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    1. "", Online shop

      Melluzu 13-5, Riga, LV-1067


      Audio and video equipment and accessories sale Online shop Video equipment Cables Connectors Music , sound equipment trade, internet shop. Audio and video equipment accessories trade, speakers, sound , notifying, outdoor sounding, sounding, acoustic systems, events sound equipment, amplifiers, mixing consoles, microphones, radio
    2. "DECOlight", lighting salon

      Blaumana 38/40, Riga, LV-1011

      +371 67376717

      .. lighting for glass, various design items, accessories, light elements, LED modules, LED tapes, LED panels, LED diodes, LED accessories, LED fedding, LED CV, (the boards) 12/24V, LED CC, (lamps) 300-1400mA, LED accessories, LED control, Control panels, Controllers, Interfaces, Dimmers, RGB flash drive, W. Indoors - built-in lamps, indoor
    3. "RJK", Ltd.

      K.Ulmana gatve 2a, Riga, LV-1004


      Stage Light equipment Light design designing Event technical support Music sound and lighting equipments Mobile stage design rental (rent), trade, (mobile stage). Sounding, light equipment for concerts, exhibitions and events, (sports games, banquets, presentations, corporate VIP events). Producers, (event production,
    4. "SND", Ltd.

      Brivibas 75-180, Riga, LV-1001


      Stage equipment Wedding inventory Stage Rental Music sound and lighting equipments Decoration production, platforms, dance floor, structures, wedding inventory, stage scenery and fabrics, decorations and inventory, LED strings, rental, trade, stage equipment, stage equipment sale, stage equipment production, stage equipment
    5. "Euroshow Audio", Ltd.

      Darza 3, Riga, LV-1007


      Sound equipment rental Sound equipment Event technical support Music sound and lighting equipments Event sounding New PA system L’acoustics war sound . Sound equipment rental for events. Music . Sound amplifiers. Our event.. concert sounding. Live sound . Cables. Stands, microphones.. , processors, radio. Professional power amplifiers
    6. "SLM Solutions", Ltd., sound - lighting salon

      Blaumana 38/40, Riga, LV-1011

      +371 67376718

      Music sound and lighting equipments Decorative LED lighting . Light and sound equipment. Trade, rental, assembly, music sound and lighting equipments . Lighting equipment trade. Interior and architecture decorative lighting . Light, LED, diodes, decorative lighting , illumination, lightning equipment, outdoor spotlights, design
    7. "REVERIE Trading Group", Ltd.

      Lubanas 125a, Riga, LV-1021


      .. Conference and management systems: Conference and discussion, interpretations, (simultaneous translation) systems and voting controls, video conferences, video-conferencing equipment, multimedia control equipment; Interactive multimedia solutions: Interactive equipment for educational institutions, training centers -
    8. "Discomania", shop

      Daugavgrivas 68a, Riga, LV-1007


      Professional sound equipment Lighting equipment. Skaņas, skaņu iekārtas. Skaņas un gaismas iekārtu.. noformējums. Technical support. Event lighting . Sound . Acoustic systems. Sound rental. Gaismas iekārtu noma. Skaņu iekārtu noma. Spotlights. Lighting . LED, LED lighting . Special effects. Stage. Stages, platforms. Microphones. Audio
    9. "Full Stage", Ltd.

      Darza 3, Riga, LV-1007


      .. sound control, sounding system, event sounding, lamps, bulbs, consoles, DJ, lighting equipment for stage design, assembly, installation, concert technical support, illumination, sounding, LED lights, LED, professional lighting equipment, installations, aluminum structures, stage podiums, floors, dance floors, stage floors,
    10. Riga Style and Fashion Technique

      Udelu 22, Riga, LV-1064

      +371 67532721

      .. . Hairdressing school, seamstress, tailor's school. New professions: SPA specialist, manicure and pedicure specialist, photo design specialist, multimedia design specialist, clothing design, clothing modeling, clothing designing and clothing modeling, special drawing, costume history, clothing manufacturing technology in textile
    11. "Gaco", Ltd.

