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    1. "Mautoserviss", car tire, tire change in Riga

      Motor vehicles, repairs and maintenance

      Maskavas 434, Riga, LV-1063, Latvia

      +371 27200200

      Used tyres New car tyres Summer tyres Winter tyres Car repair maintenance Car repair in Riga Tyre change Car tyre car wheel trade Tyre service Car tyre service Car spare part trade Car sale car salons Motor oils lubricants Car tire service in Riga Tyre service, car service station, car repair, maintenance , car tyres, conditioner
    2. "Auto ritms", Ltd., Car repair in Pardaugava

      Motor vehicles, repairs and maintenance

      Jelgavas 66, Riga, LV-1004, Latvia

      +371 29473759

      .. -out adjustment. Steering rack, reika's repair, restoration. Lamp repair and replacement, exhaust-pipe repair, welding works, welding, conditioner refilling. Running gear repair.. for RTA. Connection and unit diagnostics, brake system repair, clutch repair, oil change, filter change, plug change, tyre installation and adjustment,
    3. "Rolis", Ltd.

      Motor vehicles, repairs and maintenance

      Ciekurkalna 2.linija 41, Riga, LV-1026, Latvia

      67367932, 29274932

      Car repair maintenance Car repair Car service Car service station Car diagnostics Chiptuning Chiptuning BOSCH diagnostics BOSCH power tools Rolis Chiptuning, tuning, car spare parts for passenger cars, car spare parts for trucks, spare parts for cars, Lorry spare parts, Commercial vehicle spare parts, trade, wholesale, servic, car
    4. Car centre, Ltd. "Auto Alta"

      Motor vehicles, repairs and maintenance

      Lubanas 82, Riga, LV-1073, Latvia

      +371 29689754

      .. Good car service in Plavnieki. Car repair maintenance , minibus, Passenger car, auto, motor vehicle , automobile, servic, service, car service station, engines, motors, brake pad change, their replacement, and brake systems, put on, cover plates, parking brake, check, repair, alignment, caliper, carriage, supports, restoration, disc,
    5. "Shadow", Ltd.

      Motor vehicles, repairs and maintenance

      Bukulti, Adazu 26, Garkalnes n., LV-1024, Latvia


      .. maintenance Restoration of antique cars, car restoration, restoration, Car service in Bergi, Car service, maintenance , Car body repair, painting, ayrography, Running gear diagnostics, repair, Engine belts, Change of strain belt, straps, Brake system, steering gear, turbine, engine, electric system repair, clutch change, Petrol,
    6. "Autex", Ltd.

      Kekava, Rigas 105, Kekavas p., Kekavas n., LV-2123, Latvia

      +371 25453643

      .. motor repair, maintenance advice, engine maintenance , maintenance , engine maintenance , consultations, Perkins power station, industrial marine engines, spare part of industrial marine engines, industrial marine engine service, repair of industrial marine engines, FG Wilson, Green Power, Stamegna marine power plants, Stamegna
    7. "SNE serviss", Ltd, Diesel service

      Ganibu dambis 30d, Riga, LV-1005, Latvia

      +371 26620515

      .. . Riga. Opacity prevention. Car, car fuel equipment, trucks, tractors, agricultural machinery and fuel equipment repair, Cummins, Cat, Siemens VDO, Yanmar, Deutz diagnostics. Common Rail, car repair maintenance . Diesel repair.. . Repair and spare parts, commercial transport. Heavy equipment, tractor equipment, tractors, their repair.
    8. "Nitram", Ltd., car radiator service center

      Lubanas 133, Riga, LV-1021, Latvia

      +371 26667438

      .. maintenance Car radiators, Radiator service, repair, trade, Bus, truck radiators, SCANIA, MAN, MERCEDES, AUDI, VOLVO, VOLKSWAGEN, BMW, TOYOTA, FORD, LEXUS, NISSAN radiators, Car mats, body parts, air conditioner refilling, inspection, repair, Radiator soldering, manufacturing, Radiator inspection, core change, Aluminium welding,
    9. "Atrums Serviss Pluss", Ltd., Car gas equipment

      Lubanas 82, Riga, LV-1073, Latvia

      +371 22140444

      .. Car gas equipment spare parts Filters, reducer, reducers, nozzle block, nozzles. Equipment, In Riga, Plavnieki, In Pļavnieki. Skirotava. Car service station, car service equipment. Equipment, devices. Car gas. Spare parts, trade, wholesale, retail. Car auxiliary devices and accessories. Brake parts, belts, filters, oils, clutches,
    10. "RD Magnat", SIA, auto glass optics, body spare parts

      Maskavas 240-3, Riga, LV-1063, Latvia

      +371 27569970

      .. ,, body parts trade, all types of car spare parts, car headlamps, mirror glass, motor hoods, motor guards, rear lights, car fog lights, car optics, mirrors, car glass, lamps, front, rear lamp lights, fog lights, turn signal lights, glass, gratings, spoilers, wings, covers, motor protection, heat radiators, ventilators,
    11. "DIESEL EKSPERT", "Turbo meistars", SIA

