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MG Alliance, LTD, Accountancy services, Outsourcing company

Licencēts grāmatvedības uzņēmums AGL0000450
Hospitāļu 8-8a, Rīga LV-1013
Offered outsourcing services: ✓ Tax and financial advice ✓ Accountancy services ✓ Internal audit and control ✓ International audit ✓ Legal services ✓ Balance transfer ✓ Restoration of accounting and tax records ✓ Tax optimization ✓ Preparation of source documents

ARI Accounting Service, LTD, Accountancy services

Lāčplēša 27-6, Rīga LV-1011
First people, then numbers.:

LTD "Ari accounting service" is a customer-oriented company for which it is important to establish and maintain a good relationship with the customer in any situation. The company guarantees an individual approach to every client. Accurate accounting is essential. Maintain detailed records of expenses, income and other tax aspects. This will help avoid unjustified taxes and optimize costs. We are accounting experts! Accounting is our heart's work!


Jurveda, LTD

Blaumaņa 6-12,, Rīga LV-1011
Jurveda offers: ✓ Legal services ✓ Accountancy services ✓ Translation ✓ Building management

Legal, accounting and translation services in one place! Special customer service!


FinServices, LTD

Strūgu 2A, Rīga, LV-1003
Advantages of accounting outsourcing:: ✓ The company will save on the salary costs of the accountant ✓ The accounting outsourcing company performs full accounting, as well as specializes in tax consulting and legal issues ✓ It is not necessary to arrange the workplace of the accountant ✓ It is not necessary for the accountant to provide constant training and growth ✓ An accounting service company has a greater circulation of information and wider knowledge in various types of business spheres

Euro Finances, LTD

Slāvu 25-15, Rīga LV-1073
Top priorities:: ✓ Accounting outsourcing from EuroFinances. ✓ Your priority is company management - and we will take care of company documents. ✓ Full accounting support from A to Z from a certified accountant-auditor. ✓ A certified accountant will prepare the annual report for submission to the SRS and the operational report to the banks in a timely manner( for example, for leasing), will put things in order on current issues and keep your nerve cells healthy. ✓ Accounting reports are not only a requirement of the law - it is a tool that shows the real situation in the company, maintains order in economic activity and business. With their help, the company manager can make informed decisions and thus save money and time. ✓ Our specialists are up-to-date on the latest changes in legislation, regularly update and renew their knowledge. EuroFinances will ensure that the company is ready for all inspections, as you will no longer need to collect missing documents in emergency mode. We will help your business earn, grow and develop. ✓ The financial statements have been prepared based on the laws of the Republic of Latvia, the requirements of regulatory acts and International Accounting Standards.

Ekvilibro, LTD

Licenzēts grāmatvedības uzņēmums AGL0000716
Briņģu 2, Rīga LV-1058
Services: ✓ Accountancy services ✓ Accounting and tax advice ✓ Legal services ✓ Development of websites for companies About the company:

The service is offered by highly qualified accounting specialists with more than 15 years of professional experience. Compliance with the principles of responsibility, integrity, confidentiality and security are the main values in cooperation with clients. We take full responsibility for the work we do. The services provided by accounting are insured under civil law. LTD "Ekvilibro" along with business associations "Latvijas Tirdzniecības un rūpniecības kamera" ( LTRK) of the board in 2021. and in May 11 was. has become a member of LTRK by the decision of October.

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Accuratio, LTD, Accountancy services

Krišjāņa Valdemāra 23, Rīga LV-1010
Accounting services offered:: ✓ We provide financial accounting ✓ We carry out accounting records of branches of foreign companies, we prepare reports and tax declarations ✓ We provide new business registration services ✓ We calculate, list and declare customer taxes ✓ We prepare annual reports ✓ We provide management accounting at the request of clients ✓ We advise on tax and financial accounting issues ✓ We organize accounting ✓ We prepare operational balance sheets and profit or loss statements ✓ We perform the calculation of the wages of the client's employees, the calculation of salary taxes and contributions ✓ Customer personnel documentation is being developed ✓ We organize customer records ✓ We provide client office administration services ✓ We provide reports to foreign parent companies of clients
ZL.LV iesaka