      Ventspils 50, Riga, LV-1002


      Stage Light Sound Rental Rental Video. Professional sound and light equipment, device (hardware) installation, rent, (rental) maintenance. Light equipment. Prefabricated (mobile) stage rental, (rental) installation. Sound , light, stage for concerts, for discos, for presentations, sports games, for corporate events, for banquets.
    12. "" Audio, music shop

      Stabu 45, Riga, LV-1011

      +371 67376718

      .. Sound . .. Music . Special effects. .. VIDEO and TV Projections, (Screens, Projectors, Mounts, Connection, Displays & TV, TV Screens, Professional, Touch sensitive, Decorative LEDs, Monitoring, Accessories) Large-screen, LED screens, Media server, Video processors, Controllers, Accessories. Electronics, (Mixing consoles,
    13. "DecorArt", Ltd.

      E.Tise 52, Liepaja, LV-3411


      Decorating event decoration Dances in dance events Musical activities in the event of music Decors, decor rental, renting in Liepaja, In Liepājas district, for weddings, for celebrations, chair covers, cover rental, tablecloth rent, tablecloth, table skirt, table skirts rental, chair ribbons, lighting rental, light for tables,
    14. "Kompānija NA", Ltd., STAGE & LIGHT

      Marupe, Lambertu 9, Marupes n., LV-2167


      .. . Concert, event lighting , sounding, organizing. Stage.. . Green background, green screen, TV and cinema light sale, rental and service. Ltd. "Company NA" offers full technical support for concerts, music and theater festivals, theater and opera performances, television shows and television games, song and dance festivals, filming,
    15. "Eiropas skaņa", Ltd., music and light equipment

      Kengaraga 6, Riga, LV-1063

      +371 29228663

      .. Event organizing attributes. Hardware, equipment rental, rent, installation, sound and light equipment, speakers, acoustic systems, small concert systems, large concert systems, sound , ( sound ) control board, consoles, digital multikors, lighting equipment, light control boards, control board, retail, (mobile stage). .. Sound and
    16. "MD", "Muzikālā dizaina grupa", Ltd., Music and lighting shop

      F.Sadovnikova 21-87, Riga, LV-1003


      Sound equipment Lights Stage equipment Music sound and lighting equipment Professional lighting and sound equipment: stage, acoustic finishing materials "ASONA", JOCAVI, VICOUSTIC. Trade, rental, installation.. , service. Lighting equipment trade, sounding, installation, designing. SHURE, MIPRO wireless.. structures. ALTO, KV-2,
    17. "TP Kastes", Ltd.

      "Vecdzeni", Salacgrivas p., Salacgrivas n., LV-4033


      Boxes Transport boxes Professional transport boxes (box). Sound and light equipment boxes. Musical instrument cases, multimedia equipment boxes, sports equipment boxes, medical instruments and equipment boxes. DJ consoles, mobile workstations and mobile stands, weapon cases. Portable bars, bar. Furniture, beds. Customized
    18. "Drukmeistars", Ltd.

      Brivibas 114-39, Riga, LV-1001


      Advertising souvenirs Promotional advertising Printing services Design, layout design, WEB development. Print, booklets, business cards, blanks, posters, calendars, folders, stickers, business gifts, planners, badges, diplomas, notebooks. Printing-house, card making. Advertisement, advertising souvenirs, large-scale
    19. "Diogens audio", Ltd.

      Partizanu 47, Balvi, Balvu n., LV-4501


      Music sound and light equipment Event sounding Event technical support Sound , light, stage equipment, removable stages sale, rent (lease) installation, repair, service. Stage structures and mechanics. Stage podiums.. , organizing. Sound equipment. Sound equipment. Sound equipment. Acoustic systems.. Teknik. Sound audio interfaces:
    20. "Aura Sound", Event sounding

      Dzelzavas 120g, Riga, LV-1021

      +371 29395163

      .. , press conferences, corporate event, a new store opening, outdoor event, karaoke. Exhibiting stand. Space sounding. Microphone hire, rent. Wireless microphones for seminars. Microphone. Sound rental. Sound technique, audio equipment rental. Sound companies. Technical support of seminars. Music equipment rental.
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