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Centrs, LTD

"Tērces", Priedaine, Kurmāles pagasts, Kuldīgas nov., LV-3301
Dwelling house managing

Consilium Medicum, LTD

Rūpniecības 7-1, Rīga LV-1010
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  • 1 Medical aid: out-patient

Headline, private clinic, LU MF study center

Kalnciema 98-16, Rīga LV-1046
Inpatient and outpatient medical care. Ear, neck and nose diseases. Otolaryngologist, children otolaryngologist. Pain in the ear, poor hearing, audiometry, timpanostomy, sulfur cork in ear, noise in the ear, ear lavage, tympanitis, treatment, ear surgery, hearing implants. Earball incision, paracentesis. Timpanoplastic. Nosebleed, nose
  • 2 Medical aid: out-patient

Medicīnas centrs D.A.P., Pain clinic in the center of Riga

Lastādijas 40-2.st., Rīga LV-1050
Services:: ✓ conservative pain treatment ✓ invasive pain treatment ✓ computed tomography, etc. Advantages: We have modern equipment for the treatment of chronic pain syndrome. Pain clinic - a specialized medical institution that diagnoses, treats and prevents chronic pain. We take a multidisciplinary and individual approach to each patient suffering from chronic pain( drug treatment, minimally invasive procedures, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, psychotherapy) .
  • 3 Medical aid: out-patient

Detox, Medical center in the center of Riga

Lastādijas 40-5.st., Rīga LV-1050
Our specialists: ✓ Dr. Mihails Aron, certified doctor - narcologist ✓ Dr. Igors Panihins, certified anesthesiologist - reanimatologist ✓ Dr. Tatjana Justa, narcologist ✓ Dr. Inese Vilpore, certified anesthesiologist - reanimatologist ✓ Dr. Natalija Pigaleva, certified doctor, anesthesiologist - reanimatologist ✓ Dr. Jurijs Glikmanis, certified doctor, anesthesiologist - reanimatologist ✓ Dr. Sergejs Andrejevs, certified internist, emergency medicine doctor, certified specialist in alcohol and narcotics expertise ✓ Dr. Andrejs Andrianovs, certified doctor, anesthesiologist - reanimatologist ✓ Evija Stupina, senior nurse ✓ Praskovja Savchuka, medical nurse ✓ Jelena Kibina, medical nurse ✓ Elina Everson, medical nurse ✓ Svetlana Sapelkina, medical nurse ✓ Yulia Selezņova, medical nurse ✓ Tatyana Bondarenko, medical nurse ✓ Svetlana Baltiņa, paramedic
  • 4 Medical aid: out-patient

Latvijas Amerikas acu centrs, LTD, Eye clinic

Augusta Deglava 12A, Rīga, LV-1009
Services:: ✓ Diagnostics ✓ Diagnostic examinations ✓ Eye and vision examination for children ✓ Laser therapy ✓ Surgery ✓ Optics ✓ Contact lenses ✓ Rental of eye pressure gauges ✓ Eyelid hygiene ✓ Eye health during pregnancy ✓ Vision correction ✓ Night lenses ✓ Clinical studies
  • 5 Medical aid: out-patient

Redzes ekselences centrs

Ieriķu 3, Rīga, LV-1084
Services:: ✓ Eye and vision correction ✓ With a laser ✓ No laser ✓ Glasses ✓ Contact lenses ✓ Night lenses ✓ Intraocular lenses ✓ MONO and MULTIfocal lenses ✓ Treatment and diagnosis ✓ Diagnostics ✓ Dry eye syndrome ✓ Cataract surgeries ✓ Glaucoma treatment ✓ Laser therapy ✓ Correction of strabismus ✓ Corneal transplantation ✓ Eyelid plastic surgery ✓ Eyelid hygiene
  • 6 Medical aid: out-patient

Helga-Med, LTD, Medical center

Alfrēda Kalniņa 8 - 2, Rīga, LV-1050
Services:: ✓ Medical and aesthetic sealing of teeth ✓ Drawing up a treatment plan ✓ Teeth canal treatment( endodontics) ✓ Restoration of dental crowns ✓ Consulting, diagnosis ✓ All kinds of dental prosthetics ✓ X-ray cabinet ✓ Dental prosthesis laboratory ✓ Oral hygiene ✓ Tartar and plaque removal ✓ Soft and hard plaque removal with ultrasound and soda blast ✓ Teeth polishing, gel applications ✓ family doctor consultations

Ivetas Bičevskas doctor practice in gynaecology

Pulkveža Oskara Kalpaka 16-108, Jelgava LV-3001

Iveta Bičevska's practice specializes in gynecological diseases, care of pregnant women and treatment of infertility. Working time: by prior arrangement.

