ares", Augstkalnes p., Tervetes n., LV-3709


      Agricultural produce, purchase and supply
    18. "Agrotrade Company", SIA

      Darzauglu 1b, Riga, LV-1012


      Agricultural produce, purchase and supply
    19. "Agrowest Grain", SIA

      D.Brantkalna 11, Riga, LV-1082


      Agricultural produce, purchase and supply
    20. "Allens", SIA

      Matisi, Oktobra 8, Matisu p., Burtnieku n., LV-4210

      Agricultural produce, purchase and supply
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