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Magnuss, 24/7 Funeral Home, 24-hour morgue, certified, Member of LAA

K.Barona 142, Rīga, LV-1012
The company offers:

After a call at any 24/7 CONSULTATION, a funeral agent will come to you, take the deceased to the mortuary, where it will be prepared for the funeral. We will complete all the documents related to the funeral. In our office you will be able to choose funeral accessories( coffin, cover, folk blanket, cross, etc), as well as order wreaths, ostriches, ribbons, secular, spiritual ceremony and music. We will design graves, cremation. We have our own certified graves digger.

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Angel debesīs, LTD, undertaker's office

Cēsu 11-3, Rīga, LV-1012
Products: ✓ Premium class coffins ✓ Wooden coffins ✓ Urns ✓ Clothes for decedent ✓ Crosses ✓ Wreaths with mourning ribbons ✓ Candles ✓ Other burial accessories About the company:

Undertaker's office "Angel" provides a full range of funeral services. We organize funerals taking into account the wishes of relatives, religious affiliation and financial possibilities. We provide transportation of the deceased from home, nursing home, hospital to the morgue at any time of the day. If necessary, we organize the transportation of the deceased both within the territory of Latvia and outside it, as well as ensure the execution of all necessary documents and the presence of a morgue both at the place of departure and at the destination.

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Dievs Svētī, LTD, Undertaker's office

Miera 27, Rīga, LV-1001
Services:: ✓ Morgue services ✓ Transportation of the deceased ✓ Document processing ✓ Organization of funeral ✓ Cremation services ✓ Grave arranging ✓ Riga Private Cemetery ✓ Funeral accessories ✓ Ceremonies of different denominations
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Latona Ltd., funeral office

Ģertrūdes 58, Rīga, LV-1011
Our work is based on three basic values:: ✓ ✓ Honesty , because we work honestly and in the interests of the customer we will always recommend the best offer, and never apply a surcharge for our services. ✓ Precision , which characterizes each of our work done ✓ Perseverance and respectful attitude : We believe that every deceased person should be treated with respect and sensitivity, therefore we carry out our work with care and awe for both the deceased person and his relatives
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Burial and cremation services Ltd Eliziums - 1

Vienības gatve 48a, Rīga, LV-1004
About the company: We, "ELIZIUMS-1" – we are a funeral services and accessories office that will help you take your loved one to the last stage with sensitivity and care. We will provide professional assistance, listen to your wishes and possibilities, provide the necessary support and share our experience.
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Skrundas apbedīšanas birojs, Indulis Vicinskis

Liepājas 20, Skrunda, Kuldīgas nov., LV-3326

Skrunda funeral office - formation of a funeral application, consultations. Document processing. Deceased transportation. Providing transport for escorts. Funeral paraphernalia and accessories. Grave care, improvement. Funeral banquet services. Funeral floristics, flowers, wreaths. Cremation. Tombstones, cases. Cemetery installation and maintenance.

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Efeja RS, Ltd., Funeral services office

Ziemeļu 2, Aizkraukle, Aizkraukles nov., LV-5101
Funeral services:: ✓ Consultations ✓ Burial ✓ Document processing ✓ Organization of cremation ✓ Cemetery improvement ✓ Coffins ✓ Wreaths ✓ Grave stones Burial services:

We are members of the Association of Latvian Undertakers - providers of all funeral services in Latvia, starting with the first necessary work of the deceased, transportation, sanitation, morgue, hearse services, document preparation up to burial. You can buy all funeral accessories, coffins, crosses, flowers, candles, etc. from us. Funeral feast for up to 100 people. We also offer grave maintenance services. Production and installation of stone monuments throughout Latvia.

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Liepājas apbedīšanas birojs, LTD

Vaiņodes 15, Liepāja, LV-3407
The company offers: ✓ Morgue services ✓ Document processing ✓ Funeral ceremonies ✓ Reburying ✓ Organization of cremation ✓ Transport services Description:

Liepāja Funeral Home "" offers you all kinds of funeral services. Professional services 24 hours a day. We provide transportation of the deceased to the morgue, consultations and execution of documents in Liepaja and the district. Cremation organization and transportation. Kindness, sincerity, compassion ... All our employees have many years of experience by working in the municipal funeral industry before. We work without intermediaries. We have our own transport, which guarantees safe and proper transportation. We always do our best to ensure that the wishes of the deceased and the relatives are taken into account, so we offer a very wide range of funeral services, from which you will be able to select exactly what you need according to your wishes and possibilities. We value the wishes of our clients by offering professional support in organizing a funeral.

Vita Brevis LV, LTD

Planīcas 1a, Kuldīga, Kuldīgas nov., LV-3301

"Vita Brevis LV" offers the cheapest prices and the best funeral services in Kuldiga with 27 years of experience. We offer the organization and management of the funeral process and the provision of funeral accessories. Funeral services and their accessories, chapel services, freezer, grave care, arrangement, transport, coffins, production of monuments. 24-hour calls, 24-hour services. We work all over Latvia, as well as transport the departed from / to abroad.

