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    1. "DKD", Ltd., BUDERUS boilers, Installation of heat pumps

      Heat engineering, heating equipment

      Cesu 31 k.3, Riga, LV-1012, Latvia


      .. equipment Heating pumps Buderus Gas equipment Heat supply Heat supply and heat networks Heating systems, air conditioners, conditioners. Heating radiators, boilers, heating furnaces, cinkoti apkures radiatori, heat pump, boreholes, heating boiler repair, service, service, ģeotermālie, bore-holes, installation, trade,
    2. "TENKO Baltic", company representative office

      heat engineering, heating equipment

      Basanaviciaus g. 45, Vilnius, Lithuania

      +371 25150026

      Ventilation Heating pumps Heat engineering Heating equipment Heat engineering heating equipment Heating : central heating , panel heating , heat engineering , heat supply, geothermal heating , alternative energy, renewable natural resources, free energy, heated floors, warm walls, hot ceiling, capillary system BEKA, capillary mats,
    3. "Santeko", Ltd., plumbing and heating equipment wholesale


      K.Ulmana gatve 2, Riga, LV-1004, Latvia


      Plumbing wholesale Heat devices heating equipment Irrigation equipment Pumps Pipes Plumbing trade Water-pipe and sewerage Pipes for water supply, heating , sewerage, drainage, pipe connections, armature, valves, valves, regulators, thermostats, thermometers, manometers, tools, equipment and supplies for pipe assembly, testing
    4. "I-Santex", Ltd.


      Dzirnavu 28, Saldus, Saldus n., LV-3801, Latvia

      +371 29122190

      .. Water supply and sewage network construction. Engineering network, (water supply, sewerage, heating ) construction. Biological treatment equipment installation. Water pump installation and maintenance. Boreholes.. wells, artesian well installation. Earth heat pump installation, service. Septic installation. Drainage. Sewerage
    5. "Indutek LV", Ltd.


      Piedrujas 7 k.4, Riga, LV-1073, Latvia

      +371 67804949

      Ventilation and air conditioning systems and equipment for premises Painting equipment Pipes Passive house ventilation equipment , ventilation equipment , swimming pool ventilation equipment , comfort ventilation equipment , room ventilation equipment , airflow diffusers, industrial ventilators, heating pumps, hybrid system heat
    6. "JAK 3", Ltd. Heat pump - air conditioning installation service


      Daugavgrivas 132 k.1-65, Riga, LV-1055, Latvia

      +371 29676914

      .. Conditioning, Heating pumps. Air heat pump, conditioner, heat pump, supply of ventilation equipment systems, assembly, installation, service, repair, alignment, service, diagnostics, purchase, trade, trade, sales. Provides consultations about equipment system connection for customer needs. Heat engineering , heating equipment .
    7. "RIGAS BUVSERVISS", Ltd., Building material internet shop


      Berzaunes 12, Riga, LV-1039, Latvia


      Construction materials Construction materials Sale of construction materials Wholesale of construction materials Metal articles Plumbing Roof coatings Gates fences Doors windows online store, e-Commerce Construction material store Building material internet shop construction materials online store Finishing materials
    8. Grain pre-treatment equipment SIA Graintech


      Valdlauci, Izstazu 11, Kekavas p., Kekavas n., LV-1076, Latvia


      Grain mills Agriculture equipment Forest equipment Seeding-machine Agricultural machinery and tractor equipment trade Grain preprocessing, Grain dryer, Grain dryers, Mobile Wound, Mobile Wound, Chipboard, Biomass boiler, Crosswash dryers, Crosswash dryers, Stationary grave, Stationary grave, Grain storage, Grain
    9. "Icetec LTD" Ltd., Refrigeration, cooling and air conditioning equipment repair, service


      Bukaisu 12b, Riga, LV-1004, Latvia

      +371 27059777

      .. Ventilation systems, equipment . Conditioning systems, equipment . Air-conditioner repair, heat pump repair, trade, installation, maintenance. .. Split systems, multisplit systems, preventive works, estimation of leakage, portable conditioners, condensate pump replacement, heat pump, conditioner, conditioner,
    10. "Latvijas propana gaze", Ltd.


