• 552 companies
    1. "Baltveide", Ltd.


      Marupe, Dzirnieku 16, Marupes n., LV-2167


      Furniture manufacturing furniture components Furniture , furniture manufacturing, wooden doors, wooden windows, wooden furniture , wooden furniture production, wooden stairs, furniture for shop, office furniture to/upon order. Custom made furniture : shops, bars, cafes, restaurants, shops, offices, kitchen furniture . Wooden
    2. Ltd. “IDRA”, Carpentry in Madona


      "Putnini" (In Sarkani behind the pond look for a sign "Madona gulbuve" on the roadside), Sarkanu p., Madonas n., LV-4870

      +371 29269192

      .. . Camping houses. Saunas, minisaunas. Wood massage tables. Wood signs, direction signs, road signs. Solid wood furniture . Wooden furniture . Wooden chairs. Wooden benches. Garden furniture : benches tables, benches. Wooden furniture for cafes, pubs. Children playgrounds, playgrounds, swings. Insulated dog houses, log dog houses
    3. "Saka-S", Ltd.


      Vitolu 1-5, Salaspils, Salaspils n., LV-2169


      .. furniture for libraries, oiled furniture , eco furniture , ecological furniture , eco furniture from wood, ecological furniture from wood, design furniture , design furniture from wood, room furniture manufacturing, room shelf making, living room furniture manufacturing, living room shelf production, wood unit production, buffet making,
    4. "Baza D", Ltd., furniture factory

      Liginisku 26p, Daugavpils, LV-5415


      Manufacture of furniture Daugavpils Custom-made furniture . Furniture production, manufacture , sale. Built-in furniture , kitchen, bedroom equipment, built-in wardrobe, sliding doors. Cloakroom closets, coupe, children furniture , furniture for children. Nursery equipment. Tables, chairs, beds, chest of drawers, sideboards,
    5. "Komforts Plus"


      Varonu 23, Rezekne, LV-4604


      .. furniture fittings, kitchen production, kitchens to order, kitchen furniture production, wooden chest of drawers, kitchen equipment on order, bed mattresses, door manufacture , solid wood beds, new furniture , wooden closet, furniture components, In Latvia manufactured furniture , wooden furniture for children, garden furniture from
    6. "Intema", Ltd., In Latvia manufactured mattresses


      Kandavas 14b-2, Riga, LV-1083

      +371 20373717

      .. , cafe, bar sofas. upholstered furniture production, upon request, furniture trade, furniture , manufacture of furniture . Leather furniture , upholstered.. sofa, pull-out sofa. Furniture design, bars, bar couch, chairs, manufacturing. Custom-designed furniture , non-standard, interior details, wall panels, decorative upholstery,
    7. "AV Mebeles", Ltd., Kitchen furniture salon


      Kalnciema 1 k.2 (Daugavgrivas and Kalnciema street corner), Riga, LV-1048


      Custom-made furniture , kitchen furniture to order. Wooden table production, wooden chair production, wooden tables, wooden chairs, Classic kitchens, modern kitchens. In Latvia manufactured furniture . Kitchen furniture . Kitchen furniture salon. In Pardaugava, furniture store in Pardaugava. Solid wood furniture production, wooden
    8. AV mēbeles, kitchen furniture salon


      Miera 94, Riga, LV-1013

      +371 25540116

      In Latvia manufactured furniture . Manufacture of furniture upon individual order. Furniture design, engineering, production and installation. Kitchen furniture , kitchens. MDF furniture facade production and installation. Solid wood furniture facade sale, solid wood furniture . Black alder, oak, cherry, birch. Wooden tables upon order,
    9. "OK Pluss KO", Ltd.


