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Terion, Ltd., Veterinary clinic

Laboratorijas 2a, Rīga, LV-1012
Good vet in Riga, In Babite, Pinki, Pardaugava, Veterinary pharmacy, Animal food, Veterinary medicines Animal surgery, emergency assistance for animals, GN. Veterinary, care, animal care.
  • 1 Animal feed, Ltd., Tuvs zoo goods online shop

Cesvaines 10, Rīga, LV-1073
ZOO, pet-shop, zoogoods, animals, animal feed trade. Animal food, dry food, canned food, animal care products.

Irvins, Pet-shop, Ltd. Grundmanis

Nīcgales 32, Rīga, LV-1035
ZIWI peak organic animal feed in a pet store “Irvins”. Zoo shop Plavnieki. Zoo goods in Plavnieki. Wholesale of animal feed in Riga.

”ĶEPA RAW FOOD” fresh food concept store in Ogre

Brīvības 39, Ogre LV-5001
Balanced, portioned fresh feed , dehydrated, dried fish, livestock products, bulk weighed feed , healthy dogs, for cats, delivery to home, parcel shipments, treats for dogs, chewing cheese for dogs, fresh feed
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SIA Janas veterinārā prakse, Veterinary clinic, Pet shop in Cēsis

Uzvaras bulvāris 30, Cēsis, Cēsu n., LV-4101
    ✓ animal therapy ✓ surgery ✓ sterilization ✓ castration ✓ vaccination ✓ chipping ✓ prophylaxis ✓ consultation ✓ animal feed, accessories, care products ✓ laboratory tests

Akvaserviss, Firm

Braslas 29a-1, Rīga LV-1084
    ✓ Aquarium design ✓ Aquarium service and cleaning ✓ Aquarium transportation ✓ Water for aquariums ✓ Supply of goods ✓ Fish restaurant ✓ Water analysis ✓ Aquarium design change ✓ Disease treatment
Advantages: Individual aquarium design takes into account the expertise of graduate biologists, engineers and designers. Within two months we produce and install freshwater and marine aquariums, as well as reef aquariums with a large number of corals and fishes, using modern biological technologies.
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4 MĪĻAS ĶEPAS, Ltd., Health house for animals

Loku 21, Valmiera LV-4201
    ✓ Healthy animal food( for everyday life and the recovery period), specially researched product, variety of treats and quality accessories for animals ✓ Veterinary clinic, Veterinary services, Medicines ✓ Animal care procedures( ear cleaning, nail cutting, paw waxing) ✓ Vaccinations ✓ Identification with microchips ✓ Animal registration in LDC database ✓ Organizing documents for everyday life and traveling with animals ✓ Animal treatment and surgery ✓ Analysis taking( blood, urine, skin scrapings, cytology, etc. . ) for clarifying the diagnosis ✓ Soft tissue surgery ✓ Orthopedic surgery ✓ Animal castration, sterilization ✓ Oncological surgery ✓ Postoperative observation on the day of surgery ✓ USG examinations( Ultrasonography) - this service is currently unavailable. ✓ Dental hygiene, tartar removal with ultrasound, teeth cleaning and polishing with ultrasound, tooth extirpation( removing) ✓ Laser therapy( for difficult-to-heal wounds and to supplement the treatment of complex bone fractures) ✓ Consultations and referrals to the best specialist doctors for specific health problems ✓ Animal grooming services( . sk. "the angry one" grooming cats under anesthesia) . BEAUTY CLINIC FOR BIG, SMALL, LOVELY AND DOMINOUS!
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Alejas 24, Grobiņa LV-3430
Grobiņa veterinary clinic services:
    ✓ Emergency care for animals, 24-hour veterinary clinic ✓ Animal vaccination, transponder( microchip) entry and registration ✓ Document processing for animal transportation abroad ✓ Professional medicated animal feed ✓ Laboratory tests ✓ X-ray diagnosis ✓ Ultrasonography ✓ Stomatology ✓ Orthopedics ✓ Home visits by appointment ✓ Hospital
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Parventas veterinara ambulance, Sole proprietorship

Tārgales 48, Ventspils LV-3602
    ✓ Ultrasonography ✓ Digital X-ray ✓ Videoendoscopy ✓ Laparoscopy ✓ Arthroscopy ✓ Therapy ✓ Surgery
About us: IU “Pārventas veterinārā ambulance” since 1997 has been providing veterinary medical services in diagnostics, surgery and therapy. There is a spacious waiting room with weights for your convenience, which you can use to monitor the weight of your pet on a daily basis. Modern veterinary pharmacy with a wide range of medicines and animal feed.
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Davet, veterinary clinic

Ventspils 54, Liepāja LV-3405
In the clinic "Give" the following services are available::
    ✓ Urgent visits ✓ 24-hour visits ✓ Home visits ✓ Consultations ✓ Vaccinations ✓ Microchipping ✓ Surgery ✓ Therapy ✓ Laboratory ✓ Ultrasonography ✓ Ultrasonography ✓ Teeth ultrasound cleaning ✓ Euthanasia ✓ Morgue services
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Bufo, Veterinary clinic in Kekava

Ķekava, Nākotnes 1, Ķekavas pagasts, Ķekavas nov. LV-2123
Services offered by the veterinary clinic::
    ✓ Visit ✓ Reference ✓ Vaccination and registration ✓ Procedures and manipulations ✓ Surgeries ✓ Laboratory tests ✓ Animal euthanasia
Clinics "Bufo" veterinarians::
    ✓ Linda Samiņa ✓ Valery Guseva ✓ Vija Guseva
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Pargaujas veterinara klinika un aptieka, Ltd., Zoo goods Valmiera

Mazā Stacijas 5, Valmiera, Valmieras n., LV-4201
Apraksts: T. 29449835 Veterinary clinic , veterinary pharmacy , zoo goods , animal feed , pet accessories in Valmiera .
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Neroli Met, Ltd.

