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    1. Ltd. "Laimdotas", Joinery, Woodworking


      Deksne, "Laimdotas", Padures p., Kuldigas n., LV-3321


      Joinery products Wooden windows Furniture Doors Joinery products, windows, wooden windows, double glazed windows, box type windows, scandinavian type windows, non-standard windows, old type windows, doors, wooden doors, exterior doors, interior doors, sliding doors, stairs, wooden stairs, kitchens, kitchen equipment, furniture,
    2. "AVE Riga", SIA, Timber warehouse


      Mukusalas 45, Riga, LV-1004


      about the comapany: SIA "AVE RIGA" was established in cooperation with Kandava sawmill holding "Griezes", founded in 1995. Through its existence, due to the high quality of the company against work, "Griezes" has gained a wide range of regular customers not only in Latvia, but also in Norway, Sweden, England and Ireland. Our company manufactures and sells various types of timber. Thanks to the fact that all production is carried out using the latest woodworking equipment, we can offer our customers the highest quality lumber.
    3. "Graanul Invest", Ltd., Timber purchase in Vidzeme


      "Ezerini", Launkalnes p., Smiltenes n., LV-4718


      Pellets wood purchase Timber purchase Purchase of pulpwood Purchase of firewood Pellets, heating pellets, pellet manufacturing. Sawdust pellets, heating pellets, fuel, fuel pellets, pellet manufacturing, particle, (chips) pellets, automated fuel for households and other buildings in specialized boilers. Fuel. Firewood. Pulpwood.
    4. "Bohman Riga Hardwoods", Ltd., Precious wood, veneer knives, ALLOYA, SIHGA


      Bikernieku 121, Riga, LV-1021


      Knife veneer Hardwood lumber Terrace boards Facade boards Connections SIHGA structural timber products ACCOYA modified wood JOWAT adhesives for wood Sale of finishing materials Knife veneers, precious wood timbers, precious wood, terrace boards, iDeck, sawn timber, cladding boards, glued shields, glued window, components,
    5. Ltd. "Verners un draugi"


      Kalveri, Ziemera p., Aluksnes n., LV-4301


      Biohumuss production Packaging boards Cylindered stakes Fence poles Biohumuss Biohumuss Organic fertilizer Fence poles. Tree cylindering, purchase of small merchantable wood, (fir, pine). Garden, children's playground equipment, (swings). Wooden fences, fences, fencing, wooden fence, fence. Garden fences. Fence elements,
    6. "Agroserviss B", Ltd.


      Vidzemes 7g, Balvi, Balvu n., LV-4501


      Cafes, food sale, agrochemicals, fertilizers, agricultural services, construction, restoration, repair works, construction services, woodworking , finishing boards, floor boards, joinery products, joiner's works, wooden double-glazed windows, wooden doors, door production, window production, log buildings, log building houses,
    7. "IS", Ltd., Log buildings, Garden furniture


      Valmiermuiza, Vanagu 2, Valmieras p., Burtnieku n., LV-4219


      Log buildings Log bathhouses Log building houses Log building production, production, installation. Log house sauna, log bathhouses, bath-house. Garden furniture. Log building, Log houses from turned logs, posts. Production of log buildings, renovation. Children's playgrounds from the log, wooden. Log houses from turned logs. Log
    8. "Ilbu", Ltd., Branch, Timber in Riga


      "Jaunumi", Kekavas p., Kekavas n., LV-2123

      +371 28700022

      .. , In Ogre, In Baldone, Iecava, Bauska, In Bauska region, In Ikskile, In Madona, Madonas district, In Salaspils, all over Latvia, Stopinu district, In Marupe, In Babite, In Jelgava, In Ozolnieki, In Jurmala, In Dobele, In Jekabpils, In Pļaviņas. Woodworking .
    9. "RE mebeles", Ltd.


      Dzidrinas, "Dukati", Stopinu n., LV-2130


      Furniture manufacturing Kitchen furniture Furniture manufacturing furniture components Custom-production of furniture Furniture, furniture manufacturing, furniture trade, furniture design, manufacturing. Custom-designed furniture, upon order. Standard furniture, kitchen furniture, cabinets, hallways, anterooms, tables,
    10. "Lintera Riga", Ltd.


      Ganibu dambis 29a, Riga, LV-1005


      We offer:: ✓ Woodworking equipment ✓ Service center ✓ Spare parts ✓ Diamond and hard-cutting cutting tools ✓ Automation ✓ Hydraulics ✓ Industrial components ✓ Industrial tools
    11. "Dadsons", Ltd.


