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    1. "Avotinas un Cupika juridiskais birojs", Ltd.


      Brivibas 22-2.st., Ogre, Ogres n., LV-5001


      .. , agreement for divorce preparation, agreement for divorce preparation in Ogre, insolvency consultations, insolvency advice Ogre, insolvency advice in Ogre, problems with leasing , apartment purchase, buying an apartment in Ogre, house sale, house sale in Ogre, property division, divorce division of property, access rights
    2. "Vidzemes salons", Ltd., Computer repair, cartridge refill in Cēsis


      Piebalgas 1-1, Cesis, Cesu n., LV-4101


      .. cartridges in Cēsis. Ink cassette refilling in Cēsis. Office equipment in Cēsis. Office equipment sale in Cēsis. Office equipment trade in Cēsis. Office equipment repair in Cēsis. Office equipment service in Cēsis. Office equipment service in Cēsis. Office equipment leasing in Cēsis. Office equipment rental in Cēsis. Office equipment
    3. "Vidzemes logi", Ltd., Riga's office


      K.Barona 130 (entrance from Darzauglu street), Riga, LV-1012


      .. , Strenči, Valka, Valga and vicinity. Windows, Doors, PVC windows, Plastic windows. Doors windows, plastic windows, double-glazed windows, window production, sale of windows, window installation. Windowsills. Window assembly. Double glazed windows. Leasing .
    4. "Mriepas", Ltd., Car service station - tyre sale, service in Riga


      Maskavas 434 (Kengarags, blakus "K-Rauta", Latvija), Riga, LV-1063

      +371 27200200

      .. r16, used car discs, used wheels r15, wheel discs, bike tires, bicycle repair, wheel geometry adjustment, wheel geometry, car wheel bolts, wheel bolts, leasing , leasing services, items can be purchased on lease, goods leasing , contract signing on the spot, car rental exchange car, car trade, new tyres, new wheels, car rental.
    5. "CoinFide", Ltd.


      Ligatnes 4-8, Riga, LV-1014


      Card acceptance on the Internet Financial activity Payment cards acceptance on the Internet, conversion, electronic payments, payments online, bank cards, bank links, Baltic State banking links, e-wallet, e-wallets, leasing options.
    6. "VitaLombards.lv", pawnshop in the center of Riga


      A.Caka 52, Riga, LV-1011

      +371 25773321

      Pawnshop Pawnshops Pawnshops pawning Pawnshop, pawnshops, pawnshops pawning. "Lombardi ieķīlāšana", pawnshops pawning, pawnshop, "lombardi-ieķīlāšana", pawn shops-pledging, pawning, pawnshops, pawnshop, pawnshop in Tukums, pawnshop in Talsi, pawnshop in Ogre, pawnshop in Jelgava, pawnshop in Riga, Pawnshop in center,
    7. "AV Tehserviss", Ltd.


      Rinka 59, Ventspils, LV-3601


      .. excavator, excavator, car tow-truck, tow truck, mini loader, frontal loader, mini tractor with a brush, transport, truck, excavator in Ventspils, Kurzeme, tow truck in Ventspils. Tractor, tractors, frontal loader, lift-trucks. Cooperation with Lateko leasing .
    8. "Ripota", Ltd.


      Ciemupe, Daugavpils 3, Ogresgala p., Ogres n., LV-5041


      .. Car purchase Purchase of used cars Car buying. Sells cars, motor vehicle, car. Car, motor vehicle, cars, car buying, purchase, buying. Auto, car buying for sale. Used car, motor vehicle buying, purchase. Buys used cars. Car leasing , exchange. Car change.
    9. "Linas gramatvediba", SIA, pilna gramatvedibas apkalposana Riga, Cesis, Sigulda, Limbazos


      Pabazi, "Ezerini" (Rigas rajons, Cesis, Sigulda, Limbazi), Sejas n., LV-2162

      +371 28307102

      Business, development of business accounting policy, examination of original documents, document keeping, document entry in the accounts, natural resource tax reports, tax report filing to SRS, operational financial report preparation for leasing , operational financial report preparation for banks, operational financial report
    10. "Eksperts", Ltd., movable property appraisers


      Blaumana 29-1, Riga, LV-1011


      .. evaluation. Car valuation, truck evaluation, tractor machinery and other agricultural equipment evaluation, motor vehicle. Car expert. Evaluation for heritage, heritage matter resolving. Evaluation for bailiffs, insolvency administrators, valuation for accounting for balance sheet correcting, evaluation for leasing .
    11. "Eldor", Ltd., Car trailer rental in Valmiera

      Rigas 66, Valmiera, LV-4201


      .. Trailer rental in Valmiera. Trailers in Valmiera. Car trailer rent in Valmiera. Trailer trade in Valmiera. Trailers in Valmiera. Cars for sale in Valmiera. Used cars for sale in Valmiera. Cars from Germany in Valmiera. Car upon order in Valmiera. Leasing in Valmiera.
    12. Car evaluation, in Riga, Vidzeme, Eksperts A, Ltd.

