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    1. Guest house and camping "Ventaskrasti"

      "Ventaskrasti", Ziru p., Ventspils n., LV-3624


      .. Camping, recreation in countryside, recreation by the water, bath-house, country bath with wood, tub outdoor hot tub, fishing, swimming, children playground, volleyball, basketball, football, sports games, sports fields, boats trips, corporate parties, catering, catering upon order, country cuisine, horses, horse rides, seminars,
    2. Mini zoo "Ranco"

      "Saules", Libagu p., Talsu n., LV-3258

      +371 26479669

      .. Rest in Talsi. Animal feeding. Animal petting. Walks with animals. For children in Talsi. Horse riding. Rides with a pony. Rides for children. Pony rides. Riding a horse. With pony for children. Walks along zoo. Mini zoo, Zoodārzs, Rancho, Rancho, Ranco. Birthday at the zoo. Birthdays with animals. Parties with animals, birthday mini zoo. Name
    3. "Vitoli", Accommodation

      Tome, Tomes p., Keguma n., LV-5020

      +371 26338775

      Accommodation Kegums Tome Camping Kegums Tome Trailer sites Kegums Lodging , overnight stay, camping. Bed places. Trailer places. Tent places. Recreation by the nature. Tent place. Trailer spot, trailer parking. Picnic places. Fireplace. Trampoline. Grill. Children playground. Conveniences, shower, kitchen
    4. "Zvaigznītes", Farm, Guest house by the river Aiviekste

      "Zvaigznites", Indranu p., Lubanas n., LV-4826

      +371 26825836

      .. Bath-house, sauna in Meirāni, near Aiviekste. Fireplace hall. A room with a fireplace for small parties, (anniversaries, celebration) around 10 people. Large outdoor shed for summer events, volleyball field, Children playground. Swings. Trampoline. Picnic places. We welcome guests with animals. Accommodation has a kitchen, TV, audio,
    5. "Kalnsetas", hotel

      Kalnsetas 20, Saldus, Saldus n., LV-3801

      +371 20025120

      Hotels Hotel Saldus Teaching hotel "Kalnsētas" is located in Saldus former Baron von Rekes manor territory with a beautiful park, through which flows the river Ciecere. In hotel surrounding are scenic views. Hotel offers an.. 20 years. The hotel has 20 comfortable rooms, (85 bed places) for families with children, for group of athletes, company
    6. "Nabite", camping

      "Nabite", Padures p., Kuldigas n., LV-3321


      Camping Camping near Ventspils Camping near Kuldiga Camping, camping in Kurzeme, camping houses. Accommodation, guest house, accommodation place, accommodation in Kurzeme, guest house in Kurzeme, overnight stay, tent places, trailer places, bath-house, hot tub, bathing places, recreation by the lake, events, seminars, banquet hall,
    7. "Aglonas Cakuli", Ltd., Guest house

      Aglona, Ezera 4, Aglonas p., Aglonas n., LV-5304


      Guest house in Aglona, guest house in Latgale, guest house in the countryside, guest house. Accommodation in Latgale, accommodation in Aglona, accommodation in the countryside, accommodation. Bath-house, bath-house, bathhouse in Latgale, Country bathhouse, bathhouse rental, bathhouse renting. Boats, boat rental, boat renting. Premises
    8. "Akmenkalni" - "Pie Teva Tuka", viesu nams

      "Akmenkalni", Drabesu p., Amatas n., LV-4101


      Guest house near Cēsis, guest house near Cēsis, guest house in Drabeši, Accommodation in Vidzeme, accommodation near Cēsis, holiday in the rural style at Cēsis, rent a room near Cēsis, rent of premises in the vicinity of Cēsis.
    9. "Zābaciņi", bath-house, guest house

      "Skabarzi", Drabesu p., Amatas n., LV-4101

      +317 29119797

      .. of Cesis 2.5 km) all year round. In guest cottage will feel comfortable both couple and family, (1-3) , and a small group of friends. On the first floor there is a fireplace hall with kitchen, (equipped with TV, CD, fridge, electric kettle, stove, dishes) and hothouse. Besoms and towels, coffee and tea are included in price. On the second floor - two
    10. "Cirmas ezerkrasts", Ltd., Leisure centre

