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    1. "AL Autonoma"

      passenger transportation

      Kurzemes 29, Tukums, Tukuma n., LV-3101


      Car rental Trailer rental Passenger transportation Car and trailer rental.
    2. "S.Motors", Ltd.

      passenger transportation

      Krasta 99, Riga, LV-1019


      About company: Ltd. "S.Motors" offers bus and minibus rental with a professional driver, passenger transportation in Riga, Latvia and the Baltic States. Advantages of the company: For customers, the company guarantees flexible prices, professional team and 100% order fulfillment. Company offers: For Ltd. "S.Motors" clients we offers to rent buses (with a driver) for: ✓ Transfers to / from airports, bus terminals, ports ✓ Trips around Latvia and abroad ✓ Excursions, competitions ✓ Events, birthday parties ✓ Stag and hen parties ✓ Taking home after celebration
    3. "AutoRentRiga", car rental in Riga, Jurmala, Airport

      Zolitudes 71b, Riga, LV-1029


      .. passenger transportation , moving of belongings, movement of belongings, moving, transportation , cargo transportation Latvia, cargo transportation Baltics, cargo transportation Europe, freight transport Lithuania, freight transport Estonia, loader services, loaders, office movement, cargo bus, van, convertibles, convertible
    4. "AL Taxi"

      Kurzemes 29, Tukums, Tukuma n., LV-3101


      Taxi Taxi in Tukums Taxi Taxi, taxi, passenger transportation , taxi services.
    5. "AB Aija", Individual merchant, Taxi services

      E.Veidenbauma 4-4, Tukums, Tukuma n., LV-3101


      Taxi services Taxi Taxi Taxi Tukums Taxi Tukums Taxi, taxi services, taxi, taxis, taxi, taxi in Tukums, Tukuma taxis, Tukuma taxis, taxi Tukums, taxi calls, taxi on call, call a taxi, call a taxi, taxi calling, cab calling, taxi calling, taxi number, cab number, taxi nr, taxi with another driver, taxi prices, taxi prices, taxi prices, the
    6. Car bathhouse, "Rmobil", Ltd, car wash

      Vilkajas 2a, Tukums, Tukuma n., LV-3104


      .. wash, car interior cleaning. Car's interior dry cleaning. Car washing station. Limousine cleaning, washing. Passenger car waxing. Car trailer rental, rent in Tukums, Tukuma district, one trailer rental, rent, lease, In Tukums, letting, trailers with tent, cargo transportation , interior cleaning, motor washing, tar, bitumen sludge
    7. "Autoamatnieks", Ltd., Driving school

      Pils 14, Tukums, Tukuma n., LV-3101


      .. exam, driver's school, for drivers, driver training, driver preparation, day, evening groups. Branches in Jūrmala, In Tukums, Bauska, In Auce, In Dobele, In Jelgava. Tractor training, tractor, combine, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H. Bus rental., passenger transportation .
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