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    1. MAZDA car salon, service, "Inchcape Motors Latvia"

      Skanstes 4a, Riga, LV-1013


      .. maintenance , transportation of cars, car valuation, motor vehicle inspection, motor vehicle evaluation, car diagnostics, motor vehicle washing, hand work, vehicle repair, car tyre replacement, car interior cleaning, car technical maintenance , car transportation, car evaluation, car service station services, car service station,
    2. Ltd. "LT Automotive", Liqui Moly, Motor oils, Car cosmetics

      Bikernieku 121h, Riga, LV-1021

      +371 67248202

      .. Auto cosmetics, car cosmetics, auto maintenance products, car maintenance products, lubricants, pasta, anti-corrosion agents, winter products, Pro Line series for car service stations, hands and clothing care products. LIQUI MOLY official authorized distributor, dealer, representative in Latvia. LIQUI MOLY motor oils, LIQUI MOLY
    3. "VRV Motors", car service, VOLVO spare parts -service

      Tiraine, Vecozolu 101, Marupes n., LV-2167


      .. change car). VOLVO car sale. VOLVO running gear repair, VOLVO maintenance , VOLVO spare parts. Riga. Riga region, Jelgavas region. At service store you can buy original spare parts and equivalent quality spare parts, which are cheaper. Used car parts store offers spare parts from cars.. write-off. Car tow-truck. Car towing truck. Motor vehicle
    4. "Volvo Truck Latvia", Ltd

      Rumbula, Granita 28a, Stopinu n., LV-1057


      .. maintenance , Tachograph calibration, Trailer repair and technical maintenance , In traffic accident damaged vehicle repair, (including frame straightening) Vehicle preparation for technical inspection, Brake check on the brake tester, Air conditioner system check and fill up, wheel alignment, Original Volvo spare parts, Original
    5. "Smartech", Ltd., JCB tractor spare parts, service

      Maskavas 433, Riga, LV-1063

      +371 22352698

      .. AGRO machinery spare parts, construction equipment for sale, repair, maintenance , Riga, Riga region, Ogre, Aizkraukle, Jekabpils, Daugavpils, Ludza, Balvi, Preili, Kraslava, Madona, Gulbene, Aluksne, Valmiera, Valka, Limbazi, Cesis, Jelgava, Bauska, Dobele, Tukums, Talsi, Ventspils, Liepaja, Saldus, Kuldiga, JCB glass, JCB tractor

      Darzciema 64a, Riga, LV-1073


      .. . BMW Engine ( motor ) diagnostics and repair. Running.. . BMW specialized car service, diagnostics, repair, and , maintenance . Original.. . BMW running gear repair and wheel alignment. Diesel systems and engine repair. Oil change. Tyre mounting, balancing. Conditioner maintenance . BMW service.. . MINI souvenirs and accessories. MINI.. .
    7. "LT Automotive", Ltd., the official "LIQUI MOLY" representative in Latvia, motor oil, lubricants, car cosmetics

      Bikernieku 121h, Riga, LV-1021

      +371 67248202

      .. Production oil, additives for bicycles, gasoline and diesel engines, purification equipment, DPF filter professional cleaning equipment, professional equipment for car glass repair, oils for boats, oil karts, MOTO gamma oils, oil additives, motorcycle oils, for snowmobiles, snow-cleaning machines, oils oils for tractors, oils for
    8. "Auto Cardan", Ltd, Cardan manufacturer

      "Auto Kardans", Aizkraukles p., Aizkraukles n., LV-5101


      Cardan repair Cardan Cardans Manufacturing of car spare parts Car spare part trade Qualitative cardans. Various cardan production. Cardan removal, -imposition. Cardan adjustment, cardan repair, Cardan repair, cardan, balancing, non-standard cardans, cardan extension, cardan shortening. Cardans for various equipment, cardans for
    9. Cars from European auctions,

      Maskavas 328, Riga, LV-1063

      +371 24441111

      .. Car auction, Car auctions, Motor vehicle , Cars from Europe, Europe, In Europe, Germany, Germany, Germany, German, Dutch, Holland, In Holland, Dutch, Netherlands, Netherlands, In Netherlands, Dutch, Belgium, Belgium, Belgium, Belgian, French, France, France, In France, Italy, Italian, In Italy, Italian, Spain, In Spain, Spanish, Spain,
    10. "VTU Valmiera", Ltd., Bus rental in Valmiera

      Brandeli, "Brandeli", Kocenu p., Kocenu n., LV-4220


      .. bus repair, car washing, car electrician services. Diagnostics, – brake, wheel alignment, headlight inspection and regulation etc. technical maintenance and repair, – electrical equipment, fuel equipment, engine, aggregate and running gear repair. Car body and load-bearing structure repair, Body painting, car painting, Windshield,
    11. "Oppozit", Ltd., car radiator service center