      Maskavas 322c-410, Riga, LV-1063

      +371 67269955

      Timber Sale Заготовки поддонов Scaffolding Holz handel Sale of timber materials Wooden pallets and blanks Timber imports Sale of timber materials, wooden pallets and blanks. Glued timber (wood) articles, (skirting boards, windows, profiled beams), chipboard (filings) granules, chip, briquettes, fuel. Lumber and their products. Oak
    12. "KUBX", Ltd.


      J. Poruka 47, Cesis, Cesu n., LV-4101


      Joinery Cēsis SIA Kubx, joinery, carpentry in Cēsis, joiner, stairs, furniture, built-in furniture, stairs, furniture for individual order, built-in closets.
    13. "Unicentrs", Ltd.


      Liela 1-74, Liepaja, LV-3401


      .. Land Register. Forest property management. Truck Maintenance Services, (tyre assembly, regular technical maintenance and running gear repair, hydraulics repair, welding, milling, turning. Woodworking , sawn timber, offers a variety of freshly cut sawn materials for construction, in different sizes, both conifers, and deciduous trees.
    14. "Troy", birch plywood office furniture


      Bauskas 143, Riga, LV-1004

      +371 67607411

      .. . Skatepark, (skateboarding) equipment: ramps. Furniture production, furniture components. Furniture wholesale. Furniture trade. Design and interior; items and services. Children goods wholesale. Road signs, traffic lights. Sports and tourist goods production. Woodworking .
    15. "Meltekss EB", SIA, manufacturing and sale of coffins in Vidzeme

      "Silkalni", Diklu p., Kocenu n., LV-4223


      Production of funeral supplies Coffin manufacturing production Precious wood coffins Sarcophagus Coffins Coffins, coffin. Coffin manufacture, coffin making, production. Wooden coffin, wooden coffins. Urn, urns. Oak, ash coffins. Precious wood coffin, coffins. Crosses, orthodox, old Believer, catholic, lutheran cross, crosses,
    16. "Balt Brand", Ltd.


      Rigas 115a, Salaspils, Salaspils n., LV-2169


      Driers Wood drying chambers Wood drying drying equipment Equipment for wood drying chambers, ventilators, bimetallic heaters, management system, management systems, timber probes, hatches, wood dryers for briquette production, wood dryers for pellet production, tapes chip dryers, rotary drum-type dryers, Balt Brand, designing,
    17. "Priezavoti", Ltd.


      Peltes, Zinatnes 19, Siguldas p., Siguldas n., LV-2150

      +371 29183187

      .. Round logs, roundwood prices, roundwood purchase prices, beams, log prices, log prices, beams, village in Salaspils, purchase of felling areas, boards, boards for construction, boards for garden, boards for roofs, boards for structures, boards for houses, boards for Riga, boards Sigulda, boards for glasshouse, fir, spruce beams, spruce
    18. "Juer", Ltd.

      Lielie Murnieki, "Murnieki", Preilu p., Preilu n., LV-5301


      Woodworking in Preiļi, wood processing services in Preiļi, drying firewood in Preiļi, buying firewood in Preiļi, sale of firewood in Preiļi, firewood sale in Preiļi, where to buy a firewood in Preiļi, planing services in Preili, forestry in Preili, In Ludza, In Kraslava, In Rezekne, In Livani, In Daugavpils, purchase of wood in Latgale, buying
    19. "Vidrižu Atvari", Ltd., Parquet factory


      "Atvari", Vidrizu p., Limbazu n., LV-4013


      Parquet Parquet production Exclusive parquet Parquet decking Finishing materials floor coverings Oak, ash, maple, elm parquet, production, trade, wholesale. Latvian timber. Exclusive parquet. Massive, full wood plank parquet, mosaic parquet, parquet production at individual customer's drawing, sample. Laying works of parquet,
    20. "Eliste", Ltd., Manufacture of wood and finishing materials - shop


      Maskavas 444, Riga, LV-1063

      +371 22802424

      .. , larch boards, larch wagon planks, larch, cladding board production. Impregnated, impregnated timber. Lamp guard for bathhouse, in bathhouse. Cover moldings (aspen, alder). Fresh sawn timber. Ventilation hatch (wood, for bath). Fence boards. Woodworking .
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