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    1. "Rezeknes autobusu parks", JSC, Car service station

      Jupatovkas 5, Rezekne, LV-4601


      Car repair in Rezekne Car service in Rezekne Car diagnostics in Rezekne Car dry cleaning in Rezekne Car parts sale Car service for trucks, service station for buses. Car service , Car service station, Car repair, Car maintenance, car service , car repair services car diagnostics, (diesel engines) car repair and maintenance, tyre service , car
    2. "Rezeknes meliorators", Ltd.

      Meza 17, Rezekne, LV-4601


      .. Excavators, excavator rental, pond digging, land reclamation, work costs, companies, systems. Land amelioration, well curbs, road construction, construction site creation, installation, transport services in Rēzekne. Digging, cleaning , maintenance, improvement, restoration, rehabilitation of drainage systems in Rezekne, gravel
    3. "Latgales namu apsaimniekotājs", SIA

      Brivibas 33-17a, Rezekne, LV-4601


      Real estate, real estate management and administration. Apartment house technical maintenance, repair works, areas sanitary cleaning . Various services . Construction, construction services , insulation, building insulation, building renovation.
    4. "Mobiline", veikals

      Atbrivosanas aleja 141a, Rezekne, LV-4604


      LMT, LMT services , Amigo, mobile phones, sale of mobile phones, phone repair, corporate client services , mobile Internet, LMT dealer, mobile phones and accessories trade, mobile internet equipment, mobile phone repair, LMT wireless internet, Routers, modems, tablet PCs, portable computers, visas, visa processing, visa processing and
    5. "Reats", SIA

      Berzpils 42, Rezekne, LV-4601


      Service carries out all kinds of repair works. Shop offers: Bearings; Gaskets, sealing.. , patches, valves; Window cleaning brushes, warning signs, professional tools; Mirrors, mirror heating elements, mirror housings; Screws, nuts, washers, rivets; Car chemicals. Car spare parts, car repair. Spare .. , car maintenance. Truck spare parts.
    6. "Rēzeknes autobusu parks", AS, Autoserviss

      Jupatovkas 5, Rezekne, LV-4601


      .. service , car diagnostics, car maintenance, running gear diagnostics, engine diagnostics. .. Light adjustment diagnostics, Car diagnostics Car evacuation, Tow truck, Premises for rent, parking lot, truck parking lot, guarded parking lot, bus parking, CAR SERVICE minibus and bus, commercial vehicle and truck, (heavy) car repair, service .
    7. "Veda S", SIA, Veikals

      Latgales 51, Rezekne, LV-4601


      .. station, Car washing. Car wash, car washes, car wash. Car spa, car washing, car washing, car washing, car wash, car washing station, car wash, car wash, interior cleaning , upholstery cleaning , car washes, dry cleaning , interior cleaning , waxing, car washing, car interior cleaning . Car washing. Moto rollers, motorollers, velo, bicycle,
    8. "Kalnāju būvnieks", SIA

      Kolna Ancupani, "Kalnaji", Veremu p., Rezeknes n., LV-4604


      Land reclamation. Excavators, excavator, excavator rental, pond digging, land reclamation, well curbs, road construction, construction site creation, installation, transport services in Rēzekne, fuel. Drainage system excavation, cleaning in Rezekne, gravel for road construction, land drainage system maintenance, reconstruction.