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    1. "Quant Latvia", Ltd. Electrical machine service center


      Krustpils 15, Riga, LV-1073

      +371 67113588

      Electric engines electric motors their repair Repair of water pumps Electric engine repair Transformer repair Water -pipe and sewerage Electric engine repair Substations, substation automation, repair, substation repair, substation service, service, high-voltage products, automation for railway, electric engines, electric pump
    2. "Grundfos Pumps Baltic", Ltd.


      G.Astras 8b, Riga, LV-1082

      +371 67149640

      .. small circulation pumps. COMFORT hot water systems for private houses, with communications equipment, small, average, large. Heating, sewerage , water supply pumps, treatment plant equipment, electronic, water supply , sewerage . Heating, sewerage , for water supply , borehole, house, for private house, for industrial buildings,
    3. "I-Santex", Ltd.


      Dzirnavu 28, Saldus, Saldus n., LV-3801

      +371 29122190

      .. Sewerage construction, Digging, Drainage systems. Trenching for cables, gas, water main, drainage, sewerage . Plumbing equipment installation. Sewage septic tanks and treatment plants, device assembly, we construct drainage and filtration fields, remake of the old drainage systems, we install rainwater conservancy tanks. Plumbing,
    4. "Motuss", Ltd., Construction company


      "Lancenieki", Lutrinu p., Saldus n., LV-3861

      +371 25151017

      Construction and repair works Roofer works Water -pipe and sewerage Plumbing installation and repair Metal structure assembly Wooden structure assembly Private house construction Dismantling works Building, house insulation (dry and wet) indoor decoration, repair, interior works. Roofs, metal roofing.. , assembly. Plumbing,
    5. "RADESS Ltd.", Ltd.


      Riga, Bikseres 6 (Katlakalna 11c), LV 1073

      +371 67587353

      Sewerage cleaning Sewer service Sewer emergency service Sanitation Waste collection services Hydrodynamic equipment services, internal and external sewerage network, drainage, infiltration field, rainwater pipeline high-pressure RINSING, (Cleaning). .. Riser, rain, water and sewage pipeline inside TV, (CCTV) inspection,
    6. "HES1", Ltd.


      Piedrujas 3-104, Riga, LV-1073

      +371 22304752

      .. water meters, one jet, many jet, turbin type, Voltman type, industrial, wastewater, c class meters, with MID marking, mechanical, electromagnetic, inductive flow meter, m-bus modules, radio modules for modular type apartment meters, (modularis type meters Wehrle, Siemens, MADDALENA, Rossweiner and others). Magnetic, ultrasound and
    7. "Joe", Ltd., Architectural firm


      Atmodas 19-349, Jelgava, LV-3007


      Architect services Architecture Designing Architecture, designing, road, street, parking lot design, pond and quarry designing, quarry designing, inner courtyard, planning, water supply and sewerage system design, treatment plant design, architectural solutions, sports facilities design, betterment, system design, buildings and
    8. "Autex", Ltd.


      Kekava, Rigas 105, Kekavas p., Kekavas n., LV-2123

      +371 25453643

      .. and industrial power stations, filters, starters, generators, diesel generators, diesel engines, engines, diesel engines, fuel pumps, irrigation equipment, water and fuel pumps, nozzles, generator devices, welding units, light towers, armature, pipe, valves, connections, axle-box, bearing, casing for coils, brushes, diode truss,
    9. "Apkure EV", Ltd., heating boiler sale, customer service, Repair


      Pudika 13, Riga, LV-1006

      +371 29468441

      .. system installation, heating system construction, guarantee service, post-warranty service, water supply , sewerage , plumbing, trade, installation, solution for beneficial warmth, solutions for comfortable warmth, quality in line with price, combined gas boiler, 10,5 to 24 kW, 30 kW, Modulating work mode, provides also minimal power
    10. "Santehkomplekts", Ltd, Plumbing retail and wholesale


      Biekensalas 21, Riga, LV-1004


      Plumbing wholesale Plumbing Water mixers Sinks WC bowls Bathtubs Shower cubicles Heat devices heating equipment Heating Heating boilers Water -pipe and sewerage Plumbing, plumbing wholesale, water supply systems wholesale, water supply systems, heating systems wholesale, heat supply systems, free delivery of goods, free
    11. "Hausmaster", JSC, Building management


      O.Vaciesa 6b, Riga, LV-1004


      .. -technical equipment, heating and ventilation systems, fire-extinguishing systems, plumber, electrical systems and lighting maintenance, heat supply system technical maintenance, water supply and sewerage system technical support, water supply , sewerage , technical maintenance of lifts, small repair works, building constructive
    12. "Lakalme", Ltd.


