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    1. "Māsa" - a bar

      Brivibas 22, Dobele, Dobeles n., LV-3701


      Catering enterprises Bar Banquets Bar, snacks, french fries, ice cream, alcohol, alcoholic cocktails, wine, draft beer, coffee, tea, refreshing drinks, snack plate, onion rings, rings, sports broadcasts, taking coffee, taking it, board games, novuss, children's corner, cozy atmosphere, celebration, celebrations, birthdays, name
    2. "Aplis", cafe in Tukums

      Eksporta 6, Tukums, Tukuma n., LV-3104


      Cafe in Tukums Cafe "Aplis", banquets, banquet hall, lunch, confectionery, confectionery. Cafe in Tukums, Confectionery products upon individual order.
    3. "2 Tomati", picerija

      Malkalnes prospekts 7, Ogre, Ogres n., LV-5001


      .. Ogre, pizza in Ikšķile, pizzeria in Ogre, pizzeria in Ikšķile, pizza take away, ordering of pizzas, pizzas for vegetarians, vegetarian pizza. Where to eat in Ikšķile, where to eat in Ogre, summer terrace in Ogre, summer terrace in Ikšķile, catering services, catering services in Ogre, catering services in Ikšķile, children parties.
    4. "2 Tomati", picerija

      Skolas 4, Ikskile, Ikskiles n., LV-5052


      .. Ogre, pizza in Ikšķile, pizzeria in Ogre, pizzeria in Ikšķile, pizza take away, ordering of pizzas, pizzas for vegetarians, vegetarian pizza. Where to eat in Ikšķile, where to eat in Ogre, summer terrace in Ogre, summer terrace in Ikšķile, catering services, catering services in Ogre, catering services in Ikšķile, children parties.
    5. "Policijas akademija 98", restaurant

      Brivibas 12, Ogre, Ogres n., LV-5001


      .. , weddings, corporate events, sports games, presentations, seminar premises, seminar organization, Conferences, conference premises, conference organizing, party organization, service. Funeral feast, Meals. Business lunch. Business lunch. Catering enterprise. Cheese, Banquet, leisure centre, bar, confectionery, wedding table,
    6. "Putni" - Kuku bode, konditoreja

      Matera 40, Jelgava, LV-3001


      Coffee, natural Bottled Tea, belgian chocolate, hot chocolate, eclairs, cakes, cakes, cakes, cakes, tiramisu, cakes, salty cakes, salty pretzels, tarts, canapes, mini burger, bacon pies, patties, baskets, cakes, pastilles, marshmello, buns, cakes, pretzels, snacks, salty snacks, brauny, honey cake, pavlovs, cookies, poppy buns,
    7. "Kebabnica", cafe

      Matera 40, Jelgava, LV-3001


      Cafes bars restaurants Kebab Kebabs Cafe Food delivery, lunch delivery, cafe, kebab, fast catering , healthy products, chicken kebab, ecological products, kapsalons, kapsalons, belgian French fries, belgian waffles, kebabs, gyros, gyros, soups, salads, coffee, tea, juices, breakfast, lunch, dinner, beer, cider, coffee for takeaway,
    8. "Ratins", cafe, bistro, Hotel in Valmiera

      Kauguru 2, Valmiera, LV-4201


      Catering in Valmiera Banquets in Valmiera Table setting in Valmiera Lunch, business lunch, buffets, banquets, children parties, off-site banquets, off-site table setting.
    9. "Domino Club" Sushi delivery

      Brivibas 121, Riga, LV-1012


      Sushi delivery Sushi free shipping in Riga Food delivery Sushi delivery in Riga. Sushi, sushi. Quick sushi delivery. Food delivery. Food ordering. Sushi delivery, sushi ordering. Food delivery to homes, offices, bureaus, cafes, apartments. Hot meals. Snacks for beer, beer. Sushi) home delivery in Riga. Sushi delivery. Sushi delivery. Free
    10. Canteen, Nikr Ltd.

