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    1. "Galas parstrades uznemums Nakotne", Ltd.

      meat processing

      Nakotne, "Grivas", Gludas p., Jelgavas n., LV-3040


      Meat Meat processing food Meat trade Sale of meat products, food Meat processing Sausage, sausages, ham, meat , pork chop, fillet, smoked products, cutlet mass, bones, drumsticks, smoked pork, meat pie, smoked bacon, činguļi, salami, smoke sausage, grill sausages, doctor sausage, ham sausage, sausages, sausages, sausages, blood
    2. "Galas meistars" Ltd.

      meat processing

      Darza 19, Saldus, Saldus n., LV-3801

      +371 63881727

      Meat products Meat processing Sale of meat products, food Trade of meat products, meat processing food, meat processing , meat product manufacturing, meat trade, meat , meat products, wholesale of beef products. Fresh meat , sausages, smoked products, culinary products. CĪSIŅI-SARDELES. Sausages for children in natural casing. Pork
    3. "Jaunzemitani", Ltd.

      meat processing

      Koknese, 1905. gada 33, Kokneses p., Kokneses n., LV-5113


      Meat processing Confectionery Meat processing , company, meat wholesale, retail. Food, sausages, juices, bread, eggs, milk, meat trade, recycling, sausage products, meat products, trips, off-site trading, outdoor buffet, picnics in nature, picnics, banquets, celebration tables, orders
    4. „SALDUS VISTA”, Chicken meat processing company, Ltd. „EVBL”

      "Kuldigas soseja 96", Saldus p., Saldus n., LV-3862

      +371 29455827

      .. to order, producer shop in Saldus, shop in Ventspils, Saldus vista, export, qualitative products, fresh meat , processed meat , white meat , healthy meat , healthy product, qualitative meat products, qualitative meat products, special recipes, tasty recipes, products purchase, ten years of experience, experience, individual orders,
    5. "Aloja-Starkelsen", Ltd.

      Ungurpils, Joglas 2, Alojas p., Alojas n., LV-4064


      .. . Mayonnaise, ketchup, (ketchup). Ingredients for manufacture of grain mill products. Bread, bread products, confectionery, cookery, corn sticks, zephyr, sweets. Ready-made meals. Dressings, snacks, chips, spices for chips. Ingredients for meat product manufacturing, poultry, birds.
    6. "Aibi", Ltd., Licensed Slaughterhouse, Office in Ērgļi

      Ergli, Cesu 16a, Erglu p., Erglu n., LV-4840


      .. , slaughter services, cattle buying up. Meat processing according to ISSO FSSC 22000 standard. Meat products, Meat industry, recycling. Meat exports. Meat products wholesale, Tinned meat , Production of canned meat . Meat processing . Fresh bovine meat . Frozen beef. Minced meat . Meat carcasses. Carcasses. Meat by-products. Meat trade.
    7. "Senlejas", Ltd.

      "Senlejas", Keipenes p., Ogres n., LV-5062


      .. . Chilled sheepmeat. Chilled beef. Chilled beef. Chilled veal. Chilled meat wholesale. Deboned meat . Purchase of live animals. Meat . Meat products. Meat processing . Butching. Veal purchasing in live and slaughter weights. Lamb buying.. . Dairy heifers purchase in live weight and carcass weight. Food. Divided meat . Certified
    8. "HeinorS", Ltd.

      Tinuzi, "Mezvidi", Tinuzu p., Ikskiles n., LV-5052


      .. . Purchase, cattle, livestock, young cattle. Animals, cattle transportation, moving, transport. Cattle, beef resting on the way, during transportation. Animal transport washing, disinfection, maintenance. Chilled beef, veal. Meat trade. Fresh young stock, beef, veal.
    9. "Cesu galas kombinats", Ltd.

      Miera 19, Cesis, Cesu n., LV-4101


      Cattle purchase Purchase of organic bovine animals Purchase of organic bovine animals, purchase of organic livestock, purchase of cattle, buy lambs, purchases of organic bovine animals, cattle purchase, purchase of organic bovine animals, livestock purchase, slaughterhouse, cattle slaughter, meat , meat products, meat processing , meat
    10. "Food Systems Services", Ltd.

