• 1908 companies
    1. "De Lukss", Wedding salon


      Blaumana 25 (entrance from courtyard), Riga, LV-1011

      +371 67282041

      Wedding salon in Riga Wedding dresses Tuxedo rental Costume rental Evening dress rental More than 200 models of wedding dresses. Wedding dresses, costumes, bridal accessories, trade, rent, rental. Wedding accessories trade, wedding dress rental, wedding gown rental. Evening dresses, evening dresses, smokings
    2. "Podzina", sewing supplies, haberdashery store in Riga

      K.Barona 45/47, Riga, LV-1011


      Haberdashery sale Buttons Zippers -Buttons. Zippers. Ribbons. Threads. Embroidery accessories. -Accessories for clothing . Accessories for bags. Buckles.. clothing . Buttons. Haberdashery sale , clips, bra details, straps, clothing hooks, clothes hooks. -Yarn. -Scarves. Scarves. Money wallets.. . -Gloves. Hats. Haberdashery sale
    3. "Huppa", children's clothing store "Bolero Shopping"


      Lielirbes 27 (TC "Bolero" On the 2nd floor), Riga, LV-1046


      Children clothes Children clothes Children goods, children clothes ( clothing ). Overalls, blazers, pants (spring, autumn, winter). Children's goods trade, wholesale trade. Winter clothing (clothes). Hats, scarves, gloves. Spring windbreakers.. , dresses, celebration gowns. Overalls, jackets, jackets, hat - hood, ushanka-hat,
    4. "Wurth", Ltd., Shop


      Antenas 3, Riga, LV-1004


      .. and cable tension, car cables, thermal insulation pipes, wire nozzles, contact clips. Industrial paper, toilet paper, paper towels. Work safety means. Goggles, protective masks, respirators, headphones, first-aid means, work gloves. Work clothes, work footwear, welding clothing . Racks and stands, cabinets for garages and industrial
    5. "Pirmais veikals" Clothing Outlets in Cesis

      Valnu 9, Cesis, Cesu n., LV-4101


      Outlet in Cesis Women's clothing in Cesis Women's clothing store in Cesis Men's clothing store in Cesis Clothing outlet in Cesis, Children's, women's, youth, men's, clothing store in Cesis. Women's clothing in Cesis. Dresses, skirts, pants, tops, jackets, outdoor clothes, sweaters in Cesis, clothing store for men. Men's clothing , jackets,
    6. "Maripol" Ltd, hat and fur salon


      Stabu 20, Riga, LV-1011


      .. , fur coats, vests, gloves, cape, (tippets) muffes, mittens, accessories. Fur bag production. Men's, women's gloves with fur inside. Leather outerwear sewing, mending, leather repair. Fur collars for hoods. Corporation hats, student caps. Leather clothing repair.
    7. "Magone", veikals

      Rigas 29, Cesis, Cesu n., LV-4101


      Clothing store in Cesis, Magone in Cesis, children's clothes in Cesis, women's clothes, women's shoes, children footwear, large size women's clothing , lingerie, underwear, men's underwear, youth clothing , cheap shoes Cesis, In Cesis. Dresses, blouses, tops, jackets, men's, women's, children clothes, bijouterie, jewellery, belts, belts.
    8. "Tomas", Ltd.

      Jelgava, Dobeles iela 48, LV 3001


      .. goods in Jelgava. Fishing store in Jelgava! Travel goods in Jelgava. Fishing goods in Jelgava. Fishing reels, fishing lines. Fishing tackle Jelgava. Boats, motors, Jelgava. Electric motors, internal combustion engines for boats. Work footwear clothing Jelgava. Bicycles Jelgava. Skis Jelgava. Sports trainers Jelgava. Nutritional
    9. "Street Style" - stock clothes

      Raina 20, Jelgava, LV-3001


      Women's clothes Clothes trade Clothing , adults, men, women, youth clothing trade, underwear, underwear, costumes, skirts, underpants, belts, belts, bags, wallets, footwear, boots, blouses, scarves, scarves, jacket for outerwear, blazers, down jackets, jackets, tops, pants, shorts, jeans, denim pants, leather pants, dresses, clothes
    10. "Latwork", Ltd.


      Alejas 86-29, Daugavpils, LV-5401

      +371 27711898

      Work clothing wholesale in Latgale Work clothing sewing Work clothes in Daugavpils Work protective means, work clothes, work semi-overalls, work pants, work jackets, work vests, respirators 3M, 3M filters, 3M masks, work gloves, welder gloves, clothing for welders, rubber gloves, work footwear, protective helmets, protective masks,
    11. SWAROVSKI authorized distributor , "Kristālu studija", Ltd.


