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    1. "Eiropas skaņa", Ltd., music and light equipment


      Ķengaraga 6, Rīga, LV-1063

      +371 29228663

      .. Music sound and lighting equipment Stage constructions. Stage. Sound. Light. Events. Event organizing attributes . Hardware, equipment rental, rent, installation, sound and light equipment, speakers, acoustic systems, small concert systems, large concert systems, sound, (sound) control board, consoles, digital multikors, lighting
    2. "Grill Garden", Ltd., Grill garden


      Nometņu 58, Rīga, LV-1002


      Cafes bars restaurants Grill dishes Organization of banquets Pubs Banquets, banquet, organization of banquets, premises for banquets, banquet premises, table laying, wedding feasts in Pardaugava, funeral feasts in Pardaugava, in Agenskalns, cafe, bistro, bar, menu of the day, daily special lunch offers, grill bar, grilled meat and fish
    3. "Marden", Individual merchant


      Pils 1, Sigulda, Siguldas n., LV-2150


      Massage Massage, masseur, classical massage, relaxing massage, back massage, neck massage, shoulder massage, soothing facial procedure, full body massage, body massage, massage for pregnant women, Indian Head Massage, Thai foot massage, massage services, massage parlor, massage on the outings, massage procedures at home. Massage
    4. "Hotel Jurmala SPA", SIA, Konferencu centrs


      Jomas 47/49, Jūrmala, LV-2015


      .. for seminars for up to 600 people, conferences, conference center, seminars, seminar organization. Rooms for rent, banquets. Wedding celebrations. Rest, overnight stay, tourism, sports, hotel in Jurmala. Restaurant, bar, summer terrace. Organization of events, attributes .
    5. "Hotel Jurmala SPA", Ltd., Hotel


      Jomas 47/49, Jūrmala, LV-2015

      +371 67784400

      .. for seminars for up to 600 people, conferences, conference center, seminars, seminar organization. Rooms for rent, banquets. Wedding celebrations. Rest, overnight stay, tourism, sports, hotel in Jurmala. Restaurant, bar, summer terrace. Event organization, attributes .
    6. Dance studio "Stoptime"


      18.novembra 18a, Daugavpils, LV-5401


      Dance Dance studio Dance training for children Dance training for adults Dance training for children Daugavpils Dance training for adults Daugavpils Dances, dances in Daugavpils, dances in Rezekne, Hip-Hop, breakdance, dance school, dance studio. Wedding waltz. Organization of events. Show programm. Lessons for children, dances for
    7. "Brain Games", shop [CPTAGLT]BR[CPTAGGT]


      K.Barona 55, Rīga, LV-1001


      Board games Brain teasers Board games for children Board games for family, strategy board games. Table, intellectual, children's game sale, wholesale, production, publishing house. Board games. Brain teasers. Children's games. Chess, checkers, nardi, backgammon. Board game club. Party game rental., Settlers of Catan. Card games,
    8. Konopeļka M., host of events

      Marijas 1a, Valmiera, LV-4201


      Host of events Marina, event host in Valmiera, event host in Vidzeme, host of events, heads, event management, events, organization of events, celebration organization. Wedding event management, anniversaries, graduation, Parties, birthdays, New Year, new Year's events, corporate events, activities at workplaces, holiday
    9. "Miniatūra karaļvalsts", doll gallery


      Daugavpils 21, Preiļi, Preiļu n., LV-5301


      Entertainment in Latgale Museums puppet Art salons galleries Souvenirs. Doll gallery, museum, castle, dolls, author dolls. Dressing into royal costumes for photo sessions, princess dresses, mini castles, castles. Author dolls. Costumes, costume fitting, photo sessions, interior items, gifts, original gift, tourism, tourism sites,
    10. Rigas Jauniesu lellu teatris "I-a"


      Zebiekstes 3-14, Rīga, LV-1082

      +371 29426010

      Santa Claus, Santa Claus. Children parties, puppet theater, celebration fireworks, children events, events for children, children's ensemble, games, masks, clowns, circus, sports games, circus performance, celebration organization, Evening leader anniversaries, weddings. Magic tricks, Musicians, Dance group, special effects,
    11. "Helijs.lv"


