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    1. "Nika" - Fast Food Cafe - Pastry

      Zemgales prospekts 12, Jelgava, LV-3001


      Cafes bars restaurants Cafe Jelgava Cafe Cafe, lunch, catering , menu of the day, services for tourist groups, coffee, tea, snacks, juices, warm lunch, take-away meals, take a quick lunch, quick service, lunch delivery, cafe Jelgava, catering services, delicious meals, menu of the day, salads, soups, second courses, fish dishes, desserts,
    2. "Trīs pipari un kūkas", cafe-bistro

      Baznicas laukums 5, Smiltene, Smiltenes n., LV-4729


      .. service Gulbene. Banquet service Madona. Table laying. Serving tables Smiltene. Serving tables Valka. Catering Valmiera. Serving tables Limbaži. Serving tables Cēsis. Serving tables Sigulda. Serving tables Gulbene. Serving tables Madona. Table laying in Balvi.. Madona. Celebration table laying. Celebration table laying in Smiltene.
    3. "Palmas", restaurant

      Palmu 5, Liepaja, LV-3401


      .. tables, dinner, lunch, breakfast, catering , lunch offer, celebrations, restaurant, dining restaurant, cafes, cafe, off-site banquets, organisation of events for children, events for adults, Restaurant in Liepaja, catering services, catering service, employee catering , festive table laying, lunch Liepaja, business lunch, lunch
    4. "Edam garsigi", bistro

      Murmuizas 14, Valmiera, LV-4201


      .. Dine in Valmiera. Eat in Valmiera. Lunch with delivery in Valmiera. Food with delivery Valmiera. Food delivery. Lunch delivery in Valmiera. Delicious meal in Valmiera. Tasty lunch Valmiera. Off-site table setting. Off-site banquets. Catering Valmiera, In Valmieras region.
    5. "Gardumu fabrika", delicatessen, cafe

      A.Deglava 69d, Riga, LV-1082

      +371 29210796

      Culinary store in Purvciems Culinary store in Plavnieki Food ordering for banquets Cafes bars restaurants Offers for sale and takes orders, salads, (various types - Korean, vegetable, meat etc. meat products - meat rolls, cold meat, from meat, fish, meatballs, chops, pike cutlets, pates, self-made sausages, spring rolls (fresh, toasted).
    6. CAFE-PIZZERIA "Comedor", SIA

      Akademijas 4, Jelgava, LV-3001


      Food delivery Jelgava Food delivery Cafes bars restaurants Pizza Meals, catering , breakfast, lunch, dinner, table laying, soups, second courses, salads, pizzas, shashlik, confectionery, confectionery, pizzas for childrens, snacks, pretzels, meat plates, cakes, muffins, tea, coffee, juices, beverages, draft beer, terrace.
    7. "Rasa", restaurant

      Uzvaras 2, Dobele, Dobeles n., LV-3701


      Cafe Banquets Cafe, bar, restaurant, celebration hall, banquet service, catering services, catering , lunch, funeral feast, anniversaries, birthdays, rest evenings, fourchette. Food delivery, lunch delivery at work, business lunch. Banquets, premises for seminars, for conferences, for presentations, coffee table, banquet hall for up
    8. "Bekko", SIA, Caffetteria, trattoria

      Rigas 17-1, Cesis, Cesu n., LV-4101


      cafe, lunch, dinner, salami, croissants, taking up, cafe in Cēsis, cafe, beverages, lunch offer, catering enterprise, restaurant, cozy atmosphere, have a delicious meal, where to eat in Cēsis, italian food, Cesis.
    9. "Janoga", Canteen, cookery

      Valmieras 21a, Cesis, Cesu n., LV-4101


      Cafe, canteen, restaurant, cafe in Cēsis, cafe, canteen, chef, cookery, vegetarian dishes, healthy meals, seasonal dishes, PRODUKTU SEZONALITĀTE, main dish, lunch, dinner, have a delicious meal, where to eat in Cēsis, snacks, banquets, banquet, banquets Cēsis, banquet table setting, festive table laying, celebrations, celebration table
    10. Žagarkalns, ski complex, boats and camping, "Cīruļkalns-atpūtas bāze", Ltd.

