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    1. "Dinox", Ltd., Catering kitchen equipment

      Maskavas 250, Riga, LV-1063

      +371 28232077

      .. Technological catering facilities: for restaurants, cafes, bars, cafeterias, pizzerias , pastry shops, Horeca, restaurant, (restaurants) bars, (bars) cafe, (cafe) pub, bistro , pizzeria , gastronomy, confectionery workshop, hotel, motel, camping, guest house, public catering, canteen, kitchens, for grocery store bakeries:
    2. Lauris Restaurant Service, Grill restaurant, banquet hall near Lielupe beach

      36. linija, Jurmala, LV-2010


      Restaurant in Jurmala Banquets in Jurmala Cafes bars restaurants Catering in Jurmala. Restaurant, restaurant in Jurmala, restaurant by the sea! Banquets and events. Banquet hall, banquet hall, buffets. We offer banquet and celebration servicing, social events, weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, presentations, corporate
    3. "Domino Club" Sushi delivery

      Brivibas 121, Riga, LV-1012


      Sushi delivery Sushi free delivery in Riga Sushi delivery in Riga. Sushi, sushi. Quick sushi delivery. Food delivery. Food ordering. Sushi delivery, sushi ordering. Food delivery to homes, offices, bureaus, cafes, apartments. Hot meals. Snacks for beer, beer. Sushi) home delivery in Riga. Sushi delivery. Sushi delivery. Free delivery.
    4. "Vanaga ligzda", bistro

      Maskavas 240, Riga, LV-1063


      Cafe - bistro , pizza in Kengarags, funeral feast, meals for corporate events, custom made dishes, banquets in Riga, organization of banquets, table laying, banquets for up to 60 people, take-away meals, order pizza for picking up, bar.
    5. "Hot Box", Pizzeria, pizza, Sushi delivery

      Pinki, Jurmalas 14, Babites p., Babites n., LV-2107

      +371 20765552

      Food delivery Pizza delivery Sushi delivery Pizza delivery. Pizzeria in Pinki. Bistro . Pizzas: Margarita, Salami pizza, Mushroom pizza, Hawai pizza, Exotic pizza, 4 cheese pizza, Ham pizza, Spicy bacon "In the spring”, Pizza Mushroom Bacon”, Vegetarian pizza, "Smoked Salmon" pizza, Pizza ”Seafood”, Pizza “Special 4 cheese chicken
    6. "Aleksandrs", bistro and restaurant

      Skolas 21, Riga, LV-1010

      +371 29677516

      Restaurant in Riga's center Organization of banquets Banquets Restaurant, restaurants, bistro . Banquet table laying - anniversaries, weddings, celebrations, feast, meals. Business lunch, takeaway food. Organization of banquets, banquets. Seminar organization. Premises for seminars, for celebrations
    7. "Aleksandrs", bistro and restaurant in Agenskalns

      Nometnu 61, Riga, LV-1002

      +371 29677516

      Restaurant bistro in Agenskalns Off-site banquets Restaurant in Agenskalns, bistro in Agenskalns, restaurant in Pārdaugava, Business lunch, takeaway food.
    8. "Aleksandrs", bistro and restaurant in Vecmilgravis

      A.Dombrovska 26, Riga, LV-1015

      +371 29170339

      Restaurant bistro in Vecmilgravis Restaurant, restaurants, bistro in Vecmilgravis.
    9. "Aleksandrs", round-the-clock restaurant in Purvciems

      Dzelzavas 69a, Riga, LV-1084

      +371 29275809

      Restaurant in Purvciems Bistro in Purvciems Banquets Banquet hall, banquets, cafes bars restaurants, cafes, bars, restaurants, catering enterprises, banquet in Purvciems, banquets in Purvciems, restaurant in Riga, table laying, banquet table setting, weddings, celebrations, anniversary, anniversaries, funeral feast, funeral meal
    10. "Magone M", SIA, Kafejnica

      Tiraines 1, Riga, LV-1058


      Lunch, snacks, banquets, banquet service, catering, food delivery, table setting, off-site banquets, wedding tables, corporate events, anniversaries, celebration tables, presentations, birthdays, balls, etc.. celebrations, banquets with food delivery in whole Latvia.
    11. "3+2", SIA, Ēdnīca

      Braslas 22, Riga, LV-1035


      Canteens, pizzerias, bistros
    12. "3Lavandas", SIA, Konditoreja-picērija

      E.Birznieka-Upisa 18a, Riga, LV-1050


      Canteens, pizzerias, bistros
    13. "Akhtamar", bistro

      Puskina 14, Riga, LV-1050


      Canteens, pizzerias, bistros
    14. "Artlodo", SIA, Bistro

      Ciekurkalna 1.linija 76, Riga, LV-1026


      Canteens, pizzerias, bistros
    15. "Arve LA", SIA, Ēdnīca

      Vagonu 20, Riga, LV-1009


      Canteens, pizzerias, bistros
    16. "Assorti", kafejnīca - bistro

      Brivibas 76, Riga, LV-1001


      Fast catering, healthy food, cafe, banquets, banquet, banquets for 10 - 70 persons, breakfast, lunch, menu of the day, business lunch, pizza, pizzas, lasagna, paste, (pastas) zeppelins, dumplings, soups, second courses, desserts, desserts, juices, freshly squeezed juices, coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic drinks, kvass,
    17. "Augstceltne", SIA, Sabiedriskās ēdināšanas komplekss

      Republikas laukums 2, Riga, LV-1010


      Canteens, pizzerias, bistros
    18. "B Burgers", ātrās apkalpošanas restorāns

      Brivibas 40, Riga, LV-1050


      Canteens, pizzerias, bistros
    19. "Balts", bistro

      Gertrudes 27, Riga, LV-1011


      Canteens, pizzerias, bistros
    20. "Befrites", SIA, Bistro

      Marijas 2, Riga, LV-1050


      Canteens, pizzerias, bistros
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