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    1. "ZIBO vitrazu studija", Zigurds Bormanis

      arts and crafts
      In company "ZIBO vitrāžu studija" are made stained glass, paintings on glass, frosting and deep frosting, alloys, glass ware. Cooperation with architects, interior designers, carpenters. Stained glass delivery and installation.
    2. "Balva", Ltd., leather goods workshop in Riga

      arts and crafts

      Brivibas 152a, Riga, LV-1012


      Leather goods sale: Latvian leather products. We sell leather goods in Latvia and Europe. We participate in Latvia's fairs. Leather product manufacturing: We are the largest leather products manufacturers in Latvia. We produce promotional and leather goods. We also work upon individual order. Leather products. Leather goods manufacture, sale. Leather covers, folders, bags, boxes, purse, belts. Leather business gifts, promotional gifts. Riga. Vidzeme. Ciekurkalns. In the center of Riga. Teika. Purvciems. Old City. Brivibas street.
    3. "HARDEX Baltic", Ltd.

      Klijanu 8-200, Riga, LV-1013


      Hardex tools Grone tools Decoration tools Painting tools Tools Instrument and tool trade Tools Electric tools Construction and repair works Brushes, brush set, roll, handle, painting tools, tools, for wallpaper gluing, tools for tiling, tools for bricklaying, cover films, protective films, adhesive tapes, ribbons, trowels,
    4. "ANVI AM", Ltd.

      E.Birznieka-Upisa 23-7, Riga, LV-1011


      .. costumes National costume rental Woollen shawls, national blouse, national skirts, wreaths, national bodice, national vests, national men's skirts, national socks, national belts, brooches. Folk costumes, national costume, national costume rent, arts and crafts , linen baby clothes. Folk costumes individually and for collectives,
    5. "Grāmatu Draugs Plus", Ltd., Bookbinding in Pārdaugava

      Marupes 8, Riga, LV-1002

      +371 67615033

      .. ) book, magazines, newspapers. Magazines recreation, etc. Diploma paper (diploma papers), Master's thesis, Bachelor's thesis binding within one hour with inscriptions on cover, certificates, folders, address covers, menus, guest books, also made of leather, certificate, folder, address cover, guest book production, album, drawing and
    6. "Grāmatu draugs Plus", Ltd., Bookbinding in Riga

      Gertrudes 14, Riga, LV-1011

      +371 67615033

      Binding (in hardcover) book, magazines, newspapers. Magazines leisure etc. Diploma paper (diploma paper), Master's thesis, Bachelor's thesis binding within one hour with inscriptions on the cover, certificates, folders, address covers, menus, guest books, also made of leather, leather article production, production, album, drawing and
    7. "Raksta", shop, "Dungita", Ltd.

      Brivibas gatve 205, Riga, LV-1039


      .. , shorts. National costume, shoe and tracksuit ordering. Pastalas, dance shoes, boots, cloth slippers meant for dancing. Tracksuits, national shirts for girls, boys, women, men, folksy skirts and petticoats, knitted socks, brooches, straw hats, felt hats, caps, belts and ribbons, artificial flower and acorn wreaths, wife hats, head,
    8. "Skava M", metal products workshop

      Marupe, Kursisu 22, Marupes n., LV-2167


      Hammered work Fences Railings Artistic metal forging and custom-metalworking. Metal forgings: gates, window gratings, railings, fences, lighting fixtures, tables, fireplace accessories, fireplace grates, hinges - for doors, windows, gates, handles, flag holders, metal tables, chairs, lamps
    9. "ZIBO vitrazu studija", Individual merchant, Workshop

      Krustini, "Varaviksnes", Incukalna n., LV-2141


      Stained glass, stained glass, stained glass making, restoration. Classic stained glass, classic stained glass. Glass art, glass artists. Paintings on glass and glass objects. Glass paintings, glass fusion. Decorative glassware. Stained glass artist, stained glass artist. Zigurds Bormanis. Stained glass workshop. Classic stained glass
    10. "G&A pilnsabiedriba", jeweler workshop

      Kreslas 3-1, Riga, LV-1048

      +371 26826942

      .. Brooches, shirt brooches, shirt brooches. Custom-made jewelry, engagement rings, wedding rings, badges, awards, awards, presentation item production, badges for student corporations, student fraternity regalia, ornaments for folk costumes, brooches, shirt brooches, Archaeological and ethnographic ring production. Jewelry repair
    11. "Ozolkalna klets", IK, Ausanas un rokdarbu darbnica

