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    1. "DSV Transport", Ltd., road, sea and air cargo transport


      Krustpils 31, Riga, LV-1073


      The company offers: DSV 200 trucks daily carries goods all over Europe as well as Russia. The company provides FCL, LCL, customs, ADR cargo delivery all over Europe, are also offered oversized, heavy weight and thermal load transportation, inland transportation, warehouse services, customs brokerage services.
    2. "DHL Latvia SIA", Freight Latvia, Land freight transport


      Marupe, Plienciema 35, Marupes n., LV-2167

      +371 67715535

      DHL Freight is your flexible partner for overland transport services in Europe, CIS, North-Africa and the Middle East. The aim is to become one of the leading road freight carriers in Latvia. Being a stable cooperation partner for large and small businesses, who requires international and domestic transport services. DHL Freight has been chosen by companies that deals with small goods production or distribution, up to industrial equipment manufacturing, installation and transportation, as well as other logistics service providers. DHL Freight is a reliable and stable partner with great experience in the international market. A wide range of services and all possible logistic solutions in one place allows to give our customers the best service.
    3. "Vollers-Riga", Ltd., Warehouse services


      "Lindes", Salaspils p., Salaspils n., LV-2118


      Warehousing, warehouses, freezer, customs , freezer services, cargo storage, sorting, cargo sorting, selection of cargoes, selection, temperature regime, regulējams temperatūras režīms, public bonded warehouses, warehouses for EU goods with rail drive, warehouses
    4. "TIMEX", Customs declarants


      Ropazu 24-11, Riga, LV-1039

      +371 22031116

      The company offers a full customs clearance service! Ltd. "TIMEX" offers customs procedures and cargo accompanying documents processing services.
    5. "Salacgrivas Nord terminals", Ltd.


      Juras 18, Salacgriva, Salacgrivas n., LV-4033


      Services: The company offers: ✓ stevedore services, i.e. reloading of various goods from the cargo area and cars to the ship and vice versa; ✓ storage warehousing services; ✓ port services. Product groups: The company offers services for the following product groups: ✓ wood (sawlog, pulpwood, firewood, sawn timber, etc.) ✓ bulk cargo (wood chips, rubble, peat, etc.) ✓ ordinary cargo
    6. CF & S Latvia SIA, international freight forwarding


      Ganibu dambis 24d, Riga, LV-1005

      + 371 67388300

      cargo transportation, International freight transport, Container cargo transport, Road transport services, Logistics, Cargoes, Road transport, Transport, Composite cargo, Container shipments, Warehousing, Warehouses, customs warehouses, customs warehouse services, customs . Freight transport by air, Cargo transportation sea, Sea
    7. "Gaja Pluss", Ltd.


      Ogres 5-27, Riga, LV-1019

      +371 29203322

      The company offers: ✓ Composite cargo transportation from Europe to all Baltic States, as well as to Russia and back ✓ Moving service to private individuals (transportation of personal belongings) to / from Europe. ✓ Express delivery throughout Europe ✓ "Door to door" delivery ✓ Customs warehouse ✓ Courier services ✓ Warehouse for cargo storage in Riga
    8. Ltd. "Discovery Logistics"


      Kekava, Gaismas 19 k.4-6, Kekavas p., Kekavas n., LV-2123

      +371 25751779

      Customs brokers Customs , customs , customs document preparation, customs brokerage services, import customs formalities, export customs formalities, declarant, declarants, import, export, broker, broker, brokers, tax calculation, advice on customs procedures, customs clearance specialist, customs clearance specialist services,
    9. "MD Logistic", Ltd.


      Katlakalna 10, Riga, LV-1073

      +371 29345980

      Freight transport road Sea freight shipping Freight transport by road, freight transport, composite cargo, full container loads, multimodal freight transportation, international freight transport, bulk freights, air cargo transport, transport by air, air cargoes, aircraft transportation, sea freight transport, ship freight
    10. "Profi Logistiks", Ltd.


