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    1. "Lintera Riga", Ltd.


      Ganibu dambis 29a, Riga, LV-1005


      .. . HOMAG GROUP. Homag. Imos. Martin. BOSCH REXROTH. Wika. Woodworking equipment for massive wood, particle boards, composite materials, corian processing. Woodworking machine tools. Equipment for production of furniture. Woodworking machine tools. Equipment upon individual order and individual requirements. Equipment for woodworking
    2. "Eliste", Ltd., Manufacture of wood and finishing materials - shop


      Maskavas 444, Riga, LV-1063

      +371 22802424

      .. , larch boards, larch wagon planks, larch, cladding board production. Impregnated, impregnated timber. Lamp guard for bathhouse, in bathhouse. Cover moldings (aspen, alder). Fresh sawn timber. Ventilation hatch (wood, for bath). Fence boards. Woodworking .
    3. "D.Z. Mezs", SIA

      "Lieplejas", Ledurgas p., Krimuldas n., LV-4012

      +371 29151192

      .. trees, purchase of saw logs, pulpwood, forest owner consultations. Forest purchase, evaluation, forest purchase, buying of felling sites, purchase of forests, (forest, forests) purchase of felling areas, tree measurements, locating, care, forest taxation, stocktaking, evaluation, logging, logging, woodworking , purchase of wood
    4. "Lidums", Ltd.


      "Kokzagetava Lidumi", Olaines p., Olaines n., LV-2127


      Sheds Gazebos Terraces Garden and yard equipment. Wooden fences, fencing, poles, sheds, gazebos, terraces. Garden floors, swings, sand-boxes. Creeper grids, flowerpots, decorative elements. Sawn timber, curved glued beams. Lumber drying, processing, kiln. Saw log, sawn timber purchase. Construction timber. We carry out orders upon
    5. "Master Wood", Ltd.


      Lauku 3, Sigulda, Siguldas n., LV-2150


      Log buildings Log buildings, gazebos, garden furniture, swings, turned logs, turned stakes, wooden constructions.
    6. "Malka24.lv", Ltd.


      "Karli", Ergemes p., Valkas n., LV-4711


      Firewood Packaging boards Firewood sale Malka24. lv. Firewood, fireplace firewood production, firewood in bags, dried firewood, firewood in boxes, firewood, firewood in boxes, Firewood Latvia, firewood, firewood sale, purchase of 3m firewood, buys three meter firewood, ash, birch, oak, alder, aspen, dryer services, dryer services
    7. "Linca", Ltd., Timber service in Vidzeme

      Lautere, Aronas p., Madonas n., LV-4847


      Purchase of round timber Purchase of wood materials Timber haulers Sawlogs purchase Purchase of wood materials, purchase. Log buying. Purchase of sawlogs, purchase of saw logs, purchase of conifers. Logging, logging services in Vidzeme, forest development. Forest removal. Tiber hauler services. Timber lorries. Timber transport
    8. "Bligzna", Ltd.

      "Avotini", Mazzalves p., Neretas n., LV-5133

      +371 29475428

      Logging Forest purchase Purchase of land Excavator works Excavator works Aizkraukle Logging, develop forests, felling areas. Forestry works. Purchase of felling areas, felling area purchase, purchase. Purchase of forests, land. Land purchase. Forest purchase. Forest handler services, timber transport. Land amelioration.
    9. "Vairogi AB", Ltd.

      "Gerkeni", Daudzeses p., Jaunjelgavas n., LV-5111


      Logging Forests Logging, develop forests, felling areas. Forestry works. Purchase of felling areas, felling area purchase, purchase. Round timber, purchase of round timber, purchase, trade. Plywood blocks, veneer log purchase, purchase, trade. Forest (forest) handler services, timber transport, carrier.
    10. "4 Plus", Ltd., Buys aspen logs saw logs


      Abula 6b, Valmiera, LV-4201


      Aspen Aspen sawlogs Purchase of aspen saw logs Purchase of aspen logs Aspen logs Aspen briquettes Aspen. Aspen beams. Aspen saw logs. Purchase of aspen saw logs. Purchase of aspen logs. Purchase of ash saw logs. Aspen processing. Aspen boards production. All kinds of jointed timber products, glued wood plates. Glued timber beams. Planed wood
    11. "TIKALA ID", Ltd., Purchase of woodchips, Trade, Loading


      "Jaunzemji", Rubas p., Saldus n., LV-3894

      +371 20266011

      .. woodworking , tiber hauler services, log hauling truck, log transporters services, Manitou MLT, frontal loader, telescopic loader, loader, chips loading, bark loading, sawdust loading, frontal loading, loading with cups, pallet loading, loading services in Vidzeme, loading services in Kurzeme and Zemgale, for larger volume loading,
    12. "Arbora", Ltd.