      "Ezernieki", Zvirgzdenes p., Ciblas n., LV-5752


      .. houses, Wi Fi, Wi-Fi, wireless internet, tv, tV, recreation center in Ludza, recreation by the water in Ludza, banquet hall in Ludza. Boat rental, catamaran rental, guesthouses in Latgale, guest houses in Latgale, leisure complex in Latgale, seminar rooms in Latgale, recreation by the water in Latgale, accommodation in Latgale (up to 70
    11. "Papeles", Guest house

      Ezernieki, "Papeles", Ezernieku p., Dagdas n., LV-5692


      .. barrel bath, fishing, berry picking, mushroom picking. In our lake you can catch big fish - pike and tears with spinach. Echo sounders display very large bream, breksi, tenches.. - in penny bun years you can pick even half a boat. There are two beaches with floating footbridges. You can observe the birds of the rare species of the lake. With some bird
    12. "Kaķītis", Ltd., Adventure park "Mežakaķis" and Ski track "Kaķīškalns"

      Sencu 1, Sigulda, Siguldas n., LV-2150


      Leisure activities For family, leisure centre, attractions, activities for children, children playgrounds, volleyball, volleyball field, Mežakaķis in Sigulda, Mežakaķis in Riga, adventure park, rental, ski rental, skiing, skiing tracks, skiing mountain, board rental, snowboard, snowboard rental, organization of sports games,
    13. "Kakitis", Ltd., Guest house

      Kalna 4, Sigulda, Siguldas n., LV-2150


      Guest house in Sigulda Guest house, hotel, guest house, accommodation, rest, rest for a family, leisure centre, banquets, banquet, organization of banquets, service, banquet hall with a fireplace, bar, catering, catering services, eating in Sigulda, grilling, grill, grill rental, cafe, pub, nursery, playroom for children, bath-house,
    14. "Ezernieki", recreation and tourism center

      "Ezernieki", Indranu p., Lubanas n., LV-4826


      Recreation complexes guest houses Boat rental Conference premises Rooms for conferences, seminars, celebrations (up to 40) family house, lighted tent place, camping, swimming place, boat rental, sport fields, possibility of organizing large sports games (up to 2000 people.) bird watching. Camping, sports games.
    15. "Kaņiera ezers", boat base

      Lapmezciems, Lapmezciema p., Engures n., LV-3118


      Recreation complex guest houses Boat rental, fishing, licensed fishing, bird watching, bird-watching tower, recreation place, parking lot.
    16. "Lielauces ezers", boat center

      Lielauce, Lielauces p., Auces n., LV-3723


      Recreation complex guest houses Boat rental, licensed fishing, bird watching, bird-watching tower, recreation place, overnight stay in water floating wooden houses.
    17. "Spāre", recreation and tourism center

      "Dumbri", Gibulu p., Talsu n., LV-3298


      Recreation complexes guest houses Boat rental Rooms for conferences, seminars, celebrations (up to 35) four separate family houses, boat rental, fishing, bicycle routes, camping. Recreation complexes, guest houses.
    18. "Tērvetes ūdenskrātuve", boat centre

      Tervete, Tervetes p., Tervetes n., LV-3730


      Recreation complex guest houses Boat rental, fishing, licensed fishing, bird watching, holiday cottages, camping, tent places, sport fields.
    19. AVK Hotel SIA, Recreation complex "Drēkene"

      "Drakane", Vecumnieku p., Vecumnieku n., LV-3933

      +371 29472586

      .. , recreation in fresh air, place for tents, tent places, leisure activities, active recreation complex, leisure centre, recreation complexes, guest house, pond. Bath-house, guest house, family celebrations, birthdays, premises for seminars, for banquets, for celebrations, recreation with friends, sports games, sports activities,
    20. "Azarkrosti", Individual merchant, Guest house

      Plikpurmali, Veremu p., Rezeknes n., LV-4647


      Guest house in Latgale Guest house, guest houses, guest houses, resting place in Rēzekne, rest in Latgale, recreation complexes, holiday cottage, bath-house, fireplace, fireplace room, baths, bath-house, recreation by the nature. Bicycle, boat, paddle boat rent. Volleyball field, tent places, family house.
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