• 340 companies
    1. "MD serviss", Ltd., Shop-car graveyard


      Indrani, "Indrani 11", Incukalna n., LV-2140


      .. car write off, crashed car purchase, crushed car purchase, car parts, body parts, running gear, motors, lights, wings, hood. Car tyres , new tyres , used tyres , winter tyres , summer tyres , tyre service, tyre assembly, balancing, car wheel trade, used wheels, car scrap yard, scrap yard, axle-shafts, motor hoods, glass, mirrors, pumps,
    2. "KS14", Ltd., YAMAHA motosalon


      Pildas 16b, Riga, LV-1035

      +371 67702913

      Motorcycles, mopeds, quads, trade, moto, protective helmets, motorcycle race, service, accessories, repair, technical maintenance , motorcycle tyres , chains, motorollers, glasses, tyres , exhaust pipes, bags, clothing, boots, gloves, steering wheel, windshields, shock absorbers, cogwheel, brake pads, accumulators, oils and
    3. "Anru motors", Ltd., car service and shop


      Dobeles soseja 31, Jelgava, LV-3007


      Service, diagnostics. Car diagnostics, car geometry adjustment, toe-in, toe-out, toe-in - toe-out, car electrician, running gear repair, car engine repair, brake equipment repair, tyre assembly, balancing, car tyres , car spare part shop, car repair, preparation for TI, TI passing. Car washing.
    4. "MCS serviss", Ltd., car shop - car service station, car rental

      Kuldigas 90, Saldus, Saldus n., LV-3801

      +371 29266668

      Car repair maintenance Saldus Oils lubricants Saldus Car rental Saldus Car repair, car service station. .. Light spare parts trade, car service, car service station, car repair, car repair, car maintenance , running gear repair, body repair, body, brake repair, car diagnostics, auto lamp adjustment, tyre repair, tyre change, tyres , wheels,
    5. "SM Velo", bicycle shop and repair workshop


      Bikernieku 1, Riga, LV-1039

      +371 24334001

      .. Bicycles in Teika Bicycles, bicycles in Teika, VEF area. Bicycle repair, maintenance , bicycle workshop, service, In VEF area. Bicycle repair, maintenance , service in Teika, In VEF area. Bicycle trade, bicycles for children, (children) and adults. Women's and men's bikes. Bike accessories, bike frames, spare parts, tyres , bicycle seats,
    6. "Autolap", Ltd.

      Tornu 4a, Aizkraukle, Aizkraukles n., LV-5101


      Air conditioner refilling Aizkraukle Car service Aizkraukle Car spare parts Aizkraukle Car repair, maintenance Aizkraukle. Car service Aizkraukle. Car service. Car spare parts, car paints, car painting. Conditioner refilling, filling. Car body repair. Toe-in adjustment. Tyre repair. Tyre sale. Tyres . Truck spare parts.
    7. "EM Auto", Ltd.


      Baznicas 20, Livani, Livanu n., LV-5316


      .. Car disposal. Car scrap yard. Scrap yard, damaged car purchase, car purchase, car write-off, car spare parts, used spare parts, new and used spare parts, car parts, body parts, running gear, engine, gear-box, car service, car maintenance , car scrap yard, car write off, certificate of destruction, write-off, car trade, purchase of cars for
    8. "BKL", Ltd.

      Brivibas 2b, Balvi, Balvu n., LV-4501


      Accumulators Agricultural tires in Balvi Car repair maintenance Agricultural tires in Balvi. Accumulators. Accumulators in Balvi. .. repair in Balvi. Tire service in Balvi. Car tyre service, tyre service, car tyre trade, (industrial, agricultural, truck, minibus and car tyres ). Light alloy wheels, wheels, car windscreens.. for technical
    9. "Autodoms", Ltd., Kipsalas car utilization

      Dunduru 9a, Daugavpils, LV-5414


      Auto graveyards Scrap yard in Daugavpils Scrap yard in Latgale Car scrap yards, scrap yard in Daugavpils, In Latgale, In Jekabpils, In Dagda, In Rezekne, In Ludza, In Kraslava. Car disposal, car service station, repair, maintenance , diagnostics. Used tyres . Wheels. Used car spare parts. BMW, Audi, MERCEDES, Opel, Mazda, MITSUBISHI, VOLVO,
    10. "Evert auto", Ltd., Car service station

      Spartaka 1, Tukums, Tukuma n., LV-3101


      Car repair Tukums Car repair Car service Car electrician Car repair, maintenance . Car spare parts. Car repair in Tukums. Car service station, car preparation for TI Tukums, in.. , light regulation. Car diagnostics. Conditioner repair, refill. Tyre repair, tyre change. Winter tyres . Summer tyres . Oil change, filter change. Timing belt
    11. Grobina car service "Alparu 2", Ltd