      Maskavas 433b, Riga, LV-1063

      +371 26517338

      Car radiator repair Car radiators Auto radiator restoration Intercooler repair Car air-conditioner Conditioner refilling Car repair maintenance Conditioner refill Car conditioner repair Car polishing. NISSENS.. . Bus, truck radiators, trade, radiator repair, restoration and service, produces, purchase, renovation, change of
    12. "Autoincom", Ltd., Car service station

      Ludzas 89b, Riga, LV-1003


      IVECO repair Korean car repair Car repair maintenance Korean car repair, IVECO repair, car repair, tyres, tyre change, tyre assembly, balancing, exhaust-pipe repair, car service station, car alarm, alarm systems, car alarm installation, central locks, car body painting, body painting, body repair, repair of bodies, body repair works, car
    13. "Baltyre Latvia" Ltd. Tires - wheels - cameras / shop - warehouse - service

      Aviacijas 8, Jelgava, LV-3002


      .. for commercial vehicles , BOBCAT, bobcat tires, for towing cars, for semi-trailers, for trailer, for road construction equipment, for excavators, for frontal loaders, for graders, mobile cranes, for warehouse equipment, for grain harvesters, for presses, for cultivators, for lawn mowers, for plows, narrow discs, tyres for forwarders, for
    14. "Nippon Auto", Ltd., Salon

      Krasta 42, Riga, LV-1003

      +371 67113333

      Car trade car showrooms Honda car sales Honda car service Honda spare parts Honda industrial machinery Honda engines Honda's boat engines and boats Honda garden equipment New Honda car sales, Honda Cars, Honda CR-V, Honda Civic, Honda HR-V, Honda JAZZ, Honda Civic Tourer, Honda Leasing, Honda insurance, used Honda car sales, Honda service
    15. "Hidrotehnika", Ltd., Truck service

      Krustpils 87a, Riga, LV-1057

      +371 67114004

      .. sale Truck service Tractor equipment. Truck service and repair. Forest machinery spare parts, delivery. Hydraulic pumps, cylinders.. SUNFAB. Hydraulics, hydraulics, hydrocylinder. Hyva. Truck repair, trucks: maintenance and spare parts. Car electronics diagnostics. Forest equipment, concrete pump.. - BOSCHUNG. Construction
    16. "S.A.B.S. Oils" - oil store in Jelgava

      Dobeles soseja 4a, Jelgava, LV-3007


      Car oils in Jelgava Car oil change in Jelgava Oil shop REPSOL – oil for cars, agricultural machinery, forestry machinery. Industrial oils. Bulk oils. Oil filters. Car chemicals. Oil shop. Car service station supply with oils. Automotive mechanics working tools. Car spare parts upon order. Oils. Lubricants. Filters.
    17. "AUTOHOST.LV", Auto apkope un remonts

      Maskavas 322e, Riga, LV-1063

      +371 22033911

      .. furnaces, for floor, for wood floor, for laminate, for carpets, textile surfaces. LCK, CORALUX, KERALUX, car leather care salon, aniline and pigmented skin, cleaning products. Textile care products, (PURATEX). LCK professional skin care products for home, for apartment. Tuning.. . Holden - led lighting, G3 - Glasscoat- glass protective
    18. "Rezerve", Car center

      Edoles 54, Kuldiga, Kuldigas n., LV-3301


      .. Car repair, car service Kuldiga, car service, welding, toe-in, toe-in adjustment, wheel, disc repair, tyre assembly, assembly, balancing, tyre repair, change, headlight adjustment, motors, engine overhaul, oil change, car current maintenance , glass change, car glass, running gear repair, timing belt change, timing belts, car
    19. "Wodoo", Ltd., Auto repair shop

      Bauskas 149, Riga, LV-1004


      .. , AdBlue dismantling, AdBlue off, Off AdBlue Wodoo, digital cameras, analog cameras, tractor adblue, EURO 6 adblue, EURO 5 AdBlue, EURO 4 AdBlue, Adblue EURO 6. Bus, buses, car service station, car service equipment, Agricultural machinery and tractor equipment spare parts, fixing repair, cargoes, maintenance .
    20. "Rezeknes autobusu parks", JSC, Car service station

      Jupatovkas 5, Rezekne, LV-4601


      .. Car repair and maintenance . Light adjustment diagnostics, Car diagnostics Car evacuation, Tow truck, Premises for rent, parking lot, truck parking lot, guarded parking lot, bus parking, CAR SERVICE minibus and bus, commercial vehicle and truck, (heavy) car repair, service. .. Technical maintenance of cars. .. Car preparation for TI,
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