      Kurzemes prospekts 19, Riga, LV-1067, Latvia


      .. Gas, liquefied petroleum gas, SNG, propane, propane - butane, butane, gas cylinder, cylinder gas, gas for heating , heating gas, domestic gas cylinders, gas for grill, heating gas, gas cylinder trade, delivery, rental, filling, delivery in tanks. Liquefied gas trade, wholesale, retail, transit, reloading from tanker into rail tankers and
    11. "Airwave", Ltd., Conditioners, heating pumps, Ventilation


      Berzaunes 13, Riga, LV-1039, Latvia

      +371 67566607

      Heat pump Heating pumps Conditioner Conditioners Conditioning Ventilation and air conditioning systems and equipment for premises Ventilation Heat devices heating equipment Thermia, Daikin, Midea, Coltek, DEVATEC, Nordmann, Dimplex, CONDAIR, Emerson, WOLF, DEHUTECH, CLIVET, Danfoss, Boilernova, Termokey, ASPEN, SICCOM, Esbe,
    12. "Scandbio Latvia", Ltd.


      Griki, Laucienes p., Talsu n., LV-3285, Latvia


      Heating pellets Wood particle pellets Fuel, pellets, heating pellets, wood particle pellets, high quality particle board granules, heating , heat , fuel, firewood, heat in the house, heat supply, heat supply for homes, environmentally friendly heating , sawdust, chip, granular exports, heat to households, heating for households,
    13. "Jana", Ltd., Heating systems, Air heat pumps


      Miera 90, Riga, LV-1013, Latvia

      +371 67336595

      Heating systems Heating Heating boilers Heating pumps Heat devices heating equipment Air-to-water heat pumps, installation of heat pumps, BAXI, BAXI SpA, BDR-ThermeaGroup, System, UNICAL, SIME(IDEA) ARBONIA, COSMOGAS, atmospheric burner boilers, solid fuel, condensation, pellet heating boilers, gas heat , installation, repair,
    14. "Hekes Latvija", Ltd., pump, valve systems


      Lugazu 14, Riga, LV-1045, Latvia

      +371 67396810

      .. Borehole pumps Pumps, vacuum pumps, pump systems, valves, diesel generators, electric control cabinets, electric engines. Centrifugal pumps. Pumps, (end suction, borehole, many interweaves, borehole pumps, (high pressure) for heating and hot water preparation, submersible, (drainage and sewage waters), self-priming for dirty water
    15. "Baltrem", Ltd., Repair of washing machines, Repair of household appliances, refrigeration showcases


      Prusu 3, Riga, LV-1057, Latvia

      +371 29629128

      .. equipment Freezing equipment Refrigeration showcases Emergency repairs Emergency service Emergency service Emergency repair household appliances Provide service in: Riga, Riga region. Professional and household appliance repair, Gas stove, electric stove, oven, steam hood, dishwasher, washing machine repair, service, fixing,
    16. "Quant Latvia", Ltd. Electrical machine service center


      Krustpils 15, Riga, LV-1073, Latvia

      +371 67113588

      Electric engines electric motors their repair Commercial engineering services Repair of water pumps Electric engine repair Transformer repair Water-pipe and sewerage Electric engine repair Substations, substation automation, repair, substation repair, substation service, service, high-voltage products, automation for railway,
    17. "Crystalline", Ltd.


      Tinuzu 6-35, Riga, LV-1021, Latvia


      .. equipment Heat engineering , heating equipment , heating boilers, gas heating boilers, solid fuel boilers, liquid fuel boilers, water heaters, boilers, water treatment equipment , water pumps, temperature regulators, solar systems, hot water tanks, solar collectors, heating pumps, water softening equipment , water pumps for household,
    18. "Ottensten Latvia", Ltd.


      Dreilini, Gara 2, Stopinu n., LV-2130, Latvia


      .. tools, pneumatic nailer, compressor service, work tools, nail price, air compressor repair, compressors prices, nails for pneumatic nailer. Diesel-operating heaters. Fire-proof ventilation. Fire safety solutions, transition cables, fireproof cable transitions, heating , heat engineering .
    19. "SLE", Ltd.


      Brivibas gatve 202-61, Riga, LV-1039, Latvia

      +371 26380069

      Pellet burners Weishaupt gas burners Gas equipment Heat devices heating equipment Loading and unloading equipment Bridge cranes Console cranes Industrial equipment , heating , lifting equipment , heat engineering , pellet burners, termocabi, heat supply, cogeneration plants, Weashaupt gas, liquid fuel, combined, manufactured in
    20. "santehnikasveikals.lv", plumbing shop - online shop


      Jurkalnes 15, Riga, LV-1046, Latvia

      +371 26195665

      Plumbing Plumbing shop Plumbing trade Plumbing, internet shop of plumbing equipment , online shop, online shops, e - shop, trade online, plumbing trade, plumbing wholesale, wholesale online, bathtubs, massage systems, shower cubicles, ceramics, sinks, WC bowls, toilet bowls, sink legs, urinals, bidet, WC lids, towel warmers, boilers,
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