Freight transport: by road, all Latvia


  • 2222 companies
    1. "Delta RS", SIA

      Sala, Alejas 3, Salas p., Salas n., LV-5230


      Freight transport .
    2. "DHL Latvia SIA"

      Marupe, Plienciema 35, Marupes n., LV-2167


      .. Express mail, cargo, to transport , express deliveries, express deliveries, delivery, international courier mail, international, local express shipping, mail, post package, parcel sent by post, to send, brokerage services, brokers, broker, broking, customs, customs brokers, urgent international shipments, urgent, urgent, shipping on
    3. "EEMR Transport", SIA

      Juras 21, Aloja, Alojas n., LV-4064


      International transportation, freight transport , food liquid transportation in tanks, food cargo transportation in cisterns, food liquids in tanks, food fluid transportation, export. Import. Road transport , logistics, logistic services. Cargo transportation.. States. Road freight transport , transport services. International
    4. "Eidz Transports", SIA

      Koknese, Blaumana 18, Kokneses p., Kokneses n., LV-5113


      Bulk cargoes, chip, shingles, pellets. Bulk cargo, woodchips, particle, granule transport in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, (in the Baltic countries). Large size cargo transportation.
    5. "Fixer Masters", OU, Rīgas filiāle

      Katlakalna 11c, Riga, LV-1073


      .. Container cargo transport , Cargoes, Small cargoes, Composite cargo, Container shipments, Warehousing, Warehouses, Freight transport by air, Air transport , Cargo transportation sea, Sea freight shipping, Transport services, Road cargo services, Freight transport by road , Cargo transportation to/from the Baltic countries Road
    6. "Gariva", SIA, Filiāle

      Katrinas 3-28, Riga, LV-1045


      Freight transport , cargoes, road transport , road transport , road cargo services, freight transport by road , cargo transportation Germany, cargo transportation England, freight transport Great Britain, freight transport Poland, freight transport Holland, freight transport Netherlands, cargo transportation Baltics, cargo
    7. "Garuss", SIA

      Rumbula, Granita 26, Stopinu n., LV-1057


      Domestic freight transport in Latvia. Truck repair, maintenance, service, maintenance services. Lorry transport . Truck, automobiles, sale of cars. Spare parts. Road transport services, truck with manipulator. Truck with crane, cranes, hoist for up to 5t. Cylinder block heads
    8. "Greencarrier Freight Services Latvia", SIA, Auto nodaļa

      Lidosta "Riga", Ziemelu 12, Marupes n., LV-1053


      .. storage. Cargo shipping in China. Cargo transportation Far east. Air freight transport . Airplanes. Freight transport by air. Air freight exports to all countries of the world, Air freight imports from all countries of the world, (France, Great Britain, Norway, Iceland, ASV, Canada, Australia, China, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Cargo
    9. "Grivika", IK

      Liela 24-29, Jelgava, LV-3001


      .. transport in Jelgava, excavator in Jelgava, Car evacuation in Jelgava, Freight transport in Jelgava, movement work organization, office equipment and machinery relocation, apartement belongings transportation, personal belongings, personal belongings professional packing, painting and works of art professional packing, furniture
    10. "IM Loģistika", SIA

      Baltezers, Liepkalnu 4, Garkalnes n., LV-2164


      Freight transport . Thermo cargoes. Composite cargoes. Freight consolidation. International freight transport . Full and composite thermal cargo transport . Small cargo transportation. Carriage with freezer. Cargoes with temperature.. full and groupage cargoes. Freight logistics. Consolidated and full cargo transportation. Transport
    11. "Ipaka", SIA

      Berzpils 7-74, Riga, LV-1039


      .. freight transport , fast delivery, courier prices, courier mail costs, courier service prices, courierservice prices, courier costs, costs, prices, shipping costs, delivery rates, courier prices, deliveries in Latvia, parcel delivery in Latvia, delivery of goods in Latvia, document delivery in Latvia, express delivery on weekdays in
    12. "Jaks V", SIA

      Katlakalna 1, Riga, LV-1073


      Tipper (excavator) services 12 m3, 18 m3. Building demolition. Bulk cargoes, sand, woodchip, top soil, pebble delivery. Gravel. Shivers. Earthworks in construction sites, construction site preparation, temporary road and site construction. Industrial climbing: snow collection, removal, ice removal at height. Industrial climbing.
    13. "JS Products", SIA

      Rupniecibas 9, Aizkraukle, Aizkraukles n., LV-5101


      Freight transport . International freight transport . Large-size, non-standard cargo transportation. Container cargo transport . Freight forwarding. Logistics. Transport services. Cargo transportation to, Europe, Russia, Scandinavia. Dangerous cargoes. ADR cargoes. Freight transport by road . Construction, repair works.
    14. "Juvi", SIA

      Ritausmas, "Meldri", Islices p., Bauskas n., LV-3901


      International freight transport , international road transport , cargo transportation in the Baltic States, cargo transportation in Belarus, freight transport , expedition, Lithuania, Estonia, container cargo transport , road transport services, logistics, cargo road transport , road transport , services, cargoes, road cargoes, road
    15. "Komunāltehnika Z", SIA

      Alejas 2, Grobina, Grobinas n., LV-3430


      Transport services: -semi-trailers with tent, (13,62m) -open-top platforms, (12,5m, and, 13,62m) -dumpers, MB, and, IVECO, 6x6, -different size diggers, wheel loaders: Case XT-70, JCB4CX, Manitou bulldozer, Komatsu 31, ICB 200 LC, Hituchi 220 ZW, Atlas 1605, - freight road service, -oversized cargo transportation in the Baltic countries,
    16. "Kravas auto", SIA

      Livciema 9 k.2-36, Riga, LV-1058


      .. load cargo, load cargo with a boom, unload container, unload cargo, Using road transport services, Sea containers, Sea container delivery, Wood article transportation, Constructions moving, Container trucking, Container transport , Container transport , Container shipment, Container shipment, Containers, Container cargo transport ,
    17. "Kurvedam", SIA

      Ogres 12-38, Riga, LV-1019


      Loader services, Warehousing, Cleaning services, Logistics, Waste removal, Bus, minivans for rent, Road transportation with trailers, Road transport , Freight transport : by road , Freight transport : by air, Courier services, Moving services, Mail, mail services, Premises for rent, Furniture disassembly assembly, Household appliances
    18. "Liega", SIA

      Druva, "Kuldigas soseja 2a", Saldus p., Saldus n., LV-3862


      Minivans for rent, car towing, bus rental (7+1, 8+1). Trailers, trailer. Trailer rental. Car towing. Automobile, car, motorbike, motor vehicle sale, repair. Motorcycles, motorollers, quads, minibuses, minibus sale, rental. Road transport . Car ordering and delivery in Europe. Car trailers. Car trailer - car transporter, (trailer) car
    19. "Liepājas VIA", SIA

      F.Brivzemnieka 25-4, Liepaja, LV-3401


      .. International transportation. Expedition, logistics, freight forwarding all over the world, multimodal shipments. Multimodal transport all over the world, international large-size freight transportation. In Latvia, Lithuania, In Estonia, In Europe, Germany, In France, In Spain, In Denmark, Sweden, Finland, In Holland, In Russia, In
    20. "MB Transport", SIA

      Uliha 12-43, Liepaja, LV-3401


      .. Talsi, Tukums, Riga region, to/from Europe, Scandinavian, For Baltic States, cargo delivery, small cargoes, heavy cargoes, pallets, local, international freight transport , road transport , road transport services, road transport services, road transport , road transport , surface transport , cargo, cargoes, perevozki, gruzovie,