      Cietoksna 60, Daugavpils, LV-5401


      Manufacture of furniture Daugavpils Custom-made furniture , non-standard solutions, kitchen furniture , built-in furniture , cabinets, bedrooms, children's rooms, closets - coupes, work surfaces, consultations, furniture , furniture manufacturing, trade, wholesale, delivery, stained glass processing, exclusive furniture , In
    10. "svieta.lv", Advertisement portal on the Internet

      .. Everything for housing, construction, Construction and repair works, Doors, windows, Furniture trade, Construction material, building structure sale, Fixing of household appliances, Furniture manufacturing, furniture components, Water-pipe and sewerage, Gates, fences, Roof coatings, Garden equipment and inventory, Heat
    11. Oāze, Furniture salon, Ltd, "Amisa"


      Pils 70, Aluksne, Aluksnes n., LV-4301


      .. sets. Bedroom furniture , bedroom chest of drawers. Mattresses.. bed. Furniture manufacture : Hallway furniture . Shelf systems. bathroom furniture , living room furniture , upholstered furniture , modular systems, furniture for children, school furniture , youth furniture , furniture processing, furniture joinery. Upholstered
    12. "ZIBO vitrazu studija", Individual merchant, Workshop


      Krustini, "Varaviksnes", Incukalna n., LV-2141


      .. . Paintings on glass and glass objects. Glass paintings, glass fusion. Decorative glassware. Stained glass artist, stained glass artist. Zigurds Bormanis. Stained glass workshop. Classic stained glass art. Heraldry. Stained glass, stained glass for interiors, in windows, doors, furniture .
    13. "Balticexport.com"


      Blaumana 38/40, Riga, LV-1011

      +371 29454494

      Export, Baltic States, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, chemical product, rubber and plastic product production, furniture manufacturing, wood product manufacturing, paper production, manufacture of motor vehicles, trailer production, manufacturing of textiles, production of leather products, clothing production, food, beverage
    14. "Euro Intema", Ltd.


      Riga, Cesu 31B, LV 1012

      +371 27000112

      Where can I order a non-standard size mattress, mattresses upon order, mattresses upon order, upholstered furniture , high-quality upholstered furniture , resistant mattress, qualitative mattress, order a mattress, leather beds, fabric beds, cafe sofas, bar sofas, sofas for cafes, sofas for bars, In Latvia produced sofas, made in Latvia,
    15. "Nandu", Ltd. "Officeday Latvia" shop


      Raina 18, Ventspils, LV-3601


      .. , Manager chairs, Office furniture , Conference chairs, Office furniture , Tables, Cabinets, Shelves, Table lamps and accessories, Lamps, Bulbs, Foot pads, Foot pads, Watches, Office furniture , office furniture , office tables, office furniture , cabinets, office shelves, office furniture sale safes,. c. Snacks, sugar, nuts, nuts,
    16. ab virtuves, furniture salon


      Cesu 31 k.3, Riga, LV-1012


      .. production and sale. Interior design. Artificial stone surface production. Work surface processing and trade. Built-in home appliances official representatives. Cabinet furniture . Furniture assembly. Built-in wardrobe. Home and office furniture production, wardrobes, cabinets, bathroom furniture .
    17. "Atticus", SIA


      K.Valdemara 127, Riga, LV-1013


      Atticus, office furniture , office furniture , office tables, office desks, desks, office cabinets, filing cabinets, conference tables, office furniture , ergonomic office chairs, ergonomic chairs, meeting tables, conference tables, visitor counters, office counters, office furniture sale, office furniture from Italy, for managers,
    18. "Ilex", SIA, Mēbeļu dizaina salons


      Tallinas 1-1, Riga, LV-1001


      Furniture manufacturing, furniture , kitchens, kitchen furniture , bureau furniture , bathroom furniture , living room furniture , furniture trade, design, cabinets, sliding doors, surfaces, laminate, artificial surfaces, corian, kerrock, montelli, beds, nightstand, chest of drawers, chest of drawers, mattresses, bOSCH, aEG, franke,
    19. "Mazbebriņš", SIA

      "Mazroni", Rojas n., LV-3264


      Furniture manufacturing, wood, non-standard wood doors, furniture , cabinets, tables, benches, carriages, restoration, furniture design, furniture manufacturers, handmade upon order, from solid wood, veneer products, precious wood natural furniture , wood, flinstone-style furniture , trophy pads, horn boards.
    20. "7 Ozoli Furniture", SIA


      Dalbe, Lakstigalu 1, Cenu p., Ozolnieku n., LV-3018


      Furniture, manufacture