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tusovki. lv, children's event agency, LTD Inkam

Mazā Krasta 83, Rīga, LV-1003
children's celebrations, celebrations, off-site parties for children, name days, events, celebrations, event , children's parties, child photo, photographer, taking photos of children, dynamic children's parties, party event
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Eiropas skaņa, LTD, music and lighting equipment

Ķengaraga 6, Rīga, LV-1063
Event organizing attributes., Event technical support, equipment, ( sound, light, stage) mobile stages, outdoor stages, musical, (
  • 2 Event organizing, attribute


Cēres 69, Rīga, LV-1058
Event , celebration, organization of attractions.

Hotel Jūrmala SPA, LTD, Conference center

Jomas 47/49, Jūrmala, LV-2015
Jurmala, outside Riga, by the sea. Congress and seminar facilities. Hotel, gym, saunas, sauna, jacuzzi, bubble baths, pools, bath-house, baths, finnish bathhouse, salt bath-house, aromatic bath-house, steam bath, SPA, SPA center, massages, water procedures, beauty care, hair-dressing saloon, solarium, cosmetologist, make-up, manicure,

Suta Ilze, events manager

themed parties, Christmas Gnome Party, Ziemassvētki bērniem, Christmas in kindergarten, Santa Claus organizing , , Event hosting and DJ in Tukums, Organizers Dobele, Event hosting Ogre, Event hosting Bauska, Event

Superizklaide, SIA

Kāpu 80, Jūrmala, LV-2008
Inflatable attractions, bouncy castles hire, children parties, events for children, organization of events, attractions for corporate events, attractions for public events, inflatable attractions for garden parties, birthday parties, portable sauna rental, Bath-house, Tub, mobile tub rental, Sup board rental, entertainment rental

Muskare, LTD

Zirņu 104a, Liepāja, LV-3411
Sale of floristic materials. Dishes for rent, wedding floristry, floristry, floristry wedding, organization of events, attributes, inventory rental, room decoration, decorating with fresh flowers, making gifts and souvenirs. Floristry supplies, floristry consumables, sisal, felt, feathers, raffia, tools for florists, tapes, satin ribbons,

Poniji.lv - ponies for events, children parties

Strazdu 5, Jelgava, LV-3004
Ponies, ponies for events, ponies for parties, away parties, birthdays, children entertainment events, photo session with a pony, rides with ponies, rides, riding a pony, riding training, riding training with a pony, riding lesson with a pony, horses, carriage rides, pony rides in towed wheels, skiing behind the horse, children parties, pony cart,

2 in 1, wedding agency

Rīgas 76a-2.st., Valmiera, Valmieras nov., LV-4201
Weddings, wedding organization in Latvia, wedding in Latvia, wedding planning, traditions at weddings, customs at weddings, party planning, christenings, organization of children's parties, room decoration, latvian folk traditions at the christening, latvian folk traditions at celebrations, wedding agency in Valmiera. Organization of

Svinību nams – food delivery, celebrations, banquet service, banquet premises, funeral feast

Malnavas 12a, Rīga, LV-1057
Banquets, Banquet service, Buffet, Banquet. Lunch delivery Kengarags. Celebration, anniversary, organization of events. Celebrations, celebration premises, banquets. Banquets in premises. Off-site banquets, presentations. Food delivery. Lunch to offices with delivery. Weddings, children parties, corporate events, fourchette, (

Mister Balloon, Ltd., Shop

Vidzemes šoseja 16, TC "Raibais suns", Sigulda, Siguldas nov., LV-2150
Event decoration. Room decoration. Facade decoration. Thematic children's holiday.

Mister Balloon, LTD, Shop

Katoļu 18, Jelgava, LV-3001
Balloons. Helium balloons. Air balloons. Balloon printing. Non-standard cylinders for baloons. Balloon arrangements. Balloon shop. Balloon figures. Baloon application. Light balloons. Balloons with LED diodes. Helium Balloon Sets. Helium balloon bouquets. Balloon rent. Baloon delivery at home. Advertising on a balloon. Inflatable

Priekatrakcija, Individual merchant

Dārza 12a, Bauska, Bauskas nov., LV-3901
Candyfloss rental. Popcorn hire. Sports inflatable attractions. Children events. Off-site trade. Sumo rental. Children's inflatable attraction. Trampoline rental. Rodeo bull rental. Tent rental. Fast food, (Tornado potatoes, French fries, sorbet making). Velocart rental.

TUSI BUSI, LTD, organization of events

Gaujas 34-1, Rīga, LV-1026
We also work with several party venues, where are we organizing parties.

Skriveru emociju fabrika

Skrīveri, Daugavas 82, Skrīveru pagasts, Aizkraukles nov., LV-5125
Skriveru emotion factory, skrīveru sweets, skrīveru gotiņa, skrīveri, most delicious sweets, treats, snacks, milk candy, candy, company shop, creative workshop, games, crossword puzzles, special attitude, degustations, competition, pupils, family, friends, relatives. Excursions, excursions in Skriveri, Creative workshop, creative

Sparkles, SIA

Ieriķu 82, Rīga, LV-1084
inflatable attractions, bouncy castles hire, parties, public and corporate events

Canal boats River Cruises Latvia - sightseeing tours

Radio 1, Rīga, LV-1050
We offer excursions with the historical channel vessels AURORA, (24 places) „AMBER RĪGA”, (12 places) from the berth in the Riga City Channel on Radio Street 1 opposite the Tea House "APSARA". Historic Channel Craft offers an excursion for 1 hour to enjoy the "Old City Panorama Flight". During the journey through the Old Town Canal, guaranteed view of

Riga Youth Toy Theater I-a

Zebiekstes 3-14, Rīga, LV-1082
Santa Claus, Santa Claus. Children parties, puppet theater, celebration fireworks, children events, events for children, children's ensemble, games, masks, clowns, circus, sports games, circus performance, celebration organization, Evening leader anniversaries, weddings. Magic tricks, Musicians, Dance group, special effects, circus

Jūras kuģis Horizonts, Boat, Daugava, Riga

Banquets, boat, ships, ship, river boat. Holiday cruises by boat "Horizonts" along the Daugava every hour, every day. Boats on the River Daugava price 7 euro. Ticket price 7 EURO. Panorama of Riga. For children over 6 years - 3 EURO. Ship boat Horizont. Riga cruises. River cruise Riga. Panorama Riga river. Working days: 1h Daugava cruise 11: 30; 13: 00; 15:

Liepaja, River boat

Boats, Banquets. Boats on the river Daugava. River boat on the river Daugava. River cruise Daugava. Ship boat Riga. River boats in Riga. Boats on the River Daugava prices: ticket price 7 EURO. Panorama of Riga. Boat on the river Daugava ticket price for children above 6 years of age 3 EUR. On working days: 1h 7 EUR Daugava cruise with river boats on the River