Līnas grāmatvedība, LTD, full accounting service in Riga, In Cesis, In Sigulda, In Limbazi

Ulbrokas 44A, Rīga, LV-1021
Services:: ✓ Preparation of operational financial reports for leasing, banks, etc. ✓ Preparation and submission of statistical reports ✓ Annual report preparation and filing to SRS ✓ Advice on accounting and tax matters ✓ Partial accounting services ✓ Restoration of accounting registers from pre-documents


Krasta 86-507, Rīga LV-1019
Services: ✓ Accountancy services ✓ Audit ✓ Consultations ✓ Legal services ✓ Company foundation About us:

Accounting services from A to Z. We solve all accounting related issues in the client's company. Accounting is arranged in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia. You supply us with the accounting documents, and we do the rest. Our accounting services are insured against civil liability. We undertake to solve all accounting-related issues in the client's company. Among other things, we represent the company in the State Revenue Service and other state and local government institutions. We help to find solutions for tax optimization.


Grāmatvedības birojs IRIS, LTD

Dignājas 3-7a, Rīga LV-1004
Services:: ✓ Accountancy services ✓ Company representation in SRS ✓ Preparation and submission of documents to the company register ✓ Record-keeping services ✓ Tax consultations ✓ Financial reports About us::

We offer the services of a CHIEF ACCOUNTANT. Consultations on how to start organizing accounting in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia. Our recommendations and advice for successful business development.

ZL.LV iesaka

MG Systems, LTD, Licensed accounting services

Dārzciema 60 - 101, Rīga, LV-1073
Accounting service is included:: ✓ Checking, arranging and recording preliminary documents ✓ Company's financial performance analysis ✓ Bookkeeping in accordance with the requirements of national legislation ✓ Representing the company in the State Revenue Service ✓ Tax reports preparation and submission to SRS ✓ Preparation and submission of VAT declaration to SRS ✓ Preparation and submission of the CIT declaration to the SRS ✓ Annual report preparation and filing to SRS ✓ Preparation and submission of employer's reports to SRS ✓ Communication with the State Revenue Service and other state institutions ✓ Preparation of operational financial reports for leasing, banks, etc. ✓ Preparation and submission of statistical reports ✓ Preparation and submission of statistical and Bank of Latvia reports ✓ Salary calculations for employees ✓ Cooperation with the auditor for the audit of the financial statement ✓ Development of an accounting policy according to the needs of each company ✓ Advice on accounting and tax matters

Based on the company's specification, it is possible to include other service functions as well.

Full cycle accounting provision from 70 EUR

Tax consultations from 35 EUR

Accounting consultations from 35 EUR

Preparation and submission of annual reports from 150 EUR

Registration of a VAT payer from 70 EUR

Establishment of new companies in Latvia from 150 EUR

Liquidation of companies from 250 EUR

AT grāmatvedība un audits, LTD

Latgales 450B, Rīga LV-1063
Services:: ✓ Accountancy services ✓ Financial consultations ✓ Examinations by sworn auditors ✓ Auditor services ✓ Economic - financial performance analysis ✓ Preparation of annual reports Accounting and auditing:

LTD "AT Grāmatvedība un audits" is a 100% Latvian capital audit and accounting services company with many years of work experience. The company mainly focuses on providing auditor services to various companies - both local small companies, large and joint companies that need the services of Sworn auditors, and parent companies that own related and subsidiary companies both in Latvia and in other countries. The company provides consultations in both financial and tax matters, as well as consulting in accounting software.

Kipu, LTD

Antonijas 8-9a, Rīga LV-1010
Who we are?:

Young, bold, enterprising and open, but also professional, experienced and innovative - we are definitely not beginners! By providing the necessary specialists in one place, we can achieve and offer more. That's why customers have been entrusting us with their business processes for more than a decade. Experience, competence and quality are our investment in your business, but passion and creativity - the added value of our service.

