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Russian public bath Vizlas pirts

Vizlas 9, Rīga LV-1057
Public bath, russian public bath, pool with cascade, showers, baths, steam bath, beer bar, guarded car park. Landscaped outdoor garden terrace. Bathhouse - a good tradition and a real pleasure, relaxation, beauty and health. Steam bath. SPA HAMAN. Turkish bath HAMAN for women. Birch, oak brooms, hygiene products. High quality massage, massage
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Aleksandra, bathhouse-sauna, recreation center, Inkome Rīga, Ltd.

Stabu 49, Rīga, LV-1011
Bath-house, baths, bathhouse in Riga, bathhouses in Riga, bathhouse in the center, bathhouses in center

Izbushka, guest house-bathhouse

Maskavas 268b, Rīga LV-1063
Russian bathhouse, (baths, sauna) with fireplace, warm water pool (27 °) with hydromassage, hydromassage, light effects, (effects) recreation room, room, car parking lot, kamin, fireplace hall, banquet halls, banquet hall in Maskavas street, banquet hall, banquets Ķengarags, (banquet, banquet halls, room for up to 60 persons, kitchen, audio,

Martinielas pirts

Mārtiņa 12, Rīga, LV-1048
Public baths in Riga. Āgenskalna priedes. Russian public bath. Cafe. Hair-dressing saloon, manicure. Women's department. Men's Division. Public bath. Bathhouse procedure. Bath ritual. Wet bath-house. Bath-house. Sauna. A wood-fired bath-house. Sauna for women. Sauna for men. Gym. Fitness hall Agenskalns. Sauna in Agenskalns. Bath-house,

Lacis, bath-house

Krūmu 54, Liepāja LV-3405
Bath-house, sauna, cryosauna, baths, rest, russian bathhouse, bath ritual, birch besoms, massage, massages, massage services, swimming pool, public bath, sauna for relaxation, bath-house attendant, recreation in the bathhouse, rELAX, bath-house hats, celebration hall, celebration in sauna, events in the sauna, Liepaja, In Liepaja, Kurzeme,

Latinwest, LTD

Ūdens 12-76, Rīga, LV-1007
Pools, waterfalls, fountains, baths, concrete pools, climate control equipment, saunas, steam cabins, salt cabins, designing, SPA baths, SPA area, SPA area elements
ZL.LV iesaka

Strenci, guest house, Ltd. Abolisi

Rīgas 28a, Strenči, Valmieras n., LV-4730
Guest house, Weddings. Guest house in Strenči, Guest houses, Guest house, Hotel - Guest house, overnight stay, celebrations, celebrations in Strenči, where to celebrate in Strenči, Sauna complex rental for events, Wedding and party offer with overnight stay, banquet hall, banquet hall in Strenči, celebration hall, conference room for up to 100

Saulrieti, Leisure centre, hotel on the seashore

Raiņa 11, Saulkrasti LV-2160
Accommodation, lodging, bath-house, relax by the sea, recreation for children, jacuzzi, swimming pool, restaurant in home style, home cuisine, turkish bath, russian bathhouse, camping, campings, holiday houses, bar, celebration conference rooms, 20 cozy beds, additional space, additional 10 beds, sauna, sports, children playground, parking

SPA servisa centrs, Ltd.

Ūnijas 8 k.6, Rīga LV-1084
Apraksts: "SPA Servisa centrs" - a new, modern company. The company was founded by professionals who already had many years of experience in installation and maintenance of swimming pools, spa and other water procedures. Creating a company, the idea was and is to provide customer service more qualitatively, faster and more flexibly. We are aware that professional installation and full service of pools, SPAs and other water treatment places bear a great responsibility. Professionalism is the foundation of our business. "SPA Servisa centrs" offers only the best for pools, spa, sauna and bathhouses. We work with high-level manufacturers in Italy, Finland, Germany. Only a professional relaxation site service will allow you to relax without difficulty from everyday rush and stress, relaxing in your sauna, bathhouse or swimming pool. Water procedures will free your mind and body, help restore strength and bring harmony.

Kalna Spuļļu dīķi, leisure centre, charging ponds

Upesciems, "Jaunvilciņi" , Garkalnes pagasts, Ropažu nov. LV-2137
For recreation: There are seating areas with tables and grills. Arbor, sauna holiday house for 6 persons, hot tub or tub, volleyball court, playground, campfire place, sauna for up to 10 people and tent sites. How to find: Our ponds are driving from Upesciems, 1.5 km behind the bus stop, to the right in front of the telecommunication tower. Please do not mix with other Upesciems ponds.

