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RD Met, Ltd., metal processing

Ganību dambis 40p, Rīga LV-1005
The company offers:
    ✓ turning works ✓ milling works ✓ metalworking ✓ coordinate - turning works
We provide services in: The company offers its services to customers in both Latvia and Estonia. If necessary, the company's specialists go on a trip to the client.
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Ramda C, Ltd.

Sala, Alejas 3, Salas pagasts, Jēkabpils nov. LV-5230

LTD "RAMDA C" founded in 2011. and offers high-quality metal construction manufacturing, delivery and assembly, as well as construction throughout the territory of Latvia and beyond.

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RK Alloy, Ltd.

Miera 30, Salaspils LV-2169
Apraksts: RK Alloy is a metalworking and construction company that has been operating since 2011. We specialize in the development and design of production equipment and building structures. We offer a full service - from project creation to the finished product. Welding. The quality certificate EN 1090-2 + A1: 2011 has been passed.
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Dūņu 4, Liepāja, LV-3401

Metal processing company LESJOFORS SPRINGS LV LSEZ SIA is engaged in the production and stamping of springs, we distribute LESJOFORS group products. Metal processing, springs, stamping, metal products.

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Palmer Group, Ltd., Laser cutting

Ādaži, Lejupes 6, Ādažu p., Ādažu n., LV-2164
Our services:
    ✓ Black steel, stainless steel, aluminum CNC laser cutting
    ✓ Metal construction joints ✓ Laser cutting of metal products and parts ✓ Production of welded structures ✓ Fabrication of parts on software control desktops ✓ Manufacture of metal parts in bulk ✓ Laser cutting of sheet materials ✓ Production of metal design elements ✓ Custom metal processing ✓ Folding of metal parts ✓ MIG MAG welding ✓ TIG welding
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Vestavia, SIA

Gāles 2, Rīga, LV-1015
About the company: Vestavia is a fully integrated custom gear manufacturer serving the needs of commercial industry. Vestavia offers custom and standard gear manufacturing. Vestavia can offer one of the largest Broaching facilities in the Baltics, which leads to a speedy completion of customer components.

VAG Technics, SIA

Jāņavārtu 19, Rīga, LV-1073
Apraksts: Company "VAG Technics" is engaged in the manufacture of various types and complexity components with modern, high-precision CNC metalworking equipment. We work with such materials as plastic, titanium, steel, stainless steel, aluminum. Every customer is important to us, so we work with both large companies and individual customers across Europe. To make a component, we need a drawing, model or sample. If the customer can't provide the necessary documentation, we have a qualified employee who can prepare all the necessary documentation for the implementation. After that, we will evaluate the optimal manufacturing technology: materials, tools, equipment, type of equipment that will allow you to make an order within agreed time limits, and all the details will be in accordance with technical specifications, dimensions and tolerances. The company constantly develops in the sphere of manufacturing processes. As a foundation to it is a technically educated and energetic team of workers.
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GS Furnitūra, Ltd., Furniture, fittings store

Klaipēdas 19/21, Liepāja LV-3401
Custom manufacture of metal structures, furniture and elements:

Furniture and constructions for business - warehouses, shops, salons, hairdressers, gyms, car repair shops, offices and agriculture and others. Furniture and constructions for the house - interior, kitchen equipment, partitions, opening and sliding, glazed walls, doors, fences, gates, fences, sliding and opening gates, carports, canopies, railings, terrace constructions and bases. garden furniture, swings, path separating metal edges, garden watering stands, personalized grills, design fireplace.

NT Grup, Ltd., metal structure production

Kurzemes prospekts 3d, Rīga, LV-1067
Our specifics in metalworking are::
    ✓ Metal structure production ✓ Metal structure assembly; ✓ Milling works; ✓ Turning works; ✓ Metal bending; ✓ Welding; ✓ Assembly of metal products; ✓ Plasma cutting; ✓ Drilling; ✓ Cutting;

Rumba-V, Ltd.

Valdlauči, Meistaru 3, Ķekavas pagasts, Ķekavas nov. LV-1076
    ✓ Metal processing ✓ Manufacturing and repair of technological equipment ✓ Stainless steel and its welding materials ✓ Casting of plastic products
    ✓ CONSTRUCTION OF NON-STANDARD METAL. Metal construction. Sheet cutting, bending. Aluminum, stainless steel, steel welding, drilling, milling, grinding. ✓ PLASTIC ARTICLES. We offer our products in plastic manufacturing as well as make custom molding. ✓ STEEL STEEL AND ALUMINUM. Stainless steel and aluminum rolling. Sheets, tubes, rods, strips, angles and fittings. ✓ METAL PROCESSING AND PRESENTATION. Manufacture of molds, stamping, testing and repair. We perform various metal working works.
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GF Powdercoating, LSEZ SIA

Brīvības 98, Liepāja LV-3401
    ✓ Metal processing ✓ Surface treatment ✓ Powder painting ✓ Designing
About the company: GF Powdercoating, a young and fast-growing company, is engaged in the treatment and painting of various metal surfaces. We offer pre-treatment of sandblasting, as well as powder coating of metal surfaces. Sandblasting for metal and wood products, removing surfaces from corrosion, old paint, various organic and inorganic contaminants. Due to the wide range of colors and durability, powder coating is the best choice. We are able to provide orders of various sizes, both individual and industrial.
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BST Steel, SIA

Jaudas 2a, Ogre LV-5001
Our services::
    ✓ Welding of black steel, stainless steel, aluminum ✓ TIG( AC / DC), MIG / MAG ✓ Metal structure production ✓ Sheet metal bending ✓ Laser cutting of metal sheets ✓ Metal sheet cutting ✓ Rolling sheet metal ✓ Metal drilling ✓ Metal milling ✓ Metal sawing ✓ Grinding the inner seam of pipes ✓ Plasma cutting

Vairogs-M, Ltd.

