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    1. "In Sensum", Ltd.


      Lauku 9, Salaspils, Salaspils n., LV-2121


      .. services , household services , day and night mortuary services , burial , organization of funeral, funeral benefit, funeral benefit receiving, funeral with payment by installment, crematorium, crematorium services , cremation, organization of cremation, urns, wooden urns, funeral supplies, coffins, wooden coffins, upholstered
    2. "Ritual serviss", burial bureau of SIA


      1.precu 30b, Daugavpils, LV-5401


      About the company: Funeral office "Ritual serviss" is a company offering all kinds of burial services in Daugavpils and throughout Latvia. The company also offers transportation of the deceased from England, Norway, Germany and any other country.
    3. "LETAKAIS apbedisanas birojs"


      Jekabpils 28, Riga, LV-1003

      +371 29574745

      .. Funeral services , funeral accessories, chapels, ( chapel) services , freezer, Cheap, Full range of funeral services , cheap funeral service . Cremation, cremation services . .. Transportation of the deceased from home, (home) preparation of the deceased for burial . We organize the deceased transportation outside Latvia, (Russia, Belarus,
    4. "Sēru zvans", funeral services office

      Rigas 154, Jekabpils, LV-5202


      Funeral services Funerals, funeral services , funeral accessories, Funeral services in Jekabpils, undertaker's office, funeral wreaths, Wooden coffins, Grave candles, coffins, crosses, covers, clothing, blankets, funeral ribbons, funeral flowers, funeral bouquets, wreaths. music, violin, saxophone, accordion, flute, kokle,
    5. Siguldas apbedisanas birojs Annas Parks, SIA


      Sveices 25, Sigulda, Siguldas n., LV-2150


      Funeral services , funeral services in Sigulda, Hearse services , the deceased, transportation of the deceased from home to morgue around the clock. Morgue services , deceased storage, embalming, make-up, Organization of funeral, grave digging, carriers, transport, organization of cremation. Funeral accessories, coffins, cremation urns,
    6. Aigars Jansons burial services in Cēsis, Vidzeme


      Ainavu 1, Cesis, Cesu n., LV-4101


      Funeral in Cesis Burial in Cēsis Cremation in Cesis Tombstone manufacturing in Cesis Funeral services in Cēsis Funeral services Valmiera Funeral service in Cēsis Tombstone improvement in Cesis Burial in Valmiera Funeral in Limbaži Funeral office in Cēsis, Full funeral service , services , Hearse, Offering a funeral feast, Transport
    7. "Labiekartosana-D", Ltd.


      1.pasazieru 6, Daugavpils, LV-5401


      Improvement greening Road repair Road maintenance Road construction Funeral services Road construction, road maintenance, machinery rental, road repair. Improvement, greening, territory improvement, greening services , gardening services , lawn mowing, lawn mowing, dangerous tree cutting, tree cutting, arborists, lawn
    8. "Eliziums-1", firm, Undertaker's office


      Vienibas gatve 48, Riga, LV-1004


      .. 00, morg, морг, крематорий, Akropolis, farewell hall Paradisus, farewell hall in Riga, funerals, burial , organization of funeral, farewell hall, chapel, counseling about funeral issues, draped coffins, standard coffins, coffins to order, cremation urns, cremation urns, grave crosses, grave plaques, grave covers, candles, funeral
    9. Dins Rins


      "Lejinas", Kurmales p., Kuldigas n., LV-3301


      Funeral services Grave site improvement Grave care Funeral services and supplies, grave site improvement, greening, stone processing, tombstones, engraving, grave curbs, cases, graveyard benches, care. Monument cleaning, fences, grave improvement works, furnaces, fireplaces, fireplace decoration, everything from granite, stone
    10. "Magnuss", Undertaker's office

      K.Barona 142, Riga, LV-1012


      Funeral services Undertaker's office Morgue Morgue services Undertaker's office, funeral services , 24-hour funeral services , organization of funeral, funeral accessories, morgue services , day and night mortuary services , the deceased storage in mortuary, sanitarian services , transport services , funeral transport in Riga, funeral
    11. "Apbedisanas birojs Orks", Ltd., Ritual services


