Debt Collection, all Latvia


"Paus Konsults", Ltd.

Blaumana 38/40, Riga, LV-1011
The leading extrajudicial debt recovery company in Latvia with 20 years experience! Professional solutions in debt recovery!Debtors database, Debt recovery, Debt collection, Inkasso, Collection of payments, Legal services

"Creditreform Latvija", SIA, Debt management

Skanstes 50, Riga, LV-1013
If you sell goods or provide post-payment services, provide loans or provide leasing services, you take on the risk and care of charging fees. SIA "Creditreform Latvija" is a professional company that protects the interests of the creditor, helps to minimize the risk and solve problems with debtors - legal and natural persons, as well as on the portal offers online access to the company database in Latvia, providing its customers with up-to-date information and changes. , which is restored at the moment of the change registration.

Gaida Rutkovska, sworn bailiff

Atbrivosanas aleja 93a, Rezekne, LV-4601
Bailiff Bailiff in Rezekne Debt collection Bailiff in Latgale, bailiff in Rezekne, bailiff in Ludza. Bailiff, bailiffs, sworn bailiff, debt recovery, auction, auction organization, ZTI, LZTI, court, participation in hearings, seizure of goods, inheritance, inventory list preparation, inventory list.

Ltd. “GelvoraSergel”

Cesu 31 k.3, Riga, LV-1012
Debt collection Inkaso Inkasso Debt recovery, Incasso, (encashment) Cession, Debtors database, Debt collection , Extrajudicial debt collection , Debt recovery through court, Debt purchase, Debtors register, Debtors' list, Credit monitoring, Debtors blacklist, International debt collection , Legal services.

"IGK Credit Management", SIA

Lokomotives 34, Riga, LV-1057
.. debt collection procedure, recovery, application for debt recovery, rating, international marketing, company's insolvency, company solvency, company insolvency, loss recovery. Debt recovery, Incasso, Collection of payments. Debt recovery, legal services, collection of payments, ( debt collection ) credit information, creditinfo,

Juridiskais birojs "Gelios" SIA

Turpinām strādāt klātienē!
Puskina 20, Riga, LV-1050
.. in court. Real estate transactions. Registration in Land Register. Debt recovery. Insolvency process. Land rental. Advise on land lease. Heritage presentation, divorce. Legal.. . Legal services throughout Latvia. All kinds of legal services. Services for companies, protection of interests in court, real estate transactions,

"Rode un Partneri", Barristers' bureau

Gertrudes, Riga, LV-1010
Services for legal and natural persons:: ✓ Defense and legal assistance in criminal proceedings ✓ Representation in European Court of Human Rights ✓ Representation in civil proceedings in courts and arbitration courts ✓ Representation in administrative proceedings in authorities and courts ✓ Legal services of all kinds of real estate transactions ✓ Debt collection ✓ Family Law ✓ Inheritance rights ✓ Work rights

"Juridiskais birojs JS", Ltd.

Kungu 7, Jelgava, LV-3001
Legal services Jelgava Lawyer Jelgava Legal consultations Legal services Legal services. Legal consultations. Reorganization. Liquidation. Lawyers. Insolvency. Debt recovery. Company registration. "Nulles deklarācija". Representation in court. Claim application. Decision, judgment challenge, appealing. Insolvency
ZL.LV iesaka

Raudiņš A., individually practicing sworn advocate

Lacplesa 27-4, Riga, LV-1011
.. Debt recovery. .. Lawyers Riga, Center, law Office Center, legal assistance in defamation disputes, consultations, defence in criminal cases, representation of victims in criminal matters, real estate transactions services, representation in administrative cases, insolvency applications, various documents, contract preparation,

"Bodrova juridiskais birojs", Ltd.

Teatra 19, Daugavpils, LV-5401
real estate transactions Legal services Daugavpils Lawyers Daugavpils Legal consultations. Commercial cases in commercial matters. Company formation, representation in court, in courts. Preparation of contracts. Insolvency process, debt recovery, inheritance, divorce.

