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Mūsu lodzinieks, LTD

Jaunceltnes 40, Aizkraukle, Aizkraukles nov. LV-5101

PVC windows

✓ Modern PVC windows are suitable for use in practically any type of building. They can easily be used in historic buildings as well as detached houses, office buildings or apartment buildings.

PVC doors

✓ The entrance door is the business card of every house. They protect against thieves and unwanted noise. Door systems from ALUPLAST combine modern design with the highest service life.
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Logi Durvis, LTD

Rīgas 1A, Madona, Madonas nov. LV-4801
Services: ✓ Face-to-face consultation / measurement of the master before starting the transaction ✓ Preparation of an accurate estimate ✓ Demolition of old constructions ✓ Quality installation of new windows( with, without waterproofing tapes) ✓ Finishing of window openings with plaster or plaster and insulation - gray finish ✓ Finishing of window openings with corners, mesh, puttying, sanding, painting - white finish ✓ debris removal and utilization ✓ Warranty service ✓ Post-warranty service
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Logi24, LTD

Jukuma Vācieša 1 k-1, Rīga, LV-1021

Blinds are gradually replacing curtains in modern interiors - they do not collect dust, are easy to clean, practical and long-lasting, they do not give a feeling of heaviness and refresh rooms, giving them sophistication and coziness. Blinds are a type of window covering that are made of adjustable sheets of fabric, wood, plastic or metal. For horizontal blinds, the so-called step system is used, which allows you to open or close the blinds with a special rotating mechanism, in addition, a lifting chain is needed to fix the blinds in the required position, and a stick to cut the trim. The rod-chain control system is characteristic of standard collection blinds. In more modern systems, the control takes place with a single-circuit mechanism, which is responsible for both their turning, as well as their movement and self-fixation.

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4 - Window repair - Window maintenance

Latgales 130A, Rīga LV-1003

LTD "Logu Apkope" the work is related to light-transmitting structures, aluminum, plastic and wooden structures. Qualitative WINDOW repair, WINDOW maintenance, window service, Urgent window repair. The masters will promptly carry out window repairs, qualitatively adjust any window mechanism, replace window sealing rubber for PVC, aluminum, wooden window structures. Glass packages will be replaced. Mosquito nets will be installed. Will upgrade all types of windows. We perform dismantling, installation and repair work on your windows of any complexity. Our masters with more than 15 years of experience work efficiently and, most importantly, on time! We are professional, from adjusting PVC windows to installing complex structures and keeping them in working order in large industrial or office premises.

Window repair, maintenance and modernization of all types of windows. Adjustment of plastic windows, balconies and exterior doors. Call a master from Window Repair, and we will quickly and efficiently adjust any mechanism. Eliminate problems such as the ingress of cold through cracks, the appearance of condensate, trapping or difficult opening / closing, landing of the sash, as well as cases where the handle is broken. New windows will last significantly longer if regular preventive inspections are carried out and, if necessary, the necessary repairs are carried out. Our specialists will perform an inspection, find out the causes of the damage and solve the problem promptly. Our services: Glass unit replacement Plastic windows Wooden windows Aluminum windows Single-chamber Double-chamber Glass packages with thermo frame TintedWindow repair Urgent Plastic Window Wooden Window Aluminum Window Fittings Repair And Replacement Gasket Replacement AdjustmentMosquito nets Frame nets Roller nets Door nets Sliding nets Anti-cat netsRoller cassette blinds

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Pētera 1, Jelgava, LV-3001
Offer: ✓ Fabrics; ✓ Curtains; ✓ Sewing atelier Sewing: We offer sewing of women's and men's clothing, change of zippers and their cursors, change of push buttons, rivets and sash( leversu) installation, sewing of bedspreads and decorative pillows, sewing of tablecloths and napkins, repair of all kinds of clothes, change of denim buttons.

Montāžnieks DE, LTD

Ganību dambis 25F, Rīga, LV-1005

"Montāžnieks DE" offers both wooden and PVC windows and doors. It is possible to order windows of various shapes and sizes - both inward and outward opening. Wooden windows are made of pine and precious wood. We provide services: Riga, Liepaja, Cesis, Valmiera, Jekabpils, Preili, Rezekne, Dobele, Jelgava, Kuldiga, Madona, Ogre, Saldus, Talsi, Tukums, Jurmala.

Homestyle, LTD, Blinds, stretch ceilings

Mārupes 23, Rīga, LV-1002
Offer:: ✓ Blinds ✓ Roller blinds ✓ Vertical blinds ✓ Horizontal blinds ✓ Photo blinds ✓ Roman blindsBlinds for skylights ✓ Protective shutters ✓ Curtains ✓ Curtain rods ✓ Mosquito nets

Sun Control, LTD, blinds, curtains, awnings

Augusta Deglava 66, Rīga LV-1035

LTD "SUN CONTROL" - is a company with 15 years of experience in the blinds market. We regularly update our fabric catalogs with the latest and most modern fabrics, where everyone can individually find the most suitable blind material for their taste. We work with designers, builders and architects. We are a Lithuanian company UAB "DEXTERA" cooperation partner in Latvia, which is the leading Baltic company in the production of all types of blinds, awnings and blinds. Call us by phone. 20026316, or send an email: - we will advise, recommend and find the best solution. Before you come to us - please call to make sure we are there!

