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    1. "Baltic Abrasives", Ltd., Sandpaper base

      K.Ulmana gatve 2, Riga, LV-1004


      .. discs, sandpaper delivery to carpentries, sandpaper supply for woodworking plants, sandpaper delivery, furniture manufacturing workshops, sandpaper delivery furniture , for manufacturing, grinding blades, grinding brushes, turned parts grinding, profile grinding wheels, grinding pneumatic cylinder, sanding belts, sandpaper
    2. "MGS Factory", Ltd.

      "Mikeli", Rumbas p., Kuldigas n., LV-3301


      .. . We work according to your or our drawings. We accept orders. Milling, CNC. Scooter, scooter DIP DAP, scooter with imprint, scooter motorbike, scooter green spring, scooter yellow spring, scooter pink bears, scooter green bears, seat scooter, shoulder strap scooter, doll house DIP DAP, doll house with attic, doll house with a balcony,
    3. "Arik", SIA

      Viskalu 78b, Jelgava, LV-3008


      Sawn timber, timber, tubs, baths, barrel-type baths, garden furniture , greenhouses, mobile houses, children playgrounds, sand-boxes, children houses, garages, household building, pools, information boards, gazebos, table sets, benches, benches, swings, polypropylene, lining, terrace board, log building wagon board, toilets, wells,
    4. "Teknos", Ltd., Representative office in Latvia

      Ieriku 5b, Riga, LV-1084

      +371 67806430

      Industrial paints Colours varnishes building chemistry trade Paints varnishes construction chemistry production Woodworking colors Metalworking colors Industrial paints, woodworking colors, woodworking paint for interior work, paint for furniture , woodworking paint for exterior work, metalworking paint, powder paints,
    5. "Legno LL", SIA, krasas, lakas

      Duntes 11, Riga, LV-1013

      +371 67339091

      MILESI paints and varnishes. BORMA WACHS wood finishing materials for furniture restoration. OVERMAT wax oils. SIMALFA adhesives for upholstered furniture , mattresses and seats manufacture. FOLLMANN adhesives. Varnishes, .. wood finishing materials. Materials for gilding and furniture restoration. PVA adhesives, adhesives for
    6. "", Ltd., Online shop

      Ganibu dambis 21k, Riga, LV-1005


      .. furniture , metal doors, internet shop, roof covering, tiles, pavement, construction materials, fences, screws, plumbing, construction shops, prices of building materials, veneer, construction shop, timber, flooring surfaces, online shop, aluminium stairs, concrete, online stores in Latvia, laminate price, celtniecības bloki cenas,
    7. "SLM Solutions", Ltd., sound - lighting salon

      Blaumana 38/40, Riga, LV-1011

      +371 67376718

      .. Light, LED, diodes, decorative lighting, illumination, lightning equipment, outdoor spotlights, design, fittings, furniture , light stripes, fountain lamps, bulbs, garlands, modules, figure panels, professional neon constructions, construction, aluminium rails, track advertising, street, built-in, ceiling, wall, wall niche,
    8. "Latfintex", Ltd.

      Krustpils 12, Riga, LV-1073

      +371 26705994

      Sayerlack paints Jotun paints FINTEX paints Anti-corrosion products Industrial paints Colour wholesale NOR – MAALI Norwegian paint, FINTEX Finnish paints, anti-corrosion treatment, anti-corrosion treatment for furniture , furniture , for bathroom furniture , coatings, tools for closing armature, primers, primers, epoxy,
    9. "KRINNER Latvija", Without concrete foundation screw piles

      Valdlauci, Izstazu 11, Kekavas p., Kekavas n., LV-1076

      +371 20390825

      .. Screw pile installation, screwdrivers, screw pile foundations for mounting, installation foundation solution, solutions, advertising for panels and posters foundation for timber structures, foundations for roads, foundations for traffic, foundations for flag stems, foundations for masts, foundations for advertising panels,
    10. "", online shop

      Matisa 8, Riga, LV-1001


      Children goods Children goods sale Children goods sale , children goods wholesale, children's cots, children clothes, newborn clothes, goods for children, carts, children's mattresses, baby manege, children furniture , travel beds, bed linen, baby prams, summer strollers, sports prams, toys, diapers, baby swings, dolls, backpacks,
    11. "Preces darbam", Ltd.

