• 217 companies
    1. "Wurth", Ltd.


      Ganibu dambis 17a, Riga, LV-1045


      .. tools , pneumatic tools , grinders, drilling machines, grinder accessories, drill accessories, compressors, equipment for pneumatic systems, power tools , accumulator tools , accumulator screwdrivers, perforators, angle polishing machines, hot-air fans, construction chemicals, household chemicals, disinfectants, chemicals for
    2. "HARDEX Baltic", Ltd.


      Klijanu 2d-200, Riga, LV-1013


      Hardy tools Grone tools Decoration tools Painting tools Tools Construction and repair works Instrument and tool trade Tools Electric tools Brushes, brush set, roll, handle, painting tools , tools , for wallpaper gluing, tools for tiling, tools for bricklaying, cover films, protective films, adhesive
    3. "Bora NC", SIA, Celtniecibas tehnikas, instrumentu noma, tirdznieciba


      Brivibas gatve 193a (by VEF bridge), Riga, LV-1039

      +371 29222273

      Construction machinery rental Tool rental Construction machinery Construction tool rental Instrument and tool trade Construction instrument repair Tool repair Construction machinery and equipment rental Construction machinery and equipment trade service Construction machinery, construction tools , electric tools , sale of
    4. "Rasi", Ltd., Professional tool shop


      Ganibu dambis 21b, Riga, LV-1005


      .. tools , Pneumatic screwdrivers, Riveting machines, Hydraulic jacks, Stands, Diagnostic equipment, Painting tools , Welding equipment, Welding machines, MMA, MIG/MAG, TIG, PLASMA, Air compressor service and connection, Pneumatic air line installation, Consultations, Pneumatic tool repair, Repair of welding equipment, Service,
    5. "Bizea Latvia", Ltd.


      Pinki, "Priedes 1", Babites p., Babites n., LV-2107

      +371 29240001

      Nails Pneumatic tools Nails for pneumatic nailer Pneumatic nailers Instrument and tool trade, tools wholesale. Bizea, Bizon, BEA, Rapid, Alfamacchine, Fiac, Rapid-clip. Pneumatic systems, nails, staples, pins, stifts, thermal glues, hot-setting glue, compressors, air ducts, trade of tools , nailers
    6. "Dikolat", Ltd.


      Austuves 1b, Riga, LV-1063

      +371 29699169

      Compressors Compressor repair Air compressors Screw compressors Industrial equipment automation Reciprocating compressor, portable compressors, portable compressors, spiral compressors, turbo compressors, rotary compressors, oil-free compressors, oil-free compressor, electric compressors, compressor rent, compressor
    7. "Riga Tools", Ltd., Tyrolit Latvia


      Vestienas 6, Riga, LV-1035


      .. tools , sandpaper sheets, mechanical polishing, polishing sandpaper, grinding wide belts, fibro discs, fibro discs, leaf discs, lamella discs, delivery for carpentry, woodworking, metalworking, factories, turned parts grinding, grinding blades, brushes, profile grinding wheels, pneumatic cylinder, upon individual order, felt,
    8. "RIGAS BUVSERVISS", Ltd., Building material internet shop


      Berzaunes 12, Riga, LV-1039


      Construction materials Construction materials Sale of construction materials Wholesale of construction materials Metal articles Plumbing Roof coatings Gates fences Doors windows online store, e-Commerce Construction material store Building material internet shop construction materials online store Finishing materials
    9. "MedNet.lv", medical products, medical equipment online shop


      Ilukstes 45, Riga, LV-1073

      +371 67147467

      Medical supplies Medical equipment Medical equipment tools supplies and accessories Online shops Sheet, sheet, disposable, children's bed sheet, moisture absorbing sheet, hand cream, moisturizing hand cream, wet wipes, hygienic napkins, Hemo care, hemocare, screening, hidden blood admixture in faeces, guayacan tests, streptococcus
    10. "Krasu forums", Ltd.


      Darzciema 60-321. kab., Riga, LV-1073


      Car paints Car-paints Industrial paints Car chemicals car paints Dupont Car repair maintenance Car chemicals Car service equipment Car chemicals, car paints, car cosmetics, car service equipment, metalworking tools , painting chambers, car polishing supplies, polishing of automobiles, painting materials, Dupont car paints, DuPont
    11. "Merrem Industriplasts", Ltd. Plastic and rubber materials, parts shop - warehouse


      Patversmes 21, Riga, LV-1005

      +371 29453983

      Plastic materials Plastic rubber Rubber materials Plastic products Rubber products Plastic parts manufacturing Rubber component production Industrial plastic Technical plastic Rubber seals manufacturing Rubber seals Plastic materials, Plastic, Rubber materials, Rubber. Plastic products, Rubber products, Industrial
    12. "Elektrika", Ltd.


