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    1. "Terion", Ltd., Veterinary clinic in Imanta

      Auru 9b, Riga, LV-1069

      +371 67411584

      .. sterilization, a visit to the vet, certificate of vaccination, veterinary, medicinal substances, veterinary medicines, microchip emplacement, animal surgeon, animal surgery, emergency care , animal dentist, animal dentistry, animal dentist, emergency assistance for animals, GN. Veterinary, care , animal care .
    2. "AKVASERVISS", aquarium company

      Braslas 29a-1, Riga, LV-1084


      .. , tests, aerator, pumps, primers, stones, glass, round glass, aquarium base, products for care , background, saltwater, water for aquarium, clean water, Eheim, DY, toshi pump, corallsand, aquarium systems, andreas meyer, milwaukee, DO meter, kH, pH, gH, antiphosphat, activated carbon, ozonator, sander, algenkiller, brilliant, faden,
    3. "OSI serviss", Ltd., Veterinary clinic

      Avotu 66, Riga, LV-1009


      .. , small animal treatment, (rabbits, rats, ferrets, hamsters. Animal food. Dog, cat hairdressing salon, professional pet hairdressing. Professional cosmetics. Vet services. Zoogoods, care , scaling, tartar removal with ultrasound. Animal therapy, Surgery for animals, animal vaccination, animal hairdresser, veterinary pharmacy.
    4. "Tropic", Ltd.

      Kekava, Celtnieku 5, Kekavas p., Kekavas n., LV-2123

      +371 26466412

      Zoo products wholesale Wholesale pet food bases Animal food Wholesale of animal products Kekava, Near Riga, Near Riga. Natural for cats. Toys for animals. .. , retail, trade, trade. Zoo goods, animal care . Accessories, aquariums and.. , Sera, Witte molen, Odour Buster. DUVO+, Alfa Spirit. Dog, cat, rodent, fish, bird, parrot, canary, animal
    5. "Marava", Ltd., Veterinary clinic, medicine - pet shop

      Maskavas 264, Riga, LV-1063

      +371 67187812

      Veterinary Animal feed medications Zoo goods animal care Veterinary pharmacy, clinic, surgery, veterinary clinic, therapy, vaccination, zoo goods, sterilization, castration, euthanasia, veterinarian. Animal food. Small pet food supplements and care products, vitamin preparations for oral use and complementary feed, metabolism
    6. "Juglas ezers", Veterinary clinic, "Anivet", Ltd.

      Juglas 51, Riga, LV-1064


      .. animal dermatologist, animal dermatology, anti flea, drops for animals, drops, zoo shops, Hills, TROVET, Virbac, ticks, removing, cat shaving, cat nail cutting, for a dog, rabbit nail cutting, tartar cleaning, teeth grinding, animal disease diagnostics, animal ultrasonographic examination, animal ultrasonography, animal ambulance,
    7. "Mezciems", Veterinary clinic, "Anivet", Ltd.

      S.Eizensteina 45, Riga, LV-1079


      .. animal dermatologist, animal dermatology, anti flea, drops for animals, drops, zoo shops, Hills, TROVET, Virbac, ticks, removing, cat shaving, cat nail cutting, for a dog, rabbit nail cutting, tartar cleaning, teeth grinding, animal disease diagnostics, animal ultrasonographic examination, animal ultrasonography, animal ambulance,
    8. "Amicus", Veterinary clinic

      K.Valdemara 16, Rezekne, LV-4601


      .. , day hospital, electrosurgery. Rezekne. In Rezekne. Latgale. In Latgale. Hill's, Royal Canin, TROVET, VetLife, Specific, Zoogoods, animal care products, Vetexpert, animal cosmetics, Furminators. Sonography for animals. Treatment of exotic animals, exotic animals. Dog, dogs, for dogs, cat, for cats.. , determination of pregnancy. Feed
    9. "Bisu darzs", Ltd., Veterinary clinic

      P.Lejina 5, Riga, LV-1029

      +371 29167346

      .. animal skin diseases, animal skin disease treatment, animal skin diseases, healing animal food, professional pet food, bee medications, animal food, cat vitamins, dog vitamins, vitamins for cats, vitamins for dogs, ultrasonography for animals, x-ray for animals, analysis for animals, animal tests, animal dermatologist, animal
    10. "Farmeko", Ltd.