Rehabilitācijas centrs Tērvete, LTD

"Rehabilitācijas centrs Tērvete", Tērvete, Tērvetes pagasts, Dobeles nov., LV-3730
Description: SIA RC "Tērvete" the main directions of activity are medical rehabilitation for patients with pulmonological and neurological diseases and patients with musculoskeletal pathology, as well as social rehabilitation. The rehabilitation center is located in an architectural monument of national importance in 1932. per year in the main building of Tervete Sanatorium built for 250 patients. The location of the rehabilitation center in the Tērvete nature park promotes the psycho-emotional recovery of patients, and also gives the opportunity to meaningfully spend your free time walking in the Dwarf Forest, climbing the Tērvete castle hill in Raganas Silo, as well as visiting the A. Brigaderes Museum "Sprīdīši", book museum "Ķipi" and Tervete Museum of Ancient History "Jērumi" .

iVF Riga Cilmes šūnu centrs

Zaļā 1-3.st., Rīga, LV-1010
Services:: ✓ Cord blood ✓ Umbilical cord tissue ✓ Adipose tissue ✓ Storage ✓ Doctor-geneticist consultations About us:

In Latvia in 2016. the first national stem cell bank was opened https://ivfrigastemcells.lv/par-mums/ivf-riga-cilmes-sunu-banka/ - iVF Riga Stem Cell Center. The stem cell center received a special permit for the use of cells and tissues № AC-7 from the state institution - the State Agency of Medicines. Now the residents of Latvia also have the wonderful opportunity to get biological insurance, first of all, for a newborn child, as well as for the whole family. A contract for the storage of umbilical cord stem cells can be concluded at the stem cell center iVF Riga. Storing stem cells in Latvia provides an additional guarantee, as the risks associated with transportation are eliminated.

iVF Riga Ģenētikas centrs

Zaļā 1-3.st., Rīga, LV-1010
Our services:: ✓ Doctor-geneticist consultations( professional assistance to patients with genetic diseases and reproductive disorders is provided by geneticists Dr. Liene Korneeva, Dr. Ieva Grīnfelde) ; ✓ Oncologist - chemotherapist consultations; ✓ In - depth genetic testing( . sk. infertile couples) : Preimplantation genetic testing of embryos at the chromosomal and gene level( PGT-A / PGS and PGT-M / PGD) ; ✓ Determination of the karyotype; ✓ Molecular genetic testing - Molecular testing of thrombophilia, determination of non-invasive fetal Rhesus factor in pregnant women, testing of fragile X chromosome, testing of Y chromosome( AZF factor), HLA-typing, KIR-typing, genetic examination of aborted pregnancy material, testing of inherited tumors, testing of inherited recessive diseases; ✓ Genetic tests for complex female / male infertility; ✓ Preparation of newborn genetic passport; ✓ Lifestyle genetic tests Viva Genomics.

iVF Riga, infertility treatment and reproductive genetics clinic

Zaļā 1-2.st., Rīga LV-1010
Services:: ✓ Infertility diagnosis and treatment ✓ Fertility preservation - KRIO ✓ Diagnosis and treatment of male infertility ✓ Genetic testing ✓ Laboratory / Manipulations ✓ Donor programs ✓ men's health ✓ Outpatient center ✓ Stem cell center ✓ Anti-aging medicine ✓ Gynaecology ✓ Operations ✓ Services for pregnant women

