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Tiečas, Farm

"Tiečas" , Slampes pagasts, Tukuma nov. LV-3119
Vegetable gardening, grain growing , food retail, food wholesale, wholesale of vegetables, wholesale wholesale, potato wholesale, wholesale beet, wholesale of beetroot, cabbage wholesale, table beets, grain growing
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Dārznieks, Farm Kliģeni

Ābolu 12, Cēsis LV-4101
Gardening, gardening, vegetable gardening, vegetables, flowers, flower trade, floristry, flower shops , decayed plants, gardener, Kligeni, vegetable plants.

Purmali, Farm

"Purmaļi" , Ērģemes pagasts, Valkas nov. LV-4711

HP Purmaļi is one of the largest vegetable growing farms in Vidzeme, located in Ērģemes Parish, Valka District. Vegetable growers with more than 25 years of experience.

The farm is grown: tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, beets, pumpkins, leeks, onions and dill.

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Garīši, Farm

"Garīši" , Vārmes pagasts, Kuldīgas nov. LV-3333

Farm "Garīši" founded in 1995. year. As a result of successful business and customer trust "Garīši" have taken a stable place among the leading producers of sauerkraut and stewed cabbage in Latvia. We deliver our products to both wholesale and retail, we are ready to cooperate with any customer and find mutually beneficial solutions for cooperation. A wide range of products - boiled and packaged vegetables( beets, carrots, peas, beans) . Cabbage - pickled, pickled, stewed, fresh. Fresh vegetables.

Kasi, ZS

"Kāši" , Mores pagasts LV-2170
Description: Ērika Gacka BIO zemnieku saimniecība "Kāši" savu darbību sāka 1997. gadā. Tās darbības pamatvirzieni ir koka standarta un nestandarta palešu ražošana kokapstrāde, kā arī gaļas liellopu audzēšana un augkopība - dārzeņi, ogas.
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Bauska lauktehnika 1, Ltd.

Rītausmas, "Bauskas "Lauktehnika"" , Īslīces pagasts, Bauskas nov. LV-3901
Product categories:: ✓ Screws, nuts ✓ MTZ( Belarus) spare parts ✓ Starters, generators ✓ Tractor cabins ✓ Lights, mirrors, reflectors ✓ Spare parts for agricultural machinery ✓ Animal husbandry and grazing equipment ✓ Accumulators ✓ For garden and farm ✓ Cardans ✓ Cargo fasteners ✓ Tools, tools
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Dēseles Dzirnavas

"Dēseles Dzirnavas" , Embūtes pagasts, Dienvidkurzemes nov. LV-3436
Dēsele Dzirnava - a place to celebrate holidays:

"In Deseles Dzirnavas" - the opportunity to celebrate important life events( weddings, anniversaries, childhood holidays, etc. ), organize trainings or seminars and enjoy a calm, unhurried vacation and forget a little from the daily rush. We offer two halls for celebrations and seminars( 129 sq. . and 60 sq. ), well-furnished 10 rooms and beds for up to 50 persons. Near the mill there is a beautiful mill pond, fishing and boat rentals, fruit and berry gardens in covered areas. During the season, you can enjoy and buy strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cherries, blackcurrants, plums and apples with us. We offer tours in the gardens. As well as finished products made from what is grown in the gardens - candies, jams, sauces, jams and other good things.

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Pures darzkopibas izmeginajumu stacija, JSC

Pūre, Abavas 2, Pūres pagasts, Tukuma nov. LV-3124
About the company:

JSC "Pūres dārzkopības stacija" is a company engaged in the trade of fruit trees and berries. It is possible to buy seedlings in Pūre, Abavas iela 2, as well as in street shops in the largest cities of Latvia.

Certa serviss, LTD

Druva, "Kuldīgas šoseja 6" , Saldus pagasts, Saldus nov. LV-3862

Company "Certa serviss" with 25 years of experience in the trade of agricultural machinery and their spare parts. For the last 10 years, expanding its product range with a modern drip irrigation system, mineral fertilizers and seeds.

ProHid, Ltd.

