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    1. "Blazma-Balt", Ltd.


      Maskavas 453, Riga, LV-1063

      +371 26407764

      Fuel Fireplace coals Coil Solid fuel Firewood Firewood sale Chip briquettes Coil, coils, firewood, firewood, solid fuel sale, coal in bags, charcoal, grill charcoals, fireplace spirit, coal trade, coal trade, charcoal trade, grill coal trade, sawdust briquettes sale, chip briquette trade, firewood delivery, firewood with delivery,
    2. "Sangla", SIA, heating briquettes - trade


      Cesvaines 11, Riga, LV-1055

      +371 25221111

      Main products:: ✓ Peat briquettes ✓ Heating pellets ✓ Heating briquettes ✓ Sawdust briquettes ✓ Economical, ecologically clean heating Peat briquettes advantage:: ✓ low cost of production, ✓ ecologically clean burning (with low-sulfur content) ✓ complete incineration (minimal ash residue) ✓ new combustion technology use. ✓ PEAT - promising, less expensive source of heat generation compared with stone coal and liquid fuels, and most importantly - it is ecologically clean fuel.
    3. "Nafta LV", Ltd., Fuel wholesale


      Lubanas 66-317, Riga, LV-1073

      +371 67113040

      The range of fuel offered for sale is:: ✓ winter and summer brand diesel ✓ Marked diesel for farmers ✓ Marked diesel for heating and refueling ✓ 95 and 98 grades unleaded petrol Tranports: SIA Naftas LV provides fuel transportation services with its own transport. The company has a number of fuel vehicles with a maximum caliber of 31,000 liters or less with a calibration of 19,000 liters. All vehicles comply with the ADR for the transport of dangerous goods and are equipped with fuel pumps and calibrated meters. It enables the supply of fuel for both big and small fuel-consuming consumers and accurately deliver ordered fuel.
    4. "Baltijas ogles", Ltd.


      Ritausmas 4, Riga, LV-1058

      +371 29710555

      It is warm with us!
    5. WoodMart, „Deuro”, SIA Woodworking


      Acone, Granita 25, Salaspils p., Salaspils n., LV-2119


      Services: ✓ Wood sawing ✓ Drying ✓ Planing ✓ Impregnation ✓ Antispamation ✓ Steaming ✓ Sorting ✓ Telescopic forklift rental ✓ Round logging ✓ Buying round logs on roads ✓ Development and purchase of felling areas ✓ Sawmill transport The company offers its customers various services and products related to timber transportation, purchase and preparation. Our services and products are chosen by both construction companies and individuals who have started or are willing to start various types of construction or repairs. Our goal is a satisfied customer - become like that
    6. "Sveaskog Baltfor", Ltd.


      Brivibas 40-23, Riga, LV-1050

      +371 67240175

      Sveaskog Baltfor Ltd. is a stable forest industry company with more than twenty years of experience in the timber trade. The company is certified in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, as well as has received the FSC ® supply chain certificate (FSC®C023743). FSC-certified products available on request.
    7. "KTB Stende", Ltd.


      Stacijas 25, Stende, Talsu n., LV-3257


      Fuel, coal, pellets, briquettes, fuel trade.
    8. "Rietumu nafta", Ltd.


      Ganibu 31, Kuldiga, Kuldigas n., LV-3301


      Fuel, fuel, oil product trade, wholesale. Fuel, fuel trade, delivery in Latvia, Kurzeme, Latgale, Zemgale, Vidzeme. Agricultural fuel, for agriculture.
    9. "Rietumu nafta", Ltd.


      Cukura 1b, Liepaja, LV-3401


      Fuel, fuel, oil product trade, wholesale. Fuel, fuel trade, delivery in Latvia, Kurzeme, Latgale, Zemgale, Vidzeme. Agricultural fuel, for agriculture.
    10. "SBE Latvia Ltd", Ltd.


      Griki, Laucienes p., Talsu n., LV-3285


      SBE Latvia Ltd. produces high quality particle board granules and provides convenient and prompt delivery anywhere in Latvia. Our top priority is excellent customer service. We are one of the leading woodchip producers in Latvia. We care about the warmth of our customers' homes and hearts since 1997. The company is part of the Swedish Scandbio AB group (www.agrol.se, www.agroenergi.se, www.lantmannen.se). Our production facility is located in Lauciene parish, Talsi municipality. In the year SBE Latvia Ltd. produces more than 70 thousand. a ton of particleboard. On average, with such a volume with heat, it is possible to provide 10 thousand tons throughout the year. private house!
    11. "Berzi Plus", Ltd.