      Rigas 37, Valmiera, LV-4201


      Burial in Valmiera Funeral office Valmiera Funeral Valmiera Funeral services Funeral accessories Burial /funeral. Full.. . Cremation, cremation services . Preparation of the deceased for burial . We organize.. ). Hearse services . Funerals.. . Burial , funerals. Funeral.. . Funeral services in Valmiera, In Vidzeme. After funeral
    12. "Velis - A" Ltd., Undertaker's office


      Saknudarza 5a, Jelgava, LV-3001


      Funeral services Funeral services in Jelgava 24-hour funeral services , Funeral services , funeral services in Jelgava, Full range of funeral services , 24-hour funeral service in Jelgava, Funerals, Funeral in Jelgava, Funeral office in Jelgava, Funeral accessories, Cemeteries and grave care, Delivery of the Death to the Morgue, Placing in a
    13. "Saulriets I", Individual merchant


      Pils 44, Aluksne, Aluksnes n., LV-4301


      .. Funeral services and supplies. Certified agent's visit, (call) and order processing at the client's home and office in Aluksne, transportation of the deceased, (removal) from home or hospital to morgue, all mortuary services , hearse, deceased transportation to / from abroad by car, escorting the coffin, meeting, preparation of death
    14. "Rituāls", funeral service


      Brivibas 301a, Jekabpils, LV-5201

      +371 29159430

      Funeral services Coffins Burial Burial in Jēkabpils, The deceased transportation to morgue (round the clock) morgue services , morgue. Document processing. Ceremony organization. Funeral accessories. Coffins, crosses, blankets, covers. Flowers, wreaths, funeral bouquets, bouquets, coffin decorations. Clothes
    15. "Meltekss EB", SIA, manufacturing and sale of coffins in Vidzeme

      "Silkalni", Diklu p., Kocenu n., LV-4223


      Production of funeral supplies Coffin manufacturing production Precious wood coffins Sarcophagus Coffins Coffins, coffin. Coffin manufacture, coffin making, production. Wooden coffin, wooden coffins. Urn, urns. Oak, ash coffins. Precious wood coffin, coffins. Crosses, orthodox, old Believer, catholic, lutheran cross, crosses,
    16. "Dzivibas darzs", Ltd., Funeral services in Cēsis, In Vidzeme

      J. Poruka 8, Cesis, Cesu n., LV-4101

      +371 27090853

      Funeral services in Cēsis Burial in Cēsis Funeral service in Cēsis Funeral bureau in Cēsis Funeral feast in Cēsis Grave improvement in Cesis Full funeral service . Funeral services . Hearse black. Offering a funeral.. . We improve, create grave sites. Transport services . Transportation of the deceased from home.. . Preparation of death
    17. "Smiltājs", Funeral office, Kasjana Ltd.


      Avotu 25, Riga, LV-1011


      .. services , burial , organization of funeral, funeral benefit, funeral benefit receiving, funeral with payment by installment, crematorium, crematorium services , cremation, organization of cremation, urns, wooden urns, funeral supplies, coffins, wooden coffins, upholstered coffins, draped coffins, varnished coffins, sarcophagus,
    18. "Latvijas Apbeditaju asociacija", association


      Gertrudes 58, Riga, LV-1011


      Funeral services Association Unites information on companies, that deals with funeral services , information, consultations.
    19. Funeral Home in Kuldīga Vita Brevis LV, Ltd.


      Planicas 1a, Kuldiga, Kuldigas n., LV-3301


      Funerals Burial in Kuldiga Funeral services , funeral accessories, chapel services , freezer, grave care, grave site, arranging, transport, coffins, coffin sale, production of monuments. Funeral in Kuldīga, Latvia. Grave care, graves, 24-hour calls, 24-hour services .
    20. Ainara Spirģa Funeral offce, Ltd. "Rainar"


      Kursu 25, Liepaja, LV-3401


      Funerals Funeral services The deceased's transfer from abroad Funeral accessories Funeral in Liepaja Funeral offices. Funeral services . .. Bus rental., funeral ceremony, funeral photo, funeral music, funeral planning, burial , funeral bouquets, wreaths, cross, crosses, coffin, coffins. Organization of funeral, funeral transport,
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