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Gunta Friedenberga, gynecologist in Tukums

Elizabetes, Tukums, Tukuma n., LV-3101
Gynaecologist Gynecologist in Tukums Gynaecologist, gynaecological examination, obstetrician, classes for pregnant women, psychotherapist, providing of youth-friendly services, selection of contraception, pregnancy observation, postpartum depression, psychosexual disorders. Opening hours: by prior appointment. Dr.

Zaharenkovas Nataļjas family doctors and occupational health and occupational medical practice

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F.Sadovnikova 20, Riga, LV-1003
Occupational physician Family doctor Natalja Zaharenkova family doctor. Occupational physician. Vaccination against influenza, tick-borne encephalitis. Medical commissions, driver, Road Traffic Directorate Commissions. Drivers' health check. Medical certificates. Occupational physician. Occupational doctor's advice.

Sexologist dr. Artūrs Vāvere, private practice

Brivibas 68-208, Riga, LV-1011
Sexologist Sex pathologist Sexpathologist, sex therapy, sex therapy, sexology, sexpathology, doctor, doctor's practice, private practice, sex, erotics, erotic massage, prostate massage, penis, penis curve, crooked penis, penis increasing, to increase penis, straighten the penis, penis foreskin, phimosis, paraphimosis, narrow

The practice of ophthalmologist Roman Ruzhylo

Lacplesa 15a, Lielvarde, Lielvardes n., LV-5070
Eye doctor Lielvarde Ophthalmologist Lielvarde Oculist Eye doctor, oculist, ophthalmologist. Eye doctors, oculists, oculist practice. Eye doctor practice. Vision examination. Optics, glasses, lenses. Ophthalmology. Eye trauma, eye acute diseases, eye chronic diseases. Driver commission, children prophylactic examination.

Ivetas Bičevskas doctor practice in gynaecology

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Pulkveza O.Kalpaka 16-108, Jelgava, LV-3001
Gynecologist practice Jelgava Gynecologist Jelgava Gynecologist Jelgava Bičevska Pregnancy care Jelgava Pregnant women care Gynaecologist, gynaecology, gynaecologists, gynaecologist, gynecologist, gynaecologist, gynecologist practice, gynecologist practice. Working hours by prior arrangement! Pregnant women care,
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Andris Zemitis doctor osteopath practice place in Saulkrasti

Ainazu 34, Saulkrasti, Saulkrastu n., LV-2160
Andris Zemītis, osteopathy, manual medicine, backache, headaches, non medication treatment. Doctor osteopath. Non- medical treatment, backache, headaches, internal organ system, (systems) dysfunction corrections, (correction).

"Katarse", medical company

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Brivibas 169/171, Jekabpils, LV-5201
Family doctors in Jekabpils Drug addiction Jekabpils Health checks Preventive health checks. Narcological aid . Riga expert advice. Procedures. Dentist, Driver commissions. Back, belly - belts, corsets, orthoses, collar and wrist fixators, orthoses. Ultrasonography. I. Kudiņas family doctor's practice. Salt room. Physiotherapist,
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Spodris E., dziednieks

Akademijas laukums 1-213, Riga, LV-1050
Elmars Spodris, healer. Help in cardiovascular, gynaecological diseases, (dropped uterus, mastopaty, infertility), bone diseases, multiple sclerosis, trophic ulcer healing. Family relationships, help in problems - fear, stress, depression, exempt from alcohol addiction, helps get rid of toxins in the body. Osteokinesiology. The first

"ITLA.LV", Ltd., Production and trade

Maskavas 250, Riga, LV-1063
Disinfectants Antifungal products Anti-microbial agents Compression stockings Medical socks tights oral care products Natural cosmetics Disinfectants for hands, for legs, for shoes, for surfaces, for tools, for manicure, for pedicure. Disinfectants.. . Medical socks with anti-fungal, antimicrobial effect forA. Antifungal,

Doctor Zanetes Sebres psychotherapy private practice

Darba laiks: pēc pieraksta iepriekš piesakoties.
Maiznicas 12-1, Riga, LV-1001
Psychologist psychotherapist services Psychotherapist Working hours: by appointment by prior arrangement. Psychotherapist, psychologist, psychotherapy. Consultations, individual psychoanalytic psychotherapy, couples psychotherapy - relationship problems, family problems, depression, obsessive thoughts, insomnia, panic

Novikovas D. family doctor's practice

18.novembra 41, Rezekne, LV-4601
.. doctor practice, internist, occupational specialist, occupational diseases. Family doctor in Rēzekne, occupational physician in Latgale, family doctor in Latgale, occupational physician in Rēzekne. Medical certificate, medical certificate CSDD, medical certificate for work.