      Lubanas 78, Riga, LV-1073


      .. . Knife sharpening, meat processing equipment spare parts, service, maintenance, cutting tools for meat processing . ADITEC.. . Meat , dairy processing equipment, sale, installation, service, service. Fish processing equipment. Mincer, cars. Ribbon.. . Meat mixers, sausage fillers, smoking chambers, metaldetectors, cutter knives,
    11. "Saulītes", guest house, highlanders in Valmiera

      "Saulites", Matisu p., Burtnieku n., LV-4210


      .. , Latvia, Vidzeme, Valmiera, Burtnieku Lake, Dwarfs, fishing in Lake Burtnieks. "Bauņu Bullītis", Valmiera Stacijas 22. Phone 26143311. Ripened beef. Cold smoked sausages. Cold smoked. Venison. Forest meat . Red deer meat . Wild game meat . Hailander – meat processing .
    12. "Baltic Vianco Trading", Ltd.

      Vecsaule, "Stalli", Vecsaules p., Bauskas n., LV-3932


      Cattle purchase Cattle purchase Cattle purchase, purchase, purchase, young stock purchase, fattened young cattle, beef purchase, defective cows. Consultations about fattening, beef realization, seminars for cattle breeders, BGB, baltic grassland beef.
    13. "Biomeat", Ltd.

      "Silaputni", Zasas p., Jekabpils n., LV-5239


      Slaughterhouse, slaughterhouse Zasa, meat processing , cattle purchase, meat products, purchase of cattle, slaughterhouse services, slaughterhouse, certified slaughterhouse, slaughterhouse in Jēkabpils.
    14. "Medijumi"

      Jaunciema gatve 8e, Riga, LV-1024


      Game meat , meat , game, flesh, fresh meat , fresh meat , meat products, meat products, forestry meat products, meat sale, meat trading, meat products, meat products, meat processing , meat processing , meat processing , forest meat , venison, deer sausages, game, meat .
    15. "Renem", Ltd.

      Krasnogorka, Pelecu p., Preilu n., LV-5329


      .. , slaughterhouse services. Certified slaughterhouse. Logistics, cattle purchase, purchase of calves, purchase of sheep, purchase of horses, meat sale, trade, transportation services for animal transport, distribution workshop, carcasses, offals, slaughterhouse Preili, slaughterhouse in Preili, slaughterhouse Preilu County,
    16. "Smaidas", Farm

      Snepele, "Smaidas", Snepeles p., Kuldigas n., LV-3328


      Beef export, transport, sales, purchase, slaughtering, consultations. Slaughterhouse, meat processing , livestock breeding, freight transport, road transport, agricultural products, purchase, sales, slaughter services, transport services, agricultural consultations, farm.
    17. "Kalnpierbes", Farm

      "Pentsils", Ergemes p., Valkas n., LV-4711


      Livestock purchase, slaughterhouse services, "Pentsils". Meat , meat products; recycling, trade, wholesale. Meat trade.
    18. "Baltins", Ltd.

      Atbrivosanas aleja 172a, Rezekne, LV-4604


      Meat trade in Rezekne Cattle, pork, chicken, natural meat products, meat products, Latvian meat . meat trade, meat wholesale, meat wholesale, fresh meat trade, wholesale.
    19. "Inkomercs K", Ltd., Professional kitchen equipment

      Katlakalna 1, Riga, LV-1073


      Production: ✓ Refrigeration equipment ✓ Heating equipment ✓ Neutral equipment ✓ Distribution lines and servicing equipment ✓ Convection ovens and steam convection ovens ✓ Equipment for vegetable processing ✓ Equipment for meat processing ✓ Fast food equipment ✓ Electromechanical equipment ✓ Equipment for pizzerias, confectioneries and bakeries ✓ Equipment for bars and cafes ✓ Dishwasher ✓ Cash desks ✓ Shelving systems
    20. "Baltic Pack", Ltd.

      Bikernieku 121, Riga, LV-1021


      .. bags, cheese maturing bags with and without printing. WEBOMATIC, PFM, MONDINI, AVE, TREIF professional packaging machinery, slicers, dosing and filling machines. ALMI spice mixtures for meat - processing , all kinds of aromas. Food production and packaging equipment. Equipment for meat and fish processing and packaging. Freezing and
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