      Jurkalnes 15/25, Riga, LV-1046


      Electric materials, electric goods, wholesale electric materials, electrica. Lighting, interior and exterior lighting fixtures, bulbs, lamps, lighting fixtures, lighting poles, foundations. Cables, wires, cable nozzles, installation, wiring, installation pipes, cable tracks, cable ladders and trays, cable fastenings, industrial
    13. BUVSHOP.LV Building materials shop - warehouse, "Baltic Trade Group"


      Mazjumpravas 51 (Iebrauksana no Maskavas ielas 444e), Riga, LV-1063

      +371 22048822

      .. sale of timber materials, terrace boards, pine, floor boards from larch, floor boards, APDARES DĒĻI VAGONKA, fir, wooden beams, building boards, boards for construction, roof coatings, bitumen shingles, corrugated sheets ETERNIT, profiled surface, metal tiles, ruberoid, asphalt paper, ONDULINE sheets, roof drains, roof drainage
    14. "SEVES", diamond drilling workshop


      Saulkrastu 2, Riga, LV-1026


      .. drilling with diamond saws. Diamond drilling. Drilling. Sawing in reinforced concrete, concrete, brick. Sale of diamond tools . Diamond discs, diamond drills. Diamond drill recovery, restoration. Sale of abrasive discs. Diamond holes. Hole drilling for communications, boring in brick, drilling in concrete, concrete drilling, concrete
    15. "Instrumentu Servisa Centrs", Ltd.


      Pilsonu 1 k.3, Riga, LV-1002


      Tool rental Power tool repair Tools Instrument and tool trade Power tool repair, power tool service, trade of electric tools , pneumatic tool repair, pneumatic tools service, sale of pneumatic tools , compressor repair, compressor sale , compressor service, Makita service, Makita trade, Makita shop, Makita repair, Makita spare parts, Bosch
    16. "Frizieru Serviss", shop


      ieeja no Dzirnavu ielas 102


      .. Hairdressing equipment, manicure salon instruments and equipment. Japanese instruments . Manicure supplies, nail polishes, gels, gel, artificial nails, nail files, nail files, gel processing tools , manicure lamps, portable UV lamps, soaking baths. Dummies, thermal gloves, caps for perms, sponges, diffusers, hairdryer holder, perm
    17. "SPARKS A", Ltd.


      Krustpils iela 17, Riga, LV-1035

      +371 26476146

      Metalworking equipment Lathes Drilled machines Metalworking equipment and tools Woodworking equipment and tools Metalworking equipment, woodworking equipment, machines, lathes for metal, lathes for wood, milling machines, drilling machines, bandsaw, miter saws, CNC machines, CNC lathes, CNC Milling Machines, compressors,
    18. "healthstore.lv", Online shop


      Geraniju 3 (in Bullu base area, Bulllu 70c), Riga, LV-1067

      +371 26177135

      .. , Repose, Riester, Rossmax, Sanaset, SECA, Seni, Soehnle, Soho, medical equipment, medical tools , medical supplies, massagers, glucose meters, scales, thermometers, pedometers, toothbrushes, oral hygiene, glucometers, crutches, ear plugs, head hygiene, body hygiene, dryers, shavers, men shavers, lady shavers, neck supports, foot
    19. "Alas Kuul AS", branch in Latvia


      Katlakalna 11c, Riga, LV-1073

      +371 67139253

      .. and conveyor chains, conveyor. .. Bearings, for bearings, SKF, body, bearing maintenance tools , for tools , v-belts, v-belts, timing belts, timing belts, GATES, Good Year, chains, for chains, conveyor belts, tapes WIPPERMANN, REXNORD, FB KETJU, LAPUA CHAINS, For electric motors, electric motor, CEG, reducers, reducers, variator,
    20. "B & B TOOLS LATVIA", Ltd., shop


      Piedrujas 7, Riga, LV-1073


      Tools Instruments and machine tools trade Screws fasteners Work clothes Car chemicals Tools , machines, machine for metalworking, (guillotine, roll, saw, band saw), for woodworking, car repair, instrument sale , for service, construction, (welding, soldering, joinery, plumbing, heat engineering, car mechanics, painting, sawing,
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