      Ventspils 4, Grobina, Grobinas n., LV-3430


      Car repair Car repair Liepaja Car service station, sale of tyres , tyre change, running gear repair, brake stand, exhaust-pipe repair, tyre change and repair for passenger, trucks, buses: wheel geometry adjustment, car electrician, car welding works, body and engine repair, diesel motor repair, car washing, car dry cleaning, car alarm,
    12. "Ritms R", Ltd., Car service station


      Rezeknes 49, Kraslava, Kraslavas n., LV-5601


      Car spare parts Kraslava Car repair Kraslava Car spare parts, trade, new, used spare parts. Cargo, agricultural machinery, tyres , oil filters. Car service (car service station) motor vehicle (auto) painting, washing, interior cleaning. Running gear computer diagnostics line, (wheel geometry, shock absorber stand, brake stand). Body
    13. "Vicars", Ltd.


      Sprindzi, Riebinu p., Riebinu n., LV-5301


      Car repair in Preili Car trade, car showroom, sale of cars, car service station, spare parts, car repair, car showrooms, car center, body repair, brake diagnostics, balancing, tyre service, tyre center, tyre repair, brake repair, brake diagnostics, shoe change, brake pad change, wheel alignment, car tow-truck, car towing, car preparation for
    14. "AV Motoserviss", Ltd., Shop-service


      Gulbenes 4, Aluksne, Aluksnes n., LV-4301


      .. and scooter spare parts, tuning, engine and shock absorber service, STIHL, quads. Accumulators, chains, oils, two-stroke oils, gloves, glasses, masks, helmets, motorcycles equipment, spark plugs, shock absorbers, quad bike spare parts, tyres , filters, exhaust pipes, carburetors, mirrors, cogwheel, lights, motor oils, cable,
    15. "ABS Auto", Car shop

      Maskavas 322b, Riga, LV-1063

      +371 67268018

      Car spare part trade Car spare parts retail, wholesale. Car repair and maintenance . Car paints, autochemistry. Car glass. Trade of car accessories. HONDA, Audi, SAAB, Volkswagen, BMW, MITSUBISHI, KIA, MERCEDES, Opel spare parts. Japanese and Korean spare parts, body parts, car optics, shock absorbers, clutches, tyres , turbines, repair of
    16. "Graintech", Ltd., Latgale branch


      Trupi, "Ozoli", Vilanu p., Vilanu n., LV-4650


      .. mineral fertilizer spreaders. Heat engineering, heating equipment trade, heating boilers, container boiler houses, boiler house, boiler house repair, maintenance . Our self-developed container.. . For chipping are used hammers. GFM is folding grass cutter, which is intended for larger area maintenance , UFK, UEM wood shredders are
    17. "HL Tehnika", Garden, forest, heat engineering shop - service center


      Apvedcels 15a, Saldus, Saldus n., LV-3801

      +371 27020677

      .. Service, repair, maintenance . .. Mountain bicycles, women's bicycles, tourism bicycles, highway bicycles, fitness bikes, BMX and Xtreme MTB bicycles, city bicycles, children's bicycles, bicycle accessories, bicycle spare parts, frames, forks, bikes, circle, hubs, freewheels and cassettes, tyres , inner-tubes, switches and parts,
    18. "Eirogarazina", Ltd., Car scrap yard

      "Ciruli", Cieceres p., Brocenu n., LV-3851

      +371 22035777

      Used car spare parts Saldus Broceni Summer winter tires Saldus Broceni Used car parts Saldus Car service station, scrap yard, used spare parts, car scrap yard, car diagnostics, toe-in. Used car spare parts. Warranty. Used summer, winter tyres .
    19. "Stivuls", Ltd., Car service station

      Indras 32b, Kraslava, Kraslavas n., LV-5601


      Car service Kraslava Fire safety alarm Car repair Kraslava Car repair Kraslava, in Kraslava. Auto service Kraslava, in Kraslava. Car tire repair, balancing, mounting. Tyre change. New summer, winter tires. Car tyres , , tire service Kraslava. Wheel alignment. Xenon, , LED, , lamp testing, adjustment. Car electrician. Car electrician
    20. "Aivars C", car part shop

      "Cela majas ", Dagdas p., Dagdas n., LV-5674


      .. spare part trade. Dagda. Car parts in Dagda. Car spare parts Dagda. Delivery of car spare parts. Car tyres , winter tyres , summer tyres , windshields, windshield delivery. Oils, oil filters, air filters, cabin filters, car accessories, Timing belts, v-belts, multi-ribbed belts.. cosmetics. Accumulators, car accessories, car repair in Dagda.