      "Araji", Zleku p., Ventspils n., LV-3617


      Logging, chips, firewood, fuel, twigs, wood procurement, wood chips production, wood processing in Kurzeme, Latvia, Kuldiga, Ventspils
    12. "Griezes", Timber company


      "Jaunansini", Kandavas p., Kandavas n., LV-3120


      Sawn timber, woodworking, firewood dried, impregnated, planed, timber, container, molded, uncut boards, Kandava, Kurzeme, Latvia.
    13. "TIKALA ID", Ltd., Purchase of woodchips, Trade, Loading


      "Jaunzemji", Rubas p., Saldus n., LV-3894

      +371 20266011

      Services: ✓ Woodchips and sawdust purchasing ✓ Woodchips production ✓ Woodchips and sawdust sale ✓ Shrubs and overgrown fields cutting ✓ Scrap timber purchasing ✓ Timber ✓ Timber trade Purchase: ✓ sawdust ✓ woodchips ✓ timber cuttings ✓ bark ✓ branches ✓ chipped branches
    14. "D & P", Ltd., Fuel wholesale


      Trijadibas 2a-6, Riga, LV-1048

      +371 67324651

      The company provides the following services:: ✓ Fuel wholesale and supply ✓ International freight transport through the EU ✓ Comprehensive solutions for the delivery of your goods ✓ If you wish, the cargo may be insured ✓ Timely and accurate delivery of goods, all necessary documents for carriage ✓ Individual approach to each client and the specific situation
    15. "Gude", Ltd., Firewood, charcoal trade


      Dzirnavu 12, Saldus, Saldus n., LV-3801

      +371 26545957

      Firewood Fireplace firewood Fireplace firewood production Fire wood export Kurināmais Charcoal Firewood, Firewood, Fireplace firewood production, Fire wood export, Fuel . Honey fireplace, Oak fireplace. Fuel , firewood, export, firewood. Fireplace firewood production, trade, trade. Firewood, (ash, ash, oak, oak.. charcoal
    16. "Vaives", Ltd.


      Zivju 1, Riga, LV-1015


      Timber impregnation Impregnated timber materials Timber wholesale Impregnation Timber impregnation, high pressure, under pressure impregnated materials, against fungal treatment, anti stain processing. Timber, sawn timber purchase, clearance. Timber, lumber planing, calibration, sorting. Timber, lumber drying, drying.
    17. "Buvelementi", Ltd., Sawmill


      "Koki", Baldones p., Baldones n., LV-2125

      +371 26408359

      .. , packing, packaging boards, packing material, firewood, fireplace firewood, fireplace firewood production, firevvood export, fuel , fuel wood, export, firewood, firewood sales, birch wood, alder wood, aspen wood, deciduous tree wood, firewood preparation, firewood delivery, firewood drying, firewood export, firewood export, timber
    18. "SK Grean Energija", Ltd., Woodchip buying, Trade


      Saulritu 1, Cesis, Cesu n., LV-4101


      Chip Woodchips for sale Woodchip buying Woodchips sale Transport services Chip. Fuel , fuel sale. Chip, woodchips sale, wood chips, sawdust. Wood chips and sawdust purchase, woodchip buying, chip sales, woodchips for sale, woodchips sale. Shingles, shingles purchase, shingles for sale, shingles trade. Bulk cargo transportation,
    19. "Master klass", Ltd.


      Garkalne, Liela zala 8, Garkalnes n., LV-2137


      .. fuel , fuel wood, purchase of round timber, pine, fir, larch, conifers, purchase of saw logs, timber purchase, log buying, buying logs, purchase of sawlogs, logging, floor boards, timber, sawn timber, wooden boards, terrace boards price, boards prices, sale of timber materials, fence boards, timber prices, bath-house boards, floorboards
    20. "ERTE Grupa", Ltd.


      Gardene, "Jaunklavas", Auru p., Dobeles n., LV-3701


      Chip Pallets Tare sawn timber Woodworking, packing sawn timber production, chip, shingles, wooden pallets. Pallet manufacturing. Pallets, wooden pallets, production of wooden pallets, non-standard pallets, different size wooden pallets, different size wood pallets, packing material purchase, packing material production, bulk
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