Gravel, sand and stone quarrying, all Latvia


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    1. "Aivel", Ltd., Local cargo transportation

      Lielcieceres 34-23, Broceni, Brocenu n., LV-3851

      +371 26433407

      .. transportation. Road transport. Loose loads 10-30 m3. Bulk cargoes - gravel , shivers, sand , pebbles, black earth, their delivery. Bulk cargoes, bulk cargoes. Washed sand , sifted top soil, peat. Grains. Carriage of grain. Road transport for grain transportation.. . Road transport services. Bulk cargo shipping. Sand , black earth, gravel ,
    2. "Kadiki ARV", Ltd.

      "Kadiki 1", Vangazi, Incukalna n., LV-2136

      +371 29476312

      .. Construction sand (rinsed, sieved, coarse, fine, washed), construction sand supply, Construction sand prices, Construction sand delivery, stones , siftings, sand , upper layer, added sand , black earth, gravel , rinsed construction sand , granite and dolomite shivers, pebbles, dolomite, decorative dolomite. Shivers, (Dolomite shivers,
    3. "Saulkalne S", Ltd.

      Saulkalne, Daugavmalas 11, Salaspils p., Salaspils n., LV-2117


      .. Gravel shivers, washed crushed stone , Granite chips, mixtures of crushed granite, granite screenings. .. Sand , washed sand , dried and graded sand , quartz sand , natural sand , sand for dry construction mixtures, sand for sandblast units, sand for football pitch artificial surfaces, sand for tennis courts, filter sand , dolomite sand ,
    4. "MMG Group" Ltd., a quarry at Jaunmarupe

      Jaunmarupe, "Smilskalni", Marupes n., LV-2166


      .. Quarrying , Pond digging. .. Gravel . .. Sand delivery. Sand delivery for volleyball fields. Sand sacking, for children's playgrounds. Sifted top soil. .. Caterpillar tracks, rubber chains, tracked metal plates, crawler rubber plates, towing stars, star segments, support rolls, guide wheels, plate screws and bolts for any brand excavators.
    5. "Kida", Ltd.

      "Muri", Stalbes p., Pargaujas n., LV-4151


      .. Gravel stones in Raiskums, gravel stones in Stalbe, gravel stones in Limbazi, gravel stones in Straupe, sand in Raiskums, sand in Stalbe, sand in Limbaži, sand in Straupe. Grant stones in Umurga, Sand in Umurga, black sand in Stalbe, black sand in Straupe, black sand in Raiskums, black sand in Umurga, black sand in Limbaži. Sawn timber Cēsis, sawn
    6. "Siguldas Buvmeistars", Joint-Stock Company

      Gales 27, Sigulda, Siguldas n., LV-2150

      +371 67973896

      .. of complex engineering structures. Construction of engineering structures. Heating and ventilation system construction. Bulk cargo delivery. Sale of construction materials. Contractor for residential buildings. Contractor for complex.. buildings. Contractor for complex structures. industrial production companies. industrial
    7. "Karjers serviss", Ltd.

      Salnas 24-11, Riga, LV-1021


      Gravel supply Shiver delivery Sand delivery Gravel sand stone quarrying Construction machinery equipment trade service Construction equipment rental Construction machinery rental Gravel , stone , shivers, sand , ( sand ) dolomite broken stone , crushed stone mining, production, trade. Bulk cargo delivery in territory of Latvia.
    8. "Meliorators-J", Ltd., Office

      Marupe, Gaujas 17, Marupes n., LV-2167


      .. crushing, construction waste crushing, debris broken stone , construction waste recycling. Crushed construction waste rubble. Crushed waste debris, beam trade. Siftings. Debris crushed stone and screenings delivery, debris broken stone sale, shivers. Debris and construction waste acceptance for sorting. Sieved compost trade,
    9. "Salenieku dolomits", Ltd.

      Karjers "Ritupes", Malnavas p., Karsavas n., LV-5717


      Shivers Sand Soil liming material Gravel Chips and Blends Quarries Dolomite shivers Shiver production, trade, delivery in Latgale. Shivers, dolomite, .. dolomite shivers. Sand , crushed washed sand , gravel shivers, washed crushed gravel , grvelflitstone mixtures, black earth, primers. Soil liming materials: coarse dolomite flour,
    10. "A 5", SIA, asphalt concrete and bitumen emulsion