      Baldones 12, Riga, LV-1007


      Water supply and sewerage Environmental protection Domestic water - supply solutions, industrial water supply solutions, industrial waste water sewerage systems, household wastewater sewerage systems, industrial wastewater treatment systems, domestic waste water treatment systems, construction site design, construction
    13. "Akvai Rores Ciet? Tehniskais kanalizacijas dienests", Ltd.

      Sewerage accident Sewerage cleaning Emergency sewerage service Sewage Garbage collection services 24-hour emergency Water -pipe and sewerage 24-hour technical sewerage service. Emergency service, sewerage accident, 24-hour emergency service, accident liquidation, clogging elimination, sewerage cleaning, riser cleaning
    14. "Labie meistari"


      Lapu 4, Jelgava, LV-3001


      .. assembly. Heating boiler installation. Heating system installation. Wallboard installation. Plasterboard profile.. . Floor concreting. Floor leveling. Floor and wall waterproofing. Black floor installation. Floor board installation.. 3 rounds). Installation of plinths. Window fabrication, assembly and disassembly. All kinds of
    15. "DKD", Ltd.


      Cesu 31 k.3, Riga, LV-1012


      Heating boilers Heating equipment Heating pumps Buderus Heat supply Gas equipment Heat devices heating equipment Heat supply and heat networks BUDERUS heat equipment official distributors. Buderus, Junkers, heating systems. MIDEA.. diagnostikas centrs", Ltd. "Gulbja laboratorija", guest house "Medzābaki" and other office
    16. "Hekes Latvija", Ltd.


      Lugazu 14, Riga, LV-1045

      +371 67396810

      .. Pumps, vacuum pumps, pump systems, valves, diesel generators, electric control cabinets, electric engines. Centrifugal pumps. Pumps, (end suction, borehole, many interweaves, borehole pumps, (high pressure) for heating and hot water preparation, submersible, (drainage and sewage waters), self-priming for dirty water with a large
    17. "Poliurs", Ltd.


      Ozolnieki, Saules 8, Ozolnieku p., Ozolnieku n., LV-3018


      Plastic pipes Insulated pipes Plastic products Water pipes Pipes Heat supply and heat networks Industrially insulated pipes, pipelines, production, trade. Pipes isolated, .. heat insulation. Cold water pipes. Heating network.. , consultations. Plastic pipeline systems. Pipes, water pipe, cable pipes, plastic poles. Plastic
    18. "ANNI Serviss 24", Ltd., electricity, plumbing, emergency 24-hour service

      Riga, Jurmala, Saulkrasti

      +371 20067755

      .. sewerage repair, jewelry extraction, chain pulling out, ring pulling out, pulling out of sewers, sewerage systems, system construction, system design, system installation, systems installation for private houses, system installation for apartment houses, mechanical cleaning of sewer riser, riser penetration, drainage well
    19. "ABB", Ltd.


      Tiraines 3a, Riga, LV-1058


      Automation Sockets Automatic circuit-breakers Drive systems Electric appliances and electric material wholesale Substations, substation automation, augstsprieguma līdzstrāvas, elektropārvade, HVDC, high-voltage products, automation for railway, automation relays, automatic circuit-breakers, fuses, EIB, electric car
    20. "Būve un Forma", engineering office


      K.Ulmana gatve 2a, Riga, LV-1004


      Engineering networks Building constructions Designing Construction project management Construction project management Heating projects Water supply projects Sewerage part projects Water -pipe and sewerage Ventilation and air conditioning systems and equipment for premises Building structures, heating system design,
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