"Stūrmaņi" , Saldus pagasts, Saldus nov. LV-3862
Neroli Met services:
    ✓ PRODUCTION LINE design, manufacture, installation, ✓ Packing, weighing, dosing CONVEYORS, ✓ PACKAGING, WEIGHING, DOSING CONVEYORS, ✓ Non-standard conveyors, ✓ Non-standard conveyors, ✓ Metal detection conveyors, ✓ Installation of automatic software equipment, ✓ Control system design, ✓ Welding, orbital welding, ✓ Stainless steel welding, ✓ Aluminum welding - blocks, tanks, crankcases, etc. ., ✓ Manufacture of aluminum structures, ✓ Pipe bending - for the food industry, etc. ., ✓ Orbital welding, ✓ Welding, ✓ Manufacture of stainless steel structures, ✓ Metal cutting, ✓ Metal processing, ✓ Turning, ✓ Milling, ✓ Metal rolling, ✓ Installation of automatic software equipment, ✓ Control system design, ✓ Metal bending

Tropic, Ltd.

Ķekava, Celtnieku 5, Ķekavas pagasts, Ķekavas nov. LV-2123
Tropic experience: Leading zoo goods and feed trader in Latvia. Zoopreces, animal feed: SIA "TROPIC" company with 30 years of experience offers:
    animal feed ✓ wholesale of animal feed ✓ zoopreces ✓ zoopreču wholesale ✓ delivery of goods throughout Latvia
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Terion, Ltd., Veterinary clinic

Miera 4, Rīga, LV-1001
Apraksts: Veterinary clinic in Riga offers veterinary assistance for pets. Knowledgeable veterinarians, affordable prices.
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Terion, Ltd., Veterinary clinic in Imanta

Auru 9b, Rīga, LV-1069
    ✓ diagnosis and treatment of diseases( incl.. skin diseases, eye and ear diseases, urinary system diseases, digestive and abdominal problems, etc), ✓ vaccinations( dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits), ✓ surgery operations( incl.. sterilization, castration, tumor surgery, etc), ✓ laboratory analyzes, ✓ tartar removal with ultrasound, oral hygiene, ✓ ultrasonography( detection of pregnancy, urinary system, etc) ✓ prevention measures( ear cleaning, nail trimming and other small but necessary procedures) .

Bisu darzs, Ltd., Veterinary clinic

P.Lejiņa 5, Rīga, LV-1029
    ✓ Diagnosis of animal diseases ✓ Ultrasonographic examination ✓ Treatment ✓ Vaccination ✓ Microchip ✓ Surgery ✓ Dentistry ✓ Emergency assistance ✓ Laboratory tests ✓ Laser therapy ✓ Rabies test ✓ Issuance of certificates, tokens, passports ✓ Consultations ✓ Consultations in beekeeping ✓ Home visits ✓ Pet shop ✓ Euthanasia ✓ Morgue

Amicus, Veterinary clinic

K.Valdemāra 16, Rēzekne, LV-4601

All types of veterinary services. Professional consultations for animal owners. The best health care for your pets. Animal health diagnostics, treatment, surgery, medicated feed and feed additives. Professional veterinary specialists!

OSI serviss, Ltd., Veterinary clinic

Avotu 66, Rīga, LV-1009
Veterinary clinic pharmacy:
    ✓ Animal treatment ✓ Surgery for animals ✓ Animal vaccination ✓ Laboratory tests ✓ Animal hairdresser ✓ Veterinary pharmacy ✓ Tartar removal with ultrasound
About us: Ltd. "OSI serviss" veterinary clinic will provide you and your pet with timely and high-quality veterinary assistance in the field of treatment and prevention of animal diseases. The veterinary clinic was opened on April 28, 2001. We strive for an individual approach to animal treatment and want our customers to have access to a full range of services to meet all their needs. Only a professional veterinary clinic is able to timely and accurately determine the cause of the disease, make an accurate diagnosis, as well as develop effective treatment tactics that ensure successful treatment and recovery of the animal. Veterinary assistance may be required at any time in life, even if the animal currently looks completely healthy. Qualitative veterinary care and prevention means timely and accurate diagnosis of diseases, as well as the development of an appropriate treatment strategy that helps to achieve the maximum therapeutic effect for each animal.

Klivet, Veterinary clinic

Maskavas 180, Rīga, LV-1019
Apraksts: When purchasing goods and medicines worth 30 EUR, you will receive a regular customer card, which provides a 10% discount on vaccination, visits to the veterinarian and a 3% discount on ROYAL CANIN food. We recommend applying in advance for a visit to the vet!