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    1. "Baums Rent", Ltd.

      Vagonu 21, Riga, LV-1009


      .. and repair. Construction works. External finishing works, interior finish works, sewerage, water pipe drainage from the pool, pools, pond, for ponds, basement, basements, Plastering machines, filling machines, cars, equipment for rendering, filling works, plastering, filling machines rental, welding semiautomatic, welding
    2. "Repa", Ltd., Construction equipment rental Trade center

      Maskavas 326, Riga, LV-1063

      +371 67187956

      .. Buckets for sale, crawler sale, excavator spare parts, building construction machinery rental, frontal loader, HITACHI equipment, excavator, dampers, lighting tower, frontal loaders, quarry excavators, used excavators, Hitachi, Yanmar, Mikasa, excavators, mini excavators, chain excavators, wheel excavators, excavator equipment,
    3. "Repa", Ltd., Loading - unloading equipment center - service

      Maskavas 326, Riga, LV-1063

      +371 67187956

      Loading machinery Unloading machinery Loader rental Loading equipment rental Repair of loading unloading equipment Construction machinery, construction equipment rental, HITACHI construction machinery, crawler mini excavator, mini excavator, sale of construction machinery, buckets for sale, crawler sale, excavator spare parts,
    4. "Klassika", shop

      Brivibas 15, Ogre, Ogres n., LV-5001


      .. design. Chairs. Furniture, mebel, cabinets, showcases. Mattresses, kitchen equipment, children furniture. Construction works, construction . Repair. Renovation. Repair works. Construction services. Finishing works. Redecoration. Construction works. Exterior finish. Interior finish. Insulation works. Plumbing
    5. "Mosso Baltic", Ltd.

      Road transport services Construction and repair Cold asphalt Transport services for businesses, private individuals, international freight transport, local transportation. Concrete, reinforced concrete, metal constructions assembly. Excavation works. Repair construction works. Building reconstruction, overhaul. Technical
    6. Tinsmith, Lapa Gints

      Peltes, Ganibu 10, Siguldas p., Siguldas n., LV-2150


      .. profile, tile profile, metal profile setting. Roof insulation. Roof cleaning from snow and icicles. Attic cleaning and insulation. Tin chimney renovation, repair. Water drainage system production.. . Plinth trim. Oval roof hatches. Funnels. Tin finishing works. Hot dip galvanized Zn straight tin sheets - rolls. Hot dipped galvanized,
    7. "Siguldas Buvmeistars", Joint-Stock Company

      Gales 27, Sigulda, Siguldas n., LV-2150

      +371 67973896

      .. of engineering structures. Heating and ventilation system construction . Bulk cargo delivery. Sale of construction materials. Contractor for residential buildings.. industrial production companies. industrial production companies. Crushed dolomite production, sand and gravel extraction. Reinforced concrete construction
    8. "SCO Centrs", Ltd. Construction company in Vidzeme

      Murmuizas 14, Valmiera, LV-4201


      .. in Valmiera Construction and repair works in Valmiera Construction materials, Construction and repair works, Designing, Construction materials, plumbing, heating, ventilation, roof coatings, insulation materials, timber, electric goods, flooring surfaces, finishing materials, paints, metal articles, metal, windows, doors,
    9. Kaspars Korčagins, EuroLatsPluss, SIA

      Martina 13, Ikskile, Ikskiles n., LV-5052


      Building insulation Building insulation with ecowool Ecowool, eco wool application, heat insulation with eco wool, building insulation, wind wool, eco-wool price, loose rock wool, rock wool, stone wool insertion, insulation with stone wool, Hk-35, GrandFull, Paroc blt3, Paroc blt9, thermography.
    10. SIA "HEIGHT WORKS" - industrial climbing

      P.Lejina 3-5, Riga, LV-1029


      .. Construction and repair works Industrial mountaineering, Work at height, Steeplejack services, Roof repair, cleaning, Facade repair, Roof cleaning from snow, frost, icing, moss, Snow barrier installation, Roof painting, Gutter cleaning, Gutter cleaning, Installation of the protective gates, Installation of advertising posters,
    11. "Buve ZZ", Ltd.