Gustava Zemgala gatve 85, Rīga LV-1039
About company: The main activity of Ltd. "Vairogs M" is the production of welded load-bearing steel structures. The company manufactures, assembles non-standard equipment for industrial companies and performs equipment start-up and adjustment works. The company also manufactures and supplies high-quality welded steel structures and performs other works.
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Neroli Met, Ltd.

"Stūrmaņi" , Saldus pagasts, Saldus nov. LV-3862
Neroli Met services:
    ✓ PRODUCTION LINE design, manufacture, installation, ✓ Packing, weighing, dosing CONVEYORS, ✓ PACKAGING, WEIGHING, DOSING CONVEYORS, ✓ Non-standard conveyors, ✓ Non-standard conveyors, ✓ Metal detection conveyors, ✓ Installation of automatic software equipment, ✓ Control system design, ✓ Welding, orbital welding, ✓ Stainless steel welding, ✓ Aluminum welding - blocks, tanks, crankcases, etc. ., ✓ Manufacture of aluminum structures, ✓ Pipe bending - for the food industry, etc. ., ✓ Orbital welding, ✓ Welding, ✓ Manufacture of stainless steel structures, ✓ Metal cutting, ✓ Metal processing, ✓ Turning, ✓ Milling, ✓ Metal rolling, ✓ Installation of automatic software equipment, ✓ Control system design, ✓ Metal bending
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Kugu inzenieris, Ltd.

Celtnieku 3, Liepāja LV-3401
Apraksts: Metalworking company "Kuģu inženieris" Ltd. - we can cut almost anything that can be drawn in the drawing - any material, any outline, any size, any quantity. We offer hydroabrasive cutting of sheet materials using "BOHLE" equipment. All kinds of welding, milling, turning services.
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LAC serviss, Ltd., Metal processing, hydroabrasive cutting

Celtnieku 27a, Talsi LV-3201
About company: 998/5000
    ✓ Company profile is production of non-standard metal constructions and various metal products according to customer's order and wishes, in order to ensure high quality of production, compliance with customer's requirements and international standards. ✓ The assortment of released products is constantly expanding and at the moment includes: Diverse equipment for manufacturing companies, shops, warehouses ✓ Equipment and equipment components for food processing plants ✓ Metal building structures ✓ Fences, gates, stairs, railings, benches ✓ Stainless steel products ✓ Decorative design elements ✓ Electronic devices components, enclosures ✓ Yacht, kayak equipment ✓ Range of services offered: Designing with SolidWork 3D software ✓ MIG / MAG, TIG welding in black, stainless steel and aluminum ✓ hydroabrasive jet cutting / water jet cutting ✓ CNC control sheet bending ✓ turning, milling, rolling, sawing ✓ surface treatment, sanding and polishing ✓ assembly work

Steel Tech, Ltd., Metal trade

Ganību dambis 24a, Rīga LV-1005
About company: Ltd. "Steel Tech" is a metal trading company established in 2009, offering a range of black steel, stainless steel and aluminum products. The supply of non-standard products and special steels is one of our business profiles. Our clients include companies in the metalworking, construction, design and many other industries. We cooperate with major European manufacturers and service centers. Wide assortment of materials in Riga warehouse, which is constantly being improved according to customer demand. For all metal products we provide production certificates and declarations of performance of their factory.

Baltic Color, Ltd., Powder painting, Shot blasting, Sand blast

Lēdurgas 3, Rīga, LV-1034
"BALTIC COLOR" Ltd. (BCW) is a representative of the powder paint manufacture "CONSUS", Poland, in the territory of Latvia.: Shot blasting - a highly efficient and irreplaceable metal surface treatment technology before powder coating. Shot blasting takes place in a special chamber. (Maximum size of the part - 9000x3500x3000 mm). Shots fed at a pressure of 8 bar through an air abrasive jet gap aimed at the surface of the part allow you to: remove old paint, various dirt and coatings, protect against rust. Apply the required surface roughness before applying the powder coating, protect against slag, smoothes unevenness, mattes the metal surface, removes oxide films from the metal before welding. Shot blasting allows complete metal cleaning and gives roughness, which ensures good adhesion between the metal and the powder coating. Among other things, shot blasting strengthens the metal crystal lattice. It becomes much more durable and less receptive. We can offer the best prices just for you. Delivery possible.

Gelacks, Ltd., Powder painting, Sand blast

Rāmuļu 8, Rīga, LV-1005
Description: Gelacks ir Metālapstrādes uzņēmums Latvijā. Mūsu piedāvājumā: Metāla detaļu pulverkrāsošana, cinkošana. Virsmu pretkorozijas apstrāde. Metālkonstrukciju abrazīvā tīrīšana, krāsošana. Smilšu strūkla. Skrošu strūkla. Auto disku, rāmju, detaļu atjaunošana, restaurācija. Transporta pakalpojumi.