      "Vilkares", Codes p., Bauskas n., LV-3901


      .. woodworking , planing, impregnation, impregnated trees, packing, good prices, qualitative, timber drying, label, stickers, calibration, chip, planed, dried, impregnated floorboards for terraces, terraces, lining, fence, fences, siltumnīcas līstes, construction materials, finishing materials, fresh sawn, dried, planed, Wood
    13. JSC „INGRID D”


      "Ielejas", Laidzes p., Talsu n., LV-3280

      +371 26373604

      Woodworking in Talsi, flagpoles, mast, finishing boards, sawn timber, wooden slats, boards in Talsi, boards, joinery, joinery in Talsi, heating materials, floor boards, wooden stairs, wooden furniture, dried timber, wooden poles, tool handles, snow shovel, cheap snow shovel, flag poles, cheap stalks, fuel materials in Talsi, timber in
    14. AS INGRID D, Shop Meža dārzs


      Jauna 29, Talsi, Talsu n., LV-3201

      +371 63291752

      Forestry machinery. Garden equipment. Lawn mowers, trimmers. Garden tractors, milling cutters. Saws. Service, maintenance, spare parts. STIHL, VIKING, FISKARS, Husqvarna, Jonsered, BOSCH, BAHCO. Chain saws, trimmers, trimmer, brushcutters, lawn mowers, lawn mower, hedge shears , brushcutter, garden tractors, cultivators, electric
    15. "ALANDEKO", Custom-made furniture


      Lielirbes 29, TC "Spice", Riga, LV-1046


      Furniture manufacturing Furniture trade Furniture manufacturing furniture components Custom-made furniture, custom-made furniture, furniture production, furniture design, furniture design, In Latvia manufactured furniture, built-in closets, built-in wardrobe, wardrobes, cabinet furniture, wardrobes, anterooms, hallways,
    16. "Airex", SIA – kokzagetava, kokmaterialu tirdznieciba


      Kalnciema 78, Riga, LV-1046

      +371 67601797

      Sale of timber materials, sawn timber, boards, bars, (beams) OSB, OSB boards, production upon order, impregnate, we supply, wooden beams, planed timber, building boards - planed boards, finishing boards, floor boards, fence boards, lining boards, (vagonka) terrace boards. Delivery up to 35 m3 with manipulator.
    17. "Kasi", ZS koka palesu razosana

      "Kasi", Mores p., Siguldas n., LV-2170


      Wooden pallets, disposable wooden pallets, wooden pallets standard, non-standard wooden pallets, production of wooden pallets, 1-3 class from coniferous wood, can also be produced from softwood, wooden pallet sale, pallets, pallet manufacturing, wooden boxes, wooden containers, pasture pegs, pasture wood poles with insulators,
    18. "Meza Sili", Ltd.


      "Salenieki", Zantes p., Kandavas n., LV-3134


      Forest taxation Purchase of woodchips Purchase of wood materials Truck repair Buying of felling sites Shrub cutting Truck repair Tukums Shrub cutting, felling site, woodchips, timber, forest, forest purchase, purchase, purchase of felling areas, forest, agricultural land purification, harvesting, purchase, pallets, pallet
    19. "Usi", Ltd.

      "Mehaniskas darbnicas", Kalvenes p., Aizputes n., LV-3443


      Woodchip production Chip Pallets Purchase of round timber, deciduous tree packing blocks, wood packing material production, wooden pallets. Woodchip production. Timber production. Tiber hauler services. Pallets, wooden pallets, pallet sale, timber hauler, log hauler, chip, wood packing material, packing, log hauling truck, timber
    20. "Bambino atrakcijas", Ltd., Children parties, Attractions


      Peldu 4, Jelgava, LV-3002


      Children parties Inflatable attractions Children parties, animator, inflatable attractions, balloons, candyfloss, popcorn, chocolate fountain, bubble machine, balloon decorations, large mask rental, event management, attractions with animators, cotton candy and popcorn machines, ball pool, wooden playgrounds, children's
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