      Lāčplēša 104, Rīga, LV-1003


      .. event conception, musical entertainment, discos, event management, street celebration, presentation of goods, design for exhibitions, balls, opening, brand events, family celebrations, birthday celebrations, company anniversaries, helium, balloons, applications on balloons, inflatable advertising, helium balloon rental,
    12. "Birinu Pils", hotel


      Bīriņi, Vidrižu p., Limbažu n., LV-4013


      Banquets Hotels Restaurants Cafes bars restaurants Accommodation Castle 2 large halls, (2 x 100 m2) banquets, for presentations, for weddings, romantic rest for two, romantic recreation, facilities for corporate events, seminar premises, premises for seminars, for celebrations, anniversaries, (up to 200 pers. for seminars, (up to 140
    13. REDRIFT car models, Ltd., "R G"


      Rīgas 48, Jelgava, LV-3004


      Event organizing attributes Professional remote control machines. Hobby, entertainment, work event , party, collective entertainment, sports games, stag party, birthday Place, radio controlled cars, drift, rest for a family, rc cars, rv cars, pro rc cars, pro rv cars, spare parts, rc drift
    14. "Ludza", recreation center-hotel


      1.maija 1, Ludza, Ludzas n., LV-5701


      Hotel in Ludza Accommodation in Ludza Banquets Accommodation in Ludza cafe in Ludza Overnight stay in Ludza, Motel in Ludza, Motel. Hotel, accommodation, banquets, table laying, cafe. Hotel in Ludza. Hotels. Hotel. Recreation center in Ludza. Seminars, seminar, conferences, conference. Breakfast included. Premises for rent. Cafes,
    15. "Radi", SIA,guest house -hotel


      "Radi", Cieceres p., Brocēnu n., LV-3851

      +371 29538230

      Guest houses guest house Guest house Saldus Hotel Saldus Hotels Hotel Saldus Bath-house, guest house. Seminars, camping, boats, water skiing, water skis, fishing, boating, hotel, hotel, celebrations. Sports game organization. Organization of weddings, wedding celebrations, weddings. Premises for weddings. Catering. Tent places.
    16. "Saieta nams", recreation place

      "Saieta nams", Rucavas p., Rucavas n., LV-3477


      Banquets Banquets in Rucava Accommodation in Rucava Accommodation Hotel for youth, hotel, guest house, Guest house for up to 60 people, prices, 10 euro, tourist catering upon order, agreed price, accommodation, on the way from / to Lithuania. Applying by e-mail, please indicate a telephone number! Good cuisine, delicious meals, banquet
    17. "Unik-AL", SIA, Children learning studio and celebration organizing center


      Anniņmuižas bulvāris 29, Rīga, LV-1067

      +371 29232060

      .. therapist, music lessons, rhythmics, piano training, visual art, drawing, painting, painting (from 3 - 14 years.) formation. Children events, celebrations, birthdays, parties, celebration, graduation, fir-tree. Event hosts - clowns, clown, santa Claus, Santa Claus, Santa Claus home visits, snow White. There are premises. Visits at
    18. "Laivu centrs", restaurant near the Daugava


      Krasta 5, Rīga, LV-1050

      +371 20008852

      Banquets in Riga Business lunch. Restaurant. Summer terrace. European cuisine. Menu offers seafood. Banquets, banquet organizing in restaurant premises. Weddings, celebrations, anniversaries, parties, presentations, company events, social events, thematic events. Business lunch, dinner, snacks. Wedding celebrations. Catering.
    19. Līgas Bērziņas horse stable

      Priežciems, Augļu 16, Babītes p., Babītes n., LV-2101

      +371 29489492

      .. nature park, next to Riga. Advice on horse buying/purchasing issues. Riding, riding training. Horse. Riding. Children birthday parties. Thematic parties. Terrace. Outdoors. Wedding photo riding on horses, with horses. Rest. Event organization, attributes .
    20. Hotel in Latgale "Aka"


      Šnitki, Malnavas p., Kārsavas n., LV-5750


      Hotel Latgale Hotels Latgale Banquets Latgale Hotels Hotel, hotels, hotel in Latgale, accommodation, accommodation, overnight stay, hotels, hotel, hotel, motel, motels, motel, guest houses, guest house, leisure centre, recreation place, banquets, organization of banquets, banquet, fireplace, fireplace room, sauna, premises for
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