      Gulbju 35, Riga, LV-1076, Latvia

      +371 67620860

      Diesel engines Diesel pump repair Diesel nozzle repair Diesel engine diagnostics Common Rail Turbines Diesel engines Engines Turbine repair Car repair maintenance Diesel motor repair Diesel engines, Diesel engine, Common Rail, Turbines, diesels, diesel, diesel engine. .. motor fuel pump repair, spare parts. .. Restoration and new
    12. "Plintuss", Ltd., Car service station in Pardaugava, Car painting

      Zolitudes 71a, Riga, LV-1029, Latvia

      +371 29435047

      .. address. Tow truck services and car transportation to workshop and back. Car service station, car painting, repair of bodies, car restoration, car repair and maintenance , tyre service, tow truck services, car diagnostics. Car diagnostics.. . Pre-purchase complex testing. Car repair and maintenance . Headlight adjustment. Car
    13. "Doks-1", Ltd., Japanese and Korean car parts store

      Lielvardes 136, Riga, LV-1082, Latvia

      +371 29541238

      .. Shock absorbers, springs and braces, ball joints, shelves, power bars and rods, steering levers, brake discs and shoes, brake drums, brake pads, brake cylinders, silent blocks and bushes, motor cushions, clutch cylinders and discs, clutch baskets and clutch release bearings, timing belts and belts, drive belts, tensioners, plugs and plug
    14. "Diesel-Service", SIA, dizeldzineju sistemu serviss

      Maskavas 444a, Riga, LV-1063, Latvia

      +371 20250007

      Diesel engine service, Engine repair, motor repair, engine motor nozzle repair, diesel nozzle repair, Common Rail nozzles, nozzle systems, dismantling of diesel nozzles, dismantling of incandescent bulbs, (all complexity dismantling). Diesel engine high pressure pump repair, tractor repair, diesel fuel system repair, dīzeļdegvielas
    15. "AlexDiesel", Ltd., diesel, nozzles, pump repair Riga

      Krustpils 157a, Riga, LV-1063, Latvia

      +371 29117887

      .. motor nozzle repair, diesel engine high pressure pump repair, tractor repair, diesel fuel system repair, dīzeļdegvielas sistēmu remonts, LOOKING FOR PARTNERS FOR DIESEL SYSTEM RESTORATION, BOSH, DELPHI, Denso, repair of diesel engine fuel system, dīzeļmotoru degvielas aparatūras restaurācija, spare parts, electrician services,
    16. "Silavas Servisa Centrs", Ltd., Car service station

      Instituta 2, Salaspils, Salaspils n., LV-2169, Latvia

      +371 29110607

      .. . Oil change. Tyre change. Oil filter. Steering wheel mechanism, mechanism repair and restoration, brake caliper. Diesel motor repair, Tyre, oil change. Car diagnostics. Car service station, car spare.. , car towing, car evacuation. Car spare parts and accessories for sale, engine, exhaust pipe, carburettor, timing belts, starter, brakes,
    17. "DBC Autocentrs", "Daugavas biznesa centrs", Ltd., Truck cargo center, cargo service Riga

      Mazjumpravas 24, Riga, LV-1063, Latvia

      +371 27807999

      .. Maintenance of truck running gear, aggregate repair. Reducers, gear boxes, engines, clutches, high-pressure pump and nozzle repairs , hydraulics, maintenance and diagnostics, truck lift repair, computer diagnostics, TEXA, car electrician services, parts restoration, car welding, turning, aggregate washing, after accident
    18. "GT Garage", car service station

      Krustabaznicas 12c, Riga, LV-1006, Latvia


      DPF, particulate filter regeneration, burning, computer diagnostics, running gear diagnostics, vibro and repair, engine diagnostics and repair, exhaust-pipe repair, tire change storage, brake diagnostics repair, pre-purchase diagnostics, AIRmatic, pneumo suspension calibration, conditioner diagnostics, air-conditioner repair,
    19. "Winkler Baltija", Ltd., Spare parts for trucks and agricultural machinery

      Tiraines 9, Riga, LV-1058, Latvia


      Truck spare parts Agricultural machinery spare parts Tractor spare parts Commercial vehicle spare parts Agriculture equipment Truck Bus spare parts Car spare part trade Car repair maintenance Minibus spare parts Trailer spare parts Truck spare parts Car spare parts, spare parts for buses, spare parts for commercial vehicles ,
    20. "Geste", car heating and alarm service center

      Pildas 8, Riga, LV-1035, Latvia

      +371 67139460

      Car autonomous heating Hitch hooks Towing hooks Towing hooks Parking sensors Car auxiliary devices and accessories Cruise control Cargo compartment finish for commercial vehicles Conditioning system installation for commercial vehicles Car audio vibration damping material spreading Tow hooks sale Roof racks WEBASTO spare parts
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