• 350 companies
    1. "Rehabilitacijas centrs Tervete", Ltd.


      Tervete, Tervetes p., Tervetes n., LV-3730


      Rehabilitation Medical aid rehabilitation Rehabilitation center, water procedures, massages, therapeutic exercises, hydrotherapy, physical therapy, salt chamber, room, sludge, paraffin ozokerite application, TERENKŪRS, respiratory organ diseases, bronchial asthma
    2. "Vita Grata", Ltd., Narcological Doctorate


      P.Lejina 20-37, Riga, LV-1029


      Narcologist Narcological aid Alcoholism treatment Medical aid : out patient Medical aid rehabilitation Narcology Medical Center, addiction center, medical aid , medical center, 24-hour narcotic addiction hospital, addiction clinic, addiction Hospital, addiction Department, help after drinking, addiction specialist services,
    3. "Sanare- KRC Jaunķemeri", Ltd., Rehabilitation center in Jurmala


      Kolkas 20, Jurmala, LV-2012


      Rehabilitation center Rehabilitation Sanatoriums Medical aid rehabilitation Rehabilitation centre „Jaunķemeri” is a multi-profile rehabilitation center, that in its daily practice combines modern rehabilitation technologies with historic resort treatment traditions - mud and mineral water procedures. Rehabilitation services
    4. State Ltd. "Rīgas psihiatrijas un narkoloģijas centrs", Ambulatory care center "Veldre", with day hospital and hospital


      Veldres 1a (Entrance in courtyard from Skrudalienas street), Riga, LV-1064


      Medical aid rehabilitation Outpatient. Psychiatrist. Services of psychiatrist, consultations. Psychologist. Psychologist services. Physiotherapist services. Day hospital. Group lessons. Psychiatric rehabilitation . Occupational therapy. Psychiatric help. Art and music therapy
    5. Ltd., Riga 2nd Hospital, 24-hour casualty ward


      Gimnastikas 1, Riga, LV-1004


      Day and night trauma point Rehabilitation Hospital Hospitals Orthopedics Traumatologist Orthopedist Highly qualified doctor consultations. Endoprosthetics, arthroscopy. Traumatologists-orthopedists consultations and services. Joint disease diagnostics. Joint and bone fracture treatment. Arthroscopy. Knee and
    6. "MedNet.lv", medical products, medical equipment online shop


      Ilukstes 45, Riga, LV-1073

      +371 67147467

      Medical supplies Medical equipment Medical equipment tools supplies and accessories Online shops Sheet, sheet, disposable, children's bed sheet, moisture absorbing sheet, hand cream, moisturizing hand cream, wet wipes, hygienic napkins, Hemo care, hemocare, screening, hidden blood admixture in faeces, guayacan tests, streptococcus
    7. "Consilium Medicum", Ltd.


      Rupniecibas 7-1, Riga, LV-1010


      Health centers Medical center Tests, doagnostika, medical consultations, specialist consultations, proctology, proctologist, proctologists, proctologist advice, urology, urologist, urologists, urologist, surgery, dermatology, dermatologist, dermatologist, dermatologists, gynaecology, gynaecologist, gynaecologists,
    8. "Vidzemes vēnu centrs", Ltd, Vein diagnostics, treatment in Riga


      Brivibas 68, Riga, LV-1011


      .. . Medical equipment tools supplies and accessories, Leg vein advisory centre, veins, phlebologist, vein treatment, doctor, doctor - phlebologist advice and duplex sonoscopy. Experienced doctors - phlebologists will provide a detailed explanation of your vein condition. Foam sclerotherapy.. . Socks for diabetics with silver threads,
    9. "Lasa Med", Ltd., Narcological clinic, Aleksandrs Jekimovs


      Maskavas 58, Riga, LV-1003

      +371 29586640

      .. Narcology Medical Center, medical aid , medicine, 24-hour narcotic addiction hospital, clinic, hospital, department, help after drinking, stationary, psychiatrist, psychiatry, addiction specialist services, coding, removal, consultations, drug and alcohol abuse, dependence on drugs, narcological aid , antialcoholic treatment,
    10. "Detox", Medical center


      Maskavas 40-5.st., Riga, LV-1050


      Addiction Drug addiction Narcologist Narcological help Alcohol addiction Alcohol addiction Narcologist, addiction specialist advice, addiction specialist consultations, detoxification, 24-hour addiction help, 24-hour hospital, help for people with addiction, palīdzība atkarīgajiem, drug addiction, drug addiction, drug
    11. Medical goods shop "Pulsar-Riga", Ltd.


