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    1. "Spero SK", Ltd.


      Aglona, Tartakas 1, Aglonas p., Aglonas n., LV-5304


      Dangerous tree cutting Industrial climbing Roof cleaning in Latgale Dangerous tree cutting, sawing, arborist, arborists, arborist services , arborist works, dangerous tree cutting in cemetery, cemetery tree cutting, tree cutting next to houses, buildings, dangerous tree cutting in Latgale, hazardous trees in Latgale, In Daugavpils, In
    2. "Vejdole", Ltd.


      Lokomotives 26-5, Riga, LV-1057


      .. cleaning , dismantling. Railway cistern cleaning , laundering, purification. Oil product contaminated soil.. oil, filters. any type waste oil, tyres, accumulators, technical liquids. Vacuum machine services , vacuum pumps, 5-14 m3, car tanks. Leaks, emergencies, accidents.. diameters, solutions. Tank, reservoir, territory cleaning ,
    3. "NL Truck Serviss", Ltd., Truck service


      Ganibu dambis 27, Riga, LV-1005


      .. tyre repair, tyre balancing. Truck tyre change, tyre repair, tyre balancing. Truck service . Truck brake stand. Running gear diagnostics.. for technical inspection. Car repair, balancing, change, service , assembly, exhaust pipe, generator repair. Tyre, oils, motor oil change. Brake pad change. Brake testing. Shock.. starters. Cooling
    4. "Proda Group", Ltd.


      Maza Krasta 79, Riga, LV-1003

      +371 28882000

      Car service equipment Car lift Car service equipment Equipment for car service stations. Car service station services . Car service stations. Compressors. Lifts. Lifts for sale. Pneumatic tools. Pneumatic compressors. Tyre balancing. Tyre works. Car maintenance equipment. Car maintenance and
    5. "Dzirdes sistemas", Ltd.


      K.Barona 130 k.5, Riga, LV-1012


      Hearing aids Auditory function test Medical equipment Hearing aids, hearing aids sale, In Europe produced hearing aids, warranty 2 years, hearing aids adaptation, hearing aid adjustment, batteries, battery sale, hearing Aid Batteries, hearing aid accessories, hearing aid accessories, cleaning tablets, dehumidification pills,
    6. "Benissimo", specialized curtains dry cleaner


      Cesu 31 k.3 ("Barona" block), Riga, LV-1012


      .. Curtain installation, Curtain cleaning , Lambrequins cleaning . Cleaning of curtain with fringes, Curtain with lace cleaning , Organza cleaning . Tulle cleaning , Silk curtain cleaning , Linen curtain cleaning , Velvet curtain cleaning , Taffeta curtain cleaning . Tapestry curtain cleaning , Jacquard curtain cleaning , Black out curtain
    7. "Wurth", Ltd.


      Ganibu dambis 17a, Riga, LV-1045


      .. Cleaning products Building material building structure trade Mounts, screws, nuts, washers, DIN, stainless steel self-tapping bolts, inch self-cutting bolts, self-tapping bolts, furniture screws, wood screws, bolts with fine thread, heat insulation panel screws, wallboard screws, gypsum cardboard screws, threaded rods, threaded


      Nicgales 2 (by TC "Minska"), Riga, LV-1035


      .. Vet, veterinary, veterinary clinic, veterinary care, clinic, veterinary assistance, veterinarian services , vet, veterinarian, vet pharmacy, animal food, pet-shop, zoo shop, surgery, therapy, x-ray, vaccination, dermatology, immunology, oncology, microchips, animal identification, identification chip input, registration LDC,
    9. Ltd. "Latvijas sertifikacijas centrs" [CPTAGLT]BR[CPTAGGT]


      Lacplesa 87, Riga, LV-1011


      .. to EN 13356 standard requirements. For food companies: every day are being developed and published new food movement regulatory laws. LATSERT offers a new service - every month you are able to get a list, (in electronic format) with in the previous month in Latvian and EU official publications published laws and regulations, related to food
    10. "Arji", Latvian-German joint venture

      Adazi, Gaujas 4, Adazu n., LV-2164

      +371 26541859

      .. , heating equipment repair. Emergency call service for customers. 24-hour customer assistance in case of boiler.. and repair. Liquid fuel fired boilers. Liquid fuel boiler adjustment, Liquid fuel heating boiler maintenance, cleaning and repair. Exhaust gas adjustment for heating boilers, boiler filter replacement, filter cleaning . Gas
    11. Grobina car service "Alparu 2", Ltd