      Cirulisu 70, Cesis, Cesu n., LV-4101


      .. rental in Cēsis, Cesis, rafts, drinking, rafts in Cesis, raft rent, to rent a raft, boats, boats in Vidzeme, to boat, rental, water routes, cafes, cafe, catering , group catering , camping, camping Cēsis, camping Vidzeme, campers, Tent places, nature trail, walking route, Camping boat base Žagarkalns. Winter and summer recreation complex.
    11. "Kolumbīne", SIA, Cafe Bīne in Talsi

      K.Valdemara 13, Talsi, Talsu n., LV-3201


      Cafe Banquets Cafe Talsi Cafe, catering . Celebration tables, wedding tables, funeral feast. Table laying. Banquets, banquet, banquet tables, anniversary celebrations, corporate events. Off-site banquets, table service. weddings, events for children, children's celebrations
    12. "Vidus un partneri", SIA, Cooking, catering Kocēni, Valmiera

      Koceni, Alejas 7, Kocenu p., Kocenu n., LV-4220


      Catering in Valmiera Banquets in Valmiera Confectionery in Valmiera Culinary in Valmiera Off-site table setting. Delicious lunch. Off-site banquets. Delicious meal in Valmiera. Canteen in Valmiera, Koceni. Cooking. Banquet tables. Wedding tables. Funeral feast. Banquets, off-site banquets. Kocēni, Valmiera. Valmieras
    13. "Nac un ed", "Sapnis S", Ltd.

      Berzpils 3a, Balvi, Balvu n., LV-4501


      Cafes bars restaurants Cafe Cafe in Balvi Catering enterprises Catering enterprise, cook-shop, canteen in Balvi, cafe in Balvi, lunch, lunch in Balvi, where to eat in Balvi, dinner, snacks, banquet, traditional cuisine, snack plates.
    14. "Pusbalsi", Ltd., Cafe

      K.Barona 1, Riga, LV-1050


      Cafes bars restaurants Banquets Table laying Cafes bars restaurants. Banquets, off-site banquets, trade, bars, catering , table setting, hot meals. Table serving, servicing. Catering , catering enterprises. Table (tables) setting, anniversaries, (anniversary) celebration, weddings, wedding tables, banquet tables
    15. Chinese restaurant "Golden Dragon"

      Saules 15, Daugavpils, LV-5401


      Chinese restaurant in Daugavpils Cafes Daugavpils Sushi, Sushi Daugavpils. Cafe, cafes, China, chinese cuisine. Banquets, banquet service, banquets for up to 50 people. Banquets in Daugavpils, banquet services in Daugavpils, restaurant in Daugavpils, cafe in Daugavpils, catering , lunch in Daugavpils. Chinese cuisine, business lunch.
    16. "Mezvidi", Pub, Ltd. "BajaRes"

      Rigas 1, Baldone, Baldones n., LV-2125

      +371 29453920

      Where to eat in Baldone Cafe in Baldone Banquets in Baldone Cafe Mezvidi Baldone, Cafes, bars, restaurants in the surroundings of Baldone. Cafe, pub, where to eat in Baldone, cafe in Baldone, tavern in Baldone, where to have a delicious meal, celebration feasts, dishes upon order, banquets, off-site banquets, funeral, mourning, meals,
    17. Cafe "Pie Erikas", Ltd. "Jaunais averss"

      Lakstigalu 38, Balozi, Kekavas n., LV-2128

      +371 20343337

      Off-site banquets Table laying Banquet hall in Baloži Offsite banquet organizing. Tables serving in Riga, Balozi, Kekava, Kekavas region. Cafes, bars, restaurants. Cafe, cafe in Balozi, Cafe near Riga, where to eat in Kekava, table laying, banquets, snacks, lunch delivery to offices, cold appetizers, hot meals, anniversaries, birthday
    18. "Magone M", SIA, Birojs

      Smerla 3-212, Riga, LV-1006


      .. ) order, order a cake, cake ordering, wedding cakes, cakes for children, salty cakes, snacks, patties, pretzels, pretzel, cookies. Catering , food delivery, banquets, banquet service, table laying, off-site banquets, wedding tables, corporate events, anniversaries, celebration tables, presentations, birthdays, balls etc..
    19. "Svinibu nams” – svinibas, banketu apkalposana

      Malnavas 12a, Riga, LV-1057

      +371 29243364

      Banquet hall in Kengarags Banquet service Kengarags Off-site banquets Banquets, Banquet service, Buffet, Banquet. Lunch delivery Kengarags. Celebration, anniversary, event organizing. Celebrations, celebration premises, banquets. Banquets in premises. Off-site banquets, presentations. Food delivery. Lunch to offices with
    20. Miķelāni bacon, Canteen – cafe

      Zala 22b, Jekabpils, LV-5201


      .. Banquets in Jekabpils Cafe in Jekabpils. Bars, banquet, cook-shop, cafe, off-site catering , banquet service, funeral feast, funeral table, meat plate, Where to eat delicious in Jekabpils, cheap and delicious, Jekabpils, Cafes, bar, food, Krustpils, food delivery, Jekabpils center, coffee, tea, snacks, delicious meals, shashlik, cold
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