      Marupe, Dzirnieku 18, Marupes n., LV-2167


      Air freight shipping Shipping services Customs brokers Air freight transportation. Motor transport cargo transportation. Cargo shipping to Latvia from anywhere, by any transport.. cargo transport. Multimodal shipments. Reloading, repackaging, additional insurance. Customs brokers. Customs services. Heavy machinery transport by
    11. "REWICO Baltikum"


      Stunisi, "Lapegles", Olaines p., Olaines n., LV-2127


      Customs clearance services Freight transport road International cargo transportation Sea transportation Warehousing Customs warehouse Composite cargo Freight transport. Expedition. Transportation. Transport. Logistics. Freight transport.. . Export. Transit. Warehouses, (warehouse) services. Customs and regular
    12. "ARS logistika", Ltd., Air cargo transport

      Lidosta "Riga", Ziemelu 18, Marupes n., LV-1053


      Air cargo transportation Customs services Mailings Russia Post postal services International freight transport. Advice on clearance issues, advice on transport, customs , logistics issues. Sea container reloading to warehouse. Import and export cargo consolidation. Customs warehouse with railway connections. Cargo insurance. Air
    13. "LG Transservis", Ltd., transport and warehouse logistics


      Ganibu dambis 36-805, Riga, LV-1005


      Customs brokers Transit cargo transportation Veterinary cargoes Freight transport road Freight transport by rail Freezer services Customs brokers, customs brokerage services, brokers in port area, customs clearance, cargo declaration, customs document preparation, document processing, customs document management, security,
    14. "Aquas Forwarding", Ltd.


      J.Ozola 27, Sigulda, Siguldas n., LV-2150


      Freight transport Freight transport, local cargo transportation, cargo shipments in Latvia, cargo transport in Latvia, freight transport organisation. Transport services, dangerous cargo transportation, full and partial freight transportation, special transport, large size cargo transportation, heavy cargo transportation,
    15. "Transocean Latvia", Ltd.


      Duntes 23a-6.st., Riga, LV-1005

      +371 67381522

      .. . Sea vessels, container shipping worldwide. Land Transportation - Containers, trailers. Delivery, loading, unloading, reloading, strengthening, storage, wrapping, customs clearance. Works in ship terminals. Import, export, transit. Consolidation, multi-modal supply. Railway cargo transportation. Customs services. Large size,
    16. "NTG Latvia", Ltd.


      Lielvarzi, "Ciedri", Kekavas p., Kekavas n., LV-2123

      +371 67791460

      Cargo transportation Scandinavia Customs warehouses Warehouse services Freight transport road Freight transport Logistics company in Latvia. Transport companies. International freight transport. Road transportation.. . Storage. Warehouse inventory. Selection. Freight consolidation. Customs brokerage services. Customs
    17. "Maksims", Ltd., Trucking to Norway, Sweden


      Mukusalas 72, Riga, LV-1004


      Description: Ltd. Maksims is a logistics, consulting and media company from Riga. Working since 1991 we have proved ourselves as a reliable partner, and we focus on high quality logistics solutions. Our scope of activity is not limited to transport: our competence also includes financial and media services, as well as warehouse, customs and insurance services. For each of your request will be individually prepared offer - we can provide all kinds of services.
    18. "KL Shipping", Ltd.


      Duntes 6-210, Riga, LV-1013

      +371 67220600

      .. . Transportation from China and around the world. Freight forwarding, delivery, insurance, logistics. Clearance through customs . Advice in transport, customs and logistics issues. K Line. Liquid cargo transportation in tank containers, fleet management. ADR cargo transportation, dangerous.. . Flexitanks. Flexitank. Tank containers.
    19. "Oba Group", Ltd.


      Ezera 22, Riga, LV-1034


      International freight transport Warehousing Customs services Road transport services, to Europe, Central Asia, Russia, Moscow, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, England, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia. Full, composite cargoes.. bracketing, reloading. Clearing, customs clearance, cargo declaration, forwarding. Road transport from
    20. "Forwarder", Ltd., Customs brokers


      Uriekstes 8b, Riga, LV-1005

      +371 27797012

      Customs legal services Customs services Customs , customs , customs , clear by customs , customs , customs brokers, TIR Carnet filling, TIR Carnet processing, import, export, transit procedure, cargo declaration, customs clearance inland, customs clearance, customs document preparation, customs accompanying document filling in,
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