      Biksere, "Libes Ozolkalns", Sarkanu p., Madonas n., LV-4870


      .. scarves. Shoulder scarves, neck scarves. Song Celebration Costumes. Belts, ribbons, socks. Cloth blend, towels. Folk costumes for dancers, dance collectives, for choir singers. Offer of "Ozolkalnu klēts": Excursion program for children and adults, (up to 20 pers.) Weaving and weaving training, 3 looms Available.
    12. "Aušanas darbnīca Vēverīšas", SP, Latvian national costume production

      Rigas, Cesis, Cesu n., LV-4101


      .. costumes. Latvian national costumes, national costume production, also upon order. Archaeological costumes. Folk applied arts items, blouses, belts, big scarves, socks, gloves, brooches, hats, linen products, linen, tablecloth, napkins, towels, blankets, covers, wool yarn and linen threads, various souvenirs. We show weaving skills in
    13. ETMO, Shop

      Torna 4-3A, Riga, LV-1050


      Textiles Clothing and scarves Interior items Gifts Clothing, linen clothing, linen clothes, scarves, linen scarves, linen scarves, wool scarves, silk scarves, linen tablecloths, linen tablecloths, linen serviettes, linen serviettes, linen table runners, linen table runners, linen towels, linen towels, linen aprons, linen aprons,
    14. Vecelis Ilmārs, "Pūdnīku skūla"

      "Pudniku skula", Aulejas p., Kraslavas n., LV-5681


      Latgale ceramics Latgale potters Ceramic articles Ceramics, ceramic articles, souvenirs, tent places, ceramic Ilmārs Vecelis, pottery, clay jars, working individually, ceramic workshop in Kraslava. You can apply for excursions, arts and crafts , arts & crafts in Kraslava, daily-use tableware, Pūdnīku skūla.
    15. "Anita", workshop

      Latgales 131, Ludza, Ludzas n., LV-5701


      .. point, linen products. Arts and crafts . Basketry, baskets, wickerwork. Woven blankets in Ludza, Latgale, basketry in Ludza, Latgale, wool yarn in Ludza, Latgale, nation belts in Ludza, Latgale, souvenirs in Ludza, Latgale, blanket trade in Ludza, Latgale, national costume sale in Ludza, Latgale, woven garters in Ludza, Latgale, arts &
    16. "Baltijas pinumi", Ltd., A. Lejnieka Wicker workshop

      Jaunmarupe, Piladzu 13, Marupes n., LV-2166


      .. , basketry. Wicker production, production, trade. Crafts , (hand work, wickerwork). Rocking chairs, wicker garden furniture, Basketry for shops. Wattled furniture, wicker baskets, trays, rocking chairs, wickered, wicker baby cradles, wicker basket stand, shop baskets, fruit and bread baskets, picnic baskets, laundry baskets, wood
    17. "Dzipari S", Ltd.

      Pils 21b, Aluksne, Aluksnes n., LV-4301


      Souvenirs gifts Linen products, linen, souvenirs, gifts, arts and crafts , home textile, umbrellas, bed linen, bed linen sets, textile article production, sale, wool, linen products, pastalas, bast footwear, wool socks, gloves, candles, mugs, mugs, bathhouse items, bath-house hats, sponges, slippers, towels, gold, silver chains,
    18. Livanu district municipality

      Rigas 77, Livani, Livanu n., LV-5316


      Līvānu district municipality Livani - key in Latgales gates! Municipalities. Livanu municipality. Livanu glass. Livanu glass museum. Livanu craftsmen. Latgale Arts and Crafts Centre.
    19. "Eridana", veikals

      Blaumana 17, Madona, Madonas n., LV-4801


      Eridana, Eridana Madona, Souvenirs, souvenirs in Madona, gifts, gifts in Madona, gift wrapping, clothes for children, clothing for women, textiles, bijouterie, children goods, goods for children, cosmetics, eco products, knitwear articles, haberdashery, underwear, baby linen, arts and crafts products, craftmen works, sea buckthorn
    20. "Novads", IU

      Rigas 5d, Bauska, Bauskas n., LV-3901


      .. dressmaking. We sew clothing, sewing, coats, men pants. Cushions, sheets etc. Applied arts , crafts , exclusive handicrafts. Clothing workshop. Sewing also non-standard products. National costume. Sewing of different national.. , national costumes, Vidzeme wreaths, bonnets, wreaths, cape, capes, etc. Knitwear, production of knitted
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