      Brivibas gatve, Riga, LV-1024


      .. , bedspreads for pets, mats for animals, animal care products, animal care products, mats for pets, SanaSet bedspreads, SanaSet mats, SanaSet Baby bedspreads, SanaSet Baby mats, SanaPet bedspreads, SanaPet mats, absorbing pants AMD Pant, absorbing briefs AMD Pant, briefs for adults AMD Pant, diapers for adults, diapers for adults SanaSet
    11. "Oldana", Ltd., ZOO shop in Cesis TC "Nodus"

      "Piebalgas 85", Vaives p., Cesu n., LV-4136


      .. Zoo shops, pet-shop, zoo shop. Animals, animal , for animals, dogs, dog, for dogs, cats, cat, for cats, fish, fish, fish, birds, bird, for birds, turtles, rodents, rodent, rodents, food, toys, leashes, bowls, cages, cage accessories, accessories, bed places, clothing, sand, veterinary, litter, aquariums, aquarium supplies, chemistry,
    12. "Vinni", IK, Veterinara klinika

      Mezu 29, Liepaja, LV-3405


      Veterinary, therapy, surgery, cat, dog castration, sterilization, x-ray, ultrasonography, exotic animal treatment, dental hygiene, hairdressing, dog and cat curative and professional feed, dog, cat, dog, polecat vaccination, cosmetic surgeries, eye correction, microchipping, veterinary preparations. Vet, veterinary, veterinary
    13. "Tuvs", Ltd.

      Katlakalna 13, Riga, LV-1073


      Animal food Zoo goods for animal care Dog food Cat food BOSCH, Sanabelle, FERRET representatives. ZOO, pet-shop, zoogoods, animals, animal feed trade. .. Animal food, dry food, canned food, animal care products. Whiskas, KiteKat, Rokus, Friskies, Darling, Acana, Akana, Chappy, Kis-Kis, Kis, Happy Paws, Doggo, Chicopee, Advace, Gourmet,
    14. "all4pets", Olaine Veterinary Clinic

      Zeiferta 12, Olaine, Olaines n., LV-2114


      .. , antiparasitic products for pets, for dogs, for cats, rodents, drugs. Anti-parasite products. Professional diabetic animal feed, food for animals, for pets. Dog food, food for cats, food for rodents. Royal Canin, TROVET, RRINS, Accessories for pets. Leashes, muzzles, collars, etc.. Inventory. Bowls, bed places, bags, toys, cages for
    15. "Cheirons", SIA, Veterinary pharmacy and clinic in Ventspils

      Katolu 36, Ventspils, LV-3601


      Veterinary dispensary Sonography Veterinary clinic Veterinarian Ventspils Vet, veterinarian in Ventspils, Kurzeme, veterinarian services, veterinary assistance, vet help, veterinarian services, veterinary care , veterinary, vetclinic, veterinary clinic, animal clinic, vet pharmacy, veterinary pharmacy, animal , cat, dog,
    16. Sloka veterinary dispensary, veterinary pharmacy

      Tirzas 37, Jurmala, LV-2011


      .. , chipping, chipping, veterinary certificates, home visits. Veterinary food, additives, drugs, care products, veterinary clinic Kauguri, (In Kauguri) Sloka, Jurmala. Ultrasonography. Rita Ozola. Marika Kasparžaka. Animal registration LDC. From October X-ray, digital x-ray, dental treatment, scaling, tooth polishing, cosmetic
    17. "Hirons", Ltd., Dog hairdresser's

      Zvaigznaja gatve 2, Riga, LV-1082

      +371 67546366

      Dog hairdresser in Purvciems Cat hair salon in Purvciems Dog hair salon in Riga, Purvciems. Cat hair salon in Riga, Purvciems. Pet hairdressing. Pet hairdressing. Grooming.
    18. "Davet", Veterinary clinic

      Ventspils 54, Liepaja, LV-3405


      Veterinary clinic, clinic, 24-hour veterinary clinic, veterinarian, veterinarian doctor, vet services, animal care , care , veterinary medicine in Liepaja, veterinary in Kurzeme, veterinary care , surgery, therapy, x-ray, traumatology, vaccination, immunology, oncology, microchips, laboratory, blood tests, urinalysis, hair tests,
    19. "Zooaprupes Centrs SVEIKS UN VESELS", Veterinary clinic, shop, Animal hairdresser's

      Ozolnieki, Melioracijas 2, Ozolnieku p., Ozolnieku n., LV-3018


      .. Zooshop Ozolniekos, veterinary pharmacy in Ozolnieki, SVEIKS un VESELS, zoo care center, zoogoods, visits to cows, for sheep, for rabbits, for goats, pigs, horse microchips and vaccinations. for a dog, for a cat, cat sterilization, vaccination, dog, cat, Dog hairdressing, cat hair cutting, cat trimming, dog washing, cat washing, trimming,
    20. "Dr. Beinerts" Ltd, 24-Hour Veterinary Clinic

      Gertrudes 101, Riga, LV-1009


      24-hour veterinary clinic 24-hour veterinary pharmacy Veterinary clinic 24-hour pharmacy Veterinarian Zoo goods for animal care Veterinary in Riga Veterinarian in Riga Veterinary care , hospital, 24-hour veterinary pharmacy, (vet pharmacy) veterinary, clinic, pet-shop, (zoo shop). Surgery, therapy, ophthalmology, x.. .
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