      Hipokrata 2d-211, 2.st., Riga, LV-1079


      Medical supplies Medical goods trade Medical equipment tools supplies and accessories Blood pressure measuring machines Medical supplies, goods for disabled persons, aids for the disabled, medical items for the disabled, medical supplies for people with disabilities, disabled people wheelchairs, sitting pram, wheelchairs, sticks,
    12. "Zemgales veselibas centrs", Ltd.


      Zemgales prospekts 15, Jelgava, LV-3001


      Health care Health center Dentistry Medical committee Rehabilitation Medical aid : out-patient, medical aid : inpatient, health center, health centers, medicine, health, outpatient medical aid , day hospital, operations, Jelgava district hospital. Ambulatory services: allergologist, allergologist, occupational health and
    13. Andra Zemīša osteopath practice


      A.Caka 103, Riga, LV-1011

      +371 29266066

      Osteopath Osteopathy Backache Manual medicine Treatment without medications Medical aid : out patient Medical aid alternative medicine Andris Zemītis, osteopathy, manual medicine, backache, headaches, non medication treatment. Doctor osteopath. Non- medical treatment, backache, headaches, internal organ system, (systems)
    14. Upesleju boarding school - rehabilitation centre


      Upeslejas, "Internatpamatskola", Stopinu n., LV-2118


      Boarding-school Boarding school Rehabilitation Special basic education program for educated with somatic diseases. Special basic education program with learning process acquiring difficulties. Rehabilitation in after tuberculosis period and in case of lung disease. Special basic education program for students with physical
    15. "Latvijas Juras medicinas centrs"


      Patversmes 23, Riga, LV-1005

      +371 67889000

      Medical aid : out patient Medical aid in patient Hospitals Health center Lymphatic drainage Hospital Outpatient care, day hospital, hospital, diagnostics, traumatologist, traumatology, rehabilitation , urology, gynaecology, surgery, surgeon, multiple sclerosis, ultrasonography, USG, colonoscopy, magnetic resonance, computer
    16. "Tehnovers", Ltd.


      Strazdumuizas 80, Riga, LV-1024

      +371 67532509

      Lifts Disabled people elevators Lifts for disabled persons Disabled person auxiliary devices Elevator construction and maintenance Disabled electric scooter Disabled people wheelchairs Disabled person beds Photometry Medical equipment tools supplies and accessories Disabled person lift, (lift, lifts) all types of lifts, (lift,
    17. State Ltd. "Rīgas psihiatrijas un narkoloģijas centrs", Psychiatric Assistance Service


      Tvaika 2, Riga, LV-1005


      Psychiatrist Medical aid : out patient Medical aid in patient Psychiatric help, services of psychiatrist, addiction specialist services, psychologist services, psychiatrist consultations, addiction specialist consultations, psychologist consultations, psycho-neurological hospital, psychiatric hospital, inpatient medical aid
    18. "Medhouse Baltic", Ltd.


      Skolas 38, Riga, LV-1010

      +371 67617576

      Tonometer Tensiometers Technical aid rental Orthoses Medical supplies The best blood pressure meters, electronic blood pressure measuring devices, mechanical blood pressure meters, wholesale, trade, trade, bandages for pregnant women, medical products online, tensiometer, pregnancy tests, condoms, online shops, on internet,
    19. "Tehniska Ortopedija", Ltd., Shop


      Tallinas 1, Riga, LV-1001


      Orthopedic products Podometrics Corsets Technical aids Technical aids, corset, corsets, medical , belt, belts, orthosis, orthoses, back, back, knee-joint, joints, ankle, hand, palms, foot, feet, cervical collar, cervical collar, crutches, sticks, orthopedic insole, shoe inserts, compression stockings, traumatologist -
    20. "Vasarinas SK", Individual merchant

      Leech therapy Hirudotherapy Lymphatic drainage Therapeutic massage
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