Acu Mikroķirurģijas Centrs, LTD, Dr. Kuznetsov Clinic

Firsa Sadovņikova 20, Rīga, LV-1003
Description: Our clinic was established in 1998. year. The main principle: quality and safety - for the patient. We offer all kinds of vision corrections with a unique technology that guarantees patients the right treatment tactics, maximum safety and high-precision results. Our clinic works according to the latest technologies and methods, with FDA safety guarantees-certificates, the widest range of vision corrections - myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism, age farsightedness( presbyopia) spectrum. From 18 years of age and without age restriction! Compared to other clinics, we perform tissue-sparing surgery for vision correction, in patients with extremely thin cornea and wide pupils, with high and complex myopia, farsightedness, age-related farsightedness( presbyopia) and the degree of astigmatism.

Ārsta Viktora Vestermaņa privātprakse, Individual merchant

Krišjāņa Barona 93, Rīga, LV-1001
We specialize:: ✓ in vertebrology ✓ orthopedics ✓ in the treatment of bone and joint diseases ✓ in the treatment of back pain ✓ in spinal surgery ✓ in algology, we diagnose the cause of pain, offer treatment and various aids that help prevent joint and back pain.

Zalamanes, Skrodeles, Bīgestānes klīnika, LTD

Brīvības 84-6, 4.st., Rīga LV-1001

"KZS Klīnika" founded in 2007. as a private consultative gynecological assistance institution. Our best specialists - gynecologists, neurologists, radiologists, therapists and dermatologists have rich work experience gained while working at the P.Stradiņa Clinical University Hospital, as well as in other public and private sector medical institutions, combined with the advanced diagnostic methods available in our clinic guarantee high qualified, professional women's health care. The clinic currently offers a wide range of services for women's health - gynecological examinations, infertility treatment, ultrasonography for pregnant women, dermatovenerologist consultation and other medical examinations, as well as motherhood school classes for future and current parents.

Ava-Clinic, leading gynecology and reproductive clinic

Baznīcas 20/22-5.st., Rīga LV-1010
The company offers: ✓ Infertility tests. ✓ Artificial insemination. ✓ Genetic material freezing. ✓ Gynaecology. ✓ Pregnancy care. ✓ Pediatrics. ✓ Becoming a donor. ✓ State - paid medical insemination procedures. Description:

"AVA clinic" - EUGIN clinic network, the leading infertility treatment clinic in the Baltics and Northern Europe, specializing in infertility treatment and embryonic genetics, as well as offering a comprehensive range of services in gynecology and obstetrics. The experience of AVA CLINIC proves that good infertility treatment results are ensured not only by the latest equipment, applied methods and high qualification of specialists. The decisive factor is the attentive doctor's attitude towards each couple. The collective mission of the team - to give new life - unites all the specialists of the clinic. The mission of the clinic - to give new life!

Mārītes Vasiļjevas doctor ophthalmologist practice

Stirnu 8-321, Rīga, LV-1082
Services: ✓ Children's eye specialist ✓ Vision examination ✓ Examination of the fundus of the eye ✓ Eye pressure ✓ State paid visits for children and adults ✓ Eye health consultations for children, adults ✓ Preventive examinations for children, adults ✓ Digital health check ✓ Driver commission OVP

Ingrīdas Šilbergas ārsta prakse ginekoloģijā - ginekoloģijas centrs, LTD Heala

Brīvības gatve 410, Rīga LV-1024
Services:: ✓ Pregnant women gymnastics ✓ Pregnant women care ✓ Ultrasound examination ✓ Postnatal gymnastics ✓ Gynecological disease diagnosis and treatment ✓ Physiotherapy ✓ Gymnastics ✓ Therapeutic massage ✓ Doctors on call and emergency care

. Paegles ārsta prakse dzemdniecībā un ginekoloģijā, LTD

Ģertrūdes 30-2.st., Rīga LV-1011
We will be happy to provide you with advice on family planning.: The aim of the private practice of gynecology is to understand the wishes of the patients, monitor the progress of the pregnancy, perform the necessary gynecological examinations and keep the expectant mothers in good health, so that the months of pregnancy pass pleasantly and calmly. The gynecologist provides an individual approach and care to each patient. We collaborate with insurance companies.