LEAnD, LTD, Accounting Office

Lāčplēša 88 k-1, Rīga, LV-1003
Accounting Office:

Our friendly team provides quality accounting services and helps to solve various types of issues. Experience in the field of accounting 10-35 years, every year the company's employees increase their skills and knowledge, because the legislation changes very often. The reputation of our company is very important to us, which is why we keep up with all changes in tax legislation; our employees regularly participate in various seminars on changes in laws, taxes and accounting, so that our client receives the most advantageous accounting solution.

PB Finanses, LTD, full service financial company

Lielais prospekts 54 - 9, Ventspils, LV-3601
About the company:

Our main operational result is transparent and correct accounting and in accordance with international standards( IFRS) compiled financial reports, which play an important role in increasing the efficiency of the company's economic activity and building prestige.

Licensed accounting firm AGL0000018.

Sandras Dumpes birojs, LTD

Zemitāna 2B - 214,, Rīga, LV-1012

LTD "Sandras Dumpes birojs" is engaged in the provision of accounting outsourcing services to both legal and natural persons. The company was founded in 2005. year 25. in february.

Ilzes birojs, LTD

Strazdu 16, Jelgava LV-3004
Accounting services for entrepreneurs::

Standard accounting services:

✓ Data entry in the accounting system. ✓ Salary calculation. ✓ Fixed asset accounting. ✓ Monthly and annual reports, their submission to the State Revenue Service( VID) . ✓ Reports to the Central Statistical Bureau of the Republic of Latvia and the Bank of Latvia. ✓ Monthly balance sheet and profit and loss account. ✓ Preparation of management reports on request or regularly. ✓ Annual report preparation and filing to SRS. ✓ Participation in the company's annual audit.

Financial management services:

✓ Evaluation of the company's financial position and preparation of proposals.

Business organization services:

✓ Company's internal regulatory bases( procedures, regulations, instructions and orders) arrangement in accordance with external regulatory documents. ✓ Creating an efficient work organization that meets quality standards.

Interneta bilance, LTD

Pulkveža Brieža 6-1a, Rīga LV-1010
Services: ✓ Accountancy ✓ Communication with state institutions ✓ Financial planning ✓ Statistics ✓ Audit ✓ Personnel accounting About the company:

We provide clients with timely, accurate and efficient bookkeeping in accordance with the requirements of the laws and regulations of the Republic of Lithuania and international standards.



Access to accounting and financial information in online mode,

Opportunities to make management decisions based on reliable information,

Support in creating and updating internal control systems of NILLTPFN.

Gebauers, LTD

Tirgus 7, Ventspils, LV-3601
Full accounting service includes:: ✓ Development of the company's accounting policy ✓ Pre-document inspection, arrangement and bookkeeping ✓ Preparation and submission of tax reports to the SRS ✓ Preparation of operational financial statements for leasing, banks, etc. ✓ Preparation and submission of statistical reports as required ✓ Annual report preparing and submission to SRS ✓ Advice on accounting and tax matters ✓ Documents can be submitted in our office in person or we can pick them up by our paid courier ✓ Service price - starting from 30.00 EUR per month ✓ Partial accounting services ✓ Recovery of accounting records from source documents ✓ Prices

Heldia, LTD

Lietuvas šoseja 8-3, Jelgava, LV-3001
Accountancy services, Accountancy, Accountancy services Jelgava, Accounting Jelgava, Accountant Jelgava

Vidzemes Contus, LTD

Meža 7-211, Valmiera, Valmieras nov. LV-4201
Services:: ✓ Development and improvement of accounting policy; ✓ Processing of accounting primary documents; ✓ Calculations of wages and related costs and taxes; ✓ Banks, cashiers and advance payments; ✓ Inventory and fixed asset accounting; ✓ Inventory of goods and services; ✓ Accounting of debtors and creditors; ✓ Restoration of accounting from original documents; ✓ Preparation of operating balance sheet, profit or loss calculation and cash flow; ✓ Tax calculations and declaration preparation and submission to SRS; ✓ Compilation and declaration of the annual report; ✓ Compilation of residents' and self-employed declarations; ✓ Preparation of other reports for State institutions and company management; ✓ Analysis of financial and economic activity; ✓ Preparation of accounting and personnel documents.