      Ventspils 4, Grobina, Grobinas n., LV-3430


      Car repair Car repair Liepaja Car service station, sale of tyres, tyre change, running gear repair, brake stand, exhaust-pipe repair, tyre change and repair for passenger, trucks, buses: wheel geometry adjustment, car electrician, car welding works, body and engine repair, diesel motor repair, car washing, car dry cleaning , car alarm,
    12. Balvu City and District Volunteer Fire Fighter Association

      Baznicas 49, Balvi, Balvu n., LV-4501


      Fire safety Electric measurements Fire protection services Fire-extinguishers. Chimney cleaning , repair.
    13. Forest cemetery chapel

      F.Blumbaha 12, Talsi, Talsu n., LV-3201


      .. services , body storage, deceased, dressing, face cleaning , makeup, determination of the cause of death, transport services around the clock, body removal from home, body transportation from abroad, body removal to abroad, funeral musical accompaniment, farewell hall renting, carriers, body moving to another city, grave digging services ,
    14. "Dezinfektors-1", Ltd.

      Sejas 49c, Riga, LV-1058


      Rat extermination Disinfestation Sanitation services Rat extermination, Disinfestation, Sanitation services , Rat extermination, disinfestation, disinfection, sanitation services , sanitation services in Riga, sanitary services in district of Riga. Rat extermination, rodent destruction, rodent elimination, mouse, mice, rats,
    15. Cesis City and District Volunteer Firefighters Association, chimney sweep services

      Uzvaras bulvaris 4, Cesis, Cesu n., LV-4101


      Fire safety inspection Cesis Fire extinguishers Cesis Chimney sweep services in Cesis Fire safety, firefighters, fire, fire, rescue service , firefighters in Cesis, chimney cleaning , fire extinguishers, fire safety tests, chimneys. Inspection, filling of fire extinguishers.. testing, certification. Cleaning of flues. Fire
    16. "Limonta", Off-site banquets, funeral feasts in Saldus

      Saldus n., Zirnu p., Butnari, "Vitki", LV 3853

      +371 22359755

      .. -site banquets Saldus Funeral feast. Off-site banquets, banquet services . Table laying, table setting services . We.. event, funerals, funeral feast. We provide full service for laying tables with crockery, cutlery, tablecloths. Banquet hall, table decoration, decoration, decoration, application, preparing. Table setting, as well as
    17. "Vidzemes priekspilsetas skurstenslaukis"


      Cesu 11, Riga, LV-1012


      .. Chimneys, chimney, chimneysweeps, chimneysweep, chimney sweeper, chimney sweeps, chimney cleaner, chimney cleaners, cleaning of flues, flues, flues, ventilation, ventilation cleaning , smoke flues technical condition, smoke flues act, smoke flue act, ventilation ducts, vent channel cleaning , fire prevention control, chimney
    18. "Konekesko Latvija", L:td, Zemgales regional trade center


      Rubenu cels 46c, Jelgava, LV-3002


      .. trucks etc.. (Kobelco, Kubota, Grove) Forestry equipment - new and used: harvesters, forwarders, excavators with harvester head, (Ponsse) Communal and area cleaning equipment - mini-tractors, self-propelled mowers, (Kubota). We also offer construction equipment rental, as well as agricultural, construction, communal and logging
    19. " Barkavas arodi " , LPKS , grain and rapeseed pre-treatment complex in Barkava


      Barkava, "Dzirnavas", Barkavas p., Madonas n., LV-4834


      .. ) buying in Barkava, In Latgale. Rye purchase, purchase. acceptance in Barkava. Rye. Purchase of rape. Rape purchase, purchase. Sale of agricultural raw materials. Barkavas arodi buys grain, grain processing, purchase of grains, grain purchase, grain storage, grain dryer, grain driers, grain dryer, grain drying, grain cleaning . grain
    20. "Green Clean", Ltd.

      Daugavpils, Stiklu 12g, LV-5404


      .. Toilet cubicles. Maintenance and rental. Sanitation. drainage well and pit cleaning . Sewerage and drainage system cleaning . Karcher high pressure washer. Biotoilets. Movable biotoilet service , rental, lease, rent. Biotoilets, mobile toilets. Mobile toilets, ecological, eco toilets. Biological bio toilets. Waste collection services