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LK vārti, LTD

"Ķezberi", Suntaži, Suntažu pagasts, Ogres nov. LV-5060
Products:: ✓ Private house garage gates ✓ Industrial garage gates ✓ PVC windows and doors, wooden doors ✓ Protective shutters ✓ Anti-mosquito nets ✓ Gate automation ✓ Remote control boards ✓ Gate components ✓ Territory gates - sliding, hinged ✓ Fences

BalkanCom, LTD

Gustava Zemgala gatve 67, Rīga LV-1039
Products: ✓ Garage gates ✓ Fences, picket fences, fences, fences ✓ Industrial gates ✓ Automation for gates and barriers ✓ Industrial equipment About the company: SIA "BalkanCom" has accumulated many years of experience and many successfully implemented projects. Each situation is individual. That is why the leading specialists of our company will be happy to consult and recommend the best solution for your situation.

Kurland Door, LTD

"Purmaļi", Brūzis, Virbu pagasts, Talsu nov., LV-3292

We offer to install the highest quality sectional lift, garage and industrial gates, with mechanical or automatic control Gfa, Bft Gates are safe and durable. If necessary, the gate can be fitted with windows, doors, locks. The thickness of the gate ensures sound insulation and heat resistance. We offer a variety of colors so that the gate blends with the surrounding interior( white ral9002, brown ral8014, aluminum ral9006 as well as wood imitation or any other color found in the RaL catalog) . We also perform repairs and maintenance. We work with both individuals and legal entities. We work all over Latvia without holidays. Individual approach to each client and especially friendly prices. Price includes 2-year warranty. For more information on prices, surveying, production and installation - call us by phone.


Logi-durvis-vārti, LTD, Riga's office

Brīvības gatve 271, Rīga, LV-1006
External roller blinds: Protective shutters are mostly made of aluminum profile with polyurethane filling. They help protect your home or office from burglary attempts, and they look much more attractive than welded metal bars and similar protections. At the same time, roller blinds provide relatively good thermal insulation in winter( closed blinds reduce heat loss by 4-6%) and protects the premises from the sun in summer. Such blinds can be installed not only on windows, but also on showcases, doors, garage doors or awnings, as well as to divide rooms.
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Boulders, LTD, Gate and fence factory

Stūnīši, Gaismas 6-18, Olaines pagasts, Olaines nov., LV-2127
Production of fences and gates: ✓ Territory gates ✓ Sliding gates ✓ Opening gates ✓ Industrial gates ✓ Automatic gates ✓ Overhead garage gates ✓ High-speed gates ✓ Wooden fences ✓ Metal fences Production of fences and gates:

BOULDERSdeals with all types of fences, gates, gate automation, production, trade and installation, service and repair throughout Latvia! Individual approach, solutions! We have been working in this industry for a long time and have accumulated rich experience, which helps us to perform the assigned tasks with high quality

ND Doors, SIA, garazu vartu izgatavosana

Bieķensalas 21, Rīga LV-1004
Services: ✓ Consultations on the selection of the most suitable gates and other constructions ✓ Design and manufacture ✓ Product delivery and installation ✓ Warranty and post-warranty maintenance or repair ✓ Free consultation Private house garage gates: ✓ Stripline ✓ Midline ✓ Flat line ✓ Raised panel ✓ Microrib-macrorib ✓ Full vision sections ✓ Two leaf swing door ✓ Smooth line ✓ Side door

SV Steps, LTD

Jēkabpils 20, Jūrmala LV-2011
Production:: ✓ Stairs, steps ✓ Railings ✓ Concrete poles ✓ Wooden fences ✓ Metal fences ✓ Mesh fences ✓ Gates ✓ Gate automatics ✓ Benches Concrete products:

We offer various types of stairs, all types of gates and fences, as well as a wide range of products for parks, backyard land. We design, manufacture, install. Open to cooperation.

Res Publica, LTD, fences and gates

"Vecozoli", Zaķumuiža, Ropažu pagasts, Ropažu nov., LV-2133
Description: LTD "Res Publica" engaged in the production and assembly of all types of fences and gates.

Elks AK, LTD, Gate world, Garage and lift gates

"Pīlēns", Nītaure, Nītaures pagasts, Cēsu nov., LV-4112
Services: Overhead gates ✓ Lifting garage gates, sectional gates. Gates for houses, hangars, farms, shops. Sliding gates ✓ Sliding gates for private houses, yards, garage gates, territory barriers. Doors ✓ Doors for homes, exterior and interior. High quality and according to customer's choice. Gate automation ✓ We offer high-quality gate automation and remote controls for commercial, industrial and private objects. Gate service, maintenance, repair ✓ Service and warranty is our name. We provide warranty and maintenance for our doors and gates

Privacon Baltics, Ltd.

Akmeņu 39, Ogre, Ogres nov., LV-5001
Fence panels, roll fences , poles, gates , gate fittings, gate automatics, design items, screw piles, privacon, fences , double gates , gate latches, metal gates , gate poles, gate shop, opening gates , fence lamiles,

Pirmā Betona Kompānija, LTD

Liginišķu 26, Daugavpils, LV-5415

Timber for fences, we make wooden fences( fir, pine, larch, etc)

VL Serviss 1, LTD, Gates, gate automatics, service in Liepaja, Kurzeme

Ezermalas 5, Liepāja LV-3401
Production:: ✓ Garage gates ✓ Protective shutters ✓ Blinds ✓ Fence double gate ✓ Sliding gates ✓ Access control ✓ Barriers ✓ Gate automation About the company:: LTD "VL Serviss" and 2010. founded in. Automatic gates. Garage gates. Gate automatics. Ordering. Gates, fences.

