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    1. "E-studio", Individual merchant

      Baznicas 2, Ventspils, LV-3601


      Beauty care Hair-dressing saloon Manicure Pedicure Cosmetics sale Salon E-studio, beauty parlour, hair-dressing saloon, hairdressing salon in Ventspils, hairdressing salon in Ventspils, hairdresser, hairdresser, hairdresser in Ventspils, hairdresser in Ventspils, trendy women's haircuts, stylish men's haircuts, women's
    2. "Veselibas studija", Ltd.

      Pils 16, Ventspils, LV-3601


      Masāža Beauty care Cosmetologist Cosmetologist Ventspils Massages Massage, medical, sports, sculptural, verto, relaxing, point massage. Body wrapping procedures and applications, mesotherapy, waxing procedures. Contracts with insurance companies. BTA, Seesam, Gjensidige, If Latvia, White, Ergo. Massages. Beautician,
    3. "Divine", Ltd., Beauty parlour

      Gertrudes, Ventspils, LV-3601


      Apparatus Pedicure Manicure Ventspils Beauty care Cosmetologist Wrapping Ventspils Waxing Ventspils Beauty care ventspils Apparatus cosmetology in Ventspils Massages Ventspils Cosmetologist Ventspils Beauty care, cosmetology, apparatus manicure, apparatus pedicure, LPG Lipomasaz, LPG Limfomasaz, Biorevitalization,
    4. "Reficio", Ltd., Lokmane Ilze cosmetology and oncology practice in Valmiera

      Diakonata 4-3, Valmiera, LV-4201

      +371 29465955

      .. consultations, doctor oncologist, oncology. Wart freezing, wart removal, wart removal, treatment of warts, formation removal with laser, skin formation diagnosis, skin formation removal, skin formations, skin formation checking, skin formation removal. Wart removal, wart cautery. Doctor cosmetologist.. procedures, facial skin
    5. "Kriosauna", salon

      Liela 4, Ventspils, LV-3601


      Cryosauna Sauna Cold therapy The latest cryosauna, the latest model, cryosauna for athletes, oxygen cocktail, muscle relaxation, oxygen chamber, against cellulite, against skin diseases, psoriasis, against asthma, to pain, no age limit, for small children, after operations, against burns, cryo therapy, oxygen cocktail, scars of seated
    6. "Frizieru Serviss", shop

      Ganibu 2, Ventspils, LV-3601


      .. , Sibel. Beauty salon equipment. Hairdressing equipment.. tools. Products for hairdressers, accessories for hairdressers, accessories for hairdressing salons. Furniture for hairdressing salon, furniture for hairdressers, hairdressing saloon furniture, hairdressing carts, hairdresser chairs, hairdresser workplaces,
    7. "Amenta", SIA

      Targales 21, Ventspils, LV-3602


      Beauty treatment
    8. "Balticzone", SIA

      J.Poruka, Ventspils, LV-3601


      Beauty treatment
    9. "Džūlija", individuālais darbs, Skaistumkopšanas salons

      Lielais prospekts 54, Ventspils, LV-3601


      Beauty treatment
    10. "Eliēr Organic", SIA

      Saules 19, Ventspils, LV-3601


      Beauty treatment
    11. "Ilsē", skaistumkopšanas salons

      Lielais prospekts 48, Ventspils, LV-3601


      Beauty treatment
    12. "Ilze Vīksne", IK

      Lielais prospekts 48, Ventspils, LV-3601


      Beauty treatment
    13. "Jasmīne", salons

      Karla 5, Ventspils, LV-3601


      Beauty treatment
    14. "Jums", skaistumkopšanas salons

      Targales 21, Ventspils, LV-3602


      Beauty treatment
    15. "KS Daile", IK, Skaistumkopšanas salons

      Annas 4, Ventspils, LV-3601


      Beauty treatment
    16. "Līva", skaistumkopšanas salons

      Vasarnicu 16, Ventspils, LV-3601


      Beauty treatment
    17. "LJ Wellness", SIA, Skaistumkopšanas salons

      Katrinas 4, Ventspils, LV-3601


      Beauty treatment
    18. "Mazā Saule", IK

      Annas 7, Ventspils, LV-3601


      Beauty treatment
    19. "N & Glamur" IK

      Gertrudes 26, Ventspils, LV-3601


      Beauty treatment
    20. "Papilone", skaistumkopšanas salons

      Kuldigas 23, Ventspils, LV-3601


      Beauty treatment