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Normunds Pētersons, sworn advocate in Vidzeme

Rīgas 7-7, Valmiera, Valmieras nov. LV-4201
Commercial Law . Preparation of contracts.
  • 1 Attorneys at law

Vineta Ķine, sworn advocate

Nomales 2, Kuldīga, Kuldīgas nov., LV-3301
, civil law , administrative law , civil case, civil cases, appeal, cassation, representation, advocacy, of client interests, sworn advocate, sworn attorneys , advocate in Sigulda, advocates in Sigulda, lawyer
  • 2 Attorneys at law

Failas Abbasovas Zvērināta advokāta birojs

Graudu 27/, Liepāja LV-3401
cases, representation, representation in civil cases, in administrative matters, international rights ( law , representation in SRS, insolvency, Ltd liquidation, legal procedure, bank and financial rights, commercial Law
  • 3 Attorneys at law

Sandra Sprūde, self-practicing sworn lawyer

Avotu 4, Liepāja, LV-3401
lawyers, sworn advocate, sworn attorney Sandra Sprude, legal services, legal consultations, criminal law , with a lawyer, advocacy, criminal procedure, professional experience in law , good lawyer, excellent

Raudiņš A., individually practicing sworn advocate

Lāčplēša 27-4, Rīga LV-1011
Lawyers, lawyer, sworn attorneys , law firms, justice. Representation in Cassation institutions., Lawyers Riga, Center, law Office Center, legal assistance in defamation disputes, consultations, defence

Viktorija Borina, an individual practicing lawyer of the Kurzeme District Court of the Kurzeme District Court

Klāva Ukstiņa 5A-17N, Liepāja LV-3401
Legal services, lawyer, lawyers, lawyers, lawyers' bureau, rental of legal addresses, legal address rental, real estate, purchase, trade, rent, rental, management, apartment for rent, rent an apartment, rent a house, leases a house, commercial premises for rent, leases commercial premises, rent an apartment, rent a house, īrēt telpas, change the
ZL.LV iesaka

Barristers' bureau Centrs, Ulmanis Valdis, sworn advocate

Lāčplēša 43-4b, Rīga LV-1011
Advocate services Riga, law office Riga., Attorney at Law Riga, lawyers, lawyer Riga, defender Riga, defender Riga, advocacy Riga, bureau Riga

Ilgvars Samiņš, sworn advocate

Pils, Tukums, Tukuma nov. LV-3101
Representation in criminal cases, civil cases, administrative cases, real estate transactions, inheritance cases, labour relations, divorce. Sworn advocate in Tukums.
ZL.LV iesaka

Timerman I, self-practicing sworn lawyer, practicing mediator

Dzirnavu 31 - 1, Rīga, LV-1010
Sworn advocate, Sworn attorney Ieva Timermane, advice on legal issues, civil procedure, administrative law

Sworn attorney Ilona Bulgakova

Lokomotīves 22-2, Rīga LV-1057
Sworn advocate, legal assistance, advocacy, representation in court, legal documents. Criminal cases, divorce, communication with children, protection against violence. administrative process cases, cases of administrative offenses, cnforcement of criminal penalties. Cross-border cases. Documents drafting( complaints, applications,

Sworn attorney - Ekaterina Barere

Emīlijas Benjamiņas 10-34, Rīga LV-1050
contracts, agreement, explanations, various procedural document preparation for submission to courts, law

Andis Auza, sworn advocate

Ģertrūdes 20-2,, Rīga, LV-1011
Lawyers in criminal cases, attorney in family matters, a good lawyer in family matters, family law , attorneys , good divorce lawyer, lawyer in criminal proceedings.

Rode un partneri, PS, Barristers' bureau

Miera, Rīga LV-1001
Sworn advocate, criminal procedure, preparation of contracts, contracts, law office in Riga, advocacy, in criminal cases, representation in civil cases, in administrative matters, international rights ( law

Zvērinātu advokātu birojs CersJurkāns, LTD

Strēlnieku 9-4, Rīga LV-1010
, Criminal law , Administrative law , Public procurement consultations, Energy law , Environmental law ,, Transport rights, Law of the sea, Health care rights.

Strale Inga, self-practicing sworn lawyer

Dārza 7, Smiltene, Smiltenes nov. LV-4729
Lawyer, lawyer, legal services, civil cases, criminal cases, tax matters, public rights, defense in court, representation in court, contract preparation. Lawyer Smiltene, lawyer Valmiera, lawyer Valka, lawyers Smiltene, lawyers Valmiera, lawyers Valka, lawyer Smiltene, lawyer Valmiera, lawyer Valka, lawyers Smiltene, lawyers Valmiera,

Barristers' bureau Atlācis un Partneri

Rīgas 9-1, Valmiera, Valmieras nov. LV-4201
Lawyers, lawyer, lawyers, lawyer, administrative process, legal services, insolvency, civil law , legal, Law , environmental law .

Irēna Kibelko, sworn advocate

Graudu 43A, Liepāja LV-3401
lease rights, rental rights, inheritance rights, advice in real estate transactions, administrative law , in court, representation in institutions, representation in a public authority, legal assistance, law

Petrovs un Partneri, Law Office

Audēju 15-4, Rīga, LV-1050
lawyer, lawyer, Latvia, Latvian, Riga, In Riga, russian speaking, english speaking, legal consultations, legal services, representation, court, fulfillment, real estate, inheritance, citizenship, residence permit regarding investments, preparation and verification of legal documents.

LM Juridiskais birojs, In the center of Riga

Brīvības 58-kab.K517, Rīga, LV-1011
Legal advice bureau, legal services, document drafting, consultations, lawyer, lawyers, In the center of Riga.

MG. iur., MG. philol Ilze Jelinska, sworn advocate

Pope, Vienības 24, Popes pagasts, Ventspils nov., LV-3614
Lawyers, lawyer, lawyer, sworn advocate, sworn advocate, sworn attorneys , MG. iur., administrative law , criminal law , visiting rights, child protection, bērnu aizgādība, education, seminars