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    1. "Long Time Liner", micropigmentation center

      Beauty treatment

      Republikas laukums 3-17, Riga, LV-1010, Latvia

      +371 29125296

      Beauty care Permanent make up Micropigmentation Micropigmentation training center Device permanent contour for make up, micropigmentation, training in specialty linergists, training Contour Makeup techniques individually, conture Make up method, effective acne treatment , contour makeup, make-up, beauty care, beauty parlour,
    2. Light Cosmetology, Laser Beauty Salon in Riga "L & Magic"

      Beauty treatment

      Hospitalu 8, Riga, LV-1013, Latvia


      .. (even tanned). Face skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, body correction, cellulite treatment , stretch marks (striae) liquidation, stretched skin renewal. Lymphatic drainage.. , belly, thighs. Cellulite treatment , galife syndrome, connective tissue strengthening, stretch marks - procedure should be done every second or third day for
    3. Podologist Velta Vasiļevska

      Brivibas gatve 214b-507, Riga, LV-1039, Latvia

      +371 29181777

      Podologist in the center of Riga Medical pedicure Podologist in the VEF quarter Foot care in Riga Podologist in the center of Riga in VEF quarter, medical pedicure in Riga, podologist in VEF quarter, podologist in Riga, podologist in the center of Riga, healing pedicure in Riga, podiatrist, a good podologist, podologist reviews, Podolog
    4. "Rubenhair Baltika", Ltd., Hair transplantation and skin health clinic

      Republikas laukums 3-12, Riga, LV-1010, Latvia

      +371 67273766

      Hair Health Center Skin health center Hair transplantation Eyebrow transplantation PRP therapy Cosmetologist dermatologist Clinic in Latvia, clinic in Riga, hair transplant clinic in Riga, hair transplant clinic in Latvia, painless eyebrow transplantation, painless hair transplantation, transplantation specialist, hair end
    5. "SILVANA", beauty parlour

      Gertrudes 67, Riga, LV-1011, Latvia

      +371 29293317

      .. keratin straightening. Keratin. Keratin straightening. Slavic hair company. Vitaker. Hair straightening with STEAMPOD. Botux. Hair reconstructor. Hair cutting with hot scissors. Women's hair cutting and styling. Men's haircuts. Haircuts. Hair colouring. Hair treatment . Keratin hair straightening. Hair SPA procedures. Hair
    6. "Elme Messer L"

      Katlakalna 9, Riga, LV-1073, Latvia


      Gas Gas supply Oxygen Nitrogen Argon Carbon dioxide Helium Medical gas Industrial gases, argon (Ar) acetylene (C2H2) propane (C3H8) oxygen (O2) nitrogen (N2) carbon dioxide (CO2-carbon dioxide) helium (He) hydrogen (H2) laser gas. Welding gas mixtures, (Ferroline, Inoxline, Aluline, Formiergas, Laserline). Cryogenic (liquid)
    7. "Consilium Medicum", Ltd.

      Rupniecibas 7-1, Riga, LV-1010, Latvia


      Medical aid: out patient Medical aid in patient Medical consultations Health centers Medical center E-diagnosis E-consultations Beauty care ENT ENT in Riga Ear doctor Medical practice Medical aid rehabilitation Tests, diagnostics, medical consultations, specialist consultations, proctology, proctologist, proctologist
    8. "Laroma", Ltd., fragrances and dyes wholesale depot

      Jezusbaznicas 19, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia

      +371 29456127

      Flavourings Flavours Colouring agents Food processing flavours Perfumery cosmetics production Flavorings and colorings for food production. Liquid flavouring, emulsion flavors. Concentrates for soft drinks made ​​from natural materials. Powder flavors. Vanillin. Dyes for food production. Food colorings. Fragrances for perfumes,
    9. Russian public bath "Vizlas pirts"

      Vizlas 9, Riga, LV-1057, Latvia

      +371 29547689

      .. Public bath Russian bathhouse Public bath Baths Public bath, russian public bath, pool with cascade, showers, baths, steam bath, beer bar, guarded car park. Landscaped outdoor garden terrace. Bathhouse - a good tradition and a real pleasure, relaxation, beauty and health. Steam bath. Birch, oak besoms, hygiene products. High quality
    10. "Frizieru Serviss", shop

      E.Birznieka-Upisa 5/7, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia


      .. , Sibel. Beauty salon equipment. Hairdressing equipment.. tools. Products for hairdressers, accessories for hairdressers, accessories for hairdressing salons. Furniture for hairdressing salon, furniture for hairdressers, hairdressing saloon furniture, hairdressing carts, hairdresser chairs, hairdresser workplaces,
    11. "Avenija Lo", Ltd.

