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TOODE SIA terauda jumtu razotne, noliktava, veikals

Krustkalni, "Gailenes" , Ķekavas pagasts, Ķekavas nov. LV-2111
Roof covering, Roofs, Roof, Roof, Tin roofs, Metal roofs, Tinsmith works. Steel roofs, Roofs in Riga, Roofer works, Water drainage system, Metal roof. Construction, Drainage systems, For roof, roof, roofs, roof coatings, roof covering, roof materials, roof production, metal roof production, roof covering materials, roof coverings metal, metal
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LeBens, Ltd., roofing production and trade

Rankas 10, Rīga LV-1005

Flexible discount system and individual approach to each customer allows you to efficiently select the necessary materials at affordable prices and ensure their delivery in the shortest time. If you decide to build a new house, make repairs, or insulate the house? Welcome to our office: Riga, Rankas Street 10. Our managers will help you choose the necessary materials, calculate the consumption, taking into account all the conditions and the location of the object. You will find what you need in our warehouse, which is located next to the office. The necessary materials will be placed in the trunk of your car sooner than you complete the payment.

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Produs, LTD, metal roof coverings

60 gadu garantija!
Maskavas 443, Rīga LV-1063
PRODUCT ROOFING COVERINGS:: ✓ The largest trade offer of ROOF cover profiles ✓ ROOF rain gutter systems, gutters production, trade ✓ Production of tin joints, trade ✓ MANUFACTURE OF ROOF safety elements( snow, human barrier, retention) ✓ ROOF stairs, roof footbridge production, trade ✓ ROOF laying, ROOF installation services in Riga, throughout Latvia.

Company "PRODUS" are the official representatives of BLACHOTRAPEZ metal roofing dealers in Latvia.

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Kompānija Avotiņi, Ltd., construction material production and sale

Rustēnu 1, Rīga LV-1073
Leading building materials manufacturer: "Avotiņi Company" has become the official dealer of several Baltic and world leading manufacturers of construction materials. Description: We have been in the Latvian market for 26 years. We produce, sell high-quality metal roof and wall coverings, various building materials for construction, repair works and construction. Manufacture of armature and reinforcing products, we manufacture reinforcing mesh. Frameless hangars for construction. Metal trade, metal processing.

Baltic Roof Service Ltd, LTD, Roof decking, roof renovation

Katlakalna 13c, Rīga LV-1073
LTD "Baltic Roof Service Ltd" main directions of activity:: ✓ roof construction ✓ roof repair works ✓ carrier profile assembly ✓ roof insulation works ✓ melting roll material installation work ✓ tin-fitting assembly parts ✓ development of solutions for roof assemblies ✓ attracting co-financing for new roof construction works ✓ building roofs management ✓ snow removal from public and industrial buildings
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RemLAT, Roof repair, Renovation, Decking, replacement

Krasta 86-901, Rīga LV-1019
Our specialization: ✓ Roofing works, roof works ✓ roof repair, roof repair ✓ detailed roof repairs ✓ roof replacement and replacement ✓ flat and flat roofing laying and brushing ✓ roof (roof) connection repair (chimney, wall) ✓ Additional roof repairs Repair and install the roof rolls to be lubricated. We make roof insulation works, we also perform restoration of chimneys and parapets.
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Latgales Jumikis, Ltd.

Kārklu 20, Daugavpils LV-5401
Products offered:: ✓ metal roofs ✓ water drain systems ✓ skylights ✓ tin products Offer:

All the highest quality and most popular roofing and accessories in Latvia can be found in one place - everything you need for high-quality roofing! Extensive knowledge and experience help to ensure that we are able to be fully with you, from the selection of roofing materials, calculations to their delivery to the site. We can deliver your order to any place throughout Latvia, as well as, by separate agreement, outside it!

Adazu Metals, Ltd.

Ādaži, Muižas 29, Ādažu pagasts, Ādažu nov. LV-2164
About us: To ensure the highest quality of our products, we have selected only the best European metal producers as raw material suppliers. These are Thyssen Krupp (Germany), Marcegaglia (Italy, Arcelor Mittal group company) and US Steel (US company, Kosice, Slovakia). The thickness of the metal sheet is at least 0.5mm. Available various color and texture polymer coatings, with which are coated galvanized steel sheets, are designed for European climatic conditions. This is important when choosing and purchasing a roof so that it does not lose its aesthetic appeal for many years to come. The roof and its finishing details (ridge, windmill, cornices, etc.) are made of identical material, which ensures a smooth reaction against UV radiation and environmental impact. It is possible that our products are not the cheapest in roof covering market, but our reputation is of utmost importance to us and we want to position ourselves as a supplier of qualitative products at a reasonable price., SIA

Mālkalnes prospekts 6-117, Ogre LV-5001
Tin, tin, metal, metal, roll roofing , installation. Bitumen, flat, flat, melting roofs. Bitumen, shingle, roofing construction, melting, Corrugated slate sheet repair, renovation., Ltd.