VDS audits un grāmatvedība, LTD

Krūmu 5-11.kabinets, Liepāja, LV-3405
"VDS audits un grāmatvedība" The following services are provided in Liepāja:: ✓ Accounting and auditor services ✓ Accounting and financial consulting ✓ Accounting outsourcing ✓ Legal and business consulting ✓ Audit ✓ Documents drafting ✓ Opening, registration, liquidation of companies ✓ Professional civil insurance

Aktīvs Plus 1, LTD

Pils 9, Tukums, Tukuma nov., LV-3101
Description: Accounting, accounting services Tukums, Tukuma.


Ata Kronvalda 32, Cēsis, Cēsu nov. LV-4101
Services:: ✓ Accounting services for individuals ✓ Accounting services for legal entities ✓ Annual reports ✓ Salary calculation ✓ Tax return ✓ Consultations ✓ Preparation of SRS reports ✓ Audit services About us::

Aelitas Suipes accounting office and legal services in Cēsis. We offer consultations in Latvian, English and Russian. We also provide departure to the client. Services include preparation of annual reports for companies, accounting services for individuals and others.

Accounting services for IK, SIA, ZS, AS, self-employed, associations. Internal audit, external audit, preparation of reports for SRS.

Let us help you organize your company's accounting.

VD Grāmatvedība, LTD, accounting Office

Poruka 1, Madona, Madonas nov., LV-4801
Accountancy , accountancy services , consultations, accounting management, financial accounting, accountant, Accountancy in Madona.

VK Birojs, LTD

Draudzības aleja 24-72, Jēkabpils, Jēkabpils nov. LV-5201
About the company:

LTD "VK birojs" provides accounting services and legal consultations in Jēkabpils.

Auditorfirma Grāmatvedis, LTD

Skolas 27-3, Rīga, LV-1010
Services:: ✓ Certified audit services ✓ Accountancy services ✓ Accounting software Accounting software and services:

LTD Auditorfirma Grāmatvedis is a company that distributes, implements and services audit, accounting and bookkeeping services, accounting computer programs, and employs specialists with the highest economic, mathematical and technical education and significant practical work experience in this field( more than 17 years) .

Breicis, LTD, Tax, transfer pricing and accounting services office

Krišjāņa Valdemāra 118, Rīga LV-1013
Services: ✓ Accounting of a commercial company, a branch of a foreign company or a permanent representative office in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Latvia; ✓ Representation in SRS and other state institutions; ✓ Preparation and submission of VAT return; ✓ Preparation of annual reviews; ✓ Statistical reports to the Central Statistical Bureau, the Bank of Latvia; ✓ Filing an annual tax return; ✓ Preparation of reports for members or shareholders; ✓ Development of accounting policy; ✓ Consultations about tax issues

Finanšu un nodokļu serviss, LTD

Lielirbes 1-(206-208A), Rīga LV-1046
We offer: ✓ Civil law insured accounting service; ✓ Accounting and tax advice; ✓ Accounting audit; ✓ Sia liquidation balance sheets; ✓ Micro-Taxpayer Reports; ✓ Registration and exclusion from the VAT register; ✓ Seafarers' annual declarations; ✓ Legal address and receipt of correspondence; ✓ Communication with the client in Latvian, Russian and English.

Aplis, Sole proprietorship

Jaunā 6, Talsi, Talsu nov. LV-3201
Description: Accounting, accounting services, accountant, audit Tukums, Tukuma.

Gvardea, LTD, accounting services in Ogre, accounting outsourcing

Upes prospekts 18A, Ogre, Ogres nov., LV-5001
Accountancy services: ✓ Verification, bookkeeping and processing of justification documents ✓ Invoicing and sending to customer ✓ Preparation of the monthly VAT declaration with attachments using the EDS system ✓ Management of wages, sick pay, vacation pay, employees' personal accounts, preparation of the list of wages and salaries ✓ Stock inventory ✓ Accounts receivable and payers ✓ Income and expense calculation ✓ Compilation of the annual report and preparation and submission of other reports to the SRS using the EDS system ✓ Preparation and submission of the annual income declaration in the EDS system ✓ Preparation and submission of operating balance to management, banks and leasing companies ✓ Consultations