      Ludvika 8, Liepaja, LV-3401, Latvia


      Hair-dressing saloon, beauty care, manicure, pedicure, therapeutic massage, mesotherapy, cosmetologist. Hairdresser's. Photo epilation, tattooing.. . Biorevitalisation, Meso threads. Healing massage in collaboration with insurers, medical massage with insurance policy, Beauty care. Photo epilation. Manicure, beauty care,
    12. Riga Style and Fashion Technique

      Udelu 22, Riga, LV-1064, Latvia

      +371 67532721

      .. different subjects. Learning of theoretical subjects is strengthened by practical training, in lessons in school and qualification practice - in beauty care companies, in working environment and school. Hairdresser, hairdresser services, beauty care, hairdresser's, hair-dressing saloon, hairdresser services, hair-dressing saloon,
    13. "Klinika Dzintari", Ltd.

      Mezsargu 4/6, Jurmala, LV-2008, Latvia


      Psychologist Psychiatrist Psychotherapist psychiatrist, psychologist, psychotherapist, services, physiotherapist, beauty care, therapeutic exercises, yoga, Pilates, nordic walking, taping, massage, therapeutic programs, movement - dance therapy, Gestalt therapy, SPA programs, couples consultations, hypnotherapy, art
    14. MFD Health group

      Rusonu 15, Riga, LV-1057, Latvia

      +371 67131313

      .. . Dentist, dentistry, tooth doctor, dental treatment , dental surgery, dental hygiene, orthodontics, teeth whitening, children's dentistry, tooth extraction, dental clinic, free children's dentistry, friendly prices. Rehabilitation, rehabilitation services, rehabilitologist, rehabilitologists. Physical therapy,
    15. "Nofrete", SIA, Beauty care center, aesthetic cosmetology in the center of Riga

      E.Melngaila 5, Riga, LV-1010, Latvia

      +371 67812778

      Cosmetologist Dermatologist Manicure Aesthetic medicine Aesthetic cosmetology Doctor dermatologist Beauty care. Skin photo rejuvenation. Photo epilation. Manicure, beauty care, cosmetologist. Cosmetology, dermatology, cosmetologist. Lifting. Dermatologist, photorejuvenation
    16. Veselības salons 888, Ltd "Rodain"

      Darzauglu 1-213, Riga, LV-1012, Latvia

      +371 27088877

      .. treatment , prostatitis, prostatitis treatment , asthma, asthma treatment , heart, heart and blood vessels, gastritis, gastritis treatment , oncology, oncological diseases, heart attack, stroke, arthritis, Aurum Sensitiv imago, Sensitiv imago, fola, folla, fols, foll diagnostics, foll diagnostics, foll diagnostic method, foll
    17. Dr. Jāņa Ģīļa plastic surgery private clinic

      Baznicas 31, Riga, LV-1010, Latvia


      Plastic surgeries Plastic surgery Beauty care Cosmetic surgeries Aesthetic medicine Plastic surgeries, plastic surgery. Aesthetic medicine. Breast augmentation .. 's urology. Genital plastic surgery. Erectile dysfunction surgical treatment . Psychiatry, psychotherapy. Cosmetology. Dr. med. Jānis Ģīlis. .. with stem cell enriched
    18. "Veselibas studija", Ltd.

      Pils 16, Ventspils, LV-3601, Latvia


      Masāža Beauty care Cosmetologist Ventspils Massage, medical, sports, sculptural, verto, relaxing, point massage. Body wrapping procedures and applications, mesotherapy, waxing procedures. Contracts with insurance companies. BTA, Seesam, Gjensidige, If Latvia, White, Ergo. Massages. Beautician, manicure, pedicure, facial
    19. Latvian Association of Beauticians and Cosmetologists

      J.Asara 5, Riga, LV-1009, Latvia


      .. beauty care professionals, beauty care, cosmetic services, facial and body skin treatments and care, procedures, SPA, code in Classification of Occupations 3229 10, cosmetics Professional Standard, member professional advocacy, members legal defense, international, beauty therapy specialist professional Association, CIDESCO,
    20. "Divine", Ltd., Beauty parlour

      Gertrudes, Ventspils, LV-3601, Latvia


      Apparatus Pedicure Manicure Ventspils Beauty care Cosmetologist Wrapping Ventspils Waxing Ventspils Beauty care ventspils Apparatus cosmetology in Ventspils Massages Ventspils Cosmetologist Ventspils Beauty care, cosmetology, apparatus manicure, apparatus pedicure, LPG Lipomasaz, LPG Limfomasaz, biorevitalisation,
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