Ogres apbedīšanas centrs, LTD

Turkalnes 35, Ogre, Ogres nov., LV-5001
Description: 24-hour funeral services, Ogre Funeral Center: Full spectrum of funeral services, funeral accessories. Professional approach since 1995. annual. We work all over LATVIA!

Edem, undertaker's office

Jelgavas 5, Daugavpils, LV-5404
Services: ✓ Deceased transportation ✓ Document processing ✓ Funeral paraphernalia and accessories ✓ Arranging a funeral ceremony ✓ Funeral floristry ✓ Full range of funeral services Twenty-four-hour funeral service:

Funeral servicies "; EDEM»; offers a full range of funeral services in Daugavpils and throughout the territory of Latvia, and we also help with funeral issues in the European Union and outside.

Thanks to the wide range of services and burial accessories, our team will help you realize the last wishes of the deceased and we take into account the requirements of his relatives.

We have impressive experience, thanks to which you will not have to independently solve the problems that arise in the process of organizing a funeral. Thus, we help clients avoid stressful situations, negativity and bureaucracy.

We are always present throughout the funeral process, providing the bereaved with our support and assistance, thus ensuring that the mourning ceremony takes place at the proper level.

The uniforms of our employees are always the same and neat. An individual approach to each client allows us to organize a funeral ceremony at any level, according to everyone's wishes and capabilities.

Serviss Mūžība, LTD, Funeral services office

Mēness 1, Lielvārde, Ogres nov., LV-5070
Services: ✓ Full funeral service ✓ 24-hour funeral services ✓ Funeral accessories ✓ Delivery of the deceased, transportation to the morgue ✓ Hearse, hearse services ✓ Cross ✓ Coffins ✓ Funeral, funeral ceremony ✓ Funeral music

Rigas kremacijas centrs-krematorija, Ltd.

Varoņu 3a, Rīga, LV-1005

"Riga Cremation Center - Crematorium", SIA is the only crematorium in Riga. We operate in the historical building of the Riga Crematorium. We have a wide range of services related to the provision of exit ceremonies of various scales. We provide both cremation services and organize traditional burials in cemeteries. In our funeral supply store, you can buy everything you need to remove the deceased. You can contact us using the 24-hour phone, contact form or other means of communication indicated in the contact section. Our consultants will give you all the necessary answers and offer you the best solution.

Priekule funeral home

Raiņa 3/5, Priekule, Dienvidkurzemes nov., LV-3434
Funeral services: ✓ Transportation of the deceased ✓ Mortuary services ✓ Document formating ✓ Grave digging ✓ Organization of a funeral ceremony ✓ Funeral accessories About company:

"Priekules apbedīšanas birojs" offers you professional support at a difficult time. Entrust your worries to us. We are at your disposal 24 hours a day. We provide all burial, cremation organization and transportation services. Funeral accessories trade. Coffins, crosses, covers, candles, flowers, wreaths and other things can be bought on site in the office premises. Consultations and transportation of the deceased to the morgue around the clock.

Mediante LB

Raiņa 15-3, Kuldīga, Kuldīgas nov., LV-3301
About "Mediante LB":

"Mediante LB" has been providing all kinds of funeral services in Kuldīga, Kurzeme and throughout Latvia for 17 years. 24-hour deceased delivery to the morgue( to the morgue from home, hospital or nursing home) . Transportation to/from overseas. Providing full information around the clock. Cold rooms, cemetery services, cremation, document preparation, funeral ritual services, a wide selection of caskets and funeral accessories. Funeral feast organization.

In Sensum, LTD

Lauku 9, Salaspils, Salaspils nov., LV-2121
About services:

Funeral services include all kinds of ritual services according to your wishes and requirements. By organizing a funeral ceremony, the funeral home guarantees high quality of work and sensitivity to the relatives of the deceased. We know and understand how painful it is to lose people close to you, and therefore we observe all the details in organizing a funeral. In the care of our customers, we have been improving, restoring and planting graveyards in Riga, Salaspils and, if necessary, in any Latvian cemetery for more than 20 years. These works are performed according to your wishes and with the deepest respect for the departed by highly qualified employees, which allows to ensure high quality at an affordable price.

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Apbedīšanas birojs Atvadas, LTD

Lielā 24, Talsi, Talsu nov., LV-3201

We will help you in a difficult time by taking all the questions related to the funeral. Responsibility and individual approach. Consultation, funeral organization, transportation of the deceased( hearse), morgue services, cremation services, coffins - accessories, cemetery improvement.

Likteņsvece-A.U.G., LTD, 24-hour undertaker's office

Uzvaras 3a, Dobele, Dobeles nov., LV-3701
Services: ✓ Deceased transportation ✓ Document processing ✓ Funeral paraphernalia and accessories ✓ Arranging and conducting a mourning ceremony ✓ Funeral floristry ✓ Free consultation Arranging and conducting a mourning ceremony, cremation: ✓ Pastors of various religious denominations ✓ Funeral master ✓ Musical presentation ✓ Transport for funeral guests ✓ Grave digging services ✓ Digger, carrier services ✓ Photo and video services ✓ Coffin carrier services ✓ Organizing a farewell before or after cremation

Likteņsvece-A.U.G., LTD, 24-hour undertaker's office

Raiņa 28, Jelgava, LV-3001
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