      "Liedagi", Saldus p., Saldus n., LV-3862


      .. Cook-shop, bistro, catering , menu of the day, banquets, celebrations, cafe, bars, catering enterprises, special offers, meals, summer outdoor terrace, summer terrace, children's celebrations, food delivery, lunch delivery in SALDUS. Catering services, lunch offers, lunch with delivery, lunch deliveries, summer cafe, outdoor cafe,
    11. "Klasse" Restaurant in Jēkabpils

      Draudzibas aleja 20-14, Jekabpils, LV-5201

      +371 28705006

      Banquets Jekabpils Where to eat Jekabpils Cafes Jekabpils Catering in Jekabpils.
    12. Cafe "Seta", Organization of banquets, Business lunch

      Brivibas 39a, Riga, LV-1010

      +371 28862250

      Organization of banquets Catering enterprises Latvian national dishes Cafes bars restaurants Breakfast (until 11: 00 tea, coffee for free). Lunch 3.20 EUR and 3.50 EUR. Lunch for takeaway, take-away meals. Cafe with Latvian cuisine. Latvian national dishes, latvian cuisine in the center of Riga. Confectionery from Drusti.
    13. "Gecko Cafe", Ltd.

      Strelnieku 7, Riga, LV-1010

      +371 26541488

      Cafe in the center Coffee shop Lunch, coffee shop, Britt coffee, special coffee, coffee break, table setting, alcoholic cocktails, milk cocktails, croissants.
    14. ACADEMIA, coffee and breakfast bar

      Akademijas 4a, Jelgava, LV-3001


      Cafes bars restaurants Cafe Cafe Jelgava Filter coffee, Coffee, tea, coffee trade, cappuccino, espresso, latte, cocoa, teas, coffee and tea, breakfast, snacks, coffee for takeaway, sandwiches, desserts, cakes, fresh buns, buns, confectionery, confectionery, muffins, cakes, summer terrace.
    15. Cafe "Pie Jancuka", Līgatne, "Dravanti", Farm

      Springu 4, Ligatne, Ligatnes n., LV-4110


      Table setting in Ligatne Catering in Sigulda Premises for celebrations Ligatne Table laying, premises for celebrations. Where to eat delicious in Ligatne, cafe in Ligatne „pie Jančuka”, traditional Latvian dishes, latvian cuisine in Ligatne, we serve tour groups of up to 50 people, summer terrace, catering for weddings, anniversaries,
    16. "Ateksa", cafe

      Celtnieku 1k, Kegums, Keguma n., LV-5020


      Banquets Kegums Serving tables Kegums Catering Catering , Lunch. Cafe, bars, restaurants. Cafe Kegums. Lunch Kegums, lunch for takeaway. Banquet. Pizzeria in Kegums, pizza, pizzas. Beer. Off-site banquets, off-site table laying. Menu of the day. Table laying. Catering in Kegums. Lunch in Kegums. Lunch for takeaway. Meals for up to 30
    17. "Gaisma", cafe, Accommodation, "Mazcelmini", Farm

      "Gaismas", Tervetes p., Tervetes n., LV-3730


      Cafe Cafe Kroņauce Cafes bars restaurants Cafe in Tervete, Kroņauce, breakfast, lunch, dinner, catering , banquets, anniversaries, celebrations, celebration, birthdays, solemn events, weddings, wedding place, rest evenings, children's celebrations, anniversary, banquet, celebration, conference hall, buffets, celebrations,
    18. "Baumanitis", cafe, Food delivery in Valmiera

      K.Baumana 9-18, Valmiera, LV-4201


      Catering in Valmiera Lunch delivery in Valmiera Banquet services in Valmiera Cafe in Valmiera, Food delivery in Valmiera. Where to eat tasty in Valmiera. Banquets, banquet, banquet hall. Catering , lunch delivery, food delivery. Off-site banquets, celebrations. Table laying. Anniversary celebration. .. , seminars, company tables.
    19. "Rita", konditoreja

      Roja, Selgas 1a, Rojas n., LV-3264


      Confectioner Rita, confectionery, confectionery, cafe, cafe in Roja, cakes, cakes, buns, patties, cookies, gingerbread, jelly rolls, pretzels, cakes upon order, cakes, doughs, design cakes, design cakes, photo cakes, coffee, coffee for take away, fresh buns every day, muffins, where to drink coffee in Roja, snicker cake, yoghurt cake,
    20. "Istaba", Pub, "Dagans", Ltd.

      J.Cakstes bulvaris 7, Jelgava, LV-3001


      Cafe Cafes bars restaurants Cafes Jelgava Banquets Cafes in Jelgava. Pub, banquet, banquets, celebration feasts, wedding meals, funeral feast, (up to 50 persons). Godi, table setting, service in anniversaries, weddings, presentations. Family celebrations, graduations, parties, seminars, conferences. European cuisine. A cozy
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