"Robežnieki" , Trikātas pagasts, Valmieras nov. LV-4731
Specialists in roofing: Our employees are highly qualified specialists with a lot of work experience in roofer work, as evidenced by the certificates obtained in the craftsmanship. Our skills and knowledge allows to complete all your orders within the specified time and in high quality. About company: Ecological roofs! We offer roofing services! We carry out works with a high sense of responsibility, qualitatively and in short terms. We offer our services in roofing using ecological materials. Such as canes, tiles, green roofs, shingles or chips, and also we offer roofs for gazebos, create decorative details for the roof decks. Roofing materials, canes and shingles are also offered.

BMI Latvija, LTD

Tīraines 1, Rīga LV-1058
Apraksts: If a new roof, then a Monier roof! Roofs, roof, roofing, Monier. Clay and concrete tiles. Roof accessories for creating a functional roof. "Monier" performs a full cycle of customer consulting: free inspection of roof structures, calculation of required materials, delivery, consultations on the construction site, guarantees. We also offer the highest quality ground coverings for any type of pitched roofs. Roofing works, roofs, roofing, installation, trade, tiles, tiled roofs, chimneys, chimneys in Riga, Latvia.

Diavers, SIA

Mazā Nometņu 59a, Rīga LV-1002
Services: ✓ Roof repair ✓ Roofing replacement and installation ✓ Roof care and maintenance ✓ Roof painting ✓ Building roofs management ✓ Ordering and delivery of materials for your roof ✓ Rainwater drainage system installation and repair ✓ Installation and repair of chimney connections ✓ Chimney and ventilation outlet connection repair ✓ Installation and replacement of chimney caps ✓ Joint waterproofing, installation of roof windows and hatches, installation, insulation ✓ Parapet production and installation

Jumtu Eksperts, SIA

Mālkalnes prospekts 8, Ogre LV-5001
Roofer works in Ogre, Ogre District. Tinsmith works in Ogre, Ogre District. Roofer, roofers, tinsmith, tinsmith in Ogre, Ogre, Ķegums, Ķegums, Jumprava, Jumprava, Ikšķile, Tīnūži, In Tinuzi, Turkalne, Suntaži, Suntaži, Ropaži, In Ropazi, Laubere, Laubere, Lēdmane, Lēdmane, Ciemupe, In Ciemupe, Pārogre, In Pārogre, Madliena, In Madliena,


Patversmes 3, Valmiera, Valmieras n., LV-4201
Apraksts: Roofing trade, consultations, calculations, offer development, order delivery, roof surveying, tinsmith works, roofing works, carpentry works.
ZL.LV iesaka

Senču Jumti, SIA

Idus, "Cerības" , Sēļu pagasts, Valmieras nov. LV-4213
Services:: ✓ Roof works ✓ Roofer services ✓ Wooden roof coverings ✓ Wooden sheds ✓ Roof change About us::

"Ancestral Roofs" - a story in a sawmill. Sawmill in Valmiera region, which offers to experience the story and demonstration of how a round log comes to a finished aspen chip or shingle, which is one of the oldest Latvian roofing materials. Aspen log - block - chip.

EROOF, Ltd., Roof coatings

Dreiliņi, Lubānas 191, Stopiņu p., Ropažu n., LV-2130
Roof coverings:: ✓ Tin roofs ✓ Metal roofs ✓ Metal tiles ✓ Clay tiles ✓ Concrete tiles Roof profiles:: ✓ Modular tile profile ✓ Trapezoidal roof profiles ✓ Load-bearing roof profiles ✓ Rolled profiles ✓ Structural profiles

Baltic Construction Systems, Ltd.

Pildas 16b, Rīga, LV-1035
Apraksts: Construction of hangars, industrial buildings, shops and warehouses.

Kurzemes jumti, Ltd., Roofs in Tukums

Pils 14, Tukums, Tukuma n., LV-3101
Apraksts: Roof coverings, modular chimneys, roof windows, PVC windows and doors, roof and wall panels, delivery and assembly

Kurzemes jumti, Ltd., Roofs in Ventspils

Saules 19, Ventspils LV-3601
Apraksts: Roof coverings, modular chimneys, roof windows, PVC windows and doors, roof and wall panels, delivery and assembly

Kurzemes jumti, Ltd.

Ganību 25, Kuldīga LV-3301
Apraksts: Roof coverings, modular chimneys, roof windows, PVC windows and doors, roof and wall panels, delivery and assembly

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