Burtakas, Ltd., Leisure centre, guest house in Vidzeme

"Burtakas" , Straupes pagasts LV-4152
Apraksts: Guest house. Guest houses. Sports tournament organizing. Banquet organization. Sauna. Sigulda, Limbazi, Ligatne, Cesis, Valmiera, Vidzeme, Straupe, Placis. Premises for celebrations, wedding organization. Lielpirts.

Vizlas salons, SPA masāžas – frizētava

Vizlas 11, Rīga LV-1057
Description: It is no secret that with us, everyone can enjoy a massage, not let go of fatigue, strengthen the body against various injuries and increase well-being. Beauty and tidiness are the key to the success of every person's good, positive emotions in everyday rush! Visit the Mica Salon in Ķengarags everyday! Call and log in 29708989!

Hotel Jūrmala SPA, LTD, Hotel

Jomas 47/49, Jūrmala LV-2015
Description: Hotel Jūrmala Spa is a modern spa where you can enjoy an unforgettable stay, escape from everyday stress and bustle, get inspiration for new ideas. Hotel Jūrmala Spa is a 4-star hotel and its main activities are health promotion, conference organization, accommodation and catering. It is located in the heart of Jurmala on Jomas Street and only a few hundred meters from the golden beach of the Gulf of Riga. Guests are offered comfortable rooms, Jurmala Restaurant and Seaside Bar with great views over Jurmala and the sea. The Wellness Oasis center has 3 swimming pools and 6 different saunas, where you can enjoy summer relaxation all year round. Time for real relaxation in Hotel Jūrmala Spa!

SweetestHome, brivdienu maja

"Jaunleči", Līgatnes p., Cēsu n., LV-4108
Description: Brīvdienu māja atrodas starp Cēsīm un Siguldu gleznainajā Līgatnes novadā pie Ieriķiem. Mīļmājiņā ir pieejams TV un audio aprīkojums, WIFI, trīsvietīgs stūra dīvāns, indukcijas plīts gatavošanai, skaisti virtuves trauki, tējkanna, ledusskapis, fēns, siltās grīdas. Divguļamā gulta. Viesu namā ir āra kubls, Alfrēda tumšā pirtiņa. Grilēšana, ugunskura vietas. Lauku tūrisms Latvijā.

Visdari, guest house

Rumbula, Maskavas 509, Stopiņu n., LV-2121
Apraksts: Recreation complex "Visdari" in Riga district offers a guest house, sauna, a tavern with a banquet hall, for events, weddings.

BEJAS.LV, Recreation complex-camping by Bozu water reservoir

Babītes pagasts

Leisure centre "Bejas" is located 20 km from the center of Riga, on the shore of the artificial Boži reservoir. There are 20 different well-equipped recreation / picnic places with a grill. Possibility to spend the night in one of the 7 camping houses perched on a hill overlooking the reservoir. And quiet camping. For active recreation it is possible to rent pedal boats, boats, SUP boards. You can relax and enjoy the evening in the mobile sauna or jacuzzi.

Radi, Ltd., guest house - hotel near Lake Ciecere

"Radi", Cieceres p., Saldus n., LV-3851
Camping by the lake, Recreation by the lake, Guest house by the lake, Cieceres lake, Seminars, camping, boats, Water skiing, fishing, hotel, hotel, celebrations. Sports game organization. Organization of weddings, wedding celebrations, weddings. Premises for weddings. Catering, Tent places. Family celebrations. Children playground. Sports

Žagarkalns, ski complex, boats and camping

Cīrulīšu 70, Cēsis, Cēsu n., LV-4101
Apraksts: A recreation complex with skiing and snowboarding in winter, camping and boat rental in the summer. Walking. Nature trails. Cafe.

Kursu baze, Ltd.

Brīvības 125, Ogre, Ogres n., LV-5001
Description: Apmācības meža un traktoru tehnikas vadītājiem !

Trīs pipari un kūkas, cafe-bistro

Baznīcas laukums 5, Smiltene, Smiltenes n., LV-4729
Apraksts: Here, you can enjoy a delicious and varied meal throughout the day. We bake pastries and culinary products. A friendly place for families with children - a separate room for children. We provide full catering services for various life events both in our premises and at your chosen party.