      "Asfaltnieki", Kekavas p., Kekavas n., LV-2123

      +371 27866473

      .. repair asphalt, trade, sales. Stone mastic asphalt. Asphalt with milled asphalt, (clot) additives. Asphalt concrete with various brands of asphalt wearing course, Asphalt concrete with coupling and foundation layers. Shivers, woodchip, (various factions). Sand , sand . Siftings. We produce asphalt. Concrete, ready-mixed concrete
    11. "Ošānu Dolomīts" - dolomite quarry, technical rental

      Tinuzu soseja 3, Ikskile, Ikskiles n., LV-5052


      Dolomite shivers Dolomite chips fr 0/16; 0/32; 0/45; 0/56; 0/63. Delivery, quarry, dolomite shiver trade, trade. Crawler excavators CAT 329E, Komatsu PC210-8. Komatsu Front Loader WA 430, CAT 950G. Crusher TEREX PEGSON SR 4242; Mobile Screen Saver Power Screen Warrior 1800. Submersible water pumps Flygt - letting, rental. Paving works,
    12. "Art Betons", Ltd., Concrete production Cēsīs

      Rupniecibas 9, Cesis, Cesu n., LV-4101

      +371 29251147

      .. concrete production, ready-mixed concrete, transportation to the site, pumping works, construction machinery services, hydro-ameliorative construction. Gravel sieving, stone crushing, gravel , sand gravel mixtures, construction waste recycling, disposal of construction waste, construction waste recycling, concrete floors
    13. "Sprincupe", Farm, Paving in Kuldiga

      "Sprincupe", Pelcu p., Kuldigas n., LV-3322


      Road construction Quarry Cobbling Paving in Kurzeme Road construction, construction, construction supervision, quarrying , gravel , sand , black earth, shivers, pebbles, paving, improvement, transport services, transport, gravel , sand , shivers, pebbles, construction supervision, quarry development, gravel mix, screened, sieved
    14. "DEE Baltic", SIA

      Bajari, Papardes 3, Salaspils p., Salaspils n., LV-2117


      excavator rental, pump trade, pump spare parts trade, sand , gravel , quarrying , groundwater level lowering.
    15. "Plavinu DM", Ltd.

      Rigas 16, Plavinas, Plavinu n., LV-5120


      Shivers Gravel sand stone quarrying Quarry dolomite Plavinas quarry Dolomite, dolomite shivers, dolomite materials, Sand , Dolomite, Shivers, Washed dolomite shivers, gravel , sand . .. stones , siftings. .. stone for road construction, road construction. .. Dolomite flour, dolomite sand , ( sand ) quartz sand , mineral products for
    16. „Regga Dolomīts”, SIA Dolomite, splinters, black sand

      Vaverkrogs, "Dutkas", Ropazu n., LV-2135


      Shivers Dolomite Quarry Black earth Shiver delivery Gravel sand stone quarrying Dolomite, dolomite shivers, dolomite mining, dolomite quarry, dolomite acquisition, to buy dolomite, shivers, crushed stone mixtures, dolomite crushed mix, shiver delivery, crushed chips, to buy chips, siftings, dolomite, dolomite crushed chips, black
    17. "Baltijas Grants", SIA, Karjers

      "Rukisi", Kalna p., Jekabpils n., LV-5220

      +371 29229247

      Career in Jekabpils, quarries. Gravel , sand , stone quarrying , shiver production, shiver trade in Jēkabpils, (Jekabpils). Shiver mixture production for road maintenance, stone , shivers. Crusher rental, crushers, lift-trucks, excavators, screeners, screener, construction.. rental, frontal loader for rent. crushing machines, sorter
    18. "G.J. serviss"

      Liepu 8-4, Saulkrasti, Saulkrastu n., LV-2160

      +371 29263213

      .. Saulkrasti Black sand Saulkrasti Tractor services, tractors. Sand , black earth, shivers, dolomite, gravel shivers, sand . Dump truck, tractor, tractors, excavator, excavator services, bulldozers with frontal shovel, bulldozer, construction machinery, frontal loaders, loader. Sand , land, clay, clay soil, gravel , shivers, stones ,
    19. "Garkalnes grants", Ltd.

      Kronu 5, Riga, LV-1035

      +371 29122424

      Gravel sand stone quarrying Bulk cargo delivery Bulk cargoes Sand . Sand sale. Shivers, shiver trade. Dolomite shivers, shiver delivery. Granite, granite delivery. Quarrying , excavation works. Dolomite - Jaunjelgavas district quarry Sērene. Sand and pebbles - Tukums district quarry Slampe.
    20. "Lases", Ltd., Gravel, Sand quarry

      Barbele, Barbeles p., Vecumnieku n., LV-3905


      Gravel Sand Gravel , sand , sand , gravel , sand quarry, transport services, bulk cargo transportation.
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