      Edoles 5, Riga, LV-1055


      Household goods trade Household goods trade Household goods trade Cast iron products Furnace equipment Fireplace accessories Online shops, e-commerce, household goods trade, construction materials, industrial goods trade, sale of construction materials, household items, goods for household, household items online, internet shop,

      Perkone, "Perkones Zvejnieki", Nicas p., Nicas n., LV-3473

      +371 29775824

      .. furniture , In Latvia manufactured furniture , wooden stairs, wooden stairs, design products, doors, timber, furniture design, sale of timber materials, wooden doors, outside doors, exterior doors, interior doors, custom-production of furniture , furniture production according to sketches, table ordering according to individual
    13. "Latvia Timber International Ltd.", firm

      Meza 2, Limbazi, Limbazu n., LV-4001


      Terrace boards Boards Timber Sawn timber Woodworking Sale of timber materials Timber. Spruce, pine, larch timber, boards for construction. Wooden.. sawn timber C16/C18/C24. Finishing materials. High-pressure impregnated wood, painted materials – colourwood, terrace, terraces, birch furniture components, raised and glued
    14. "Elitera", Ltd., Trade house

      Saules 70, Daugavpils, LV-5401


      Bed linen and accessories Textile trade Manufacturing of textiles Embroidery Bed linen and accessories Wholesale of textiles Fabric and curtain trade Fabrics Fabric trade Furniture fabrics Fabrics, cloth store, fabric shops, fabrics in Riga, curtain salon , interior fabrics, curtains, curtains, curtain fabric, curtain sewing,
    15. "EK Wood", Ltd.

      Lapu 10, Jelgava, LV-3001


      Finishing boards Terrace boards Toilets Finishing boards, terrace boards, interior and exterior decoration, scandinavian type, block house, construction, building construction, bath-house boards, boards for gazebos, gazebos, garden products, furniture , sawn timber, dried boards, sorted boards, planed boards, certified
    16. "", beds and mattresses

      Maskavas 180, Riga, LV-1019


      .. furniture , mattress with springs, spring mattress, spring mattress, mattresses on legs, top mattresses, upholstered furniture online, beds online, mattresses online, mattress topper, children mattress, manufacturing of mattresses, mattresses prices, beds with mattress, orthopedic mattress, mattress ordering, mattress
    17. "LatAcrylam", Ltd.

      Ramulu 21-6, Riga, LV-1005

      +371 28239315

      Finishing materials for designers Table surfaces, artificial stone surfaces, work surface in kitchen, for kitchen, artificial stone, artificial stone processing, artificial stone sale , wholesale, materials for surface manufacturing, artificial stone furniture , decorative finishing materials, artificial stone different type
    18. "Lintera Riga", Ltd.

      Ganibu dambis 29a, Riga, LV-1005


      .. . Benz. Machine tools with computer control (CNC) and special computer control solutions for working with timber, plastics, non-ferrous and ferrous metals for various industries: modeling, advertising technologies, furniture manufacturing, jewelery manufacturing, dentistry, material cutting. Manufacturing.. . Quality control
    19. "Pilsakmens", Ltd.

      Zemenu 10, Salaspils, Salaspils n., LV-2169


      Stone processing Stone surfaces Marble Stone processing, marble, stone floors, stone facades, stone plinth, stone stairs, stone stairs, granite, stone kitchen surfaces, stone polishing, stone grinding, stone processing, stone floors, stone floor mosaic, stone installation, stone stairs, stone steps, stone stairs, facades, stairs,
    20. "SCO Centrs", Ltd. Construction company in Vidzeme

      Murmuizas 14, Valmiera, LV-4201


      .. goods, garden equipment and inventory, seeds, animal food. For garden: Garden equipment, gardening tools, chain saws, lawn mowers, fences, fences, pavement, garden lamps, indoor plants, flowers and plants, soil, fertilizers, peat, flower pots, boxes, watering systems, lawns, flower seeds and bulbs, garden fireplaces, garden furniture .
    Relevant companies from Kaliningrad
    1. КИВ, магазин мебели

      236005, Калининград, Камская ул., 2Б

    2. КЛАСИМО, сеть мебельных салонов

      236023, Калининград, Советский проспект, 159, ТЦ "Гранд", эт. 2

    3. КЛАСИМО, сеть мебельных салонов

      236001, Калининград, Московский проспект, 255, ТЦ "Гиант", эт. 1