Agenda EP, Individual merchant, installation of blinds throughout Latvia

Ludzas 42A-56, Rīga LV-1003
We offer: ✓ A wide selection of different types of blinds: horizontal, roller, vertical, cassette roller, pleated, "diena-nakts" and blinds ✓ Several variants of mosquito nets: stationary-removable, roller and openable ✓ Curtains and blinds with photo printing for any taste. The products are made according to the wishes and requirements of each individual customer

Austrumu Baltijas kompānija, LTD, Blinds, protective gratings

Zemitāna 2B, Rīga, LV-1012

Company "Austrumu Baltijas kompānija" was founded in 1996. per year with a production base for the production of all types of blinds. Great attention is paid to the production of protective blinds from profiles manufactured by ALUTECH INC - grilles 56mm, 84mm. Foam - filled and extruded profiles.

Junks, LTD

Ernesta Birznieka-Upīša 8, Rīga, LV-1050
Window blinds . DUCO products - ventilation systems. . Roller blinds . Vertical blinds ., Wooden blinds . Horizontal blinds . Insect screens. Insect screens. Mosquito nets. Mosquito nets.

Topzaluzi Group, LTD


LTD "TOPZALUZI GROUP" - a modern company - we always drive to the customer ourselves. By cooperating with us, ordering blinds will be very easy. Cassette blinds for windows( standard, reflective, night blackout, day-night), Roller blinds, Pleated blinds, Wooden/Aluminum horizontal blinds, Vertical blinds, Roman. Riga and Riga region - Free on-site visit and measurement by a foreman; Manufacture and installation of blinds to order within 10 days on average. Prices depend on the chosen type, material and size - fill out the application to call the master on the TOPZALUZI website!

Ravex, LTD

Saules 13, Madona, Madonas nov. LV-4801

LTD "Ravex" has been selling, assembling and repairing wooden windows, metal doors and roof constructions for more than 10 years. HORMANN special offers - lift gates are the most common type of garage door that combines security with design elegance. LTD "Ravex" in the operation, great importance is attached to the quality of service for both private and construction companies and public procurement.

DURVIS1.LV, door salon in Riga

Katlakalna 9A, Rīga LV-1073
Offer:: ✓ Exterior doors ✓ Interior doors ✓ Handles ✓ Locks ✓ Cylinders ✓ Hinges ✓ Sliding systems ✓ Door stops ✓ Door latches ✓ Door closers ✓ Additional elements ✓ Solid wood tables ✓ Vertical blinds

Eldita, Ltd.

Ganību dambis 25F, Rīga, LV-1005
Our services:: ✓ PVC windows ✓ Insect screens ✓ Blinds ✓ Metal doors ✓ Skylights ✓ Sliding systems for loggias ✓ PVC window and door repair

We will be waiting for you in our salons in Riga, as well as in Valmiera, Kuldīga, Saldu, Tukum, Talsi, Jēkabpilī and Ogre!

House, LTD, PVC Aluminum windows, doors in Vidzeme

Rīgas 45, Valmiera, Valmieras nov., LV-4201

LTD "House" founded in 2010. in Valmiera. With more than 7 years of experience, we have helped to find both the right doors and windows for a wide variety of customers.

During these years, we have understood people's needs, the biggest demand and the most frequently made choices, which is why we offer our customers only the best offer of PVC, aluminum and wooden doors and windows.

We also offer the installation of gate structures and everything related to it.

ZG Ailes, LTD

Pulkveža Oskara Kalpaka 16-101, Jelgava LV-3001
Production: ✓ Doors ✓ Windows ✓ Gates ✓ Kitchen furniture About the company:

The main activities of our company are the sale, installation and warranty service of wooden, PVC and aluminum windows and doors, as well as sectional doors. We cooperate with one of the largest manufacturers of PVC, wood and aluminum windows and doors in Europe and offer their products in the Baltic States. The PVC products we offer use only 5 and 6 chamber profiles of the German companies REHAU GmbH, Brugmann and GEALAN, all of which meet the highest quality requirements. We also offer wooden windows and doors in different versions: german type windows( turns inwards), scandinavian type windows( leans outwards) . We also offer aluminum constructions for both interior spaces, as well as windows and exterior doors. All the products we offer use the fittings of the German companies ROTO, SIEGENIA AUBI, GU or the Austrian company MACO, and the glass packages are made from the glasses of such world-known companies as Guardian, Saint Gobain, Euroglas, which meet the highest thermal insulation parameters. We also offer sectional gates and loading systems for private customers, farms and logistics centers. The gates are made from sectional panels from the German company Teckentrup or the Italian company Italpannelli and are equipped with fittings from the Dutch company Flexiforce. The products we offer are recognized throughout Europe and have received the international CE mark, which certifies that the company's products comply with the essential requirements of the EU Directives.

Logu Exports, LTD

Rīgas 2, Ogre, Ogres nov., LV-5001
We offer our customers quality:: ✓ windows, ✓ windowsill, ✓ door, ✓ window and door screens, ✓ blinds. Our projects: We have installed windows and doors in apartments, private houses, public buildings, factories, warehouses. Our main goal is high-quality work that satisfies the customer.

Tehniķis 96, LTD, Doors, Windows, Daugavpils

Cietokšņa 8-1a, Daugavpils LV-5401
Description: We have been working since 1996. of, We cooperate with EU countries. We work throughout Latgale. We cooperate with Russia, Ukraine, China.

Mija AR, LTD

Mirdzas Ķempes 8-29, Liepāja LV-3407


✓ Metal doors ✓ Apartment entrance doors ✓ Aluminium doors ✓ PVC doors


✓ PVC windows ✓ Wooden windows ✓ Aluminium windows


✓ Roller cassette blinds ✓ Roller blinds ✓ Pleated blinds ✓ Facade blinds

Other production:

✓ Door closers ✓ Digital door peepholes ✓ Mosquito nets