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Reficio, Ltd., Lokmane Ilze cosmetology and oncology practice in Valmiera

Diakonāta 4-3, Valmiera LV-4201
Apraksts: WORKING HOURS - By prior appointment! Oncologist. Oncology. Oncodermatology. Cosmetology. Cosmetologist. Doctor oncologist. Doctor's oncologist's consultations. Valmiera. Riga. Laser biorevitalization, hydration, Mesotherapy,

Veselības centru apvienība, JSC, Liepaja Medical Center

Brīvības 95, Liepāja LV-3401

Carrying out health examinations in VCA polyclinics is fast, high-quality and pleasant - all the necessary specialists in one place for your convenience and well-being. One of the most important prerequisites for quality health care is a rapid and accurate diagnosis of the disease. We offer certified medical specialists who are experienced and knowledgeable in various medical fields and use modern and high-quality technologies in their work. Medical rehabilitation is needed to reduce the transition from illness to the fullest possible recovery, as well as for anyone who wants to take care of their health.

Teikas Klīnika, SIA

Pēkšēna 22, Rīga LV-1006
Services: ✓ Ultrasonography ✓ Puncture biopsy ✓ Duplex dopplerography About Teika Clinic:

Teikas Klinika started its operation in 2006. at the beginning of the year, combining qualified specialists with many years of work experience in university clinical hospitals and extensive knowledge in diagnostic radiology, ultrasonography diagnostics, endocrinology and oncology. Our goal is to provide high-quality diagnostic tests, constantly increasing the quality of the service provided! We perform only the highest level of ultrasound examinations for patients in the most comfortable conditions, as well as provide endocrinologist consultations. The clinic has a state-of-the-art Philips high-end ultrasound machine with a wide range of applications.

Veselības salons 888

Dārzaugļu 1-213, Rīga LV-1012
Diagnostic apparatus:

"In the health salon 888" the diagnostic health examination is performed with the Sensitiv Imago medical device certified in the European Union. Medical device number: R500G060CE2. equipment accuracy is 85%. Diagnosis is based on data on the bioelectrical properties of cells, tissues and organs, which change rapidly and deeply during pathological processes. You will be able to see all the body's processes on the monitor screen during the examination.

ZL.LV iesaka

Ārstu prakse Saulespuķe, LTD

A.Čaka 83/85-2.st., Rīga LV-1011

"In the sunflower" highly qualified and experienced family doctors, gynecologists, ultrasonographers, masseurs, endocrinologist, dermatovenerologist, neurologist and cardiologist will help you.

Scenar Baltic, LTD

Ieriķu 15 k.3, Rīga LV-1084
Description: We are the Scenar factory of OKB RITM( Russia) official representatives in Latvia and the Baltic States. Scenar therapy is a holistic method that uses energy impulses to repair and restore damaged body structures and functions by acting on our nerve cells. It does not relieve diseases, but teaches to restore health and harmony by acting on the body's adaptation systems. With this method we perform rehabilitation after operations, various injuries, use it in cosmetology and self-healing. You can buy Scenar equipment, medical blankets, bandages and electrodes from us.

Latvijas Mikrokirurgijas centrs

Brīvības gatve 410, Rīga LV-1024
Why us: High professionalism internationally renowned leading plastic surgeons and hand surgeons in Latvia will help you, who have mastered their professional skills and regularly updated them in clinics in the USA, Singapore, Norway, Germany and Austria. From our energetic specialists, other local colleagues are learning - you will be in really safe hands! Multidisciplinary approach Our team consists of experienced plastic surgeons, traumatologists orthopedists, hand surgeons, children surgeons, anesthetists, reanimatologists, ergotherapists and diagnostic radiology specialists. This means that you will get all the necessary specialist advice and assistance in one place. Comfortable conditions After the operation, you will be able to relax in unobstructed, cozy rooms where experienced and helpful staff will take care of you. We provide convenient service, personal care and confidentiality.

KAVET, Ltd., 24-hour veterinary clinic

Brīvības gatve 347, Rīga LV-1006
Services: ✓ Surgery ✓ Therapy ✓ Diagnostics ✓ Traumatology ✓ Laboratory ✓ Immunology ✓ Oncology clinic ✓ Veterinary pharmacy ✓ Animal hairdresser's ✓ Home visits About us:

LTD "KAVET" there is a 24-hour veterinary clinic with the convenience of inpatient and hotel animals and their owners, doctors go home. The transport of the clinic can quickly and easily take the animal to the clinic and back home. The ideology of the medical approach to animal treatment is based on a clever combination of classical protocol methods and individual situation analysis, finding the opportunity to use modern biologically active preparations and methods. The clinic has twenty employees. However, using mutual contractual relations with leading Riga clinics, the clinic "KAVET" the handling of specific cases is carried out with the help of specialists from these clinics.

Davet, veterinary clinic

Ventspils 54, Liepāja LV-3405
In the clinic "Davet" the following services are available:: ✓ Urgent visits ✓ 24-hour visits ✓ Home visits ✓ Consultations ✓ Vaccinations ✓ Microchipping ✓ Surgery ✓ Therapy ✓ Laboratory ✓ Ultrasonography ✓ Teeth ultrasound cleaning ✓ Euthanasia ✓ Morgue services

Dzintara veterinara klinika, Ltd.