Dobeles šoseja 45, Jelgava LV-3007
Production: ✓ LED bulbs; ✓ LED Plant Bulbs; ✓ For home; ✓ LED tapes; ✓ Special equipment; ✓ WAS Flashlights 12-24V; ✓ Car; ✓ Accessories; About us: The company SIA "ProHid" was founded in 2009. but experience has been gained since 2005. annual. The company started its operation with the establishment of a store in Jelgava, Dobele highway 24,( entrance from Satiksmes Street) . The activity is based on car lighting systems, their individualization and repair. By actively working, experience in repairs is accumulated, various innovations are introduced. Already in the second year of its operation, the company is creating a website where those interested are offered the opportunity to get acquainted with the range of products and regular innovations in the range of products. In addition, SIA “ProHid” offers its customers to buy goods in the online store. 2009. the existing product range is supplemented with car alarm systems, car LED lights and car stroboscopes. SIA "ProHid" also provides installation of all these systems. Since 2010. the company is starting to offer its customers to buy car adhesive films. Actively acquiring new knowledge and experience in adhesive film processing.

Blomi, sole trader proprietor

"Blomi" , Inčukalna novads LV-2136

Strawberry growing farm "Blomi" has been offering strawberries grown in the summer sun for over 12 years. High quality, sweet strawberry and strawberry seedlings. Strawberries are grown according to the latest modern technology and with love. Every strawberry lover can pick up a basket of strawberries and, of course, taste the sweet strawberries. We are located in Inčukalns parish, Vangaži. You are welcome!

Sprogas, Farm

"Sprogas", Jaunalūksnes p., Alūksnes n., LV-4301

Farm "Sprogas" is a horticultural company with more than fifty years of experience in plant growing and fruit growing. We are currently one of the leading companies in the cultivation of summer flower seedlings and fruit tree seedlings. Flower seedlings grown in the nursery adorn the greenery of several cities, as well as the flower beds of the largest shopping centers in Riga and in private gardens both in Latvia and Estonia.

Lubeco, Ltd.

"Puriņi", Ārlavas p., Talsu n., LV-3260

LTD "Lubeco" is a family business in Talsi region, which grows strawberries on an area of several hectares, organic quinces and processes various fruits and berries into natural, healthy products under the Pikolo brand. The company produces soft and juicy candies with a pronounced taste, as well as vitamins-rich juices and syrups. These products are especially popular as a gift for partners and employees.

We are very proud of our own brand of strawberries "Latvian strawberries", which is a guarantee for every buyer that strawberries really grown in Latvia are bought. We invite you to go on a tour with us - we will show you the farm and the factory, as well as give you a taste of Piccolo's delicacies! In winter and autumn it is possible to see the plant, while in spring and summer you can also see strawberry and quince fields.

Dzervenite A, Farm

Zvejnieku 28, Saldus LV-3801
Apraksts: Beekeeping, honey, cranberries, cranberry growing, natural fruit candy, production, trade. Trade in Broceni market.

7 rozes, stādaudzētava

Austrumu 8a, Valmiera, Valmieras n., LV-4201
Apraksts: Greening, blueberry bushes, Improvement, Landscape design, lawn installation, planting, lawn care, plant care, hydrosowing, dangerous tree cutting, tree cutting, tree crown trimming, Valmiera, Cesis, Limbazi, Valka, Smiltene, Sigulda, Riga, Gulbene, Madona, Balvi, Rezekne, Ogre, Vidzeme. We are nursery in Valmiera with more than 40 years of experience in plant growing. We offer in Latvia grown rose plants, clematis and honeysuckle seedlings, grape seedlings, various angels sunbeams and ornamental coniferous tree plants. We also provide advice on plant cultivation and care.

Mucenieki, ZS

"Mucenieki" , Jaunlutriņu pagasts, Saldus nov. LV-3876
Services:: ✓ Cultivation of seedlings ✓ Fruit and berry cultivation ✓ Fruit and berry processing ✓ We provide gardening consultations Description:

The farm of Jaunlutriņi parish of Saldus county "Mucenieki" founded in October 13, 1994. Its specialization is commercial horticulture. Farm areas are gradually increasing, and currently apple plantations have reached 12. 5 ha, shrubbery( blackcurrants, currants, gooseberries) and sea buckthorn area 19 ha. The farm also grows apple, strawberry and berry seedlings for planting and selling its own plantations.

Rīts, ZS

Rubeņi , Bērzkalnes pagasts LV-4590
Vegetable growing

Indrāni, ZS

"Indrāni" , Laidzes pagasts LV-3280
Vegetable growing

Rubeņi, ZS

"Rudeņi" , Zentenes pagasts LV-3123
Vegetable growing

Zaķi, ZS

"Zaķi" , Sējas pagasts LV-2142
Vegetable growing