MontMet, LTD

Jaunmārupe, Mazcenu aleja 37, Mārupes pagasts, Mārupes nov. LV-2166
SIA MontMet provides various types of services:: ✓ Manufacture of metal railings ✓ TIG welding ✓ Powder painting ✓ Hot dip galvanizing of parts ✓ CNC turning, turned parts ✓ Cleaning with sandblasting, sandblasting ✓ Shot blasting Description:

LTD "Montmet" design and manufacture metal products by individual order, as well as perform their assembly and delivery to the object. We also provide hot-dip galvanizing and powder coating on request. We manufacture all our products to the highest standards and also provide the necessary documentation. We manufacture metal frames, stairs, railings and other metal products. Cooperation partner SIA MetMaster

Roof covering, fences, LTD, online store

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Dārzciema 60B, Rīga LV-1073
Products: ✓ Roof coatings ✓ Roof accessories ✓ Fences ✓ Facade materials ✓ Other construction goods Services: ✓ New construction and renovation works ✓ Design and construction of new hangars ✓ Product parameter checks About the company:

LTD "Jumta segumi, žogi", is the official representative and material supplier in Latvia for the Bratex factory. At present, the activities of our company are: Steel roofing, rainwater drainage system, roof accessories, segment fences, steel fence boards and other wholesale and retail construction materials. The quality of our products is guaranteed by the manufacturers' internationally certified materials and proven values. We invite all private clients, construction contractors, building material trade stores, as well as architects, designers who build or reconstruct a house, as well as anyone who is looking for the optimal price of building materials, safe, high-quality materials or simply advice for an innovative architectural solution.

Consumo, LTD

Klijānu 8, Rīga, LV-1013

Automatic barriers

Swing gate automation

Sliding gate automatics

Garage gate automation

Garden lighting

Vehicle number plate reading systems

Parking sign

Parking lot barriers

Speed suppressors

Sleeping policemen

Car tire stops

Lane separation barriers

Poles with chain

Reflective plastic posts

Wall and corner protectors

Wire and cable protectors

Bolards, speed bumps

Security, spherical mirrors

Disposable and protective goods

Cones, ten cones

Wall-mounted barriers

Barrier posts with pull-out tape

Car wheel locks, holders

Edgings, ramps, exits

Attention signs


Pulkveža 5, Suži, Garkalnes pagasts, Ropažu nov., LV-1024
Barriers and hydraulics: Installation, maintenance, repair and debugging:

Since the safety of people depends on the continuous operation of the barriers, timely repair and maintenance of the barriers is very important. Our employees have accumulated a lot of experience and successfully carry out barrier repair and maintenance. Barriers provide control over vehicles and restrict access. Automatic barriers are suitable for different areas and are often used: parking lots; trade centers; garage complexes; industrial companies; parking lots; hotels; control systems.

We will install barriers depending on location, conditions and your requirements.

Proeco LV, LTD, Ž

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Ozolu 6A, Kandava, Tukuma nov. LV-3120

The main activity of the company is the production and installation of fences and gates for private and industrial objects. Our clients are individuals, companies, construction companies, general contractors, managers, developers. At present, we have been able to develop thanks to flexible and professional solutions( http: //, according to the wishes and needs of each client. We provide consultations on the installation of fencing and gates, as well as the installation of automation. The company employs experienced employees, qualified construction and electrical installation specialists, therefore the work is performed qualitatively and within the set deadlines. Upon request, we deliver materials directly to your facility. We will find the most suitable solution for the construction of the fence.

Melderi V, gates and fences

Ciemupe , Ogresgala pagasts, Ogres nov. LV-5020
Fencing, gratings, gates , gates , fence sections, fence mesh, fence poles, fence in full package, fences , Garage gates Agenskalns, Gates Agenskalns, Gates fences Agenskalns, Fences Agenskalns.

Ryterna Latvija, Ltd., Garage gate manufacturing, wholesale

Bieķensalas 14, Rīga LV-1004
Private house garage gates: ✓ Toprib gate ✓ Corrugated gates ✓ Double gate ✓ Smooth gates ✓ Filings ✓ Wooden corrugated gates ✓ Wooden double gate ✓ Wood filings ✓ Micro-grooved gates ✓ Macro-groove gate ✓ Slick gate ✓ PTO - ventilation gates ✓ Panoramic gates ✓ TL - SP full polycarbonate gate ✓ Sliding gates ✓ Retro gates

Jumtu, žogu serviss, LTD

P. Stradiņa 29, Ventspils LV-3602

LTD "Jumtu, žogu serviss" offers high quality products even up to an unlimited warranty. A wide range of. Large selection of colors. Individual approach to each client. Our assortment includes - metal panel fences, stack fences( a modern alternative to traditional wooden boards with a guarantee), roof windows as well as roof trim elements, trapezoidal sheets, metal tile roofs, modular metal tile roofs, roof windows, various non-standard tin parts such as chimney trim connections, chimney caps, stainless steel chimney liners. We cooperate with qualified, experienced craftsmen in the production and assembly of tin parts.

The places of service provision are all over Latvia.