Sanda Kraukle, sworn advocate

Atsāku strādāt klātienē!
Meistaru, Riga, LV-1050
.. Debt recovery Divorce Sworn advocate, sworn advocate, lawyer, lawyers, lawyers in Riga, lawyers' services in Riga, lawyers' services Riga, legal services, lawyer, lawyer in Riga, civil cases, civil cases in Riga, civil cases Riga, consultations, preparation of various documents, documents drafting, representation in court,
ZL.LV iesaka

Austris Losaks, Sworn advocate

Brivibas 85-21,, Riga, LV-1001
.. in disputes with government institutions, solving disputes with citizenship and immigration services, legal representation in the State Revenue Service, legal assistance in tax disputes, legal assistance in defamation cases, debt recovery, help in debt collection processes.

"Atlase", SIA

Terbatas 41/43-2, Riga, LV-1011
.. , legal advice online. Representing the client in court, civil law, family rights, sworn attorney services, sworn advocate, lawyer, lawyers, good lawyer, lawyer in Riga. Debt recovery, extrajudicial debt recovery, debt collection , debt recovery from natural persons, debt collection from legal persons.

"JurTec", Ltd. Law Office

Lomonosova 9-46,, Riga, LV-1019
Legal services Maintenance payments and debt collection Divorce Lawyers Purchase contracts Registration of enterprises Procurement challenge Family disputes Personal data protection Legal services, legal advice bureau, lawyers, legal advisers, legal consultations, legal assistance, free legal advice, court disputes, legal

Ulmanis Valdis, sworn attorney, Sworn attorney office "Centrs"

Lacplesa 43/45-4b, Riga, LV-1011
.. financial rights Riga, debt collection Riga, land disputes Riga, business rights Riga, trade rights Riga, financial rights Riga, competition law Riga, lawyer's advice Riga, VAT Riga, representation of borrowers Riga, enterprise Register Riga, consumer rights Riga, transaction challenge Riga, contract challenge Riga, rent Riga.

Muižnieks Jānis, sworn attorney

Miera 15-1, Riga, LV-1001
Lawyer Legal services Civil law Lawyers Inheritance cases Civil law, Family rights, Real estate transactions, Civil rights contracts, Loss compensation and debt collection processes, Inheritance cases, Insurance sphere, Protection of customer rights, Apartment and rent legal relationships, Labour relations, Contract, (purchase,

Nikolajeva J. Law Office

18.novembra 35-18, Daugavpils, LV-5401
Legal services Daugavpils Legal consultations Lawyers Daugavpils Lawyer, legal services, legal consultations, legal assistance, solution of legal issues, assistance to lawyers, civil cases, civil law, administrative law, court, court proceedings, trade, presentation, inheritance, divorce, child support and debt collection ,

Faila Abbasova, Sworn advocate, guitar pick

Graudu 27/29-414, Liepaja, LV-3401
.. debt collection processes, legal assistance in inheritance processes, legal assistance in tax disputes, natural persons insolvency proceedings initiation, legal persons insolvency proceedings initiation, physical officials insolvency process administration, legal officials insolvency process administration, legal assistance
ZL.LV iesaka

Brigita Miķelsone, Ilmārs Cīrulis, sworn attorneys

Svetes 21, Jelgava, LV-3001
.. Criminal cases Lawyer Lawyers Lawyers in Jelgava In Jelgava, Court. Criminal cases, tests, courts, appeal , cassation complaint, consultations. Civil cases -, family rights, property rights, lease rights, rental rights, inheritance rights, advice in real estate transactions, debt collection .

Nikolajeva V. Law Office

18.novembra 35-18, Daugavpils, LV-5401
Legal services Lawyer Lawyers Lawyer, legal consultations, administrative cases. Civil law. Divorce, alimony, child support, debt collection . All complex issue resolution. Protection of victims, protection of victims' rights, requirements, applications, inheritance, family disputes, preparation of contracts, presentation,