      Lacplesa 27-2, Riga, LV-1011


      Swarovski kristāli Swarovski Crystals, design elements, nail design, hair hairdo crystal elements, crystal. Swarovski crystals for clothing decoration and design, (crystal buttons, ribbons, zippers, crystal applications, self-adhesive stones). SWAROVSKI crystal fashion accessories. SWAROVSKI crystal for jewelery and bijouterie.
    12. "ANITA" salon shop, Ltd, RKF "Polonija"


      Baznicas 24, Riga, LV-1010


      Scarf trade Clothing manufacturing sewing Worldwide famous Russian SCARVES and SHAWLS. Pavlovo Posad scarf textile mill, production.. , scarf, scarves, scarf. Scarf trade. Scarves sale . Wool scarves, wool shawls, fine-wooled scarves, fine-wooled shawls, silk scarves, silk shawls, cotton scarves. Down scarf. Natural silk. Natural
    13. "R.C.T.S.", Shop "SQUASH SHOP"


      Uzvaras bulvaris 6-204 (Zelta Boulinga center), Riga, LV-1048

      +371 28325338

      .. rackets, badminton shuttlecock, badminton grips, badminton bags, badminton shoes, badminton clothes, badminton accessories, Spidminton, sports clothing , womens sports clothing , men's athletic wear, sports socks, compressport, sports shoes, womens sports shoes, men's sport shoes, sports bags, Dunlop, Harrow, Karakal, Head,
    14. Linen costume, national costume shop. "Linu tērpi"


      Katrinas laukums 1, Tukums, Tukuma n., LV-3101


      .. , Nīcas, Bārtas, petticoat, logo embroidery, folk songs, bracelets, buttons, hooks, corsages, vests, jackets, for children, production, gifts, souvenirs, sewing, sewing services, clothing sale , stylized costumes, stylized folk costumes, national costumes for children, ancestral, oldest-made, hand work.
    15. "DalinKids", SIA


      Maskavas 322k, Riga, LV-1063

      +371 26834160

      Children's goods, sale
    16. "Airin", Ltd., Special clothing and work shoes in Riga


      Matisa 76/78, Riga, LV-1009


      .. , pants, semi-overalls, vests, t-shirts, robes, hats) - manufacturing and wholesale. Professional work wear, (for builders, for electricians, for mounters, for butchers, for food producers) chemically resistant and protective clothing . Emblem, (logo, logo) embroidery and color printing on clothing . Clothes for welders, water and
    17. "Saldākiem sapnīšiem", Bed linen and accessories online store, warehouse


      Maskavas 322b, Riga, LV-1063

      +371 20097304

      Textiles Bed linen made of cotton Bed linen. Bed linen, bed linen, bed linen and accessories, bed linen and accessories, white bed linen, tablecloth, colorful bed linen, sheets, sheets, sheets with rubber edge, pillow cases, upper sheet, envelopes, protective sheets, pillows, blankets, blanket, down blankets, rugs, polyether fiber
    18. "Vinnijs 3", Ltd, Shop - bicycle, motorcycle service


      Saldus n., Saldus, Kalpaka laukums 1, LV 3801

      +371 29228666

      Fishing tackle Bicycles Saldus Sports goods Saldus Bike repair Saldus Fishing tackle, bearings, lubricants, seals, chains, bicycles, bicycle repair, bicycle, bike, bicycle repair, service, bike mending, mopeds, moto helmets, spare parts and repair, scooter repair, scooters, pyrotechnics, firework organization, fireworks, fishing
    19. "Eridana", shop

      Blaumana 17, Madona, Madonas n., LV-4801


      Gifts Clothing Eridana, Eridana Madona, Souvenirs, souvenirs in Madona, gifts, gifts in Madona, gift wrapping, clothes for children, clothing for women, textiles, bijouterie, children goods, goods for children, cosmetics, eco products, knitwear articles, haberdashery, underwear, baby linen, arts and crafts products, craftmen works,
    20. "4 istabas" furniture shop In Cesis


      Cesis, Vaives p., "Piebalgas 85", T/C Nodus 2.-3.stava, LV 4136


      .. , bread boards, clothing shoulders, shoulders, watches, napkin holders, photo frames, photo frames. Furniture accessories.. Vidzeme. Furniture for sale Vidzeme. Manufacture of furniture Latvia. Furniture for sale Latvia. Manufacture of furniture.. Sigulda. Furniture for sale Sigulda. Manufacture of furniture.. Aizkraukle. Furniture
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