Food, wholesale, all Latvia


A Fruits, LTD

Lubānas 82D, Rīga, LV-1021
Fruit and vegetable wholesale , wholesale , fruit and vegetable purchasing from local producers, delivery

Bidfood Latvia, LTD

Lubānas 125A - 12, Rīga, LV-1021
Food wholesale . Confectionery retail. Bread products. Vegetables. French fries, potato products.
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Voldemārs, LTD, Office space for rent

Skaistkalnes 3, Rīga, LV-1004
Food , Food , Grocers wholesale , product storage, product sorting, Freezers, freezer services, freezer, C, -18 C, -25 C, Oils, confectionery, margarines, flour, groats, cheeses, Wholesale , Warehouse and logistics

Garīši, Farm

"Garīši", Vārmes pagasts, Kuldīgas nov., LV-3333
Food factory. Food wholesale . Sale of vegetable products, wholesale . Garīši, local manufacturer., Food production. In Latvia grown vegetables, production. For HoReCa sector.
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Valdo, Company store

Skaistkalnes 1A, Rīga, LV-1004
Food . Food . Grocery retail and wholesale ., , snacks, canned food , canned food , preserved foods.

Dolcetta, LTD, Hemp seeds

"Āpji", Strazdes pagasts, Talsu nov., LV-3291
Hemp seeds, hemp, hemp products, cultivation of organic hemp, organic hemp seed oil, organic hemp seeds, biological hemp protein, hemp seed tea. BIO product, Bio products, healthy products, for health, immunity strengthening, purification of the body from toxins, cellular tissue, vitamins, ( beta-carotene, B1, B2, B6,, ) minerals. Cannabis for

Ritols, Manufacturer of thermal insulation and industrial floors

Dzērbenes 27, Rīga LV-1006
Concrete floor coatings, industrial, industrial, food industry epoxy floors., Certified coating for use in food production premises, Coverage with the hygienic assessment of the Environmental

Luning Shop Fitting, LTD

Mazā Rāmavas 5, Valdlauči, Ķekavas pagasts, Ķekavas nov., LV-1076
, trade, subjects, services, architecture, fittings, equipment, equipment, light, furniture, trade, wholesale , equipment and installation, shop design and concepts, trade solutions, advice on all aspects of the food

EST Tehnoloģijas, LTD, Sale and repair of scales

Lastādijas 42, Rīga, LV-1050
cotton, detector, detectors, tester, testers, scales, scale trade, trade, crane, electronic, digital, food , tractor machinery, agricultural services, fixing, repair, spare parts, farmers, woodworking, trade, wholesale

Kosters, LTD

Brīvības gatve 441A, Rīga, LV-1024
Retail and wholesale of tools and implements. Abrasive materials. Sandpaper., Balancers, spring balancers, balancers for the food industry, Carl Stahl balancers, Kromer balancers

LTC Baltija, LTD, wholesale of household goods

Ganību dambis 30M, Rīga, LV-1005
Wholesale , wholesalers, wholesale of household goods, wholesale directory, goods for retailers, goods, cloths, sponges, sponge, sponges for dishes, foil, coffee filters, coffee filters, rubber gloves, food

PakMarkas, LTD

Ropažu 19A, Rīga LV-1039
films, food packaging films, packaging materials, food packaging equipment, label printing, packing, packaging, wrapping, printing, packaging materials, Riga, Latvia, advertising automation, trade, trade, wholesale

Aspari, LTD

Carnikava, Mērnieku 4, Carnikavas pagasts, Ādažu nov. LV-2163
Plastic products wholesale . MAKSIMA. Yogurt cups. Transparent canning lids. Containers with lids., packaging, food packaging trade, canned packaging, canned packaging, SALMCO, VARIOVAC, OPTIPAC.

VA Motors, LTD, TEXACO oils and lubricants Riga warehouse OILTEH

Bukultu 5C, Rīga, LV-1005
gear boxes, box, bridge, reducer, compressor, compressor oils, vacuum pump, vacuum oils, thermaloils, food

Universitātes Vetfonds, LTD, Veterinary pharmacy

Kristapa Helmaņa 8, Jelgava LV-3004
Vet pharmacy, animal food , care products, medications, dog, cat vitamins, microelements, complementary, leashes, udder care products, rat, mouse destruction, mole liquidation products, poisons, accessories, wholesale

StrongPoint, LTD

Ulbrokas 30, Rīga LV-1021
Software for stores, solutions for retail, wholesale , trade equipment, equipment, solutions for restaurants

Hard, LTD, Personal protective equipment shop - warehouse

Kuldīgas 69A, Saldus, Saldus nov., LV-3801
Wholesale ., All for hand care in food , production and medical sector. Footwear, clothing, gloves.

PackForce Latvia, LTD

Juglas 95, Rīga LV-1021
cardboard packaging, cardboard, packaging film, paper packaging, disposable tableware, packaging machinery, food , packaging, cardboard, packaging film, paper packaging, disposable tableware, packaging machinery, food

Agro Partner, LTD

Rīgas 8-2N, Liepāja, LV-3401
Animal trade, wholesale . Delivery. Rapeseed cake. Rapeseed oils., Animal food , livestock feed, cattle, pigs, for birds, fish, for rabbits, for sheep, horses, feed ingredients