Dzintaru 8, Liepāja LV-3401
Apraksts: We provide veterinary services for pets. Separate sterile operating room. Possibility to use inhalation anesthesia. Warm postoperative room. Tartar cleaning, tooth polishing. Digital X-ray. Daily and medicated food for dogs and cats. Sale of medicines. Wide range of anti-flea and anti-commodity products.

Latgales Veterinarais centrs

Jātnieku 63, Daugavpils, LV-5417
Traumatology, oncology . Microchips.

Mobilvet, Ltd., Veterinary clinic in Riga

Dīķa 4, Rīga LV-1004

Veterinary. Veterinarian. Veterinary clinic. Vet home visits. Riga. Pieriga and elsewhere by arrangement. Olaine. Capture of stray cat colonies for sterilization in Olaine region. Lethal injection. Put to sleep aggressive dogs from a distance. Catching an aggressive cat in an apartment. Dog registration LDC. Microchiping of animals and dogs. Jurmala, Marupe, Kekava, Pardaugava, Babite, Tornakalns, Ziepniekkalns.

PM Laboratory, Ltd.

A.Deglava 66-311, Rīga, LV-1035
At PM LAB you can perform:: ✓ micropigmentation for all facial areas ✓ scar camouflage (vitiligo, stretch marks) ✓ reconstruction of the breast areola (after oncology or other surgery) ✓ permanent makeup for men, alopecia patients ✓ poor quality permanent repair and removal ✓ BB Glow facial treatment ✓ "Yumi lashes" eyelash / eyebrow lamination More detailed information can be obtained by consulting us professionals. We look forward to seeing you!

Vinni, IK, Veterinara klinika

Krūmu 5, Liepāja LV-3405
Description: Veterinārā klīnika VINNI Liepājā piedāvā profesionālus veterinārārsta pakalpojumus, izmantojot modernas tehnoloģijas un medikamentus.

Veterinary Clinic of Latvia University of Agriculture

K.Helmaņa 8, Jelgava, LV-3004
Apraksts: LLU Veterinary Clinic is the largest veterinary clinic in Latvia, which provides veterinary services for various species of animals - dogs, cats, exotic animals, horses and farm animals. The high quality of veterinary services is achieved by attracting the best veterinary specialists in Latvia, using modern visual diagnostic and laboratory examination methods, as well as evidence-based medicine. We cooperate with other veterinary clinics in Latvia and the Baltics, providing reference services. Emergency assistance is provided 24 hours a day.

Sanare-KRC Jaunķemeri, SIA, Rehabilitācijas centrs Jūrmalā

Kolkas 20, Jūrmala, LV-2012
podometrics. jaunķemeri, sanatorium, jaunķemeri, rehabilitation, center, jaunķemeri, rehabilitation, center, oncology

Jaunķemeri, resort's rehabilitation center in Jurmala

Kolkas 20, Jūrmala LV-2012
Rehabilitation for patients with:: ✓ Cardiovascular disease (heart attack, coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, heart failure, CHD or stenting, etc.) ✓ Nervous system diseases ✓ Infarction and stroke ✓ Sclerosis ✓ Movement and support illnesses ✓ Spinal, joint problems ✓ Arthritis ✓ Gastrointestinal diseases (gastritis, gastroesophageal reflux disease, etc.) ✓ Rheumatologic diseases ✓ Diabetes complications (polyneuropathy) ✓ Overweight and weight deficit problems ✓ For successful oncological operations ✓ Overworked injuries (spinal cord injury, fractures, lung damage)


Akadēmiķa M.Keldiša 11, Rīga LV-1021
We offer: ✓ Surgery ✓ Therapy ✓ Vaccinations ✓ Microchiping and registration ✓ Dentistry ✓ Dermatology ✓ Individual consultations ✓ Animal insurance Our motto!: ✓ Goodness( against the animal and its owner) ✓ Intellect( the knowledge and experience of our veterinarians) ✓ Optimism( in each case and situation) ✓ Selflessness( care for each animal)

Pļavnieki, veterinārā klīnika

Darba laiks Lieldienās- 14.04.- 8.00-18.00. 15.04.-18.04.- brīvdienas!
J.Vācieša 1c, Rīga LV-1021
Services:: ✓ issuance of certificates ✓ vaccination ✓ various procedures ✓ administration of medication ✓ wound care ✓ surgical operations ✓ cleaning of the peripheral glands ✓ other procedures ✓ analysis, diagnostics ✓ euthanasia ✓ stationary ✓ home visits, etc.

Juglas ezers, Veterinary Clinic

14.04.2022 no 8:00 līdz 18.00, bet 15.04 ,16.04, 17.04,18.04 būs brīvdienas
Juglas 51, Rīga LV-1064
Services:: ✓ issuance of certificates ✓ vaccination ✓ various procedures ✓ administration of medication ✓ wound care ✓ surgical operations ✓ cleaning of the peripheral glands ✓ other procedures ✓ analysis, diagnostics ✓ euthanasia ✓ stationary ✓ home visits, etc.