      Irbenes 14, Riga, LV-1058


      .. evaluation. Motor vehicle evaluation. Car evaluation. Car appraisal. Car evaluation. Truck evaluation. Transport, automobile leasing evaluation. Car assessment. Agricultural machinery evaluation. Road construction equipment evaluation. Special transport.. evaluation. Evaluation for notaries. Notaries. Assessment for notaries.
    13. "Vinnijs 3", Ltd, Shop - bicycle, motorcycle service


      Saldus n., Saldus, Kalpaka laukums 1, LV 3801

      +371 29228666

      .. tent, rain protective clothing, rain coats. Skin, textile clothing, equipment for moto riders, moto equipment, tourism equipment, cups, medals for competitions, for sports games. Fishing advice. Fishing rod assembly for different types of fishing. Possible leasing . Goods for lease. Deferred payment. Are organized bike rides, cycle
    14. "Juridiskais birojs Inlat Plus", Ltd.


      Brivibas 40-15, 3.st. (office), Riga, LV-1050


      .. Company register, Commercial register, Commercial law, equity capital, amendments, statutes, dividends, interest, enlargement, reduction, protocol, shareholders meeting, member of the board, board, signatory powers, decision, public procurement, association, civil law, civil procedure, court, protection, claim application,
    15. "Liepajas Autoeksperts", Ltd.

      Liepaja, LV-3416


      Car appraisal Car appraisal Car appraisal, road transport assessment, car appraisal, vehicle evaluation, road transport assessment in Liepaja, car, car assessment in Kurzeme, Kurzeme, Liepaja, Automobile appraisal certified technical expert services, light, commercial vehicle, special, road construction, agricultural machinery
    16. "Ūdens sporta preces" Ltd, Boat center


      Krasta 5, Riga, LV-1050

      +371 67705199

      Boats Official company SEALINE, PRINCESS, PERSHING, MASTERCRAFT representative in Latvia. FINVAL. Sport boats. Motor yacht, boat, motorboat trade. Boats, Cutter, cutters, motor yacht, motor yachts. Boat rental, leasing . Boat and motor boat rental, leasing . Cutter service: Mercury, Cummins, MOTORGUIDE - Etiolate. MerCruiser Authorized
    17. "svieta.lv", Advertisement portal on the Internet

      .. Leasing , Car appraisal, Billing and accounting systems, cash registers Social security, Banking devices and equipment, Securities, Food and catering, Cafes, bars, restaurants, Food sale, Catering enterprises, Animal food, Confectionery, sweets production, Food wholesale, Canteens, pizzerias, bistro, Alcoholic beverages: trade,
    18. "Dzieti", Ltd.


      Zemnieku 5, Rezekne, LV-4601


      .. evaluation. Movable property assessment, movable property valuation, movable belonging- office equipment, property valuation, technological equipment, motor vehicle, car valuation, car valuation market value determination, for credit and leasing guarantees, for financial accounting purposes, for purchase/sale operations, for
    19. "Dagne", JSC, Branch "Agenskalns-Maxima"

      Maza Nometnu 29, Riga, LV-1002

      +371 27081499

      Pawnshops, Loan without collateral, Purchase of gold. Pawnshop, pawning, granting of loans against collateral, credit, credits, loan, loans, car leasing , carleasing, jewelry trade. Purchase of gold, precious metals, precious metal purchase, credit in Riga, credits, loan in Riga, credit without collateral, pawnshop in Riga, loan without
    20. "Dagne", JSC, Branch "Ahats"

      Raipoles 11a, Daugavpils, LV-5422

      +371 65450150

      Pawnshops, Loan without collateral, Purchase of gold. Pawnshop, pawning, granting of loans against collateral, credit, credits, loan, loans, car leasing , carleasing, jewelry trade. Purchase of gold, precious metals, precious metal purchase, credit in Daugavpils, credits, loan in Daugavpils, credit without collateral, pawnshop in
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