Raiņa 10, Talsi, Talsu nov. LV-3201

LTD "PRO" provides accounting outsourcing services, business consulting, prepares EU projects and business plans. Our offices are located in: Talsi, Raina Street 10, 2. floor, and in Riga, Miera Street 86, 1. on the first floor - by applying in advance by phone at 29136710. We serve all over Kurzeme, Zemgale, Riga, Riga district. 20 years of experience in the following industries - trade, logging, woodworking, manufacturing, construction, hotels, agriculture, etc. We are unique in that the combination of the highest level of financial, economic, legal and management knowledge gives the quality of 4D services in solving customer needs! We are creative in our industry, which makes us competitive and more interesting for our customers. Our clients see the possibilities that when they buy their service from us, they get more complete service quality and the best, most creative solutions in any of the offered services! With us, you will receive a rich bouquet of flavors in a very classic industry - financial management!

IGS BIROJS, accounting services in Salaspils

"Vaiņagu ceļš 1", Salaspils pagasts, Salaspils nov., LV-2118
Description: IGS provides accounting services for companies and self-employed persons. We guarantee timely reporting, responsiveness, quality tax advice and optimization of your expenses.
ZL.LV iesaka

Prosperous, LTD, full service accounting services

Lielā 24, Saldus, Saldus nov. LV-3801
About the company: Knowledge, love for work, smile and human relations - the basis of growth in any century! We have more than 16 years of experience working with companies in various industries, advising on tax issues and providing full-service accounting services. Individual service strategy for each client! Entrust your accounting to us!

Risinājums I, LTD

Annas 37, Valmiera, Valmieras nov. LV-4201
Description: Accounting services for legal and natural persons throughout Latvia. Advice on accounting and tax matters. Submission of reports to SRS. Accounting services for English-speaking clients, accounting services for Russian-speaking clients.

Last Hope, LTD

Īslīces 1-244, Rīga LV-1058

A modern accounting company with many years of experience in accounting. We guarantee an individual approach to each client, ensuring timely, high-quality and responsible performance of our work, in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Lithuania. Using modern solutions and an appropriate accounting computer program, contracts with clients can be concluded throughout the territory of Latvia.

Censuva, LTD, Augmentum

Leona Paegles, Sigulda, Siguldas nov. LV-2150

LTD "Censuva" offers accounting services, consulting in accounting and finance. Annual reports.

Interlex, LTD

Ģimnāzijas 22, Daugavpils LV-5401

Our company is the largest legal company in the Latgale region. It has been providing legal services since the first day of the company's existence, as legal and accounting services were the first services we provided to our first client.

Radīt kopā, LTD

Lielvircavas 7 - 3, Lielvircava, Platones pagasts, Jelgavas nov., LV-3036

Accounting and record keeping services in Jelgava region.

Indras V, LTD

Brīvības 53A, Gulbene, Gulbenes nov., LV-4401
Services:: ✓ Tax consultations ✓ Annual reports ✓ Payroll accounting ✓ Tax calculations ✓ Tax declarations ✓ Profit and loss statements ✓ Operating balances About us::

LTD "Indras V" offers accounting services. Full-cycle accounting, accounting services in Gulbene, accountant in Gulbene, accounting in Gulbene. Accounting consultations.

SI Cipari, LTD

Sesku 10 k-1-68, Rīga LV-1035
Services: ✓ Accounting outsourcing ✓ Bookkeeping advice ✓ Company foundation ✓ Full accounting cycle ✓ Annual income declaration ✓ Submission of reports to the SRS SI CIPARI accounting:

LTD "SI CIPARI" provides services and consulting in accounting.

Silenta, LTD

Rīgas 182A, Jēkabpils, Jēkabpils nov. LV-5202

Knowing and defending one's rights, realizing and fulfilling one's obligations - conditions that are essential for everyone - both natural and legal persons. The company's lawyers will provide qualified legal assistance - information and explanation of regulatory acts, as well as help in solving problems. Accounting and translation services are also available.