"Rubenhair Baltika", Ltd., Hair transplantation and skin health clinic

Republikas laukums 3-12, Riga, LV-1010
.. medical tourism, aesthetic procedures, body aesthetics, aesthetics, beauty care, perfumery, cosmetics sale, trade, cosmetics for sale, cosmetic products for sale, plastic surgery, medical aid , plasma injections, PRP, Platelet-Rich Plasma, mesotherapy for hair, the lowest prices in Europe, more than 20 years expierence, reliable

"Latvijas Amerikas acu centrs", SIA, Filiale

Bruninieku 8, Riga, LV-1010
American eye clinic, American eye center. Eye clinic in Riga. Latvian, American Eye Center, clinic, eye doctor, eye surgeries, vision correction with glasses, intraocular colamer lens implantation, laser therapy, vision and eye health diagnostics, optics, glasses, contact lenses, laser, eyes, ophthalmologist, laser surgery, glaucoma,

Certified podologist Ilga Prinkaln

Bruninieku 40, Riga, LV-1011
Podologist in the center of Riga Medical foot care in Riga Medical foot care in the center of Riga. medical pedicure, podologist services. Corn and wart treatment, nail fungus care, removal of skin thickening, application of therapeutic gel, ingrown nail correction with titanium thread technology, home visits.

Žanetes Freibergas foot care cabinet, podologist in Riga

A.Caka 50, Riga, LV-1011
Podologist in Riga Medical foot care in the center of Riga Certified podologist, medical pedicure, prosthetic treatment of nail plate with therapeutic gel, Corn and wart treatment, nail fungus affected nail treatment, ingrown nail treatment and correction with "titanium thread" technology, thickening of the skin removal, serving patients

Anda Pētersone-Diļevka, certified podologist

K.Barona 140, Riga, LV-1012
Podologist in Riga Certified podologist in Pinki Foot medical care, gel application, podologist in Riga, medical pedicure, corn and wart treatment, ingrown nail care, thickening of the skin removal, fungus affected nail care, disinfection of footwear with KLENZ apparatus. Podologist in Pinki, medical foot care in Pinki.

"Vizus optima", SIA

Ainazu 49, Riga, LV-1024
Eye doctor Žanna Kudiņa, Ophthalmologist, vision examination, eye diseases, eye disease treatment and diagnosis. Glaucoma, Retinal degeneration. Children's eye specialist, vision correction, glasses, contact lenses. Eye ultrasonography. Eye doctor, oculist, Eye doctor Jugla, Oculist Jugla Jugla, Vision Center for you, Dry eye

"JV Klinika", Ltd.

Raiskuma, Riga, LV-1006
Gynaecology Laparoscopy Hysteroscopy Infertility Infertility treatment Endometrosis treatment Gynecological clinic, gynaecology clinic, JV klīnika, klīnika JV, Dr. Juris Vītols, dr. Jurģis Vītols, gynaecologist, doctor Juris Vītols, gynecologist consultations, gynecologist consulting, pregnant women care, gynaecologists,

"Labie Logopedi", Ltd.

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Kugu 11, Riga, LV-1048
Speech therapist Speech therapist practice in Pardaugava, consultations and lessons, speech therapists Pardaugava. Good speech therapists, speech therapists, speech therapy, pedagogy, teachers, children, school, language, pronunciation, speech therapy, therapy, lesson, consultation, language disorders, speech production,

Kittes Rudītes family doctor's practice

Ugale, Rupnicas 2-33, Ugales p., Ventspils n., LV-3615
Family doctor's practice, paramedic point.