      Ulbroka, Instituta 36, Stopinu n., LV-2130


      Construction and repair works Finishing works House construction Construction works Building construction Refurbishment of apartments Construction , repair, renovation, restoration works, Construction works, designing, apartment, office renovation, rebuilding, interior repair, decoration, reconstruction, building
    12. SIA "ROK un BUVE", instrumentu, buvtehnikas noma Cesis

      Valmieras 24, Cesis, Cesu n., LV-4101


      Excavator services in Cesis Pond digging in Cesis Construction site preparation in Cesis Dismantling of buildings and structures in Cesis Construction machinery rental in Cesis. Construction equipment, construction machinery in Cesis, excavator, digging works, gliding, excavator services, construction site preparation, building
    13. "Baltijas Jumis", Ltd., Roof works

      Malkalnes prospekts 6-117, Ogre, Ogres n., LV-5001

      +371 22025252

      .. , Roof repair, Roof repair. Roof covering laying, roof covering installation. Roof installation, Roof decking, roof installation, roof construction , roof construction . Flat roofs, flat roof repair. Roof melting, repair works, wall, roof connect, repair. Roof renovation, roof renovation.. . Bitumen, flat, flat, melting roofs.
    14. "M.S.Aqua", SIA

      Smerla 3, Riga, LV-1006


      Concrete floors, floor concreting, concreting, flooring for private houses, flooring in private homes, heating floor making for private houses, the creation of heated floors in private houses, flooring in living quarters, flooring for living rooms, the creation of heated floors in living quarters, the creation of heated floors for living
    15. "RavLat", Ltd., Mobile cleaning service

      Gales 27, Sigulda, Siguldas n., LV-2150


      .. washing, partition wall washing. Window frame cleaning. Floor covering, parquet spring-cleaning, waxing, polishing. Linoleum, parquet, stone floor cleaning, waxing, polishing. Concrete floor cleaning. Carpet cleaning. Furniture dry cleaning. Cleaning of premises after repair, construction . Facade washing with high pressure
    16. "RED serviss", Ltd., Diamond drilling, Construction works

      Pulka 3 k.13, Riga, LV-1007


      Construction works Diamond drilling Diamond sawing Drilling of holes Construction and repair works Hole cutting in walls and floors. Drilling in concrete. Sawing of.. . Diamond Cutting. Hole drilling and blade cutting. Waterproofing, waterproofing works, injection. Injection - strengthening of walls. Concrete floor processing, floor
    17. "EGU Buve", Ltd.

      Beates 62, Valmiera, LV-4201


      Road and square construction Sand, gravel, crushed stone, black earth, peat and other bulk material delivery, transport services, freight transport, pond digging, excavator services, asphalt concrete, road reconstruction, ditch digging, paving, snow cleaning, construction equipment rental, parking lot construction , sidewalk
    18. "Sporta halle", Ltd.

      Vietalvas 1, Riga, LV-1009


      Sports floor coverings Sports equipment Basketball hoops Sports floor coverings for stadiums, tennis, outdoor areas and gyms. Sports linoleum. Installation works. Gym, (hall) sports.. , installation, delivery. Dividing walls and safety nets, Ash, oak, hardwood, boards, wooden. Renovation, floor renovation. Finishing materials,
    19. "Ductus", Ltd., House insulation, Roof coatings

      Zemitana iela 9, Riga, LV-1012


      .. Ventilated facades Wall insulation House insulation. Building insulation. Roof covering, Construction . Roofer, simplified facade renovation. Repair works. Roof repair. Roof renovation. Roll-type roof covering, roof waterproofing. Horizontal.. , repair. Balcony renovation. Loggia renovation. Balcony repair. Loggia repair.
    20. "Lādēni", SIA, Heating boilers in Liepaja

      Zirnu 7, Liepaja, LV-3401


      .. solar batteries, solar collectors, restorative resources, alternative energy, Construction and repair works, Construction , construction , repair works, finishing works, construction and repair works, construction , reconstruction, repair, roof works, repair works, finishing works, building insulation, facades, roof renovation,
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